What are the side effects of the Moderna vaccine?

side effects of the Moderna vaccine
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Here we list some of the most common and uncommon side effects of the Moderna vaccine and discuss the latest trials on pediatric participants

Recently the US pharmaceutical company, Moderna, announced that it will begin testing its COVID-19 vaccine on children aged 6 months to 11 years old. It is the first manufacturer in the US to test its vaccine on infants.

Currently, the vaccine should not be administered to those under the age of 18 due to the unknown side effects.

But what side effects can the rest of the population expect if they are immunised?

Common side effects

The vaccine will be given to you as two 0.5 mL injections and it is recommended that the second dose be administered 28 days after the first.

According to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency around 1 in 10 people can expect to experience very common side effects such as:

  • Tenderness and swelling of the injection site and underarm glands
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle ache/joint aches/ stiffness
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Chills/ Fever
  • Rash

As with most medicines, mild side effects like those listed above can occur and are not a cause for concern but if you are worried about any side effects you can report it directly to the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site. 

Uncommon side effects

Some of the more uncommon/rare or unknown side effects that may still occur include:

  • Temporary one-sided facial drooping (Bell’s palsy)
  • Swelling of the face (It should be noted that swelling of the face can occur in patients who have had facial cosmetic injections.)
  • Severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis)
  • Hypersensitivity

How effects is the Moderna vaccine?

During clinical trials, the company announced that the vaccine proved to be 94.1% effective and has also shown to work on the South African variant. 

Moderna ingredients

The active substance in each dose is 0.10 mg mRNA encoding the pre-fusion stabilized Spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 embedded in lipid nanoparticles. It also contains polyethylene glycol/macrogol (PEG) as part of PEG2000-DMG and is a multidose vial which contains 10 doses of 0.5 mL.

Other ingredients listed include:

  • Lipid SM-102, cholesterol
  • 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DSPC)
  • 1,2-Dimyristoyl-rac-glycero-3-methoxypolyethylene glycol-2000 (PEG2000-DMG)
  • Trometamol (tris)
  • Trometamol hydrochloride (tris HCl)
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium acetate trihydrate
  • Sucrose
  • Water for injections

If you know you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above then you should not have this particular vaccine.

You should also consult your doctor first if you have a weakened immune system, have a bleeding problem or have a high fever or severe infection.

Moderna expects to deliver its first vaccines to the UK in April.

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  1. I’ve had a low grade fever starting 24 hours after receiving the first shot, 3 weeks since I tested positive with the virus. It’s day 4 of low grade fever. Normal?

  2. I’m one month out from my first Moderna shot and have been experiencing a range of neurological effects on and off since then – extreme dizziness, tinnitus, nerve shocks, heart palpitations, and muscle spasms. I’ve connected with dozens of other people who are experiencing the same (or worse) and we’ve been largely unable to find medical support. I am not an anti-vaxxer, but we deserve acknowledgment, treatment, and safer vaccines.

    • So have I and it’s frustrating. I can’t complete a full day without falling asleep numerous times in the middle of tasks

    • Omg I’m having the same, I thought I was going crazy. My worst is my eyes I’m getting like dizzy ziggy lines in my eyes and it was freaking me out and being dizzy. I had my jab 15 days ago still feeling weird. And got a rash on my arm

    • hmm same here heart palpitations .. along with every single symptom of heart attack. I went to the ER 4 times in about an 9 day period and all they talk about is anxiety. Which is not even in my vocabulary. There needs to be a trained team at every ER to deal with vaccine reactions. Were being written off like were just some kind of hypochondriac. This is criminal. I am now an anti vaccine person because of this. Never again.

      • Anxiety is a very real problem which can lead to many physical issues.
        Concentrate on calming the anxiety and you’ll find the rest sorts itself out.
        Your symptoms do fit anxiety, not covid vax.
        If it was covid related you’d be in a hospital bed getting treatment.
        Wishing you the best.

        • I was in a hospital bed rushed unconscious for 10 days! Bf found me when he came from work! I had AkI UTI fever rhabdo and sepsis! Rec’d excessive fluid resuccitation which caused it’s own problems! I have never been the same just worse now polyneuropathy and deep muscle pain hanmertoes tendonitis I am on this site with many comments. Stop blaming anxiety. Anxiety is a symptom of many diseases including Lyme! Ms lou gerigs parkinson’s! If you are immunocompromised havdpve low lgA Google it do not get these vaccines! I was fine till I got it!!

    • I have had the tinnitus, skin is tingling and burning lastly my blood pressure increased 24-72 hrs after getting the vaccine. I was in the ER for it where I was being monitored . I was discharged with an Adverse reaction to the vaccine, and have not been told not to get the second dose . I dont like not seeing these reactions anywhere else

      • Since vaccination in April 2021, I experience leg calf pain constantly and feet tingling at times. MRI and X-ray lumbar shows nothing. The hospital rejected the cause due to Moderna. I am at a lost with no one to go to.

        • I’ve experienced leg cramps since my first dose. Frequently feel like I’m going to get cramp and occasionally do, mainly at night. I woke up last night because of cramp in my calf. This has only been since my first Moderna vaccine, never had problem with cramp previously.

          • Count me in too. Pain in thighs intermittent severe cramps in legs at night. Never had them before, was international swimmer when young and know what cramp is. Can only put it down to the jab.

        • Hi Simon
          Im with you on this one because you have got the same issue as i have
          I had my 2nd Moderna 25th July 2021 and about 1 week later i started getting leg pain seveare bekind the calf of my left leg and i still have it now

          • It also feels like someone has kicked you hard in the side of the shin
            I do beleive that Moderna is affecting the Autoimune nerves system

            Out of interest did you start to get strange red marks on yout legs like red trail lines with the skin surface busted open and also red/purple narks like blood pools?
            Please email me at darryl28ix@gmail.com

          • My husband had 2 injections and 6 months after his 2nd he developed bad leg cramps & has been through all kinds of tests with negative results but the worse is no he can no longer walk without an assistive device. So he uses a walker & falls a lot, he’s been to numerous specialists & no one has any answers & no one has even asked if he had Covid shots.

      • Vaccinated 3 months ago.. Almost every time I try to hold a spoon or a fork my hand clamps down like a claw and the muscles so’s hurt and I have to force my fingers open for it to release. If I try to scratch my back my shoulder does the same thing my calves cramp up and my feet. I am hydrated. I have tried eating a bunch of bananas and drinking tons of water I am hydrated.

        • Yes. Me too. My 2nd moderna vaccine was in May. And along side of all over muscle drawing and cramping both hands. Feet , arms and legs stay numb and with severe pain that causes me not able to sleep. Feet and legs swelling really big with muscle weakness. Having difficulty walking. Which all is progressing. Among other new ailments I didn’t have before getting vaccinated. There’s no way I’ll get the booster. I so Regret getting vaccinated.

    • I am now 2 months after my first moderna shot and still getting muscle spasms in my feet, abdomen, armpits, side of my head, back and other random places, though they far less frequent than the first few days after the shot. Have had chest pain the past month and a half and palpitations, though the latter have subsided. All tests came back negative for inflammation. Has anyone found treatment for the muscle twitches/spasms?

      • Nope I’m trying to figure it out myself I did terrible spasms in my legs my feet and then all my hair falling out this is horrible I don’t think I want you taking the damn shots they don’t help any way everybody I know got their shots and I know people keep dying this is terrible

        • I am having the same issue I had a head of thick long hair and since the vaccine My hair is falling out. MY legs and arms itch like crazy and I get cramps and tinging in my legs.

          • Me too. My hair thinned a lot after the second dose. I got my booster after Christmas, and now it’s way worse.

          • I’m 3 months post-Moderna, no booster (forced to take the jab or lose my job). For about a month I’ve had intense itching of my hands and feet. Scalding hot water provides temporary relief. I was put on an antihistamine which worked fine the first month, but now has little to no affect. I can’t do this much longer.

    • Hello Rachel, how are you doing now? I had my 1st shot of moderna over a month and have been showing some of the symptoms you mentioned. Hope you have recovered fully. How long did it take you to recover completely

      • You’re not alone. 80% of hair fell out after first shot. Six moths. later it has only partially grown back. But only on the top?

        • Within 3 months of Moderna booster my hair started falling out and became very brittle. Sooooo difficult to deal with
          This was January of 2022. I also dropped 15 lbs without any changes to my daily routine. Weight started going back on end of May 2022. My hair is still thin but showing very slow signs of new growth. I bought hair “extensions” and used them just to fill the loss of volume. It helps boost my confidence some and hopefully by next year maybe it’ll come back. Best to all

      • Guys I recently stumbled into this paper published in November 2021. See the link https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s40618-021-01707-0.pdf

        See the heading and then go the conclusion on page 7 of the paper. Summary of the paper is that there is now evidence that covid vaccine can target the Thyroid which can cause fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, constipation, dry skin, thinning hair, slowed heart rate, depression, muscle weakness, joint pain.

        I suggest you consult your physician and go do a thyroid function test. I was having some of those symptons for more than four months after my first shot of moderna. I just did my thyroid function test last week and my T3 & T4 were less than normal.

