Brits demand more protection for nation’s heritage sites

nation's heritage sites

Passionate Brits want more measures put in place to protect the nation’s heritage sites, according to new research

The research carried out by Oaksmore ISA (an innovative, FCA-regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager) as part of the 2018 British Heritage Restoration report, has revealed the discontent amongst Brits when it comes to the upkeep of UK’s heritage sites and historic buildings.

According to the findings, 32% of Brits want their local council to be doing more to protect their nearby heritage sites and 1 in 4 think the public should take responsibility for preserving the UK’s landmark buildings and sites.

However, the research has highlighted a lack of public knowledge around how best to protect our historic sites. Whilst 15% of Brits claim that the heritage and history of their hometown is one of the things they love most about their local area, 23% feel unsure of how to go about preserving heritage sites and are calling for better education on this from the experts.

The data also suggests a strong feeling amongst Brits that whilst the government is investing funding and time into tackling the housing crisis, the focus should instead be on preserving the country’s existing sites which they feel are being neglected.

In addition, almost a quarter of those surveyed (24%) think one of the biggest disappointments concerning heritage sites today is the growing number of wealthy investors purchasing and privatising key locations, either restricting or entirely prohibiting public access. The public want to reclaim their history and ensure everyone has access to the UK’s most beloved historic landmarks.

Reuben Skelton, an executive for Oaksmore ISA, comments: “It’s clear from our research that the public feel very passionately about their history and the landmark sites that tell the tales of historic Britain. The research has highlighted a real desire amongst the public to protect and restore the UK’s heritage sites.

“Sadly, there are too many instances of UK heritage buildings and sites being poorly kept over the centuries, which is why we want to give Britain’s most iconic sites the restoration they deserve and, in many cases, so desperately need.

“The public can and should get on board with protecting their local sites. Some easy ways to do this include writing to your local MP to propose a restoration campaign or coming together as a community to support the site with fundraisers and awareness campaigns.

“Another great way that the public can contribute to the upkeep of their local sites is to donate or invest money directly into it. This can be as simple as visiting the site and paying a small entry fee, donating a sum to those responsible for the site’s upkeep, or investing directly into a restoration fund.

“The Oaksmore Innovative ISA invests both time and money into the restoration of the UK’s beloved historic sites. Aside from an excellent return, investors can enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to their community and country, and know that their investment is contributing to the upkeep of the country’s heritage.”


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