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Near Esbjerg, Denmark, is a powerplant based on burning litter

Unlocking the future of circular bioeconomy in Europe

Open Access Government provides an update on Europe’s circular bioeconomy, which brings together various actors from bio-based industries, ranging from farmers to scientists, to solve technological, regulatory and market challenges.
Wind turbines lined up against a cloudy sky

European bio-based industries leading the green transition

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore, Executive Director ad interim at CBE JU – Circular Bio‐based Europe Joint Undertaking, explains how European bio-based industries are leading the green transition.
sustainable sand

Creating sustainable sand: A solution to mineral waste?

Researchers have found that a step-change in mineral processing may drastically reduce mineral waste, while creating a source of sustainable sand.
genetically engineered microbe, plastic

Scientist creates genetically engineered kill switch for microbes

A team at Washington University, St. Louis are creating a genetically engineered kill switch for some microbes,  which would remotely cause them to self-destruct.
competitive bioeconomy, European Green Deal

Advancing a competitive bioeconomy for a sustainable future

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director at CBE JU ‐ Circular Bio‐based Europe Joint Undertaking, charts the priorities for advancing a competitive bioeconomy in Europe for a sustainable future.
pollination air pollution, pollinators

Scientists find there are 70% fewer pollinators, due to air pollution

Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees, lessening their ability to sniff out crops and wildflowers.
the bioeconomy, glycoscience

Glycoscience: One of the key enablers for the bioeconomy

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, argues that glycoscience is one of the key enablers for bioeconomy.
blue bioeconomy

Healthy biodiversity: The key to reaching the blue bioeconomy’s full potential

Nicolas Pade & Sabrina Gaber of the European Marine Resource Centre discuss optimising exploration and exploitation of the blue bioeconomy.

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