    • First moderna jab 11/10/2021. Have worked 3 days in a month due to side effects. Dizziness and severe pressure in my head, atrial fibrillation, palpitations, bad vertigo. No support from my GP, who wants to find another reason for my symptoms such as an underlying heart problem anyway (which I do not have), benign vertigo for my dizziness. Thinks Valium and stemitil will help and puts it all down to anxiety. Absolutely refuses to give me any exemption from the second Jab. I am a health worker and believe it or not GP said couldn’t I just retire, then I wouldn’t have to worry about the second needle.

      • It’s been a month since my 1st. I’ve been in and out of er. They say I’m fine yet I’m dizzy nausea’s 24/7. I lost my job and am getting tired of being sick . I sweat profusively but no fever. My blood looks thick and dark. Never again will I trust my government. I feel like my life is over at 34. My blood type is a+if for some reason someone can find a link to blood type and adverse reaction.

        • I received my 2nd Moderna Shot July15, 2021. I developed nausea that never has gone away. Since that time I’ve developed GI problems I never had prior to the shot. Now 10 months have gone by and I still don’t feel good. My Dr dismisses the vaccine as a possible cause but it’s the only thing attribute it to. I’m miserable

    • Agreed!! I have mystery symptoms such as extreme dizziness, fainting, muscle weakness and shortness of breath that have lasted 2 whole months. My doctor has written a medical contraindication letter to my work place to prevent me from getting dose 2.

    • After my first moderna shot, my vision was affected, i see halos around car lights street lights christmas lights, tinitus in right ear, right sided weakness, severe pain on right side of head, im retaining fluids from my knees up. Severe heart palpitations ive constantly in and out of the ER. And no one cares about us!!

  3. I had a side effect, after the first shot, involving restricted breathing, not really breathing difficulty. Felt like when you have bronchitis and can’t take a full breath. Lasted until the second shot. After second injection this has reappeared. Not all the time but occasionally. Pressure in upper chest concerned my PCP, so he did an EKG, compared it to previous EKG’s and determined it wasn’t heart related.

    • I am going through a similar experience. I never suffered of asthma and I developed it 4 days after my first shot of Moderna. I suffered another very bad asthma attack 4 weeks after my first vaccine. I was lucky that the attack happened just on the eve of the due date for my second vaccine. I don’t even want to think how stronger side effects would have been with a second dose! I would be interested to hear of similar experiences.

        • Yes both me and my sister. We received shot on same day (both)..since shots our hair started falling out. Had almost burnt look. Feels like hay. Very brittle. Months have gone by and our hair continues to fall out and not come back healthy. No matter what we try…

          • My hair recently became very brittle and seems like it has severe heat damage. I had COVID then was forced to get the immunizations to keep my job only weeks after having COVID. I have leg cramps and just recently have pain on top of toe like I have a severe blister but there is nothing there. My series of both Pfizer shots were completed 10/13 2021

          • You’re not alone. 80% of hair fell out after first shot. Six moths. later it has only partially grown back. But only on the top?

        • My son is experiencing heavy hair loss 3 months after his 2nd Moderna vaccine. He got Myocarditis 2 days after this shot and had chills so bad he was shaking. I am convinced the hair loss is related to these events since it came on so quickly.

        • I realized my hair was thinning suddenly and started coming out too. I think I’ve been experiencing hair loss for two weeks and I received my 2nd shot on 08/26. But I may also consider that can be hormonal-

        • Yes!!!! I had a fever of 103 after my second Moderna vaccine in February 2021. Four months later in June, I began to lose hair – at six months, the shedding became extremely heavy and I have now lost 70% of my scalp hair and all of my eyelashes and eyebrows. I have seen my doctor and been tested for other medical conditions but all blood test results are normal. I have seen a dermatologist that is treating me with oral steroids. Research suggests to me that the high fever resulting from my second Moderna vaccine has caused a condition called telogen effluvium. If this is correct, the hair loss is not permanent but may take another 6 months or more to resolve. This is the worst thing I have ever been through. Is anyone studying this or compiling data on how many of us have had similar reactions? And what implications does this have for receiving the Moderna booster? If anyone knows of someone who is studying or treating this condition, please share the information.

          • Yes Kathy I have had hair loss now for six months and I don’t see any signs of it stopping and a little bit that are coming in or kinky fuzzy and his honorable hoping and praying it will grow back dr. Gundry’s I keep saying I don’t think this is what it is oh yeah they know that’s what it is we are disgusted in this

        • I also lost lots of hair very brittle straw like hair. Went to dermatologist she gave me drops to put on scalp for 2 weeks finally quit falling out but hair is still very fragile

        • I was already dealing with hair loss from my pcos when I got my 1st dose in Sept of 2021. About 3 to 4 weeks after my 1st dose, I suddenly had clumps of hair falling out in the shower. My hair texture did not change but I do think the vaccine made my hair loss drastically worst. I immediately started using an antifungal shampoo along with womens Rogaine and Mielle Brand rosemary mint hair line which is specifically to help hair growth.

          The antifungal shampoo was to help with the hormonal side of my hair loss. I would say by week 8 I started to notice new growth.

        • Yes I lost 70 percent of my hair but finally stopped shedding after 8 months now I just got the booster and so afraid it is going to happen again

        • My daughter got the Moderna in the summer, is now balding and extremely distressed. Hard to find, but there are a couple medical journal articles, mostly from other countries, that discuss the vaccine causing hair loss

        • Yes! Rash and extreme hair loss about 6 months after shot. I have underlying autoimmune issues and it seems to have activated a flare. I am a healthcare provider and definitely not anti-vax. I have lost coworkers and patients and definitely believe in the power of this virus and the vaccine equally.

        • I experienced first ever hair loss after my Moderna booster last November. I was surprised to have experienced virtually no other side effects from this booster as I had moderate side effects after my first dose, and moderate to severe after my second dose. It might make sense that the vaccine may cause hair loss as hair loss is a side effect of getting Covid for some and the vaccine is fooling your body into thinking you have to build antibodies against it. I spoke with our county health nurse and she said she has not heard of hair loss from a Covid vaccine yet but will be on the lookout for it. I went to my primary care physician and to my dermatologist about it, too, and neither has heard of this. I know this is the cause because it was sudden and it was the only event that had changed in my life in the months preceding the hair loss. As someone mentioned below, there are a few instances of this mentioned from other countries. I would be surprised if this becomes recognised as a potential side effect as it would likely stop some people from getting vaccinated. I would still rather be vaccinated than not as I work in public health and have seen firsthand the devastation this illness can cause, especially to those not vaccinated. I just hope that my hair will come back in. So glad to have found others with same experience.

        • Yes… I (had) enough hair for 4 people. 1st vaccine March, 2nd vaccine April.
          May my hair started to have a weird substance in the front hairline I thought is this lice?
          Went to dermatologist diagnosed with white piedra. Hair still falling out.Went back to dermatologist put me on a different shampoo and steroids. Got worse…more hair falling out 2 handfuls a day!!!! Then my ears started to have this constant ringing still ringing. Left ear started to show signs of necrosis back to dermatologist did biopsy nothing,biopsy on scalp adrionic alopecia wtf? No one in my family has hairloss???
          Now I’m almost bald, I have red lines on the inside of my legs,my skin constantly itches,ears ringing , anxiety, depression…no one is listening to us.

        • yes

          I had my second dose on Feb ’22 after 6 months I lost sudden weight and having muscle spasms, inflammation all over the body, I developed heart beats

          I did various tests, the doctors couldn’t detect anything

    • Hi my niece has the same breathing problem after her first Moderna shot and she is wondering if she should get a second shot.
      Did it improve by now?

    • I also had a similar experience. Trouble taking a deep breath for more than an hour, nearly two weeks after my second shot. So scary that while I’m someone who never goes to the doctor or a hospital, I was wishing there was one nearby in case I needed oxygen. It was terrifying. Why aren’t these symptoms on the list of side effects?

    • I’m finding this. I can’t take a deep breathe without needing to cough. It’s like I can’t get all the air in. I’ve had to second shot 3 days ago and been like this since day 2.

    • In exactly the same boat had the booster and was worse than ever I can’t walk without running out of breath, I’m being referred for a chest X-ray but I was fine till the vaccinations!

  4. I had both Moderna shots and I didn’t get COVID!

    Someone needs to acknowledge that when you get these shots, you won’t get COVID! I think the government is not being very transparent about the fact that two of these shots keep you from getting COVID!

    We need the truth to be exposed! These shots stop COVID!!

    • Actually as we are hearing now, they are not preventing people from getting covid and some fully vaccinated have died, very few, but many have gotten Covid or the delta variant after both injections. However, I do feel that symptoms, I would hope, if you did get covid would be less severe. So if Covid symptoms are less severe and keeps you from going to the hospital, it’s a win win for most. Not everyone will have the same experience so I do think getting vaccinated is a personal choice. It’s too soon to say whether any of these people will fully recover from their symptoms and to live the rest of your life disabled in any way is terrifying, but it is early so I’m hopeful by the one year mark we will have more info and all of these people with symptoms will be 100 percent back to normal.

    • This isn’t true. I know ppl who have them and caught covid still. The vaccines help prevent you from dying but you can still get covid and spread it to others…you just might not get as ill or die from it is all.

    • Really? People who are fully vaccinated are not only getting covid but dying from it. You are one of the lucky ones. Not everybody is. So lucky.

    • I just got the Delta variant and I’ve been vaccinated. My symptoms were mild, not hospitalized, but I still have a nagging cough and it’s hard to smell or taste anything. I work with young children and they can pass it to anyone. They hardly display any symptoms.

