Peace of mind

IT assets disposal that offers 100% security, 0% landfill and a share in re-sale profits.

At Restore-IT Efficient we’ve built our business of adding value to redundant IT and telecoms assets by offering clients a consistently high quality service, flexible thinking and industry expertise.

Our clients rest assured that all our processes fully meet or exceed legislation and accreditation guidelines and include:

  • registering assets;
  • removing hard disks for destruction or data-wiping for re-sale;
  • refurbishing units;
  • reclaiming parts for re-building or re-sale;
  • recycling hardware and devices so that nothing goes to landfill.

Our specialist services, together with guaranteed levels of recycling, help local authorities unlock the residual value from their obsolete IT assets.

What we offer

Security – all drivers and processors, whether at local authority premises or at one of our ten specialist facilities, are CRB checked and our vehicles are always GPS tracked.

Sustainability – we manage data destruction and equipment recycling adhering strictly to the WEEE Directive so that we do not harm the environment and impact surrounding communities as little as possible. Our goal is always 0% to landfill. When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, re-sale profits can provide investment for community projects, too – all in all, a win win situation for local authorities, the economy and the environment.

Stability – established in 1999, we are now part of the Restore Group, the second largest group of document management companies in the UK. We are trusted by clients such as the UK’s major investment banks and the world’s largest software company to carry out their IT asset disposal – wherever they are located in the world – securely, on time and to budget.

Accreditation – Restore-IT Efficient is regularly assessed and we are certified to ISO14001 (Environment) and ISO9001 (Quality) standards.

Return on investment – our specialist Smart Device and Mobile Phone

Division uses processes that open up the options for re-sale. We are motivated to sell wiped and refurbished equipment for the highest return and can achieve up to 50% higher values than some other recycling companies. Online asset tracking and open book accounting gives transparency to the entire operation and our clients reap the benefits.

Your peace of mind

Our success comes from our ‘longview partnership’ approach. We’re proud that we build relationships with our clients and the wider community that are based on trust, respect and working together. We’re also proud of our people and culture. It is by encouraging our teams to be competitive and entrepreneurial, yet environmentally and socially responsible, that we have grown our reputation as a dynamic, go-to business with a flexible approach, totally unfazed by the challenges our clients set us.

Please get in touch with Garry Keith, Government Business Development Manager, to discuss how we can meet your requirements.


Garry Keith

Government Business

Development Manager

Restore-IT Efficient

Tel: 01462 813132





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