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The EU Referendum gained massive media coverage in February 2016 when it was originally announced. Held on June 23rd, 2016 it managed to capture the attention of many, inspiring nearly 71.21 percent of the nation to get up and vote, leaving around 13 million people at home.

The decision was hugely important and given power from the voters the EU referendum was able to change the political landscape of the nation for generations to come. Given the enormity of the decision it has been criticised that politicians did a poor job of explaining what the referendum actual meant. Many people even now are still not certain as to what their vote actually signified. The question posed to voters on the Ballot paper asked whether they wishes for the UK to leave or remain in the European Union. However, many people have claimed since that it was not clear what leaving the EU would do for the economic, social and political state of the nation.

Changes to the Nation?

The decision of ‘Brexit’ was made by 51.89 percent of voters and started in motion a series of negotiations and decisions that have still not been finalised now in 2018. It resulted in the rapid resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and the employment of Theresa May causing many a controversial debate. However even with the disruption and unrest caused by the vote the UK is scheduled to officially leave the EU at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019.

To access more information you can view a wide range of articles ranging from either side of the campaign. With non-biased informative pieces as well, along with updates on the negotiations.

Housing sector must act now following Phase One Grenfell report

Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s Phase One report, published on 30th October 2019, begins to recommend changes to many aspects for housing providers, following the Grenfell disaster.

What does Brexit uncertainty mean for forex?

Now that we seem to be entering the end game phase both in negotiations between the UK and the EU and in the dispute between the government and the majority of MPs, what should the foreign exchange market (forex) expect?
operation yellowhammer, NHS confederation

Brexit ‘mini-deal’ can prevent Operation Yellowhammer, says NHS Confederation

Today (12 September) the NHS Confederation responded to the publication of Operation Yellowhammer, a document describing alarming food and medicine shortages after Brexit.
EU exit mitigation plan, continuity of patient care

Healthcare solutions partner publishes EU Exit mitigation plan

HealthTrust Europe (HTE), today (25 March) published their EU Exit mitigation plan to counter risk from Brexit, to further support the continuity of high-quality patient care.
one week's wages, The university of warwick, post-brexit economic policy

Brexit impact: Have you lost one week’s wages?

A study by the University of Warwick reveals that Brexit has already cost the average worker more than one week’s wages, due to financial consequences of Brexit negotiations.
EU single market

Why the EU Single Market has still not reached its full potential

Marco Hafner shares his insights into why the EU Single Market has still not yet reached its full potential and where it can go in the future
in-cabinet talks

Theresa May holds in-cabinet talks on looming Brexit ‘divorce’ bill

Theresa May is due to hold in-cabinet talks on the state of Brexit negotiations with the EU as the 'divorce bill' halts progress
student experience

Can UK Higher Education maintain the ‘student experience’ in the age of Brexit?

Robert Stoneman from GlobalData looks at how the UK can offer a unique and sought-after student experience during Brexit uncertainty
cancel brexit

Article 50 author says it is possible to cancel Brexit

Article 50 author Lord Kerr has said that it would still be possible for the UK government to cancel Brexit, even if a date for departure is set
economic impact

Papers detailing the economic impact of Brexit to be released

After extensive campaigning from the Labour party, confidential documents examining the full economic impact of Brexit will be released
communication with the EU

The UK’s untold stories

EPP-coordinator for REGI, MEP Lambert van Nistelrooij sheds light on the importance of engaging citizens and improving communication with the EU In the Brexit-debates there was hardly any evidence of the EU’s contribution to urban and rural development. Many stories were kept untold. I am convinced there are many beneficiaries...
international collaboration

Maintaining international collaboration: Chemistry has no nationality

Royal Society of Chemistry President Professor Sir John Holman reflects on the importance of maintaining international collaboration following Brexit
medical research partnerships

Experts warn medical research partnerships could suffer after Brexit

Experts are voicing their concerns that a poor Brexit deal could badly affect medical research partnerships if EU programmes are not replaced
interest rates

Bank of England says interest rates could rise as soon as November

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has said that interest rates could rise as soon as November and admitted fears over household debt
brexit agriculture

Michael Gove visits Northern Ireland to discuss post Brexit agriculture

Environment Secretary Michael Gove visited Northern Ireland to discuss opportunities for post Brexit agriculture partnerships with the country
research deal

UK strikes research deal with the US

A new research deal struck by the UK and the US aims to make it easier for scientists to travel, share resources, and collaborate
post-brexit trade

Theresa May in Canada for post-Brexit trade talks

Prime Minister Theresa May has kicked off post-Brexit trade negotiations in Canada, advocating the 'shared values' of both countries
value against the dollar

Pound value against the dollar highest since Brexit vote

The pound has reached its highest value against the dollar since the Brexit vote sent its value plummeting, with speculation it could rise in coming months
fish stocks

European parliament votes on measures to improve fish stocks

European MEPs have voted on a number of restrictions which could reduce intensive overfishing and improve declining fish stocks New limits will ensure fishing cannot exceed quotas recommended by scientists, ensuring fish stocks remain sustainable. The North-Sea Multi Annual Plan applies mainly to the North Sea around Britain, which supplies most of...
military deal

UK offers military deal with the EU post Brexit

The UK government is forging a military deal with the EU that will allow them to share military assets and collaborate on operations after Brexit

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