      • Hi Michelle,

        I am sorry to hear that.

        According to real world data and studies that are fact-checked across several countries, the vaccine prevents most severe COVID reactions – including death. Please feel free to read around the rest of our site, as we write about some of these facts.

    • Double vaxed people can get COVID this is a FACT at this point. Too many varieties of COVID are out there now to keep up…. Unfortunately the virus is changing so frequently that we can’t keep up anymore… it seems

  5. It’s been three days since I got the first shot, I awoke this morning to the room spinning out of control, so badly, I won’t drive.
    I too have been feeling like I’m having problems breathing and coughing uncontrollably, It feels like I can’t take a full breath, like when you have Bronchitis, not sure if I should consult my doctor or not?

    • Barbara, Please go to the Dr. The same thing happened to me with the first shot. they gave me antibiotics and steroids. it helped with the inflammation. the second shot not as bad but I have an upper resp infection and have 10 day antibiotics again. They told me people that had gotten covid and then do the shots will have it worse. the symptoms when you had covid you will get back with every shot. They were right.

    • How’d you make out! I’ve been in hospital 3 times now since mine with the breathing issue. They told me it’s anxiety. I know that’s not true. I have anxiety right now because I can’t breathe. Dr just did a d-diner blood test to check for blood clots.. hope you’re ok Barbara.

      • Hi Jojo,
        I’ve had the same problem. Been unable to breathe for 5 weeks now, in and out of hospital, it’s been complete torture. Ct scan shows abnormalities on my lungs. Have you had any success in getting better? I’m scared it’s never going to go away. This came on about 10 days after 1st moderna vaccine.

    • I developed bronchitis and an ear infection after my first maderna vaccination, went to the hospital twice within 24 hours, my doctor told me they’ve seen this common side effect of the shot, I was scared to get it in the first place and now I’m really scared to get the second one, I don’t know what to do

  6. Only on the arm I had my first vaccination which was several months ago. Started out with chills and then the red blotch would go down my arm, disappear or fade and then appear again. That has stopped, but now, especially at night, my left arm at the place of injection and underneath my arm, down to my hand, I experience strong aches, nerve shocks, and the pain pulses. I can’t figure out why, except for the possibility of a reaction from my first shot. Am I the only one experiencing this?

  7. I am wondering if the Moderna vaccine has an adverse effect of hair loss after both doses are completed. I had actual c Ovid in Dec. 2020 and was told to expect reactions to vaccines bugbear loss wasn’t mentioned. Thanks, Peggy Linder

    • Hi Peggy.

      I also lost basically all of the head on my hair, starting two days after my first shot.
      Over the next two months I lost nearly all of it until I had to shave the rest off.

      So far,no explanation and no intention to take the 2nd shot.

      Any improvement for you?

      Not much sign of it coming back, here.

      • I also started to losing scalp hair two days after the first Moderna shot. I had the second shot because I’d rather be bald than dead. Only now, seven months later, has the hair loss slowed and I’m starting to feel new hair growth along my scalp.

        If I need a booster, and believe I will, I’m going with Pfizer. Both vaccines are mRNA vaccines but the fillers cold differ. Once bitten, twice shy.

        • I had two Pfizer’s shots. Never had a period since June also lost and still loosing hair. Since the second jab. Not having any more jabs ever. Goodbye booster

          • I started loosing hair progressively, don’t know when exactly after the shot but sometime after, it’s been 6 months and I had to shave my head. They want to give me a booster but I’m really afraid

          • I can’t believe I have finally found a thread where people are discussing theor experiences with hair loss post-vaccine. I am in the exact same position as you!! Had my second Pfizer shot in the middle of July and by August my hair had started falling out. Not in patches but all over!!!!!! 4 months later and it’s still coming out. I’ve lost approx 65% of my hair now and no sign of stopping!! I’ve been so upset and searching for information. Went to my GP and he did bloods. They were all normal so he said it was “anxiety” I’ve suffered with anxiety my whole life and never lost hair as a result!! Also, I wasn’t particularly stressed or anxious for the 12 months prior to my hair loss so why is it the cause of my sudden hair loss?? Makes no sense!!! I absolutely believe its a result of the vaccine!!

      • Same thing happened to my daughter. 24 years old. Healthy, long thick blond hair. 95% fell out. Shaved the rest. Heartbreaking.

        • Melissa it’s been six months since I had the last moderna shot all my hair is falling out I thought I was crazy one two three doctors they couldn’t find anything wrong with my blood there’s no way my hair just keeps falling falling falling did yours ever grow back

      • Benjamin I’m losing all my hair to I can’t say it enough I don’t know who we can tell this to everybody wants to keep it hush-hush the doctors won’t agree to you if you say all your hair coming out I had every test in the world done I had to go to three specialist and they have no idea well now I know if I was anybody I certainly would not get those shots that all I’ve had nothing but misery sense in between my hair falling out my arm I can’t move in a spasms in my legs and and rashes everywhere I would never get it I rather just take my chances elsewhere

    • Yes, me too! I got Moderna e.o. Feb and e.o. March 2021. I had covid 6 months before that, so the usual symptoms were minor to none after the shots. It was a few days after the 1st shot that my thin, fine hair started going AWOL. At times it slows down, as a teaser, then dumps clumps. The remaining strands are not as strong, so no clips, barettes, etc. can be used to cover the bald spots to avoid sunburn.

    • I am losing my hair rapidly, to the point where I discovered a small bold spot under my hair! It’s been a month since my second shot. I don’t understand why MEDIA DOES NOT COVER IT! People are losing hair. I’d better risk having covid than be bold (unlike the other person mentioned – personal preference and I respect everyone’s choices, I just didn’t have the chance to chose!). My heart is sympathizing with the mom of the young girl who lost all her beautiful hair – I hope it is only temporary! I am trying all the remedies I can.

      • I, too started loosing my hair in “alopecia” form about a week after my first dose. The fall out seems to have finally slowed down 7 months later. I ended up shaving my shoulder length dark brown hair… now all the regrowth is coming back in “white and very fine” – lately after reaching about 1″ long some of this new hair has started falling out. I reported this adverse affect to the CDC back in March. I went ahead and had the second dose, since the hair had already fallen out, but won’t be getting a booster.

        • I forgot to mention that I started experiencing problems with my hearing – (like my ears were stopped up) in late July – went to my doctor who removed an enormous amount of ear wax from both ears (I’ve never had issues with ear wax in my 66 years) – I asked if it could be because I most likely lost all the hair in my ears (that move the wax out) and he agreed it could be – this was later confirmed by an audiologist…

        • Hair loss by the clumps for me, too. Two days after the first shot. I had thick curly hair. Now it’s thin, straight and shaggy. Nearly gone. I may be looking into wigs.

          • Me too. I had super thick and wavy hair. Now I have bald clumps at the bottom of my scalp and everything is thin and limp… 🙁 been 3 months since my second shot.

      • I had my second Moderna shot on the 10th. I’ve been losing a lot of hair since the first shot but didn’t connect cause-and-effect until now. My hair dresser commented yesterday on how thin and rough it is–nothing like my full head of fine hair. I didn’t want to take the vaccine in the first place but did because our dil is immune-deficient and our son worried about us being around her. I’ve had flu and pneumonia and cancer before but never lost my hair! If it keeps falling out like this, I’ll have to look into wigs too.

        I agree–I would rather have Covid than be bald! Too late now.

    • I had my Moderna shots in the spring and have noticed since then that my hair has thinned out considerably, I’d say about 20%. No other huge stresses this year other than normal daily life . Not sure if it’s from being vaxxed but don’t know what else would cause it. Health has been consistent.

      • Had both my Moderna shots in the spring (April 2021) & around 3 months later, began shedding hair, diffusely all over from scalp. Slowly. But it hasn’t stopped yet. I’m totally healthy. Dermatologist says it’s telogen effluvium—should taper off soon. Going on 3 months of losing hair now. Hoping it will stop! Loss isn’t noticeable — yet.

        • I had the second vaccine the end of Feb. I started losing my hair slowly in March. In July it was a large swath on the back of my head and I went to a dermatologist. I have been getting monthly steroid injections into my scalp since then. The hair loss continues to move up my head. Light fuzzy hair is starting to grow in the back. This week I realize that I no longer have facial hair nor hair on my legs or unmentionable places. The doc added Clobetasol Propionate Solution to use on my head twice/day. I have had psoriasis, an autoimmune disease, for about 20 years. Ironically, I have had no outbreaks this year.

        • Oh my God all my hair’s falling out to six months after the last moderna shot I have been to three different doctors I dermatologist my regular doctor an endo cardiologist I’m taking so much blood and I can’t figure out why my hair is falling out I wonder as it is this because of moderna it is our hair going to go back

      • Hello Peggy yes for months after mama doing her shots I’m just all my hair started falling out of my head I have been to three different doctors and a specialist they can’t figure out why my hair is falling out I’ve read so many comments on people their hair is all falling out mine I used to have such thick hair so much that I had to put two ponytails cuz it was too big now I barely have any left and I’m just wondering if this is ever going to grow back very very upset and I’m as I’m sure everybody’s upset about all these side effects but they haven’t put that in there side effects yet

      • Yes my hair is been falling out of my head terrible after my second shots but it took four months after my second shot I barely have any hair left I’ve been to three special for nobody knows what to do now it’s making sense to me because people are writing this down the comment how old are Harrison shredding like shutting this phone everyday so much sitting like you would said if you were like a dog but so much more I don’t know what to do I just about lost all mine I don’t know what we can do and if it’s ever going to grow back

    • My husband 75, 4 months days after he had his second covid shot had hair loss in areas on the back of his head the size of a silver dollar maybe 4 of those. Later there was a hair loss across the lower back hair line which took a year to get back to normal

  8. I took the Pfizer vaccine. I received my second dose on March 25 and I have been experiencing ringing in my head for several weeks with a rise in my blood pressure. Now I have to go to the ENT doctor. The ringing won’t stop.

