EC Commissioner Hogan provides clarity to UK farmers after Brexit

European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has provided farmers clarity in the wake of the Brexit vote…

Farmers have been offered clarity regarding their circumstances in the wake of the vote to leave the EU.

European Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan wrote to National Farmers’ Union President Meurig Raymond to assure farmers that nothing would change until Article 50 discussions are complete.

In the letter, Hogan stated the UK “would remain a full member of the EU with all the rights and obligations”.

He added that farmers will “continue to have full access to the CAP support schemes and to the EU internal market.”

Hogan also reiterated that UK farmers and paying authorities will still be expected to comply with EU legislation until the withdrawal process is undertaken.

Commenting on the letter, Raymond said: “I appreciate Commissioner Hogan taking the time to provide this clarity during these uncertain times.

“UK farmers welcome the fact it is “business as usual” for the time being. Existing rules – and the penalties that come with failing to comply with them – will continue to apply for the foreseeable future.

“Our focus now is on our leaders at home; we will be clarifying what we need under a new domestic farming policy and then discussing this nationally with our membership as part of the biggest farming consultation for a generation.

“But we appreciate the commissioner’s support and will relay his message to our members loud and clear: business as usual.”


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