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Antoon Burgers, Program Manager at Holmatro Special Tactics Equipment outlines the advantages of using hydraulics to speed up special tactics operations

Speed is essential in special tactics operations. You do not want to waste time in getting to your subjects, with the risk of having them destroy evidence, or even escaping. However, SWAT teams and Special Operations Forces these days encounter more and more reinforcements on doors, windows, fences, etc. They find themselves faced with re-bars, padlocks and chains of hardened steel, which cannot be swiftly and easily removed. These materials are not only found when breaching and entering a building, but also when removing objects in the street for security reasons, or when cutting free activists who have chained themselves to an object

When encountering these obstacles, special tactics teams tend to fall back on conventional tools like grinders, bolt cutters, rams, sledgehammers or hooligan tools, but often not with the desired result. Why? The material is too hard and cannot be broken, it takes too long to open the object or the tools simply make too much noise, warning possible criminals inside. These conventional tools may also endanger the safety of the person that has to be cut loose. You need a tool that is safe and easy to use, can cut through the hardest and toughest materials and offers you the possibility of silent operation.

Hydraulic force

The strength that is required to cut hard and solid materials can be supplied by hydraulics. This technology has been used for years in creating rescue equipment. Now a special materials cutter has been developed for special tactics operations. Because this tool is powered by high-pressure hydraulics it can generate a high cutting force (up to 193 kN/19.7 t). Combined with a special blade and jaw design the special materials cutter can cut through extremely tough and hardened material, even up to 60HRc.

Regular cutters can only cut these materials while suffering severe blade damage, if at all. As the blades of the special material cutter are designed with hardened steel inlays they will not damage quickly but can be easily replaced if needed.

Since the special materials cutter is powered by hydraulics and has a high cutting force it is fast to operate, saving precious time. Another advantage is that it can be used with a hydraulic hand pump, making it suitable for silent operations. The compact design of the special materials cutter allows you to use it in confined spaces. Its adjustable and rotating handle gives you the possibility to cut in various angles when the cutting area is difficult to access.

Ultimately, this special materials cutter allows you to speed up your special tactics operations safely and silently.


Antoon Burgers

Program Manager

Holmatro Special Tactics Equipment


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