  9. After the first shot in my right arm the only side effects I had was very sore pain in the injection site for about a week. When I got the 2nd shot I decided to take it in my left arm and now I wish I would have just gotten the one. I suffered severe headaches and shaking uncontrollably at times and very fatigued, I slept approximately 14 hours and was very tired after that for 6 more hours. And of course I had soreness in the injection site for another week. Boy am I’m glad that’s over.

  10. I’ve had some pins and needles feelings in my arms and fingers and sometimes legs. A strange tightness in the chest that is hard to explain. Also, a mild sore throat and headache. These symptoms had me worried, but I read that they’re relatively common with the Pfizer vaccine. Haven’t read as much about Moderna.

    • Exact same here. Tingling on my left arm, hand and leg (3 days after injection). Hoping it doesn’t last too long.

  11. I had the moderna vaccine and after my second dose I was out on blood pressure meds for elevated blood pressure. Never had a problem before. Read red pine tea is helpful but haven’t tried it yet!

  12. Hi, I am from the Uk and following approx 2 wks of numb fingers and palpitations I unfortunately suffered a Stroke. I am 45. No problems previously and it would appear there are no issues 1 wk on???
    I have never experienced any issues previously. No weight issues, smoking etc
    I would be very keen to reach out to anyone with similar problems.
    Cheers Paul

  13. Had my first Moderna vaccine in January. Came home from work exhausted. Eleven hours after the shot I rolled over in bed and had pain in my right hip. An hour later tried to get out of bed due to the worst cramp from the hip down to my foot with an additional camp on the outer side of my calf. My husband tried muscle rubs. I took muscle relaxer, ibuprofen, and another pain pill. Nothing worked. The next day was started on prednisone and gabapentin by one of my doctors. Slept in recliner most nights on a heating pad with automatic off timer. As the cramp continued it felt like the nerve going down from my hip to my foot was being strangled. By the third day I lost feeling in my great toe and some of the bottom of my foot and the skin on top of my foot going up from my great toe. Also have a numb spot on the side of my calf where it was cramped. Had second vaccine and had shooting electric shock pain in right great toe. Was really annoying for 36 hours-this is a reported symptom- but I figured The feeling might come back, it didn’t. The doctors say that these are not typical symptoms that are listed as side effects of the vaccine so my regular doctor referred me to PT. Went to physical therapy- made what little decrease in pain I had come roaring back. Also by this time I realized and showed my therapist that I can’t lift the toes on my right foot at all, unlike my left. Physical therapist said to get MRI and doctor finally ordered it after doing Neuro check after I told him I can’t lift my toes. He also realized I have weakness in both feet. MRI is not that bad per doctor. On the night of May 6, almost 4 months after my vaccine I had a far worse back, hip, leg and foot muscle spasm event at night and despite meds, massage and heat I couldn’t stand up. I had to crawl to the bathroom as I was unable to put weight on my right side. I was able to do a walk-in visit at my chiropractor- had started seeing him 1 week after the first spasm. By the next day I was in a wheelchair- thank God for my church having one. I saw my MD on the following Monday(in wheelchair) and got stronger meds and was given three weeks off of work. I was in a wheelchair for 8-10 days. I am now getting injections from pain management and regular visits from the chiropractor. I now walk with a cane and thanks to that muscle spasm, I now have lost feeling in the next two toes. It is now June. From my first shot I was enrolled in V-safe and they send regular text messages to me and I filled them out about my back, hip, leg, and foot. They called two weeks ago and spoke with my husband and asked him to have me fill out an Adverse Event form. We finally were able to talk last week and she said she read my report and blieves it is vaccine related due to the most timing and some of the other reports now coming in.They are with the CDC. The lady and I talked and she said to continue to report to them and that my events will be posted. She was so helpful and made me feel like I’m not crazy. So even if your symptoms aren’t listed, tell your doctor and the V-safe people and the CDC. Hopefully soon, my pain will resolve with chiropractic care, pain managent, and meds. I will
    never take a booster of this shot.

  14. Same here.. I can not do to much for fear of having a heart attack. I walk up the stairs or just walk fast and my heart races. It palpitates and I get extreme fatigue. Pericarditis is what my symptoms resemble yet no ekg or any blood work shows any sign of this. Strange how this all happens..

  15. Helpful to see these comments. I had my first moderna shot, im a healthy 27 y/o female, but have had breathing problems got the 4 weeks since. I went to hospital and they said nothing came up on ECG. Back to doctors again but again said heart rate and oxygen levels are fine despite clear struggles to get a decent breathe. I’m worried as weather to get second dose or not, doctors says yes but also says we don’t what would happen. Doesn’t fill me with hope. Did anyone have breathing issues then have the 2nd dose, what happened?

    • Hi Alice this is Anne from Philippines. I have my Moderna vaccine 1st dose on 14 October which was a month after I got COVID-19. Last 28 October I started having this feeling of difficulty in breathing which keeps on disturbing me every now and then accompanied by headache. Went to my cardiologist and asked me to have blood test which I did. I have high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high uric acid as rests showed. He prescribed Vestar for my heart and Progrel and changed to Thrombocil. Only vestar works for me but thrombocil gives me terrible headache so seeing him again he advised me to stop taking thrombocil. He said it has nothing to do with the vaccine. My 2nd dose is 11 November but I told those nurses I couldn’t have my 2nd dose coz I still have this difficulty in breathing. I am so scared because before I don’t have this thinking when I asked my cardio do I have problem in my heart he just nod and told me to wait for my stress level test result before he will tell me what is wrong in my heart which gives me more anxieties.If only I can turn back the times I don’t want to be vaccinated even though I have had COVID before. I am so scared of this. And I feel sleepy also most of the time.

    • Yes, I’ve been sick for 10 months. I’ve been to ER, had tests done for numerous things, 2 surgeries; broncoscopy and then endoscopic sinus surgery since last diagnosis was severe sinus infection.
      Sent to allergist and now they say I definitely have Allergic Fungal Sinusitis. Now I’m on prednisone for 3 months and allergy shots and steroidal nasal rinses the test of my life. So frustrating. I was a healthy, active 62 old woman who went to gym 4-5 times a week. I haven’t been able to do any exercise, especially cardio for over 10 months.

    • Hi Alice I’ve just had the booster and can now barely breathe I noticed it after the first two a little it but put it down to normal side effects but after getting the Moderna booster I’m not in a great way can’t breathe way worse this time on an inhaler and awaiting chest scan but def the vaccine did this I wouldn’t have had it if I had known I would have had the pfeizer one better to mix up I believe.

    • I had the exact same problem! Shortness of breath started 6 days after first shot. Weakness in legs and 2 months later symptoms have gotten so much worse. Now I’m passing out randomly and I have a heart murmur and palpitations, shortness of breath continues as well as chest pain. EKG shows normal heart rhythm. Don’t get the second one!! I’ve been too sick to get it but I can’t imagine how much worse I would be if I did get the second dose.

  16. I also have been losing a lot of hair since I had the Moderna vaccine. I am hoping there is another explanation. Has anybody had any luck in stopping the hair loss?

    • Same here. My father and grandfather have excellent hair and have never had problem with hairloss in their entire life and my hair was thick and healthy until I got a moderna shot. My hair started thinning and it didnt take long for me to notice the baldness happening near my forehead. Extremely frustrated.

    • I also had a lot of hair loss and finally went to my dermatologist who started me on treatments. It is much better now and starting to see new hair growth. Very scary do not want anymore vaccines

      • Kathy can you tell me what kind of treatment for dermatologist gave you he gave me some phone to put on my roots she. Did he give his chores or anything like that can you let me know but that terrible mine was so big hair now I have three spaghetti strings I’m so upset I’m just trying to figure out if it will grow back of you has her started growing back I did go to him but he didn’t give me medication I’m going to have to call and ask him about that thank you for your input

      • Hello, my daughter has been losing her hair since Moderna second shot. Her doctor has not been very helpful. Did your medication help.? What was it?

    • I’v lost half my hair. Comes out in hand fulls everyday. Asked my doctor if that was a side effect and she said yes. Also had heart palpitations and had to go to ER . Think it’s so awful nobody tells you all the side effects before you take the vaccine. My sister had a really bad rash.

      • I had my two dosage of moderna, lost almost half the volume of my hair. Thinking to go doctor after seeing all these comments.

    • Hello I’ve had no luck and just about lost all my hair all the doctors I went to nobody can help I’m just hoping it can grow back this is such a disgusting thing I would never get another shot

  17. I have been losing my hair as well!!my first shot was Pfizer and no problems but since my Moderna my drain is full everyday my combs are full luckily I have lots of hair but when does it stop!!!I also have been so sleepy!

