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hand dermatitis

Two-thirds of the public have hand dermatitis due to rigorous hand washing

More than two-thirds of the public may have hand dermatitis due to stringent handwashing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
depression during lockdown, adults

One in five UK adults experienced depression during lockdown

According to new ONS data, one in five adults experienced some form of depression during lockdown - more than double the pre-pandemic rate.
covid-19 vaccine trials 

Only 41% of people are willing to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine trials

New research from the University of Birmingham shows that only 41% of people would be willing to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine trials.
lung changes

One third of hospitalised COVID-19 patients show lung changes one year on

A new study has found that one-third of COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital still present lung changes one year on.
curevac mrna vaccine, clinical trial

CureVac mRNA vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperature

The CureVac mRNA vaccine is currently in final stages of clinical trials - but it is expected to perform like Pfizer and Moderna, with the bonus of surviving at ordinary refrigeration temperatures.
TRIPS waiver, intellectual property

US declares support for TRIPS waiver on COVID vaccines

The TRIPS waiver would temporarily stop an intellectual property law that stops poorer countries to manufacture the vaccine - the US now joins India and South Africa in the proposal.
COVID booster dose 2021, mutation

Fully vaccinated UK adults to get COVID booster dose in 2021

Adults over the age of 50 in the UK could get the COVID booster dose in 2021 - the third dose of the vaccine could be given as soon as Autumn.
variant vaccines

COVID-19 variant vaccines will be fast-tracked through cutting-edge testing centre

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that vaccines tailored to tackle COVID-19 variants will be fast-tracked through new state-of-the-art labs.
future viruses

Screening healthcare workers could serve as warning system for viruses

Researchers have suggested that data from healthcare workers could be used to rapidly estimate the severity of future viruses.
heparin alternative, blood clot

Doctors stop vaccine-blood clot with heparin alternative

A patient with vaccine-inducted thrombotic thrombocytopenia was successfully treated with a heparin alternative, after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
hospital mortality

Changes in hospital mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic

Researchers have published the most comprehensive study of COVID-19 hospital mortality rates in the United States.
COVID-19 conspiracy

Social media users more likely to believe COVID-19 conspiracy theories

A study by Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) researchers has found that users of conservative and social media are more likely to believe COVID-19 conspiracy theories.
side effects Johnson & Johnson vaccine, blood clot

What are the side effects of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

Here, we discuss some of the common misconceptions about side effects of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine.

Using UVC light on disinfectants makes them safer to use

A new study from the University of Waterloo has found that applying UVC light to common disinfectants makes them safer to use against COVID-19.
sniff out positive COVID-19

Dogs can sniff out coronavirus with 96% accuracy

According to a new study, led by the University of Pennsylvania, specially trained detection dogs can sniff out positive COVID-19 samples with 96% accuracy.
single dose

Single COVID-19 vaccine protects against variants in those with previous infection

A new study has found that a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine boosts protection against SARS-CoV-2 variants, but only in those with previous infection.
low-touch economy

How technology innovations have helped fast-track the low-touch economy

Here, Fulcare look at how businesses and workers are innovating their jobs to fit in with the new low-touch economy.
COVID vaccine 12 year olds, pfizer

Pfizer applies for COVID vaccine to be given to 12-year-olds

Pfizer could make their COVID vaccine available to 12-year-olds in Europe from June, after clinical trials in March showed 100% efficiency for those aged 12 to 15.
40 and over

NHS offers COVID-19 vaccine to all people 40 and over

The NHS is now inviting everyone aged 40 and over to book in for a COVID-19 vaccine.
missing second COVID dose, pfizer

Researchers say missing second COVID dose could “prolong pandemic”

The study found that missing a second COVID dose could "prolong" the pandemic, with more than 5 million people in the US not taking their scheduled dose.

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