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unvaccinated teens, hospital omicron

Unvaccinated teens nine times likelier to be hospitalised

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that unvaccinated teenagers are nine times likelier to be hospitalised with Omicron.
side effects pfizer booster vaccine, menstrual cycle

What are the side effects of the Pfizer booster vaccine?

Here, we explain side effects of the Pfizer booster vaccine – with a look at how they impact menstrual cycles.
flu covid vaccine, moderna vaccine

Moderna aim to make combined flu-COVID vaccine for 2023

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, CEO Stéphane Bancel said Moderna aim to create a combined flu and COVID vaccine.
lectures double speed

Students retain information even when watching lectures at double-speed

Students can still retain information when watching their lectures at up to twice the speed, as recorded lectures have expanded during the pandemic.
zika virus

Scientists discover how Zika Virus evades cellular antiviral response

The human immune system is an intricate web designed to stop invading pathogens - but with over 200 virus species capable of infecting humans, some have a way to break through.
breastmilk COVID, COVID babies

Study says breastmilk does not pass COVID to babies

Scientists say that breastfeeding will not pass COVID-19 onto a child - there was no infectious material found in the milk itself.
pfizer vaccine omicron, COVID

Study finds three doses of Pfizer vaccine can handle Omicron

New data suggests that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, at three doses, is enough to stop the Omicron variant from creating severe COVID.
co2 ventilation, covid-19 schools

CO2 ventilation monitors to control COVID-19 in schools

In a new UK Government initiative to reduce the spread of COVID, schools across the UK have received CO2 monitors for better ventilation.
potentially infection

1 in 10 COVID patients could be infectious after 10 days

New research indicates that after 10 days, one in ten people may still have clinically relevant levels of potentially infectious COVID.
global south mrna, intellectual property

Over 100 Global South factories could make mRNA vaccines

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) found that over 100 manufacturers in Asia, Africa and Latin America are capable of making mRNA COVID vaccines - but pharmaceutical companies won't waive intellectual property rights.
hemp compounds, COVID-19 virus infection

How can hemp compounds block the COVID-19 virus infection?

Research demonstrates the ability to prevent COVID-19 from entering human cells through cannabinoid acids binding to a SARS-CoV-2 protein, blocking infection from the virus.
universal COVID vaccines, T cells

Universal COVID vaccines can learn from the common cold

Research shows that T cells, created by the common cold, can give some protection against COVID - which means that universal vaccines can mimic this technology.
COVID vaccine menstrual cycle, mRNA vaccines

COVID vaccine can cause temporary change to menstruation cycle

Scientists analysed 23,754 menstrual cycles to find that menstruation can be temporarily, harmlessly changed - by taking two mRNA vaccines during the same cycle.
trusting societies, managing covid-19

More trusting societies have greater success managing COVID-19

Research has found that countries with higher success in minimising coronavirus cases and deaths, have more trust within their society and governments.
levelling-up education, edtech

‘Levelling-up’: The emerging role of education technology

Al Kingsley, CEO at NetSupport, discusses the potential role of education technology in "levelling up" - especially for vulnerable communities.
disruption education, digital technology

True disruption in education: An opportune moment for lasting change?

Christel Wolthoorn, Managing Director of LovedBy Design, examines how the education sector dealt with COVID disruption and the work that remains.
fourth booster dose, israel pfizer

Study shows fourth booster dose increases antibodies fivefold

In Israel, healthcare professionals and those over 60 are now being encouraged to take the fourth booster dose - which appears to significantly increase waning third dose antibodies.
young covid patients, oxidative

Study finds young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress

According to new data, even young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress - a factor connected to ageing, diabetes and HIV.
antibody-like proteins, COVID-19 viruses

Shark antibody-like proteins could neutralise COVID-19 viruses

Antibody-like proteins from the immune systems of sharks could help to prepare for future coronaviruses, according to new research.
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