    • The doctors can’t help you with your hair loss I went to all the specialist in the world my hair was so thick like a horse now I don’t have Harley nothing left this is all side effect of my damn horrible shot I just hope and pray that the hair grows back God bless us all

  18. I had my first shot in May and was okay other than a swollen arm, had my second shot 4 weeks ago and have not been the same. I had the usual standard side effects (chills, body aches etc) for 24 hours and then started to feel better. 48 hours later I couldn’t swallow, my throat was swollen, tight chest, daily anxiety attacks even when I don’t particularly feel anxious. I also have severe acid reflux which just seems to be getting worse. My GP makes me feel like I am being dramatic and is putting it down to anxiety but I know it isn’t, really frustrating.

  19. Just wondering if Moderna can alter levels of Immunoglobulin levels and also affecting a metabolic profiling.

    Good to have a Infectious specialist comment on this.

    • I have had a lot of hair loss as well. It’s stressful and sad. I thought it was because the modern vaccine made my menstrual cycle and hormones go all wacky.

  20. Had Moderna shot fully vaccinated in February. My hair loss is so bad its like I’m on Chemotherapy! I literally wash my hair & its coming out in clumps so much that its scary. Its been 8 months and it still hasnt stopped falling out. Like this is shedding this is clump after clump. I started wearing a wig thinking so I wouldnt put heat or comb or friction or anything on it. & it is still the exact thing lumps of hair so I now no its not anything im doing externally its what was injected internally into my body. Like put a disclaimer be honest give validate peoples reactions!

  21. For those asking about hair loss, I had my 2nd covid shot in early Feb. The end of March I noticed a clump of hair missing from the base of my scalp. I have no idea how long it was there due to the location. Obviously I freaked out and went to dermatology, was diagnosed with alopecia areata and prescribed topical steroids. I had blood work done and everything on that end was fine. I told the doc that I had a feeling it was from the vaccine, but at that time she said she hadnt heard anything regarding that being a side effect. I still knew it was from the vaccine and no one could tell me differently! Anyway, i did the topical steroid for a month and then steroid injections 1x a month for 3 months. Happy to report that my hair is growing back! My heart goes out to everyone dealing with this! It really is so traumatic. If you havent yet, try reaching out to dermatology and good luck!

    • Hi Paula. I have been on the topical steroid for a month now. I follow up with my dermatologist in a few weeks, I think i’m going to ask about the steroid injections. Did the injection stop the shedding or just help with new growth??

    • This is happening to me. The exact same place. Please share your experience. I also never had a period since June. One month after the second jab and I guess both problems arose together. What a regret.

  22. I had my first Moderna vaccine on 4/22/21. Shortly after I found myself finding it hard to talk and slurred speech. Since the onset I’ve stared to have neurological symptoms such as spasms in my arms and legs, weakness in my left arm mostly, By 2:00 or 3:00 I’m spent, I come home from work and go to bed. I feel cloudy in my thoughts and overwhelmed easily. I also find myself having a hard time holding in my emotions. I burst into tears for seemingly no reason. MRI, bloodwork, EMG/NCV and urine testing have revealed NOTHING so far. What I’m experiencing could be completely unrelated to the vaccine but I find it odd that they can’t find anything wrong with me and before the vaccine I was completely fine.

    • Hey umm this is weird because I didn’t notice but I don’t slur my speech to bad but I got my first moderna 09/06/21 and just got my second.
      Little eye twitch and sore arm for my first one.. not even a headache but lately I’ve been like WOW haha I wanna say a world and it won’t come out it’s far between hit it happens and it’s weird no other symptoms.

      Second shot 2 pm today and it is not 10pm just about. I have chest pain throat tightness, sore arm and my back hurts too as if my
      Lungs hurt.
      Slightly blurr vision
      Nothing else yet.

  23. I had both Moderna shots…i started to notice a difference in the texture of my hair..and definitely thinning near my forehead.. I thought maybe I was bring hypochondriac..but relieved when I read other people are experiencing this issue..I’m calling my primary on Monday..so I can get a referral to be seen by a dermatologist!!

  24. Omg..I too got this falling hair badly…please help!! Got my first dose last aug 31 2021..my second dose is on sept 28…but hair kept on falling really…

  25. I showered and washed my hair before getting the Moderna shot. The following day I did not wash my hair. The next day after I did and brushing my hair found a round patch of hair missing on the top of my head. I haven’t been able to look at my whole head, but have been able to find one other circular bald patch in the back. The front of my hairline is receding more daily. For some reason the left side of my head the hair is falling out more. I use a large soft brush and there are clumps of hair I have to clean out of it daily. My hair has been long almost down to my butt with no split ends…. And now it’s falling out. I’m supposed to get my second shot soon and don’t know what to do.

    Is anyone else’s scalp easily irritated? If I run a brush through it parts of it turn red.

    I’m wearing a bandana each day to cover it. I might be vain but I LOVED my hair and took a lot of pride in it. Now brush fulls are leaving. The pharmacists I have talked to say they have never heard of this side effect. Why is this not public knowledge?

  26. My husband received the Moderna shot and 10 days later he had crippling pain in his left hip down to and in his knee, he couldn’t walk straight up for weeks, he had to walk bent over. The pain was excruciating no matter if he stood, sat, laid down. After 6 weeks it is starting to ease up but the morning are still the worse. We are hoping this will eventually go away for good.

  27. Hello – my wife is 62 and received the 2nd Moderna shot in April 2021. She started noticing hair loss in June and it has continued through the summer. She has just started injections and topical treatment. Hopefully that will support regrowth. She has had a couple episodes of alopecia areata in the past. But this is much more severe than previous episodes. I believe it is a reaction to the vaccine and it is due to her autoimmune issues (she has eczema and asthma). It would be good for this to be verified as a side effect so that dermatologists are aware of this issue.

  28. I have been experiencing the terrible hair loss as well. I had my first Moderna Shot on February 2nd and the next one on March 2nd. I had the swollen lymph nodes too after both shots. The hair loss has been devastating. I have lost at least 50% or 60% of my hair. My hairdresser agrees and has another client with bald spots and who is now seeing a dermatologist and wearing a wig after getting one shot. My hair fall seems to get better and then continues. It’s still growing but only half there. This is definitely a side effect. They didn’t take the time to check these vaccines enough before putting them out. I also had severe eye inflammation 5 days after the second shot and had to be seen by a retina specialist to make sure there wasn’t permanent damage to my retina. The lymph node inflammation is very painful and still reappears, along with muscle aches. All routine blood tests are normal. I was diagnosed with a severe reaction to the Moderna shots. Cant get another one of those! Please post if your hair grows back. Mine is a little. Thank you!

    • Karen I lost about 80% of my hair I’m wondering the same thing is it ever going to go grow back I went to all the doctors nobody mentioned about the moderna but I knew it was their Liars they didn’t have a chance to figure how about a shots would affect people this is definitely a side effect I’m praying for all the people on this site here that have so many bad side effects I hope we all survive God bless everybody

  29. I’m 21, female. got my first shot in August, second shot today (pfizer). both times I’ve experienced extreme dizziness/vertigo that lasted for weeks after the injection. i also experienced shortness of breath both times, but not the kind that comes fom allergic reactions, instead it’s the type that it’s being described here, like i can’t take a full breath, like my nose is suddenly clogged/congested and i can’t fully breathe, even though my nose is clear. i also have a neck injury (mild whiplash from object falling on head twice lol) and the ache i usually experience got worse both times after the shot. not an antivaxxer, but was very hesitant to get this one since the first shot. only got it because of family pressure and because my school sort of hinted that if we started regular classes next year, we’d need to have proof of having at least the main 2 shots. hopefully these symptoms will be the only ones (+ the regular cold like symptoms ofc) and i won’t end up with worse stuff later on, as it seems some people have ended up with terrible outcomes like alopecia and disabilities

  30. Hair loss here too.

    I got two moderna shots in Japan in July and August.
    Hair loss was crazy (dozens of hair on my pillow every morning) for one week after each shot before getting back to normal.

    But the worst came later : one month after second shot hair loss came back even stronger. It’s been two weeks I am losing dozens of hair on my pillows and in the shower every day. It’s becoming obvious that I am going bald.

    This side effect should be added to the the list.
    I feel very frustrated and angry at moderna because after searching on the internet it seems that some people knew since 2020 that vaccines could possibly cause hair loss.
    I won’t take a third shot.

    Also, since the second shot I feel some pain (inflammation?) under my feet from time to time. My aunt got the same effect.

  31. I had Covid in 2020. It was not until 2021 after the vaccine that I had problems. I am not an anti van person. I have several auto immune diseases. I slept for a month around the clock and now I am losing my hair. Another woman that is in excellent health , has completely lost the hair on the sides of her head. We are in Missouri. Was there a bad batch?

  32. I got the first Moderna vaccine in early March and had almost zero reaction, not even pain at the injection sight. I was signed up to get Pfizer vaccine but when I got to Anaheim Convention Center they were out of Pfizer. I almost turned around and left, as I felt more comfortable with Pfizer after what I had been reading online. But since it was a long drive home I decided to take the Moderna.

    The second injection was in early April. Let me first say I am 67 years old, but not your normal 67 year old. I have been a lifelong athlete, triathlon/marathon/cycling/swimmer junkie for over 35 years at a very high level. Since age 55 I have been more of a moderate workout nut, but still am a very competitive swimmer and consistently walk about 15 miles a week. I swim 4000 yards three times a week and have been doing so for many years consistently.

