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3D printing

EnvisionTEC leverages 3D printing expertise during COVID-19 supply chain crisis

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be an opportunity for 3D printing – EnvisionTEC identified several areas where their specific strengths in biocompatible materials could help to provide replenishment of stocks as well as new, alternative solutions.
government communications

Government communications: Listening to the hardest to reach people

Nadine Smith, UK Director, Centre for Public Impact, explores why the Government must learn to listen to the communities they so desperately want to share public health information with.
green road to recovery

Europe’s green road to recovery

Mauro Petriccione, Directorate-General for Climate Action at the European Commission, illustrates Europe’s plans for a green recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 vaccinations, astrazeneca

Historic COVID-19 vaccinations begin in the UK

Margaret Keenan, a 90 year old former jewellery shop assistant, becomes the first person to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in the UK.
severe COVID, diabetes

Diabetes patients are three times as likely to have severe COVID

While diabetes has been declared as a signifier for infection complications, researchers now say that data suggests it is three times as likely these individuals have severe COVID or are hospitalised.
people with disabilities, health policy

The ignored healthcare perspective of people with disabilities

A new study in the US shows that people with disabilities view healthcare as a human right and believe that this perspective does translate to policy-makers.
Open Access Government October

Open Access Government October 2020

The October 2020 edition of Open Access Government speaks about global government policy issues, such as health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, economic development, international development, environment, energy and equality.
HQ and workplaces aft COVID-19

After COVID-19: The HQ of the future will be smaller and more adaptable

PLACEmaking discuss the future of the workplace after COVID-19, particularly the change of location for the organisation HQ fora flexible workforce.
extinction target

Scientists propose global species extinction target to preserve biodiversity

New research has proposed a long-term target to reduce species extinction rates, with an objective of a more natural rate of fewer than 20 extinctions per year.
open access government july 2020, WHO

Open Access Government July 2020

The July 2020 edition of Open Access Government encompasses high quality and stimulating content on government policy issues globally, including health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, finance, economic development, government, international development, environment, energy and zero-emission vehicles.

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