Rising trend in younger women seeking help for stress incontinence

stress incontinence
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Khatra Paterson owner of KP Aesthetics, discusses the rising trend in women starting to open up more about stress incontinence and the science and benefits behind the increasingly popular Forma V

Stress Incontinence affects 1 in 3 women, but finally, women are starting to speak more openly about stress incontinence after many years of suffering in silence.

Urinary Incontinence affects many women at various stages in life. Pregnancy and childbirth is a key contributing factor not just the menopausal stage of life that it is most commonly associated with.

Stress incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine either when we cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise and a condition not many women want to talk openly about due to shame or embarrassment. Micturition, which is the action of urinating, involves the coordination of the bladder, urethral and pelvic floor muscles along with urethral sphincter. A disruption to just one of these areas will most likely result in incontinence.

I have worked as a Nurse for 32 years, 7 of those as a midwife and I would always recommend pelvic floor exercises, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake and adopting a healthier lifestyle. In reality, many women would do pelvic floor exercises initially but then as time went on these would diminish.

Forma V

Due to the misconception of this affecting only peri-menopausal woman, many have suffered in silence. However, we’re beginning to notice a trend of women being more proactive in treatment and therapy to improve their symptoms. Finally, women are starting to speak openly and seek treatment from younger ages for any incontinence related issues and this is all thanks to the revolutionary technology of Forma V.

Forma-V is a non-invasive, no downtime, labial and vaginal tightening rejuvenation treatment that sends gentle Radio frequency waves through the walls of the vaginal canal. This results in new collagen and elastin as well as vaginal tightening and rejuvenation of the labia minora. Whilst this helps with the symptoms of stress incontinence my clients have also reported additional benefits of the treatment. Vaginal dryness is another symptom that women can suffer from for a number of different reasons, Forma V helps to keep a level of moisture and hydration, which in turn improves intercourse. As we age our skin becomes looser and can sag, Forma V can be used externally on the vulva area to stimulate collagen and not only improve the appearance of the vulva but also to cushion and protect the urethra, clitoris and the vagina.

Various elements of women’s health are often not openly discussed enough, however, we are seeing recent changes of this within the clinic and also publicly. We need to raise awareness and support other women like many of us experience very similar symptoms and it is perfectly normal. Introducing Forma V to the clinic with all of its benefits has definitely helped women to open up more on matters related to women’s health.  This has a great impact on women’s mental health and confidence too. Discussing openly and offering support and treatments ensures women they are not alone. The rising trend recently means that things are beginning to change which can only be positive.


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