    The day after the second injection I went to the pool for my normal swim and hit a wall at 1000 yards. I literally had to get out of the pool because I was so fatigued. I went home and slept for three hours, just attributing it to the fact that I had just got the second vaccine.

    This fatigue has continued ever since, having some good days but mostly bad. I do my best to push through the fatigue in my workouts but have been forced to slow down. I no longer feel energized from my workouts. As soon as I get home I collapse almost every day for a good hour to two hours. Another side-effect I encounter is dizziness several hours a day. My hairline has receded another inch since the injection and my hair has probably thinned out about 25% from what I had before the injection. My eyesight has definitely been cut by 20-25% since I got the injection.

    Being a typical old guy I just figured it would get better over time, but it seems like it is actually getting worse. So this week I am finally going to make an appointment and see what bloodwork and the doctor have to say. Hey, maybe it is something else happening in my body, but I am just one of those people that is very in touch with how my body feels, probably from doing high-end workouts for many many years. I know my body. I like to be open-minded about most things in life and possibly this is from something else, but it is just weird to me that this all started immediately after getting the second injection.

    I certainly hope no one else is struggling through what I have been experiencing. My big question now is, do I take the booster shot and if I do should I switch to Pfizer. This has not been fun. I am inclined to not get a booster.

    • I had Covid last year in November. Recovered and was doing great until I took the first Moderna shot. Now I struggle to breathe and cough a lot. CT scan showed minor inflammation in the lower lobes and the doctor has been treating me for this with some steroids but has now decided needs to stop. They were not helping. He did put me on an anabiotic and I think that has helped somewhat. But it’s like as the day goes on this pressure starts taking over my rib cage. He sent me to an auto immune doctor waiting for the results so they can compare their test he is a pulmonologist. He wants to put a name to it and figure out what is going on. Especially since I was perfectly fine before I took that shot. My heart doctor told me do not take the second shot. My other doctor told me do not take any other vaccines for at least two years and in that time if this has gone away and cleared up then it should be OK. My doctor, family doctor, kept telling me that it was anxiety also. But I said I’m not anxious how is it anxiety? Well when I finally got referred to the pulmonologist then we found out there was something actually going on which I suspected because I kept telling them it was from the rib cage area that I was feeling the pressure. I want this to go away also everything everyone here is describing is exactly the same thing that I am having. Struggling to breathe having to finally use Xanax as the rescue med, per my doctor, in the evening just to be able to breathe.

  33. I also am losing my hair. I had nice thick hair, and i got my Moderna shots in February 2021. Since then my hair had slowly thinned until last month and then it was like i was on chemo therapy, it’s so incredibly thin i can’t style it to where you can’t see my scalp. I just ordered a Wig. I am using caster oil topically 2x a week on my head and eye lashes because they fell off as well, and I’m starting to feel peach fuzz growing on my head, and all my lashes grew back and then some. I just pray that what grows in will be healthy, thick and strong.

  34. I had my first shot of Moderna on July 30 and the second one four weeks later and since that time I have been losing hair slowly at first but now coming out in clumps.. I was very apprehensive about getting the shot as I had Covid last year and the only reason I got it is because of my age..I’ve never had this issue before but now it’s becoming alarming and I have read other reviews that people have had the same issue whether they be young or old.. I think the shot was rushed through and the side effects not completely thorough to let people know what the issues may be.. what is happening with the hair loss is alarming and very stressful as it’s not getting any better..My hope is that Moderna will step forward and compensate those that are experiencing life-changing side effects.

  35. I’m all for vaccine, with that said I’m sad to know that Moderna hasn’t reported to public beyond basic side effects of sore arm, pain at injection site. I’m fully vaccinated at end of January 2021. I have severe fatigue effecting my daily life, I get so tired at intervals throughout the day. Then I get dizzy, that isn’t associated with anything, my body aches all over, I feel like I lost a lot of muscle especially in thighs they ache like if I did a marathon. I lost 3/4 of my hair, it is now baby fine and looks like straw, my heart is broken it is devastating as a women to lose her hair, mine was prior shiny, full of body and thick, I cry when I shower it is every where I can’t imagine what else is going on internally and long term all this started after my vaccine.

  36. Also noticed hair loss and thinning at temples after 2 Moderna shots. Clumps of hair in my brush and in tub after washing hair!!!! Will hair grow back or will hair loss continue? I will not take booster shot!

  37. Cant stop itching,black specks coming out of skin,((((Severe hair loss also))))). I use to have very,very,very thick hair like I could of given hair to 3 people and my hair still would’ve been thick!
    Had moderna vaccine about 3 weeks after my 2nd vaccine I started noticing something very weird going on with my hairline…a crystal build up. Then my hair started breaking off like half way through the strand. It felt like straw breaking. I thought wth is this? Went to a dermatologist she said it was white piedra…treated me for that for 3 months…still losing massive amounts of hair…then she did a scalp biopsy. I didn’t have a fungal scalp infection…said it was androgenetic alopecia…ummmm no one in my family had or has this condition!!! Then went to my Dr she did blood work for thyroid…nothing. So the dermatologist put me on a blood pressure pill to stop the hair loss. It’s been 8 weeks on that pill. And…IM STILL LOSING HAIR!!!! I was all for the vaccine but the more I read about the side effects I wouldn’t have gotten it if I would have known about all the terrible effects.

  38. After my second vaccination of Moderna shot I ended up in hospital with bleeding in my stomach. That was in March haven’t felt well at all since then. Hard to eat, rash, eye problems now. I feel like my system is all off.

  39. I had Covid September 2020. Went through 10 days of feeling awful. Recovered. Healthy since. I had no choice, I had to take the vaccine if I wanted to keep my job. It’s terrible what they’re doing to nurses and the medical community.

    I got the Moderna vaccine, 1st and only dose this morning. 45 mins later my head was on fire and extremely dizzy. Nauseous. Hands and feet are freezing just like when I had Covid. I am now reading all of these entries from everyone and I am so upset I did not follow my gut instinct. To read all of these entries and what everyone is going through is so very sad. Like the one person said, “It’s criminal!”

    I do not want to lose my hair. I am scared to death now about this happening to me. I have very long, thick brown hair. Girls stop me just to complement me on my hair. I will be devastated to say the least. But hey, I get to keep my job! SMH

    I will update again. I’m sending prayers to everyone who has had these terrible side effects. May God be with us all.

  40. I got the first Moderna shot in April and had to wait to take the second shot in September because of travel and living in an RV and wanting to be back in my home state for the second one. The first one gave me reactions for about five days, nausea, headache, feeling out of sorts. The second one did the same to me for only three days but at exactly three weeks after, I’m now experiencing dizziness, headache, nausea, almost vomiting, and believe it or not excessive hot flashes at the ripe old age of 73. Haven’t seen the hot flashes mentioned before. Now considering not getting the booster. Kathy B

  41. I had three months of excruciating permanent 24 hour a day headaches which started 7-10 days after first moderna shot and lasted for three months – during that time I had polymyralgia type muscle pain and finally excruciatingly thigh pain as if there was a blood clot and my veins were bursting on the surface of my thighs – I had a ct two MRIs and nothing found – feel it was blood related

  42. Hiya I had covid in July….plucked up the courage 4 days ago to get the moderna shot…an hour later I felt this burn in side my body …then I had a fever and sore arm (expected) but what I didn’t expect was that sometimes I feel that I can’t take a deep breathe…I have no fever but I still feel a fire burning inside

    And yesterday when I was out my back felt sore and my legs felt slightly numb
    Also the last 2 days I woke up with a sore head and throat and ears feel weird 🙁

  43. I’ve lost so much hair since getting Moderna – I had my first shot in July and the second in August. I’ve never lost so much hair in my life, so worried. Also after reading the above comments – I can now also connect the leg cramps I’ve been having to this vaccine. Another thing I have never experienced before and post vaccine I was getting bad cramps and also pains in the back of leg (calf muscles). Had two incidents where I really hurt my left and right legs and had to rest it for a few days with ice etc (still not fully recovered from that). Kept thinking it was so weird, as I have never had anything like this before and now it all makes sense (it has to be from Moderna – which is 3 times the strength of Pfizer – 100mg per dose vs 30mg per dose). Hope it all starts to improve soon. Definitely not getting the booster anytime soon.

  44. Has anyone experienced an extreme surge of energy (for 2-3 days) with their Moderna vaccine? With the 1st dose, I thought maybe it was a fluke, but then the same thing happened with the 2nd dose. It wasn’t just energy, but invigorating and feelings of happiness. I cleaned and organized my entire house in 2 days. No, I wasn’t taking any meds that would cause this. My arm still hurt a little, but not too bad. It would be neat to find out why I had this reaction. I’m sorry for those who didn’t get to experience this. Looking forward to the 3rd dose.

  45. Since having Maderna Vaccine in Feb/March my hair has been falling out in clumps. I am 48 and have had Alopecia Areata for over 20 years and usually get one or two small patches on my head and when they have popped up from time to time i would get steroid injections in my scalp that would stimulate new growth and the patches would grow back. Since getting the vaccines my alopecia has been awful. Started balding around my hair line over my ears and around the back, Then the top of my head developed a huge spot. I have been getting steroid injections for 5 months and they really haven’t helped. I just shaved my head bald last night as i was sick of finding hair on my pillow, clogging the shower drain, and falling out when i put on my clothes. I 100% attribute this to the vaccine. Being male it is a little easier to just shave it off and I empathize with all the women going through this. It sucks, but i am certain with time and a positive attitude the hair will return.

