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The EU Referendum gained massive media coverage in February 2016 when it was originally announced. Held on June 23rd, 2016 it managed to capture the attention of many, inspiring nearly 71.21 percent of the nation to get up and vote, leaving around 13 million people at home.

The decision was hugely important and given power from the voters the EU referendum was able to change the political landscape of the nation for generations to come. Given the enormity of the decision it has been criticised that politicians did a poor job of explaining what the referendum actual meant. Many people even now are still not certain as to what their vote actually signified. The question posed to voters on the Ballot paper asked whether they wishes for the UK to leave or remain in the European Union. However, many people have claimed since that it was not clear what leaving the EU would do for the economic, social and political state of the nation.

Changes to the Nation?

The decision of ‘Brexit’ was made by 51.89 percent of voters and started in motion a series of negotiations and decisions that have still not been finalised now in 2018. It resulted in the rapid resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and the employment of Theresa May causing many a controversial debate. However even with the disruption and unrest caused by the vote the UK is scheduled to officially leave the EU at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019.

To access more information you can view a wide range of articles ranging from either side of the campaign. With non-biased informative pieces as well, along with updates on the negotiations.


Xenophobia fears rise in the face of Brexit negotiations

The government is investigating accusations of EU nationals facing xenophobia in applying for jobs and housing as Brexit negotiations continue
science funding

Ministers seek ambitious British science funding deal post-Brexit

UK ministers are aiming to negotiate an ambitious deal which will afford British science funding programmes special status after Brexit

Britain’s aerospace sector could suffer after Brexit

Experts have warned that Britain's aerospace industries could suffer a loss of investment from companies like Airbus in the event of a hard Brexit
Northern Ireland could receive ‘special status’ after Brexit

Northern Ireland could receive ‘special status’ after Brexit

The EU has said that a 'standalone' deal may have to be negotiated for Northern Ireland to allow a 'frictionless' border crossing to the Republic of Ireland The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) has been a contentious issue throughout Brexit negotiations, the third round of...

Theresa May assures public of Japan trade agreement after Brexit

Theresa May has announced a trade agreement with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe set to replace EU trading after Britain cuts ties with Europe

UK food industry warns of shortage of workers post-brexit

The UK food industry has warned that Brexit will lead to a shortage of migrant workers, many of whom work in food processing or farming

Brexit vote sees fall in net migration

Latest estimates suggest that the UK has seen an overall decline in net migration since the country voted to leave the EU last June as EU nationals leave New estimates show that net migration in the UK has fallen to its lowest level in 3 years in the year since...

Government promises ‘innovative’ approach to customs after Brexit

The UK is proposing an alternative ‘untested’ approach to trade customs which would mean no extra checks at UK/EU borders

Lord Neuberger wants clarity for UK judges after Brexit

The government has been told by Britain’s most senior judge that it must provide clarity about how UK law will be developed after Brexit

UK Brexit negotiations have ‘not begun well’

Ex Foreign Office chief mandarin Sir Simon Fraser believes that Britain has not put forward a clear position in Brexit negotiations.

Brexit: UK to begin first trade negotiations with the US

The first talks are set to go ahead between the UK and the US to outline plans for trade between the two nations after Brexit
green brexit

Gove pledges to deliver a “green Brexit”

The Environment Secretary has given his first keynote speech where he has expressed his commitment to delivering a "green Brexit" In a speech at the WWF earlier today, Michael Gove outlined plans for a "green Brexit", which are all part of a “renewed strategy on waste and resources that look...

Latest Brexit talks “robust” but “positive”, says David Davis

As the latest round of negotiations come to an end, Brexit Secretary David Davis said talks had been “robust” and there was a lot to be “positive” about Over the last four days, the UK’s Brexit Secretary David Davis has met with the EU’s Michel Barnier, as well as British...

Settled status for EU citizens is a ‘damp squib’

Theresa May’s offer of settled status for EU citizens does not come close to what should be on the table for EU residents, say EU politicians

Manufacturers warn cuts may occur due to Brexit uncertainty

A lack of clarity over the direction of Brexit negotiations could see UK manufacturers forced to make difficult cuts

Brexit rights for EU citizens in the UK are not sufficient

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Brexit rights laid out by PM Theresa May fail to hit the mark

Brexit negotiations get underway as David Davis starts EU talks

Building a “strong and special partnership” with the EU will be the main theme of Brexit negotiations, says David Davis

Thousands of family doctors could be lost due to Brexit

GP leaders are warning more than 2,000 family doctors could be lost if the status of EU citizens living in the UK is not protected during negotiations

Brexit brain drain is a threat to the technology sector

The technology sector is under threat from a Brexit brain drain as the number of overseas applicants applying for UK jobs since the referendum drops
General Election: Labour will scrap government Brexit plans

General Election: Labour will scrap government Brexit plans

As the battle for Number 10 gets underway Labour sets out its priorities for the upcoming snap General Election

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