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Open Access Government has a massive variety of Scientific Research and Innovation information that is available in this category.

This section explores the latest breakthroughs in all aspects of science: including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. There is extensive research on psychological and social patterns that occur in everyday life.

Information is available on scientific policies that the government might adopt. Along with the changes and developments of global space policy. We cover the ongoing rise of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and cancer research breakthroughs along with countries and their own individual research priorities.

Within this category we explore the massive increase and growth in CBD research and production, there is a lot of interesting information available.

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer

Professor Wen Jiang, Dr Andrew Sanders and Dr Lin Ye from the Cardiff China Medical Research Collaborative, Cardiff University School of Medicine highlight the work...
young researchers

Funding and supporting young researchers in Denmark

Peter Munk Christiansen, Danish Council for Independent Research on how independent research funds were awarded to a record-high number of young researchers
genome analysis

Visualising the human genome like beads on a string

The human genome is composed of over 3 billion letters, here Dr Yuval Ebenstein, Principal Investigator, Tel Aviv University sheds light on it
regenerative medicine

Transforming regenerative medicine into an opportunity for patients

Antonino Tramonte, Managing Director, Swiss Institute for Regenerative Medicine outlines how regenerative medicine can help patients

Understanding ageing, immunity and metabolism research

Ageing and age-related morbidity are unavoidable, but research to understand and alleviate age-related health issues is the need of the hour to ascertain healthy-ageing....

EU Commissioner calls for research papers to be free to read

EU Commissioner for Research Carlos Moedas gives support for EU-funded research papers to be free to read - although not necessarily free to publish
gravitational waves

The reverberating impacts of detecting gravitational waves

Denise Caldwell, National Science Foundation’s Physics Division, looks at what the future holds for gravitational wave research

How can 3D cities assist with urban management and sustainability?

Sylvie Daniel, Université Laval outlines how 3D city modelling and augmented reality can assist with urban management and sustainability

The role of metals in the sustainable production of chemicals

Martin Warren, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Kent and co-director of the Metals in Biology Network describes how a recent meeting of...
heterocyclic chemistry

The antibiotic apocalypse – can heterocyclic chemistry help?

Prof Colin J Suckling, University of Strathclyde's Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry, discusses heterocyclic chemistry

Promoting and funding research excellence in Germany

AG highlights the work of the German Research Foundation, including how they promote research and innovation and their Excellence Initiative
bone regeneration

The benefits of personalised medicine in bone regeneration

Dr. Franz E. Weber, University Zurich's Center of Dental Medicine discusses how personalised medicine can be used in bone regeneration

Women in STEM: Overcoming gender inequality in Switzerland

Elena Makarova, University of Vienna, on the obstacles women have to overcome to work in STEM, and how teachers can support their gender career choice

How project ACXIS is revolutionising x-ray cargo inspection

Empa – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology discuss ACXIS, a project funded by the EU under the 7th Framework Programme
stem cell

How stem cell research is being boosted in Switzerland

Adrian Heuss, Head of Knowledge Transfer on the NRP63 Programme tells Editor Laura Evans more about NRP63 and Stem Cell Research Stem cell research can play...

Immunology offers sustainable solutions for animal health

Artur Summerfield, the University of Bern discusses translating basic immunology to innovative and sustainable solutions for animal health and welfare

SMEs have a vital role to play in the pharmaceutical field

Dr. Alexander Natz and Dr. Oliver Sude, EUCOPE outline the role small to medium sized innovative companies can play in developing pharmaceutical research
gender equality

Creating gender equality knowledge in Switzerland today

Brigitte Liebig, Swiss National Science Foundation on the results of the NRP 60 program & how it will create knowledge regarding gender equality

Industrial biotechnology workshops start academia–industry collaborations

Profile by Alison Parkin, the University of York and Jon Lloyd, University of Manchester A key aim of the Metals in Biology network, one of...

It’s all around us – Heterocyclic chemistry

No surprise that the public interest is readily attracted through the media to the latest fashions in science and it’s good that there is...

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