ABBS Active Mine Protection System Testing Completed Successfully

Global Acceleration Completely Eliminated by Novel Rocket Motor System

Mines and IED’s have become the weapon of choice for any terrorist or insurgent organization worldwide and over 70 countries currently suffer from the problem with vehicles regularly being destroyed and people being killed and injured. To counter those threats ABBS has developed sophisticated Active Mine Protection Systems including novel Linear Rocket Motors (LRM’s) which counteract the mine blast forces and prevent it from being blown in the air. The LRM’s generate the total impulse required to hold the vehicle down against the mine blast lifting forces and prevent its acceleration upwards.  If the mine blast is within the system design specification, the upwards movement of the vehicle will be completely prevented, so the occupants will not be subjected to any significant G forces, and will not suffer any significant G-related injuries.

The ABBS rocket motors are sufficiently small and light that they can be located easily in many different locations on the vehicles and their Linear configuration provides footprint areas large enough to allow mounting on un-reinforced areas of a standard ballistic steel body.  It is therefore now possible for armoured vehicle OEM’s and the military vehicle specifiers to consider multiplying their vehicle mine blast specifications by a factor of 2, 3 or even 4 without adding huge amounts of weight to keep the global acceleration threat within limits. The ABBS rocket motors provide ‘artificial weight’ at just the right time, and for the correct duration to counteract the forces generated by the relatively large IED’s that are currently prevalent in many conflict areas around the world. A single VGAM motor 1 m long will briefly produce over 50,000kg thrust, so four on a 10-tonne vehicle will make it weight 210 tonnes for just the right period of time required to fully counteract the mine blast forces.

The ABBS AMPS technology is now ready for testing on customers vehicles.


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