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A novel approach to Melanoma

Melanoma is one of the most aggressive cancers in the human population. In addition to its aggressiveness, it is also the only one of...

Skin cancer: deadly but preventable

Jon Pleat MA DPhil FRCS(Plast), Plastic Surgeon and Scientific Advisor at SCaRF details the risks of skin cancer and how it can be prevented Skin cancer...
Scientists develop blood test for bowel cancer

Scientists develop blood test for bowel cancer

A new blood test has been developed by scientists in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic that can detect bowel cancer. The research, which is...
Lung cancer death rates may overtake breast cancer

Lung cancer death rates may overtake breast cancer

For the first time, the number of European women who have died as a result of lung cancer is expected to be higher than...
Research finds tanning salons likely to cause skin cancer even without sunburn

Research finds ‘base’ tanning skin cancer link

Research produced by the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis has found that building a tan before spending time in the sun does not protect...

The cancer challenge

Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg supports Europe’s concerns about cancer and the huge challenges it presents. Cancer continues to present a huge challenge for patients...
breast cancer

New campaign for breast cancer launched

Latest figures from Public Health England revealed that one in 3 women diagnosed with breast cancer in England are over 70. It was also revealed...

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