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Father using the laptop trying to work while son is on his back at home, childrearing

Childrearing culture from the agrarian era to the digital age

Chris Girard, an Associate Professor of Sociology in Florida International University, looks at childrearing culture from the perspective of coevolving informatics.
Psylocibin mushrooms growing in magic mushroom breads on an isolated plastic environment being collected by expert hands wearing white latex medical gloves. Fungi hallucinogen drugs production concept

Psychedelic therapies are returning to psychiatry

Professor Erika Dyck, Canada Research Chair in History of Health & Social Justice at the University of Saskatchewan, looks to psychedelic therapies outside the pharmaceutical industry to aid mental illness.
Beautiful view of the Earth from space

A search for primary evidence of Earth’s ancient atmosphere and climate

Robert Rainbird, a research scientist working for the Geological Survey of Canada, a division of Natural Resources Canada, looks at the geological evolution of...

Weathering the storm: Exploring flooding in agriculture

Christine Sprunger, the Assistant Professor of Soil Health at Michigan State University, aims to understand how the flooding in agriculture has increased with climate change and how farmers can better adapt.
Flock of wintering Barnacle Goose(branta leucopsis)in wadden Sea,East Frisia,lower saxony,Germany

Tracking animal migration with stable isotopes

Keith A. Hobson from Western University and Environment and Climate Change Canada, walks us through tracking animal migration with stable isotopes, starting with some background information.
Business people shaking hands in the office. Group of business persons in business meeting. Three entrepreneurs on meeting in board room. Corporate business team on meeting in modern office. Female manager discussing new project with her colleagues. Company owner on a meeting with two of her employees in her office.

Exploring the entrepreneurial ability of women

Are women as under-confident in their entrepreneurial ability as we have been led to believe? Dr Jennifer E. Jennings from the University of Alberta investigates.
MRI scan of brain

Understanding amyloid beta and Alzheimer’s disease: the key to helping AD patients

Efforts to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) by targeting Amyloid beta (Aβ) assemblies should be continued, but the strategies should be altered dramatically.

The 3d structure of hadrons and origin of the proton’s spin

The Fundamental Pieces of Visible Matter: Offering an Unprecedented Insight into the 3D Structure of Hadrons and the Proton Spin Puzzle.

Legacy pollution and our struggle to control non-point source pollution

To tackle legacy pollution and non-point source pollution, we must identify the sources, sinks and hot spots – but is it already too late?
Firemen using broom to clean street corner from debris after car accident during winter day in Quebec city. Fire truck behind and police officer passing by

Workers at risk: How do traumatic jobs affect essential workers?

R. Nicholas Carleton and Gregory S Anderson analyse the workplace stressors and risks of public safety personnel and front-line healthcare workers.

The value of adult relationships in preventing youth suicide attempts 

Associate Professor, Lynne Fullerton, PhD, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, examines the results of a recent study exploring the link between positive adult relationships and the impact on youth suicide attempt resilience.
cannais plants

Challenges bringing CB₂R medicine to bedside

Drug hunters explain how to overcome pitfalls on the way to CB2R medicine and therapeutics.

Microbes on a chip: How microfluidics can help us better understand and engineer electroactive...

Electroactive microbes exchange electrons with their environment for survival.

Assessing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in urban, rural, and minority-owned agriculture in the...

As the global community aims to feed the 8 billion people on the planet, assessing PFAS substances in urban and rural agriculture becomes an important component of the mission.

Whole-person integrative oncology – A path to improved outcomes and patient empowerment

Integrative oncology gives patients the tools to not only make the environment as inhospitable to cancer as possible – it also empowers patients to take some control back after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Global food security – Part 4; Enhancing a struggling food system

Professor Curtis R Youngs, the M.E. Ensminger Endowed Chair of International Animal Agriculture at Iowa State University, analyses the flaws of the food system in his fourth part analysis of global food security.

The fentanyl crisis: Death at the end of the rainbow

Chelsea Unkel, Ryan Hogans, & Pamela Lein from the University of California, Davis, analyse the fentanyl crisis responsible for increases in drug overdose across the US.

Remyelinating versus neuroprotective therapies for multiple sclerosis

Reducing clinical relapses and improving quality of life is at the heart of MS treatment; here Tara M. DeSilva explores the benefits of remyelinating versus neuroprotective therapies for tackling MS.
informal settlement in South Africa

Solutions to waste management in informal settlements in South Africa

Researchers look at the unfolding tragedy of waste management in informal settlements in South Africa and transferable models for community-based solutions.
tumor cells

Killing cancer softly: The resolution of cancer lies in tumor cells

Dr Dipak Panigrahy, M.D., an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School looks at killing tumor cells to resolve the cancer epidemic.

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