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Open Access Government’s Energy category can offer a wide range of articles exploring research and issues from around the world. 

You can find articles on the research of clean, sustainable living along with energy efficient households and businesses. We have also included topics such as energy innovations in Asia and advancements in new energy technology.

Renewable energy investments along with ocean and hydrogen research are popular topics covered in the category that are regularly updated.

Find more energy pieces within the environment category there are many sustainable and efficient energy pieces there.

energy outout

Scottish Power estimates Britain will need to boost its energy output

Scottish Power says that the UK will have to boost its energy output by a quarter to cope with new demands from electric cars...
reducing energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption through optimised robot systems

Bengt Lennartson at Chalmers University of Technology explains how you can save up to 30% of energy and 50% peak power by optimised robot motions.
cheaper energy

Offshore wind now cheaper energy source than nuclear power

Offshore wind is set to become a cheaper energy source than nuclear power for the first time ever according to new government figures

Living off the grid: Becoming self-sufficient

Andrew Mills outlines how to become self-sufficient and the alternative ways that enable you to switch off from modern life, whilst still living comfortably

Scientists harness bacteria that converts solar energy into renewable fuel

Scientists have created a 'cyborg' bacteria covered in semiconductors that can change the sun's energy, CO2, and water into a new renewable fuel source

Driving renewable energy research and innovation in FP9

Greg Arrowsmith, Policy Advisor at EUREC outlines how effective projects drive the EU to keep powering renewable energy research and innovation
green energy

Green energy is the solution to a number of challenges

Morten Helveg Petersen, Member and VP of the Industry, Research and Energy Committee at the European Parliament discusses the importance of green energy.

Citizen participation in energy-related activities

ENTRUST is a H2020 project exploring human behaviour towards energy-related activities. University College Cork’s Niall Dunphy explains Energy has traditionally, and indeed it continues to be,...

Delivering flexible and secure energy solutions

Dom Barton, of Metropolitan Infrastructure Limited explores the national challenge to deliver sustainable, affordable and secure energy solutions

Nuclear fusion faces delays until 2050

Experts have claimed that we may have to wait until the second half of the century for nuclear fusion energy Nuclear fusion is a process...

Exploring lower cost pathways to economical fusion power

The cost of fusion energy development is a significant reason why progress remains challenging. Scott C. Hsu of the Los Alamos National Laboratory explains When...

Energy efficient industrial technology programme worth £9.2m launched

A four-year scheme aimed at developing energy efficient technology in the industrial sector has been launched

Innovation is necessary to create clean, efficient energy

Open Access Government highlights how the US Department of Energy is streamlining energy use to improve economic efficiency and provide clean energy.
clean energy

Clean energy is vital for all of Europe

In a speech, Climate Action and Energy Commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete, highlights the clean energy transition taking place across Europe

European Sustainable Energy Week aims to raise awareness

A series of activities aimed at supporting initiatives to create sustainable energy have been the focus of European Sustainable Energy Week

Delivering flexible and secure energy solutions

Dom Barton, of Metropolitan Infrastructure Limited explores the national challenge to deliver sustainable, affordable and secure energy solutions

Reducing energy consumption requires communication

Thomas N. Mikkelsen highlights how Natconsumers has developed a methodology to communicate more effectively with consumers to reduce energy consumption

Fusion energy could be the future of power production

Neil Alexander for the Canadian Nuclear Association shares why society should be looking to fusion energy to power homes and businesses in the future
fusion energy

Fusion energy: Unlocking the zero-emission grid

The opportunities provided by fusion should not be overlooked. Here, Michael Delage, of General Fusion Inc. explains the potential of the energy source A cornerstone...

Using surplus heat to create healthier environments

Surplus heat from cities and industry can help create healthier environments. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’s Håkan Sandin explains

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