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girl at night suffering depression

Blue Monday: ADHD can be predictive of poor mental health outcomes in adults

Adults with high levels of ADHD are more likely to experience poor mental health than adults with high levels of autistic traits.
woman talking to lady psychologist

Beating the NHS backlog: Supporting those waiting for an autism assessment

The growing waiting lists for NHS care across the UK have impacted people waiting to receive autism assessments, but could digital tools help with this? 
Man enjoys working remotely. sat down in forest with laptop, hands in air, expressing his enjoyment.

4 ways to support neurodiverse employees who work remotely

With 15% of the UK population considered neurodivergent, knowing how to support neurodiverse employees is vital for both employer and employee.

85% of UK disabled workers are more productive working from home

There are numerous benefits of working from home for disabled workers, who have been the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in their careers.
victims of sexual assault, autistic women

Nine out of ten autistic women are victims of sexual assault

A study finds that nine out of ten autistic women are victims of sexual assault, with over 50% of them aged 15 or younger when first attacked.
autistic people, vulnerable adults

Police do not consider 48% of autistic people to be vulnerable adults

The criminal justice system is failing autistic people, as clients are commonly not given support in trials because they are not deemed “vulnerable”.
autism boys girls, autism symptoms

Diagnostic differences between boys and girls with autism

Using AI, researchers find that brain organisation can differ between boys and girls with autism - because of gender disparities in generally male-focused research.
children with autism, oxytocin treatment

Science says oxytocin is bad treatment for children with autism

"The study team were hugely disappointed," says Dr Linmarie Sikich, whose team found that oxytocin is actually an ineffective treatment for children with autism.
black autism, ADHD

Where is the research into Black autism and ADHD?

Suzy Rowland, author of S.E.N.D. in the Clowns: Essential ADHD/Autism Family Guide, discusses the  need for research on Black autism and ADHD.
understand autism

Using human models of brain development to understand autism

Dr Kristen Kroll from Washington University School of Medicine discusses new approaches for studying autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders by using human cellular models of brain development.
rare genetic mutation, cell communication

Scientists find rare genetic mutation which can cause epilepsy

A team at The University of Queensland, studying brain cells, discovered how a rare genetic mutation can cause epilepsy.
rate of autism in uk, black autism

Scientists find Black pupils have highest rate of autism in UK

In an investigation of over seven million pupils, researchers found that Black pupils have the highest rate of autism in the UK - they further noticed that there is "little research" on the existence of autism in ethnic minorities.
gender diverse, autism

Trans and gender-diverse individuals more likely to be autistic

The Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge found that trans and gender diverse adults are three to six times more likely to be diagnosed as autistic.

The benefits of putting your faith in a neurodiverse employee

Antoni Bohdanowicz, Senior Customer Service Representative, shares his experience working for BP as an employee with Asperger's.
signs of autism

Spotting the signs of autism and seeking support

Wellbeing experts at CABA have created a guide to help people spot the signs of autism and highlight what support is on offer to raise awareness on World Autism Day.
autism in the workplace

Autism in the workplace: The value and need for neurodiversity

In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, Paul Modley, Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity & Inclusion at Alexander Mann Solutions, highlights the importance of autistic employees in a time of skills shortages.
medical industry, autism

The effect of ‘fake news’ on the medical industry

In the current moment, how severely is the viral misinformation online (from anti-vaccination movements to deadly 'miracle' cures) impacting the medical industry?
vaccine misinformation, social media

Vaccine misinformation is more likely on social media

Researchers have found that people who use social media for news are more likely to experience vaccine misinformation.
learning disability sector, social care sector

Tech and care: New deal to transform learning disability sector?

A new report was launched in Parliament this month setting out the case for a deal for the learning disability sector, focusing on realising the potential of technology to boost investment and transform the way care is delivered.
autism and learning disabilities

Measures to improve care for people with autism and learning disabilities

The new measures include a working group for learning disabilities and autism and funding specialist advocates to review the care of patients in segregation or long-term seclusion.

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