July 2021 North America Analysis

A very warm welcome to the Summer edition of North America Analysis. We hear from Lirio Liu, Executive Director of International Affairs at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, who reveals the exciting work taking place to redefine geographic and atmospheric boundaries within the field of aviation

The comprehensive analysis permeating this edition does not stop there. We welcome the return of Arthur Lupia from the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences at the U.S. National Science Foundation. In his joint article with Deborah H. Olster, the power of international collaboration concerning social and behavioural science responding to COVID-19 is explained brilliantly.

I am thrilled to include the article by Dr Roderick Corriveau, PhD from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke, part of the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. Why not take a look at his article that details the importance of understanding the many possible paths to dementia?

Or why not discern the thoughts of Penney Cowan, Founder & CEO of the American Chronic Pain Association? She charts bringing research to practice for people living with chronic pain from theory to therapy.

The North American coverage not only includes the United States but also Canada. For example, we find out what we need to know about the Institute of Infection and Immunity at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, part of the Government of Canada.

I would be delighted if you can join us for future editions as our insights into the region of North America continue.


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