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Mariken van der Velden - Political Communication

Mariken van der Velden – Political Communication

Mariken van der Velden discusses her work as an Associate Professor of Political Communication in the Department of Communication Science.

Political compromises: A double edge sword

Associate Professor Mariken A.C.G. van der Velden at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam discusses how political compromises can hinder affect a functioning democracy.
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Investing in risk communication and community engagement

Safaa Moussa, Rokayya Konswa, and Dalia Samhouri, from WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, explain the importance of investing in risk communication and community engagement.
York, UK - December 28, 2015: The Kings Arms public house in York with water up to window level

Effective risk communication saves lives and builds disaster resilience

Effective risk communication should consider the psychological, social, cultural and political forces influencing how people comprehend, perceive, and react to risk.
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Violation of rights: Cuba’s political prisoners total 1,066

Cuba's political prisoners total 1,066, with 11 new cases in February, highlighting the systematic violation of rights in all cases of political imprisonment in Cuba.
political unrest at a protest for black lives matter

How companies can support employees amidst political unrest

Worldwide and national crises and political unrest can threaten any organisation, no matter how healthy it is, here's how to deal with it in your company.
San Francisco City Hall local government

Redefining communication in local government and public sectors

There is a need for efficient communication in local governments and public sectors with staff, the public and other organisations. Here's how to attain this.
vaccine rollout

Communication strategies are critical for vaccine rollout

Adam Enterkin, Global SVP Sales at BlackBerry, explores the critical role of secure crisis communications for the vaccine rollout and the value of a communication strategy to combat misinformation.
local government communication, vaccine misinformation

Tackling vaccination misinformation with local government communications

Karen Steel at Granicus discusses how local government communications could significantly help to stop the spread of COVID misinformation, especially when it comes to vaccinations.
virtual communications

How to protect sensitive data in the era of virtual communications

Michael Paye, CTO, Netwrix, discusses how public sector organisations can protect sensitive data in the era of virtual communications.
generational communication gap

Bridging the generational communication gap

Ali Lyons, Co-Founder of 20:40 and Head of Operations at Kene Partners, shares some ideas on bridging the generational communication gap, demystifying millennials, the importance of age diversity on boards and the value of two-way mentorship.
information and communication technology

Making Europe a world leader in information & communication technology

Andrus Ansip has been Vice-President of the European Commission discusses his ambition to make Europe a world leader in ICT.

The promotion of resilience as a communication challenge

People succeeding in acting adaptively under extreme stress or unfavorable conditions have considerably higher chances to sustainably stay healthy.
communication skills

Bercow: children’s communication skills ten years on

Mary Hartshorne, Head of Evidence at I CAN, the children’s communication charity writes about the importance of good language and communication skills
mental health

Mental health: A communication challenge

Paul Bomke, CEO of Pfalzklinikum outlines why mental health requires a social change… In the field of mental health, the paradigmatic distinction between the treatment of diseases on the one hand and health promotion on the other becomes particularly evident. Although the necessity to prevent mental diseases is obvious because...

Mariken A.C.G. van der Velden – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mariken van der Velden is an Associate Professor of Political Communication in the Department of Communication Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam She received her PhD in Political Science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before joining the Department of Communication Science, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of...
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Where do the most successful business owners attend university?

Research analysing UK universities and their rate of students becoming business owners finds that London produces the most entrepreneurs.
Social distancing concept with 3d low-poly people on the street, some of them waiting in line with social distance. ( 3d render )

Risk, resilience, and security – the three key functions of public safety technology

Controlling public safety is a major concern of governments, and that's where public safety technology comes in.

Jenni Black – World Benchmarking Alliance

Jenni joined WBA in January 2023. She leads the Nature Benchmark at WBA, working to make sure that the data and insights are understood and widely used by stakeholders to create positive impact. Jenni is passionate about unlocking the role of companies in halting and reversing nature loss and...

An exploration of the Portuguese Council for Health and Environment

Here, Dr. Mónica Rodrigues explores the Portuguese Council for Health and Environment (CPSA) efforts to prevent climate change, promote sustainability, enact a Global Health System Strategy and so much more.

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