Rotherham has been praised by government as an example of how high streets can be rejuvenated.

High Streets Minister, Brandon Lewis and retail expert Mary Portas visited the City in Yorkshire to see first hand how it has gone from turned itself around in 2 years.

The high street has gone from struggling to thriving since receiving £100,000 of government funding through the Portas Pilot scheme in 2012.

The Minister said: “Rotherham is a prime example of how a struggling town centre can be turned around into a success story, and in the last 3 years 86 new businesses have opened their doors in the high street.

“The town has grabbed the opportunities offered to it and is a great example of how our high streets can become shopping destinations that serve the whole community. It’s an example to other town centres around the country.”

Rotherham has reopened 86 new shops, reduced the number of boarded up shops and signed up 100 shops to their local loyalty card scheme increasing footfall and shopper satisfaction.


  1. We need to know exactly what Rotherham Council did, because we also got the Portas money in Lancaster/Morecambe and our high streets are no better.

  2. I agree with Keith.
    The success of Rotherham needs to be shared Nationwide.

    The Loyalty card is interesting, but meets resistance from small independent traders, and for myself, representing a tiny, remote rural ward of some 2,000 persons is a non-starter. (Alston Moor)
    We do have a struggling Main Street though, and any help would be welcome. Fine marketing ourselves as a tourist destination, but we need something for them other than walks and open moorland (and rain!)


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