Community groups funding to get £2.5m boost

community groups funding boost many hands

Small grassroots community groups including neighbourhood organisations, parishes and local voluntary groups are set to receive a funding boost

The government has announced that small grassroots community groups including neighbourhood organisations, parishes and local voluntary groups will get a direct funding boost of £2.5 million through a new ‘Communities Fund’.

The Communities Fund is being launched, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) say, to help people who are “struggling to manage”. The community groups funding will be targeted depending on local pressures, and can be used for a variety of purposes including: to help those facing domestic abuse, to provide support for disabled children’s services, and to support those facing long-term unemployment.

Applications are now open for a share of the funding. Alongside grants of £70,000 or more, those grassroots organisations that are successful in their bid will benefit from expert advice from the local government sector, training from a ‘grassroots network’ and advice on evaluating the success of their services.

Community groups funding for locally tailored services

DCLG will support projects in specific neighbourhoods, across a wider area, or even across local authority or service delivery boundaries. The Department is looking for joint bids from projects that will bring together the community and local authorities to design and implement services in partnership.

“Local grassroots community groups are best placed to understand the challenges in their local neighbourhoods and reaching those who need their help,” said Communities Minister Andrew Percy on 9 December.

“This new multi-million pound fund will go direct to those groups of people who are struggling to manage, including those facing domestic abuse or long-term unemployment.

“I’d urge small groups to come forward and bid for this cash from today and they will also get expert advice from a network of other grassroot organisations.”

DCLG’s support to deliver improved services at lower cost through locally tailored services will be delivered through £2 million funding in 2016-2017, with a further £500,000 in 2017-2018.


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