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Education: Pedagogy of teaching

Rageena Tahir, Head of Education at Fennies Nurseries, tells us what she has learned and what we need to know about the pedagogy of teaching.
Collaborative exploration

Responsible collaborative exploration – the future of pedagogy for early years  

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Director and Professor in Early Childhood Pedagogy, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, explains why responsible collaborative exploration is crucial to early years pedagogy.
teaching and learning

Emerging pedagogy and secured practices for adopting e-learning

Dr Preethi Kesavan, Head of School of Technology at LSBF Singapore, ponders the innovative teaching and learning methodologies that educators must employ when implementing e-learning.
A girl at school in an online learning course

Blended learning: How to support students in the hybrid classroom

The hybrid classroom has become the new normal in post-pandemic education, but is this 'blended learning' accessible and can it be improved?
Open book, hardback books on wooden table. Education background

Does a pedagogical approach impact an education setting?

Rageena Tahir, Head of EYFS at Fennies Nurseries, ponders if a pedagogical approach impacts an education setting for a child.

How can Daoism benefit Western education?

Open Access Government speaks to Dr Tom Culham on the benefits of incorporating Daoism in Western education.
early childhood education

EX-PED-LAB- Sustainable designs for Early Childhood Education Professional Development through workshop methodology

EX-PED-LAB is a response to the call for generating scholarly knowledge about exploration as a methodology for early childhood education.
Right to education

The failed promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the right to...

Anantha Duraiappah, Director at UNESCO, MGIEP, details failed promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the right to education.
early childhood education, nor child

NORCHILD: Unique early childhood education & care

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Director & Professor in Early Childhood Pedagogy from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, lifts the lid on NORCHILD, a unique research school for early childhood education & care.

The CHILD-UP project: Encouraging agency in migrant children

In this interview with Professor Claudio Baraldi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Project Coordinator of the EU funded project CHILD-UP, we learn about key points related to the project’s approach and implementation.
sustainability education

Sustainability education starts in early years: Grounding ecological lifestyles and ‘glocal’ mentalities

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Director and Professor in Early Childhood Pedagogy, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, discusses why grounding ecological lifestyles and ‘glocal’ mentalities in early years is key to sustainability education.
removing statues, white supremacy

Archaeologists say removing statues will not “erase history”

Archaeologists say that the role of racism in "history-making" is still present and that removing statues does not risk erasing history.
learning through collaborative design, science

Science Education: Learning Through Collaborative Design-Professional Development

Sherry A. Southerland and Jennifer Schellinger tell us what we need to know about Learning Through Collaborative Design-Professional Development (LCD PD) in this special science education focus.
demonstrator programme

Demonstrator Programme helps schools meet the challenges of remote learning

Here we report on the EdTech Demonstrator Programme funded by the Department of Education to help schools and colleges meet the challenges of remote teaching and learning as the second wave of COVID strikes.
blended learning

What does higher education need to do to ensure successful blended learning?

Stewart Watts, Vice-President EMEA, D2L, explores how UK universities can best prepare themselves for blended learning, a mix of online curriculums and offline experiences.
global collaboration

Coronavirus school closures could lead to greater global collaboration

Matt Jenner, Head of Learning at FutureLearn, discusses how edtech can help support schools and teachers during closures and the opportunities it could bring for greater global collaboration and innovation for the education sector post-COVID-19.
COVID-19's impact on learners

COVID-19’s impact on learners: How to design an effective interim strategy

Patrick McGrath, EdTech Strategist at Texthelp, shares his thoughts on COVID-19's impact on learners and how to design an effective interim strategy.
online learning

Embracing online learning during isolation

Sam Blyth, senior director, Instructure EMEA, highlights the opportunities that online learning will bring to schools amidst the coronavirus crisis.

How can school leaders harness the strategic value of edtech?

Al Kingsley, Group MD at NetSupport, examines the foundations of an edtech strategy and how school leaders can embark on their strategic journey.
Felicity Parsisson

Felicity Parsisson – FutureLearn

Felicity divides her time between learning design services for client projects, and promoting best practice in pedagogy across FutureLearn.

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