Special Reports

Dementia Care during COVID 19

Dementia day care service during the COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Timothy Kwok discusses the importance of maintaining dementia day care service during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Addressing air quality with low emissions zones

Improving air quality with Low Emission Zones

Yunex Traffic discuss the benefits to air quality with the implementation of low emissions zones in the UK's city centres.
Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace?

COVID and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the workplace

Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace? Placemaking discuss the notion...
Climate change

Science for Climate Services and Action – Reflections on the COP26

Reviewing the impact of COP26 on climate services and what this means going forward for the pivotal role of science and science-based decisions.
Autopsies: The dead serving the living

Autopsies: The dead serving the living

How forensic autopsies are not only used to determine a cause of death, but also to support medical research and development

Be a Cloud Continuum Competitor – STEP 2 in Business Success 2022

OGEL IT discuss the migration to Cloud services and how this has helped to level the playing field between SMEs and larger companies.
The imminent possibility of electric vehicles (EV)

All electric vehicles by 2030

Wilke Reints looks at how electric vehicles can be implemented before 2030 – especially when it comes to infrastructural necessities.
Why Cloud Technologies is STEP 1 in Business Success 2021

Why Cloud Technologies is STEP 1 in Business Success 2021

OGEL IT discuss the role of cloud technologies in business following the COVID-19 pandemic and the push for digital transformation.
Peatlands and the water cycle

Peatlands regulate the water cycle in our landscapes

Bernd Lennartz, Haojie Liu and Franziska Tanneberger further discuss peatlands and the water cycle within outr landscapes.
mental health care at home

Home-based treatment in the model project

Providing individualised and better care for people with mental health issues at home through the use of the model project.


EMME-CARE Project: INAR partners to establish an atmosphere and climate Center of Excellence in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) region.
creative destruction

The role of finance in creative destruction

Christian Keuschnigg discusses how venture capitalists & banks facilitate the process of creative destruction & steer capital towards a more productive use
Dementia Friendliness

World Alzheimer’s Month – Promoting dementia friendliness

The Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing (JCCPA) promotes dementia friendliness in Hong Kong during World Alzheimer’s Month

GERICS helps decision-makers navigate the IPCC reports

GERICS explains the basics of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) process in detail with their information leaflets.
solar power renewable energy

Renewable energy: Next generation solar power

Peder Vejsig Pedersen discussing the growing need and development of renewable energy and the demand for the next generation in solar power.

New Ideotype of Rice with Improved Water-use Efficiency

Professor Apichart Vanavichit discusses the importance of rice crop and developments in rice production in light of the growing need of water efficiency.
Post Diagnostic Support Program for People with Dementia in Hong Kong

Post Diagnostic Support Program for People with Dementia in Hong Kong

Professor Kwok discusses supporting people with dementia and the importance of implementing adequate care after diagnosis The prevalence of dementia among community dwelling people aged...

Moving Forward. How the post COVID-19 working world could see a shift away from...

The pandemic showed that sudden and drastic changes to traditional ways of working can be made without the reduction in productivity many pre-COVID 19...
Vaccines and viral threats

Tailoring the immune system to viral threats

How viral vaccines work and why they are effective in curbing human viral disease - Pamela J. Lein and colleagues discuss in detail.
Heating data

Utilise district heating data and get an immediate climate-positive effect

Sten Linnell from Grundfos discusses the positive effects gained when analysing data strategies and the the application to district heating.

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