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Central governments need to bet big on digital public services and data literacy

The efficient delivery of digital public services is a growing priority for central governments in response to evolving citizen needs.
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Why local governments need a Total Experience model for service delivery

Local government is all about people. But right now, it’s struggling to deliver the best experience in service delivery for citizens and employees alike.
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The importance of ensuring inclusive and accessible public spaces

Accessible public spaces are vital to a city's culture and democracy, but why does London still struggle with inclusive urban areas?
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Why must the public sector move to cloud services?

The public sector must move to cloud services or risk falling behind the digital revolution currently underway.
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Economic strategy: What now for Good Growth?

Amidst the political and economic turmoil in the UK, Paul Frainer, Director of the Institute of Economic Development (IED), issues a few timely reminders on growth and economic strategy.
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5 Ideas on how local government can support local business

The SMEs sector decreased in both number and turnover and most of the business owners are not overly optimistic looking forward and plan to downsize their businesses.
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Local governments can tackle climate change through waste management

Waste management has become increasingly important in the fight against climate change, as improved waste disposal can lower carbon emissions.
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How local government organisations can streamline HR processes

Local governments can improve their sensitive HR processes through efficient self-service systems, potentially bringing reductions in costs and labour and increased employee satisfaction.
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Lessons learned on adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change takes research-based decision-making and decisive action, argues Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions.
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Digital records management: what does it mean for local government?

Steve Russell provides an invaluable insight into the benefits and challenges of digitised local government processes such as digital records management.
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Digital transformation: Reshaping local councils

Despite financial cuts and labour shortages, local councils need effective digital transformation to accommodate new policies and processes.
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Redefining communication in local government and public sectors

There is a need for efficient communication in local governments and public sectors with staff, the public and other organisations. Here's how to attain this.
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Advanced air mobility can connect rural communities and regions

Taking lessons from advanced air mobility in urban spaces and applying it to rural and regional communities in the levelling-up agenda.
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Local government: The importance of remaining evergreen in processes and systems

Mat Clothier, CEO and Founder of Cloudhouse, discusses the importance of remaining evergreen in processes and systems.
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County devolution: How technology can make unitary councils a timeless trend

Scott Goodwin, Head of Local Government at Idox, explains how technology can make unitary councils a lasting and functional element.
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City & region climate action keeps hope alive for COP26 outcomes

Yunus Arikan, Director of Global Advocacy, Local Governments for Sustainability, tells us that city and region action keeps hope alive for COP26 outcomes
Labour Market Intelligence

Using up-to-date Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) to inform decision making

Here the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership explains how it is attempting to use up to date Labour Market intelligence (LMI) to improve several areas in need of attention – especially in the aftermath of COVID-19.
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The digital tools helping to tackle local government deficits

As the true extent of local government deficits comes to light, unlocking digital’s full potential will be the key to delivering council services in the future, says David McKinney, Local Government Managing Director at Servelec.
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How agile financial management can facilitate frontline delivery

Simon Gray, Head of Finance and Operations at Agilisys, discusses how modern agile financial management systems can enhance strategic decision making in the public sector.
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Can Government benefit from innovation and digital transformation proven in the Private Sector?

Chris Haden, CEO of Engeneum Limited, tells us about Private Sector Innovation that could equally provide public sector with improved efficiency, greater accuracy, and cost savings.

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