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Austerity revolutionising customer service delivery in councils

John McMahon, Product Director at IEG4, an enabler of digital services in the public sector, discusses how austerity in local government is, by necessity, driving a revolution in customer service delivery

Sexual health services in England “at tipping point”

Visits to sexual health services in England have increased and services are at “tipping point”, according to local councils Despite the government saying more than £16bn was being invested in public health, local councils warn that funding has decreased. Since 2013, responsibility for public health in England has rested with local...

Councils to get extra funding to ease pressures from migration

Local councils are to get grants totalling £15 million as part of the Controlling Migration Fund (CMF) to help ease pressures on local services

Kensington and Chelsea Council must take action to restore faith

The new leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council has warned the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire would “take a generation” to trust the authority again

Devolution has seen mixed and inconclusive results

Local economies have seen a mixed outcome following the devolution of powers to English regions

Leisure beyond the leisure centre

Cheryl Hersey of Action PR highlights how the role of leisure centres are changing to become key community hubs which deliver a range of services

A springboard to the cloud: Putting a plan into action

Andrew Mellish, of Six Degrees Group Company Carrenza shares the challenges public sector organisations face when it comes to implementing cloud services
Right to Buy contributes to the lack of affordable homes

Right to Buy contributes to the lack of affordable homes

The Conservative’s Right to Buy policy has been blamed for the shortage of affordable housing, as councils spend millions replacing property
Community-led services gain government cash boost

Community-led services gain government cash boost

The Department for Communities and Local Government has revealed a multi-million pound cash boost for community-led services
Solar devices provide social housing with many benefits

Solar devices benefit social housing in Scotland

Improving energy efficiency in social housing can be achieved with solar devices. PassivSystems outlines how this technology can be utilised by councils
The transformation of local authority leisure facilities

The transformation of local authority leisure facilities

Over the past decade local authority leisure facilities have revolutionised how they operate. Here, Cheryl Hersey, of Action PR Ltd explains
Flood prevention in Oxfordshire receives £6.8m funding

Flood prevention in Oxfordshire receives £6.8m funding

Oxfordshire County Council revealed it has spent more than £6.8m funding on flood prevention over the past 10 years
Wales greenhouse gas emissions

New tool to project Wales’ greenhouse gas emissions up to 2050

Cardiff University and BRE are developing a tool to forecast Wales' greenhouse gas emissions over the next 30 years and inform policies to reduce them Together with BRE, the building science centre, academics from Cardiff University are developing an emissions forecasting tool on behalf of Welsh Government. It will be used...
temporary accommodation construction new housing

Temporary accommodation is costing councils £2 million a day

The housing shortage is forcing councils to spend more than £2 million a day on temporary accommodation for homeless families, LGA analysis has revealed Government is being urged to use the Spring Budget to free councils from borrowing constraints that hamper their ability to build new homes, and to adapt...
Gateshead District Energy Centre waterfront

Gateshead District Energy Centre to cut local bills

Low cost, low carbon electricity and heating is set to cut bills for locals as the council-funded Gateshead District Energy Centre opens today The pioneering Gateshead District Energy Centre is set to cut energy bills and carbon emissions for local homes and businesses. Minister for Industry and Energy Jesse Norman...
East Hampshire council tax cash

East Hampshire cuts council tax for second year running

East Hampshire District Council has once again set itself apart from other local authorities up and down the country by cutting council tax bills Yes, you read that right: For the second consecutive year, East Hampshire District Council is cutting council tax rates. Following a 2% reduction last year, the...
reduce congestion smart parking traffic

Smart parking and traffic management tech get £4m boost

Roads Minister announces £4 million in project funding for smart parking, traffic management and charging point availability technology across England The government is awarding £4 million in funding for technologies designed to cut congestion, improve access to electric vehicle charging, and speed up road journeys. Apps which give motorists advance notice...
tenants at risk of homelessness rent oxford

Oxford guarantees landlords rent for homeless risk tenants

Oxford City Council has launched a new scheme designed to guarantee rents to private landlords letting to tenants at risk of homelessness A rent guarantee scheme has been launched this week by Oxford City Council, offering guaranteed rent and various other benefits to landlords who let their properties to tenants...
mother baby integrated health and social care

Three essential steps on the way to integrated health and social care

Mark Raeburn, Managing Director of Capita One, shares three points local authorities should be aware of in their approach to integrated health and social care The debate about how best to bring the NHS and local social services together is not new. Indeed, the issue has occupied the minds of...
council tax rises not enough for social care

Council tax rises won’t fix local government funding crisis: LGA

The Local Government Association warns that cuts to other services are inevitable as council tax rises will fail to plug the adult social care funding gap Council tax rises from this April will not raise enough to avoid more deep cuts to local services next year, the Local Government Association...

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