The China-United Kingdom Cancer (CUKC) Conference 2015 welcomed approximately 200 experts, including senior medics, scientists and scholars from world leading, international institutions to discuss strategies to fight cancer. The two-day event invited presentations from leading scientists and clinicians on effective cancer prevention, early diagnosis, aggressive treatment and rehabilitation recovery in basic and translational research, clinical treatment and research transformation. The thought-provoking sessions provided delegates with an opportunity to listen to scientific breakthroughs, learn from knowledge exchange and debate current challenges in cancer research. The sessions were complemented by exhibitions from industry sponsors and a display of approximately 100 research posters, for scientific discussion.

The highly prestigious event was jointly hosted by Cardiff University, Peking University, Capital Medical University (CMU) and Yiling Group, together forming the Cardiff China Medical Research Collaborative (CCMRC). The conference opened with addresses from international keynote speakers including First Minster of Wales, Carwyn Jones, Cardiff University’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan, Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute’s President, Professor Jiafu Ji, Professor Xiaomin Wang, Vice-President, Capital Medical University (CMU) and Mr Shen Yang, Minister Counsellor for Education, Chinese Embassy in UK.

Speaking at the welcome address ceremony at the National Museum, Cardiff, First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones said: “It is a delight to see the impact of partnership working across international borders where institutions are joined by a shared ambition and willingness to tackle cancer; this fits with our over-arching policy framework in Wales called ‘together for health.’ A diagnosis of cancer is a major event in the lives of increasing numbers of people. There has been considerable progress in cancer care in Wales over the past 12 months. Working together against cancer, we can do even more.”

The conference’s co-chairmen, Professor Lu, President of Capital Medical University and Professor Ji, President of Peking University Cancer Hospital and Institute expressed their views of the event: Professor Lu said: “CUKC facilitates and deepens the collaboration between China and the UK. The event provides a worldwide, influential academic platform for oncology research,” with Professor Ji adding, “Cancer is a key health issue in China, UK and worldwide. This conference brings together like-minded experts to address these enormously resource consuming challenges which are beyond any single institution or country’s capacity.”

Key outcomes from CUKC 2015

Research platforms

The new platforms are in addition to ongoing joint projects in gastric, colorectal and pancreatic cancer: – – – – Lung Cancer Platform between Peking University, CMU and other UK institutions. The collaboration was a direct result of the CUKC 2015 Lung Cancer session

– Liver Metastases Platform between Cardiff, Oxford and Liverpool University, Peking University, CMU and Teaching Hospitals in China

– Ovarian Cancer Platform between Cardiff University, Peking University, Chongqing University. This platform will complement the existing relationship between the institutions and strengthen the China/Wales link

– Brain Tumour Platform. This was identified as a new priority and a framework is being drafted


CUKC 2015’s poster display provided a developmental opportunity for the next generation of researchers. Scholars and scientists were welcomed to submit their abstracts for poster consideration and present over the two days.1 Honorary Chair of the Scientific Committee, and Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Martin Evans said, “It is wonderful to see the outstanding quality of the posters exhibited.”


Yiling Group are in the final stages of licensing Cardiff University’s cancer technology which will lead to further opportunities in the future.

International engagement

CUKC 2015 also provided an opportunity to reflect on the collaborations successes to date, specifically the exchange of scholars and students which has accelerated since the launch of CCMRC in 2014.

Director of CCMRC, Professor Wen G. Jiang, said: “CUKC 2015 showcased past successes and refocused future priorities. The attendance by senior officials and leaders in the field of cancer research shows the importance attached to cancer research across the world. We will continue to expand our links with China and look forward to expanding the exchange programmes in 2016.” CUKC 2016 will be held in the Beijing National Convention Centre from the 13th-15th May. The four partners will continue to fight cancer together through the international collaborative.

CCMRC, which is based in Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, represents an internationally renowned cancer research team. The vibrant research community has supported a number of projects, resulting in the creation of several spinout companies. As well as providing opportunities for research, CCMRC supports the educational development of junior researchers and academics, including undergraduate and postgraduate students and clinical fellows, through teaching activities, research student – ships and clinical fellowships. The collaboration enables the four partners to undertake large-scale research, education and trials in cancer and in other areas of medicine. Over the past year, awards have included: China-UK Cancer Research International Collaboration Base (Beijing) with CMU, Key Laboratories of Cancer Invasion and Metastasis with CMU, awarded by the Beijing Government and the successful award of Natural Science Foundation research grants

1 Abstracts from the conference were published in the International Institute of Anticancer Research (IIAR), Anticancer Research July 2015 vol. 35 no. 7 4283-4369 and are also available on Highwire Press: Written by Ceri Frayne, Executive Officer, Cardiff China Medical Research Collaborative (CCMRC), Cardiff University, and Professor Wen G. Jiang, Dean of International, Director Cardiff China Medical Research Collaborative (CCMRC), Cardiff University


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