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Open Access Government has a massive variety of Scientific Research and Innovation information that is available in this category.

This section explores the latest breakthroughs in all aspects of science: including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. There is extensive research on psychological and social patterns that occur in everyday life.

Information is available on scientific policies that the government might adopt. Along with the changes and developments of global space policy. We cover the ongoing rise of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and cancer research breakthroughs along with countries and their own individual research priorities.

Within this category we explore the massive increase and growth in CBD research and production, there is a lot of interesting information available.


Energy that matters

James Smith, Chair of the Carbon Trust, sets out why we need to learn to love Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – before it’s...

Leading electronic control for vehicle energy optimisation

A key factor for environmentally-friendly fuel-efficient vehicles. In the near future, substantial changes in mobility and land transport will take place. Population growth, energy issues,...

Revolutionising the brain

Aiswariya Chidambaram of Frost and Sullivan explains the importance of early diagnosis to tackle brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Although research has gone a...

2030 climate goals outlined by EU

The European Commission has set out its plans for climate and energy policy 2030. Goals announced by the Commission include achieving a competitive, secure and...
high street

£8m tech boost for UK high streets

A new £8m initiative designed to re-invigorate UK high streets, has been announced by Science and Universities Minister, David Willetts, today. The initiative, a funding...

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