  46. I got the booster and I wish I didn’t. I’m done with vaccines for now. I did lose hair in tiny amounts and also had some spotting that only lasted a day or so then it stopped

  47. No reaction from first two Moderna shots. Four days after booster I became extremely anxious and have night sweats. Also my body feels a little bit like a tingling sensation especially in my lower legs. I also feel more anxious from feeling anxious if that makes sense. I took a bit of Xanax which seems to help with anxiety, but not the tingling. I am in my 70s. Damn China.

  48. I got my 1st dose 5 days ago and sometimes I felt breathless in a moment and I’m getting anxious searching for the side effects but I can’t find anything, luckily I stumbled in this comments and find that I’m not the only one who’s experiencing this. Now I felt a little relieve.

  49. I got my Moderna booster on Monday and had pain at the injection site. Three days later I was severely fatigued, had abdominal pain and leg caps. Talk about delayed reaction! I was down for a complete day but I slowly got back to normal. No more vaccines or boosters for this guy. Seriously.

  50. I have been sick for 10 months since my 1st moderna with respiratory issues. Started with cough and then difficulty breathing. Ended up in ER; diagnosed with aspirated pneumonia. Took a swallow test which proved no aspiration. Sent to pulmonary specialist who said it was just pneumonia. No improvement; went to second pulmonary specialist who determined my lungs were the problem. Did a broncoscopy and discovered an excessive amount of thick mucous: removed it but still no improvement. Then discover a serious sinus infection. Had sinus surgery to remove thick mucous. Not much improvement. Sent to an allergist, testing discovered I now have severe Allergic Fungal Sinusitis and am taking prednisone for 3 months as well as now starting allergy shots for 6-9 months, once a week and then a maintenance shoot the rest of my life as well as doing steroid nasal rinses twice a day. I was relatively healthy and went to gym 4 to 5 times a week. My breathing no long allows me to do any cardio and any exertion (climbing stairs, etc.) leaves me breathless.

  51. I had my first moderna oct 3, 2021. Im 28 year old male. My heart and chest had burning feeling, twice my heart felt like it skipped a beat and my breathing went very shallow, i went to ER and the usual just anxiety excuse which i know it wasn’t. It’s been over 3 weeks now and still don’t feel well, my chest and breathing seems better but i have this uncomfortable burning sensation under my skin still.

  52. I got my first vaccine in august, three days later I started bleeding really heavily, this went on for about 12 weeks until I went to my doctor. Int the meantime I had been to a gynaecologist, who had taken a sample from my womb but could see the bleeding. This was in October. Two weeks later I had enough, actually took pictures of what was coming out of me, and called my doctor in the Monday. I had bloods done, I had no iron in my blood, no vitamin D and no vitamin B, given that these levels were all normal a few months previously, I found this really strange. I’m now on a concoction of vitamins and I feel better. They had to give me meds to stop the bleeding. In the meantime I’ve been back to my gynae and now have to have a “growth” removed from my womb in January. They can’t determine what it is and now I’m wondering if this vaccine has flared my immune system so much that whatever is there is a result of that. Due to have my second one tomorrow but not having it now.

  53. I got my Moderna shot from the pharmacy at my work in October. The first few days there was nothing but then my arm was sore but it was mild. The kicker was a week to the day after the shot I was coming back from lunch and I felt weird and then boom the world was spinning. I was so dizzy I couldn’t do my job. I had to sit and drink a ton of water, ice pack on my neck. My dad had to get me after my shift to drive me home because I was still getting dizzy spells. We went to QuickCare and they discovered the injection site was hot, inflamed, and the injection hole had a pimple. I told them my other symptoms and immediately was brushed off with “take tylenol and a cold pack and if it gets worse go to the ER”. So being dizzy all day is not worse? Thankfully one of the nurses said it was a bad reaction and to not get a second shot but they flat out refused to write the order for my work. Like refusing to acknowledge on paper that it’s not good for my health and I had a reaction. Tried to get an appointment with my regular doctor but when I listed why a few days later I was informed I was completely dropped from the doctor and referred elsewhere. What the hell is this denial of vaccine reactions going on? Other vaccines can cause reactions and no professionals get this standoffish about it. Ignoring side effects is the same as ignoring health problems which is malpractice.

  54. Finally, a forum discussing the side effects that are really happening, that noone is speaking of. I had no reaction to moderna #1, but horrid reaction #2. Same as others, high fever, chills, aches and pains. Once those subsided after 2 days, I developed this cough. I am now 3 weeks out from 2nd shot and still coughing. I have these tickly coughing fits and sometimes phlegm cough. My chest hurts when I cough and it’s hard to breathe, then it goes away. Then it comes back. Repeat several times a day. I even had covid test because doc said Maybe that and that was neg for rapid and non rapid. Still suffering. Reading about myocarditis and worried. I am 37 years old.

  55. Hello my name is Lisa I’m just a little past a month after my second Modena shot. I’ve been continuously sick since the first one, but after my second one much worse. Can’t seem to get over a simple sinus infection. Migraine headaches everyday. Burning and stinging in my face chest abdomen and arms. Which started the day of my second shot. I’m also losing my hair in clumps. My ears and throat constantly hurt. Can’t go a few hours without falling asleep. I’m extremely exhausted. Heart palpitations, pain in my right side area at my rib line that fluctuates between aching pain to burning sensations that moves to my back and left side at times. Just overwhelmed with all the complications not sure what’s from the shot for sure. Reading these comments have helped at least now I don’t feel like it’s all in my head. I’m sorry you all are having so many problems and I pray this goes away soon for all of us.

  56. Same here, I am lising so many hair since my second dose in July and I am sure, they.will never gros back as before. I can see my scalp. I am so desperate….

  57. I got my moderna shots in dec 2020 and Jan 2021 and in Feb started losing handfuls of hair. Here I am 10 months later and still losing hair. It’s definitely slowed down but I’m still losing a decent amount. I had a lot of hair to start but it’s getting to the point where it’s noticeable that my hair has thinned. I’m a travel nurse so it’s hard to get a dermatology appointment when you move every 13 weeks. I was hoping it was just telogen effluvium but I think it would have stopped by now if that was true. Has anyone had the hair loss last this long?

    • I had my first Pfizer dose in May 2021, started losing my hair all over within a few weeks. My second dose was in June 2021 and it really ramped up and started coming out in clumps. February 18th, 2022 will be my 8 months of shedding. It hasn’t stopped. I’ve ruled out all other causes with my dermatologist & my family doctor. It’s been concluded I have Telogum Effluvium from the vaccine. I was told it can last up to 12 months. However, like you I’m beginning to wonder if it is TE and not something else. I have no history of hair loss, both sides of my family have no hair loss, my grandparents had thick, long beautiful hair even into their 80s! I have diffused shedding, no bald spots. My hair was super thick and now it’s paper thin. I had so many blood labs done to rule out the possibility of anything else causing this and everything is normal.

      I’m upset to see so many people experiencing hair loss after covid vaccines yet I’m relieved I’m not alone. I wish this was reported on more. But I know all the hardcore vax pushers don’t want this to be known to the public in fear people won’t get the vaccine. However, lying and or hiding the truth will be the reason people don’t get the vaccine. I know I’m not getting the booster! I had covid in early 2020 when it all came out to even be a thing. Never lost my hair. But well over a year later I get the vaccine and lose my hair within weeks! My doctor said vaccine induced hair loss doesn’t take 2-3 months to start, it’s rapid and quick.

      My hair loss has slowed a tiny bit, a tiny tiny bit, but still going with no end in sight. Nothing has helped. No vitamins, shampoos etc. it just falls from my head all day, every day. Brushing it wet or dry is the worse! My beautiful hair is no more and I’ve spent so long crying and feeling self conscious about it bc I can’t even wear my hair in a decent bun. I now use childrens pony holders when I used to use big scrunchies.

  58. I never post on websites like this, but perhaps sharing my daughter’s story will help some of you. She had a very serious case of some of the symptoms that have been reported by many of you on this website. After initial frustration of being blown off by doctors, she managed to get some treatment, combined with an accidental discovery, she managed to recover from her symptoms with treatment. Perhaps her story can help others.

    She had two moderna vaccines almost a year ago. Several weeks after the first, she had serious numbness and nerve pain in her extremities. A neurologist couldn’t find any explanation for her symptoms and gave up. After the second vaccine, in addition to the original symptoms, she started to have racing heart rates, dizziness, nausea, headaches, vision problems, chest pain when she was breathing, coughing issues and difficulty wearing a mask for extended periods of time (which was not optional given that she works in healthcare). She felt so sick, she had trouble getting through the day at work. It continued to get worse. Doctors blew her off assuming that she had Covid around the time she got her vaccines. She actually did not have a concurrent Covid infection as proven by repeated Covid tests and a later antibody test that can distinguish between vaccine and infection antibodies.

