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animal health

The global challenge of antibiotic resistance

Roxane Feller, AnimalhealthEurope Secretary-General provides a fascinating insight into the global challenge of antibiotic resistance Antibiotics have had very positive effects on animal health over the years. Our pets are living much longer than they were decades ago and livestock are raised much more efficiently through our ability to control...
bacterial cell

Bacterial Cell Biology

Prof. Dr Marc Bramkamp explains how the latest science allow for increased understanding of the subcellular organisation of a bacterial cell
chemical biology

Chemical biology: A chance conversation but an important question

Research professor Prof Colin J Suckling OBE DSc FRSE discusses his engagement with medicinal chemistry and chemical biology

Tackling the threat of antimicrobial resistance in Canada

As antibiotics become less effective against infection, Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, outlines the response to antimicrobial resistance in Canada.

Hitting new targets for new antibiotics

Assistant Professor Clare Kirkpatrick shares insight into the development of new antibiotics for the opportunistic human pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Antimicrobial resistance will be a bigger threat than cancer by 2050

Scientists have warned that antimicrobial resistance could overtake cancer when it comes to the number of deaths per year
Action plan on antimicrobial resistance antibiotics

Innovative reform vital to action plan on antimicrobial resistance

Health First Europe’s honorary president, John Bowis, looks forward to a new EU action plan on antimicrobial resistance and healthcare associated infections “Excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics and poor infection control practices have progressively turned AMR into a massive threat for humankind. With rising resistance and no action, we...
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The global challenge of tackling antibiotic resistance

AG highlights the World Health Organization's efforts on the global challenge of tackling antibiotic resistance, through their action plan Antimicrobial resistance has become one of the main global challenges of the 21st Century. However, antibiotic resistance has been a problem for many years now. Worldwide more and more people are...
Tackling antibiotic resistance

Tackling antibiotic resistance

Andrew Miller MP, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee sheds light on why the next government must make tackling antibiotic resistance a public health priority Medicine could be ‘cast back into the dark ages’ by growing antibiotic resistance, David Cameron grimly warned last year. To see off the ‘superbugs’...
Fighting back against antibiotic resistance

Fighting back against antibiotic resistance

Danilo Lo Fo Wong, Programme Manager on Antimicrobial Resistance at the World Health Organization (WHO) tells Editor Laura Evans that antibiotic resistance is a global problem and needs to be stopped now Each year it is estimated that around 25,000 people die of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections acquired in hospitals, throughout...

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