IBS Awareness month: National charity runs initiatives to help IBS sufferers


The IBS Network will run a series of activities throughout April to help those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), to overcome the stigma surrounding the illness

The charity will lead their national ‘Exploring self-management of IBS’ conference at Sheffield Hallam University on 14th April. The conference will target people living with irritable bowel syndrome and healthcare professionals who work to help those battling the disease.

Those who attend, will be given the opportunity to listen and contribute to discussions throughout the day, whilst enjoying a tasty gut-friendly lunch, complimented by a goodie bag containing a four week supply of Alflorex (valued at £24.95), a full size 200ml sample of Silicolgel (valued at £8.29), a free bottle of A2 Milk and money off vouchers for Dr Schär.

IBS is reported to affect around 12 million people in the UK and is estimated to cost the NHS more than £200 million each year.

Studies have shown that UK businesses are set to lose out on £3 billion every year due to sick days caused by the gut-affecting illness.

The sensitive nature of IBS can cause employees to feel embarrassed in the workplace, often deterring them to confide in their managers about their condition.

On the other hand, employers may not realise how debilitating the illness can be for their employees struggling to manage their circumstances at work.

To help tackle the situation head on, The IBS Network has created a free ‘campaign in a bag’, which contains informational leaflets that are designed to be distributed across workplaces to ignite a conversation between employers and their employees.

For more information on health and wellbeing at work for people with IBS, email us or see www.theibsnetwork.org


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