Farage: Why out is right for the UK

UKIP leader Nigel Farage outlines why he thinks the UK is better off out of the European Union…

This referendum on June 23rd on our membership of the European Union is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you believe that Britain should once again be a free, independent and self-governing nation then this is your chance.

One thing that we must remember is that Cameron wanted to make his “renegotiation” package the centrepiece of this whole referendum campaign. He promised very little to start with and returned with even less. The utter failure of the Prime Minister to negotiate effectively even extremely minor benefit changes demonstrates the European Union for what it truly is; a self-serving, bureaucratic mess that sees us pesky Eurosceptic Brits as a trivial obstacle to a fully-fledged federal Europe.

Some in the ‘Remain’ campaign may pretend that if we vote ‘Remain’, our relationship will stay as it is. But it won’t. And to say that is to fundamentally misunderstand what the EU is. It’s a process, every single day. Every single directive, every single regulation adds to the power of Brussels. If we vote to remain then the Eurocrats will see that as a green light to full integration. Turkey’s accession to the EU will be sped up further, an EU army will be created, and hundreds more terrorists will take advantage of our open borders. We have seen this week that swathes of legislation is being delayed until after the referendum for fear of spooking the British electorate. Simply put, the status quo is not an option.

Where the enemy are at their weakest is on the significant question of open door migration, the impact that it’s had on the lives of ordinary Britons over the course of the last decade and the threat that it poses given the new terror and security threat that we face in the west.

This uncontrollable level of immigration into Britain is not good for our quality of life, it is not good for social cohesion in our society, and our population heading towards 70 million or 75 million will not make this a better, richer or happier place to be. But as EU members, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it and the ‘remain’ campaign will go to any lengths to ignore this question.

Another area where we need to attack the opponent’s goal, is the sheer cost of membership. Fifty -five million pounds a day is an astronomical amount of money to be handing to Brussels with no questions asked. After we leave the European Union that money could be pumped back into the woefully underfunded British public services and actually benefit the people who pay the bills in the first place.

A massive democratic deficit exists in Europe. Even the most Europhile politicians will concede this point yet there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. If every British MEP were to vote as a block against a regulation which damaged Britain, there is every chance it would not make one jot of difference. We hold one voice out of 28 in the Commission and our influence in the European Council is dwarfed by the French-German alliance which now dominated European decision making. Britain deserves a strong voice on the world stage; being in the European Union makes this impossible.

The reasons to leave the European Union are numerous but one thing is clear; there is only one way for Britain to become a free, independent and self-governing nation and that is to vote leave and make June 24th Britain’s Independence Day.

Nigel Farage

UKIP Leader



  1. A Democratic Deficit. So speaks the man with one of the worst voting records in the European parliament.
    Again the spun £55m a day. Proven time and again to be incorrect, but still he hangs on it like a dog with a wet blanket.
    An of course all the immigrant terrorists, must not forget them. As the threat level on the UK mainland has now been raised because of risk of attack by Irish Republicans, I assume Mr Farage’s concerns encompass this as well?

    • Your response is typical of someone who plays the man not the ball. Nigel Farage has for the last 23 years voiced his concerns about the EU and each year things get worse for the UK. Nigel and UKIP always vote against any legislation that transfers power from the UK to Brussels. That is consistent. No one says all migrants are bad or as you put it terrorists however with incidents in Europe it must be fair when people like Nigel say some of them are. The clear choice that people have is are you happy with that scenario or would you like more reassurance. UKIP and other Leave campaigners believe we could gain more reassurance by leaving. For others to say the Open Door (Mass) Immigration policy has been good for the country is, in my view, wrong. The general population can see what it has done to their communities. That is not a slur on immigrants but a slur on those who make the UK policies, most of which now come from the EU.

  2. I believe Nigel Farage to be right and has always been right about the un elected bureaucrats that really run the EU. The only people who will really benefit are though’s on the EU gravy train, Banks, Bankers and multi conglomerates along with MEP,s themselves who are on terrific salaries not to mention expenses? The Federal EU is an organisation none of us signed up to but had forced upon in the worst undemocratic way.

    Thank God Mr Farage has been in the EU fighting the corner of the average Joe.

    Thank you Nigel Farage

  3. Undemcratic and unaccountable –
    The EU commission is not elected
    The EU commision has never in 50 years passed a finance audit to say where all the money went.
    If our Parliament did this we would have an uproar and probably riots outside then House of Commons

  4. I believe a vote to “Stay” will signal a green light for the EU to impose more regulations,further reducing our Economic and Democratic sovereignty.
    Originally the Common Market was formed to offer a Trading market within the initial member countries. We now have dictates from unelected, poorly qualified EU officials, effecting our everyday lives.

    Immigration in the past has served this nation well.,bringing in nationalities,who have brought in skills and labour,and more importantly,become part and fabric of Great Britain.
    On the other hand ‘Uncontrolled’ immigration in unprecedented numbers has put unbearable pressure on our Public Services.;if you vote to stay in this will increase.

    I believe that the spirit and aspiration that moulded our Nation,over its long distinguished history,will thrive. Take more control over our future,I vote LEAVE.If you agree with my personal views I hope you will also vote LEAVE

  5. I cannot believe that the people of the UK will stay in a Union that is patiently un-democratic, one that will dictate to us, without consultation, every petty rule and regulation they can come up with as they sit in their comfortable pews earning huge salary’s in the process.
    The Prime Minister, together with his Chancellor have made a mess of the economy, indeed a Chancellor that has continually missed his own targets of financial management and responsibility since coming into office.
    We are told that staying in Europe will protect our country…surely it is NATO who has ensured peace in Europe. It is embarrassing to witness former members on both sides of Parliament threating dire things will happen if we leave. For example we will create the issues that will start a third world war. We will immediately go into recession…what unfounded claptrap, where is the evidence of all the calamities predicted by the Remain lobby.
    As for the genuine concern …Migration is the centre piece, we just cannot be dictated by the EU as to how many we take and from where. As a nation we want our borders back before we are saturated with un-sustainable numbers.
    I’m out!


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