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coaching industry

The growth and impact of the coaching industry

Here, Tracy Sinclair, Corporate Executive and Board Level Coach and Past Chair and current Director at Large of the International Coaching Federation Global Board, charts the growth and impact of the coaching industry.
coaching relationships, trusting relationship

Coaching relationships: To trust or not to trust?

Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey explore the role of trust in coaching relationships.
coaching supervision

The case for coaching supervision: How does a coach self-care?

Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey state the case for coaching supervision including how a coach utilises self-care.
human resources

Human resources: An expert’s perspective on the future of coaching

Ros Taylor CEO of RTC Leadership & Coaching, shares her expert perspective on the future of coaching in this special human resources focus.
team and individual coaching

The benefits of team and individual coaching

Dessy Ohanians - Managing Director Certificate and Corporate Programmes, London School of Business and Finance, explores the benefits of team and individual coaching.
coaching culture

Establishing a coaching culture: Creation with caution

There are many custodians when establishing a coaching culture; HR, L&D, Executive Committees, internal coaches and more. If you are the custodian in your organisation, the following are points for you to consider.
chatting and coaching

What’s the difference between chatting and coaching?

Karen Dean from Diabolo Limited and me:my™coach and Sam Humphrey from Grit Limited explore the all-important difference between chatting and coaching.
Diabolo (memy) Limited

Coaching Stories – When were you last flowing and glorious?

In Coaching Stories Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey intimately share their varied experiences as executive coaches in 48 stories.

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