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The aerial view of Shoreditch, an arty area adjacent to the equally hip neighborhood of Hoxton in London

Sustainable and equitable futures through placemaking

Maria Adebowale-Schwarte, CEO of Foundation for Future London, analyses and promotes sustainable and equitable futures through placemaking.
Beautiful woman vlogging at home

Improving local government social media strategy

While many UK local authorities have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, improving local government social media strategy is vital to boost user engagement.
Cropped shot of an unrecognizable businesswoman using her tablet to make payments while working late in the office

Online financial support at Carmarthenshire County Council

Carmarthenshire County Council is using online services to provide financial support to residents in light of the cost-of-living crisis.
cyber crime concept on a computer

Cyber attacks increasing by up to 50% in local councils across the UK

Sefton Council has been fighting off over 30,000 cyber attacks a month. While cybercrime increases, so does the need for stronger public sector security.
Cyber security technology network and data protection technology.

Hackathon unleashes digital innovation in local regional government

Here, Jing Walker, Digital Advisory Consultant at UBDS IT Consulting Limited explores the challenges facing local regional governments and how the deployment of Hackathons can help them on their digital transformation journey.
The couple smiles and talks together before their evening class. He has his laptop open and ready and she has her smart phone on the desk in front of her.

Why cyber-physical systems security is crucial for state and local governments

Simon Chassar, CRO at Claroty, discusses why cyber-physical systems security is so integral to government in the modern era.
Computer, woman programmer and man training for coding, cyber security or software on computer. Female IT specialist, male coder or talking to connect internet, information update and cloud computing

User-centred cyber security for local government

Arnie Armstrong, Cyber Security Principal at Made Tech, explains why a user-centred cyber security approach is vital to local government.
Smart city and internet of things, wireless communication network, abstract image visual

Rethinking resilience: technology can help local councils face unprecedented challenges

As 2023 unfolds, the UK’s public sector still finds itself in the midst of an extended, difficult winter – but how can local councils overcome this?
London and metropolitan EU Europe office building for network and future concept

Reaching data maturity within government

By embracing data maturity, governments can lay the groundwork for a more effective public sector, and digital society – but how do they get there?
Swindon and Wiltshire, SWLEP Support Matters

Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership support matters

A year in review: An overview of the Swindon and Wiltshire Economy in 2021.
contract management, man in open plan office

Innovation in contract management with UNIT4

Sally Murdoch, the Public Sector Director at Unit4, discusses the vision for contract management in local government.
digital groundwork, abstract image of digital tech

How local government can lay the digital groundwork for growth

Laying the digital groundwork by connecting communities is a key responsibility of local authorities, and the right foundations can attract investment and drive inclusive growth.
drought caused by climate change

Adaptation to climate change: Local & regional government perspective

Vasileios Latinos, Coordinator – Urban Resilience and Climate Adaptation, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, European Secretariat, examines the local and regional government perspective of the adaption to climate change.
Electric car charging port

How local government can switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles

Kevin Welstead, Electric Vehicle Sector Director at SSE Energy Solutions, explains why action from local councils is essential to shift vehicles from petrol and diesel to electricity.
Business report and sales data with graph economic growth on computer screen network, chart financial, digital marketing, online

Central governments need to bet big on digital public services and data literacy

The efficient delivery of digital public services is a growing priority for central governments in response to evolving citizen needs.
Office rush concept, employees working together in coworking

Why local governments need a Total Experience model for service delivery

Local government is all about people. But right now, it’s struggling to deliver the best experience in service delivery for citizens and employees alike.
Rear view of disabled man sitting on wheelchair

The importance of ensuring inclusive and accessible public spaces

Accessible public spaces are vital to a city's culture and democracy, but why does London still struggle with inclusive urban areas?
mart city and internet of things, wireless communication network, abstract image visual

Why must the public sector move to cloud services?

The public sector must move to cloud services or risk falling behind the digital revolution currently underway.
Mutual funds, business performance success, profit and loss in accounting or company management concept, miniature people figurine

Economic strategy: What now for Good Growth?

Amidst the political and economic turmoil in the UK, Paul Frainer, Director of the Institute of Economic Development (IED), issues a few timely reminders on growth and economic strategy.
local business

5 Ideas on how local government can support local business

The SMEs sector decreased in both number and turnover and most of the business owners are not overly optimistic looking forward and plan to downsize their businesses.

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