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Close up business man hand holding blank screen mobile smart phone checking and contacts business logistics with warehouse

TSA regulations: why Telcos should act now

Telcos need to allocate specific roles within their organisation to deal with the TSA regulations laid out by the UK government.
5G concept in the city. Many wireless symbols on the top of the buildings

5G and net zero: can the two coincide?

ICT must play its role in decarbonisation, but is there already a link between 5G and net zero infrastructure?
Network Telecommunication and Communication Connect Concept, Connection 5G Networking System of Infrastructure and Cityscape at

True digital levelling up is within reach for local authorities

Local authorities across the UK understand the success of their community and businesses is reliant on the services they underpin.
Stethoscope on digital tablet on x-ray images

Digital healthcare adoption requires better security

Though the UK public is taking the right step in embracing digital healthcare, more trust is needed in the security of digital services.
digital deprivation, digital divide

Why we must avert the threat of ‘digital deprivation’

David Hennell, Business Development Director at National Broadband, discusses the threat of digital deprivation and what can be done about it.
public transport

Revolutionising transport & the imperative role of connectivity and 5G

Chris Holmes, Transport Programme Director at West Midlands 5G, explores how connectivity is set to unlock the future of more intelligent and intuitive transport.
smart mobility

Connectivity: The fundamental ingredient of a successful smart city

Frank Stoecker, CEO and co-founder, EMnify, explores why the IoT and the future of smart cities depend on smart mobility as a key building block.
BRAINE project, edge computing

BRAINE: Big data pRocessing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge

The BRAINE project will help to position Europe at the forefront of the intelligent edge computing field.
5G networks

UK-India collaboration to boost 5G networks and future telecoms

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announces two new UK-India collaborations to boost 5G networks and future telecoms networks.
Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables fed through water pipes in UK broadband trial

Fibre optic cables will be fed through water pipes in a new UK Government broadband trial to connect more hard-to-reach homes.
creating AI, robot

Scientists are creating AI that can detect “anger or fear” in a public area

Korean scientists are creating an AI called 5G-I-VEmoSYS, which can read human emotions via wireless signals and body movement.
access control system, cyber

Chinese tech: Who really has the keys to your access control system?

Despina Stamatelos at Genetec discusses tensions between China and western liberal democracies, illustrating how this impacts cyber security - do you know who has the keys to your access control system?
connected roads

How 5G holds the key to cutting congestion on connected roads

Rohit Gupta, Head of Products and Resources, Europe, Cognizant, reveals how 5G holds the key to cutting congestion on connected roads.
huawei tech, 5G network

UK bans Huawei tech from 5G network by September

Today (30 November) the UK Government announced that Huawei tech would be banned from UK 5G networks in September, 2021 -  with all equipment to be removed by 2027.

The UK’s plans to boldly become a global leader in space

Graham Turnock, CEO, UK Space Agency charts the UK’s plans to boldly become a global leader in space.
mobile networks

How 5G networks will power the factories of the future

Brendan O’Reilly, CTO at O2, explores how O2’s private 5G mobile networks will provide huge benefits to manufacturing businesses in the UK.

PM Boris Johnson ends 5G infrastructure plans with Huawei

On Tuesday (14 July), PM Boris Johnson cancelled 5G infrastructure plans with Chinese tech giant Huawei: What does this mean?
staying connected

Excelerate Technology: COVID-19 and the value of staying connected

David Savage, Group Executive Chairman of Excelerate Technology, details the importance of utilising a mix of communication channels for assisting with remote operations during a crisis.
digital age

A Europe fit for the digital age

The strides being made by the European Commission to achieve a digitalised society for all are explored by Assistant Editor of Open Access Government, Megan Warrender.
internet as a utility

COVID-19 recasts internet as a utility for every home

Jorg Welters, Partner at Reply, explores how the telecommunications sector has grown amid the COVID-19 crisis after broadband is perceived to be essential to surviving lockdown.

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