    Eventually she felt so terrible that she went to the emergency room. Initially they were also going to blow her off and send her home, but some of the bloodwork showed some concerning data related to gopher heart and signs of inflammation so they admitted her for a few day while they did some very extensive testing. She was put on beta blockers (to lower heart rate) serious iv steroids, the first of three rounds of steroids (the other two being less heavy oral versions over the next couple of months). She felt better (but not completely) when they released her. She took a week or so off of work. She started feeling bad again when she went back to work. The symptoms were coming back. However, she felt great (no symptoms at all) when she went hiking up a hill (maskless) on the weekend. She figured out that exercise significantly helped her symptoms. By taking a midday (maskless) walk outside during her lunch hour and exercising before and after work, her symptoms started to resolve and she could make through the work day without feeling sick. For quite a while, the exercise was just walking. Now she is back to running and weight lifting. We are pretty confident that the exercise was key (in combination with the steroids). The reason I say this is that when she would get lazy about the exercise, the symptoms would start coming back. It has now been almost a year since her first dose. She can go a few days (maybe more – she hasn’t tested this out) without exercising without symptoms coming back. She feels pretty much back to normal.

    She was a bit nervous about getting any further vaccines, but she had a flu vaccine this fall without any of her symptoms returning. She has not gotten a Covid booster shot. She may consider it some day if there is vaccine that uses more traditional technology (maybe no vivas if it ever gets here?) It is still a risk because it is unknown whether the mRNA component or the spike proteins caused the problems she was having. She posted her experience and very detailed medical data to the cdc website. Hopefully, at some point, the cdc will make doctors aware of these symptoms so patients can get taken seriously and treated.

    Bottom line, we are not sure if the beta blockers were needed. However, the steroids were important. The exercise was also absolutely critical to her recovery. I don’t know if any of this helps anyone else. I suspect she could have been treated as an outpatient at much less cost if she could have gotten doctors to take her seriously. Unfortunately, because her symptoms overlapped with those of an active covid infection, most doctors would not even see her in person, even after a negative Covid test.

    Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am not not making recommendations, but I did want to share her story. FYI, we are not anti-vaxers. Despite her situation, the rest of our family went on to get fully vaccinated (with no issues). My husband and I already had boosters and her siblings will very soon. Nobody else in the family had issues like this.

  59. I had my 3rd jab… my 1st moderna 3 weeks ago…since then my asthma took a turn for the worse for the 1st week, was taking my inhaler a lot a night due to coughing, I now have little voice, have been told by a Dr not to speak as my loss of voice has been ove 3 weeks and it can be permanent if I don’t rest.

  60. About a 24hours after my moderna booster my hair started falling out in massive clumps its been about 17days and i have lost over half my hair

  61. I am now fully vaccinated. I’m having issues staying awake, and it feels like I have completely lost strength in the arm they gave me a shot in. There’s barely a grip and I struggle to do simple things now. I’m also experiencing major fatigue and lack of complete energy. What is really going on.

  62. I had Pfizer vax, 1 and 2 in Sept 2021. My hair has been falling out since. I have about 25% of my hair left (it was fine to begin with). Due to work requirements I have to have a booster. I’ve been reading online to figure out which vax is less likely to cause hair loss and it doesn’t look promising.
    Unfortunately I have tried many many remedies, including acupuncture – nothing has stopped the shedding.
    I am receiving support from a very good psychologist who has helped me work through the trauma of what is happening.
    If this doesn’t stop I guess I will need to purchase a wig – something that I really do not want to do. I truly feel for people who are experiencing post vax complications, especially when you are not believed by the medical sector. Stay strong everyone xx

  63. I had the Moderna first shot on the 15 Dec and I have a rash which appeared 3 days later around my right breast area and back doctors wont comment

  64. I had my one and only moderna as my booster in early December and two weeks later had bad cramps in my thighs I thought it was a blood clot I rang 111 and have had a scan and mri . Nothing found I have had hand cramp and clawing of my fingers .
    It seems to be finally settling a month later . Fingers crossed .
    I have Ra and diabeties also high cholesterol so I won’t be having another moderna GP thinks I’m neurotic.
    I have had all my vacs to date so far this was the only one to cause problems .

  65. I experienced severe and prolonged hair loss after receiving the Moderna vaccine in late Spring of 2021. Approximately 50% of my hair fell out – fistfuls at a time – leaving me with several bald patches along my temples and hairline. I started taking mega doses of Biotin which have helped immensely with regrowth. Still, I

  66. I received 2 Moderna shots (Jan & Feb 2020) and a Moderna booster (Dec 2020), and have now lost 75% of my hair! My dermatologist put me on Spironolactone and Women’s Rogaine hair foam, but it is STILL falling out like I’m on Chemo!! So afraid I’m going to lose every hair on my head!! Going to try another dermatologist, but after reading all these major hair loss stories, it’s not looking promising!!

  67. I had my 3rd Pfizer shot on 12/3/2021, on 12/7 started having left side chest pain , went to ER and admitted for a couple of days, all test came back fine( minor problems the doctors do think need to be worried). Now a month and half later, I still have the chest burning pain/ sensation. I asked for cardiac MRI to see if I have some inflammation which they may not able to detect on echocardiogram, but no one is willing to order it for me. So frustrated. I am a 47 year old female, never had heart problem or cholesterol or blood pressure problem or family history of any kind of heart disease and now I am stuck with this chest pain and no one is willing to do further test. I hope someone out there sees my post and give me some advice as what to do and where to seek for further test.

  68. Did anyone experience low iron platelets after the Moderna shot. My iron dropped 2&1/2 points after the shots and booster.

  69. I had my first Pfizer dose in May 2021, started losing my hair all over within a few weeks. My second dose was in June 2021 and it really ramped up and started coming out in clumps. February 18th, 2022 will be my 8 months of shedding. It hasn’t stopped. I’ve ruled out all other causes with my dermatologist & my family doctor. It’s been concluded I have Telogum Effluvium from the vaccine. I was told it can last up to 12 months. However, like you I’m beginning to wonder if it is TE and not something else. I have no history of hair loss, both sides of my family have no hair loss, my grandparents had thick, long beautiful hair even into their 80s! I have diffused shedding, no bald spots. My hair was super thick and now it’s paper thin. I had so many blood labs done to rule out the possibility of anything else causing this and everything is normal.

    I’m upset to see so many people experiencing hair loss after covid vaccines yet I’m relieved I’m not alone. I wish this was reported on more. But I know all the hardcore vax pushers don’t want this to be known to the public in fear people won’t get the vaccine. However, lying and or hiding the truth will be the reason people don’t get the vaccine. I know I’m not getting the booster! I had covid in early 2020 when it all came out to even be a thing. Never lost my hair. But well over a year later I get the vaccine and lose my hair within weeks! My doctor said vaccine induced hair loss doesn’t take 2-3 months to start, it’s rapid and quick.

    My hair loss has slowed a tiny bit, a tiny tiny bit, but still going with no end in sight. Nothing has helped. No vitamins, shampoos etc. it just falls from my head all day, every day. Brushing it wet or dry is the worse! My beautiful hair is no more and I’ve spent so long crying and feeling self conscious about it bc I can’t even wear my hair in a decent bun. I now use childrens pony holders when I used to use big scrunchies.

    I’m not even anti-vax! I wish people would start seeing hair loss as a side effect. For those who have said there’s no proof of this is wrong. It’s a new vaccine? Of course there isn’t science behind it yet! We will all be seeing it come across the screen in 10 years that it’s a potential side effect. Many people on social media have also experienced hair loss right after the vaccine 🙁

  70. Hair loss after Pfizer booster – very distressing- thankful for this forum. I’m adding myself in hopes that this will gain attention from medical world. I too was told I had anxiety related hair loss or something else which I knew wasn’t true. I have had very low stress – No one believed me when I brought up the vaccine and booster! I’m very sad this has happened to everyone and hope that the good outweighs the bad in this somehow

  71. I had 2 x Pfizer shots last year followed by my booster shot in late January of this year which was Moderna. I stupidly chose Moderna for my booster to mix it up and give my body extra immunity but about a week after the Moderna shot my hair has fallen out rapidly. As someone who has never had alopecia in their life, to suddenly lose about 60% of the hair on your head in the span of two months (and isn’t stopping) is incredibly distressing. I really feel for everyone going through this and it’s something that isn’t talked about!

    I’ve gotten to the point where i’ve had to shave my entire head, it’s just crazy if someone had told me two months ago i’d be a skin head I wouldn’t have believed it. I’ve gone to my GP who prescribed me a topical steroid cream and have also started steroid injections into the scalp. I do believe they help but it takes many sessions to slow it down and reverse as they can only give you scalp injections once a month for a maximum of 6 months consecutively.

    From the research I’ve done, specialists have suggested a high dose of vitamin D supplements daily, also biotin and a probiotic. I’ve also started using Novophane on my scalp. Failing all this there have been massive developments and currently successful trials for JAK inhibitors being used to treat alopecia areata successfully so for anyone who has lost hope, please don’t give up as I suspect this will be available soon.

    JAK Inhibitors are called;
    Baricitinib – FDA application has been filed for approval – it seems like this will be the first to hopefully hit the market
    CTP-543 – in trial at the moment. Is considered the best with minimal side effects and are looking to get approved by the end of 2023.

    My final advice is get this treated as soon as possible! I waited thinking it would just sort itself out but waiting just means it’s a bigger problem to fix.

  72. Not sure if this is truly a side effect of the vax but several weeks afterwards I developed acute peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes. It has subsided but not completely gone away. I’ve had the Moderna booster vax as well. Later this month I will see a specialist for testing.

    Secondly, my iron count dropped significantly as my bi-monthly (every 60 days) American Red Cross blood donation staff deferred me three consecutive attempts. It was rather discouraging as I’m a life long donor close to 19 gallons! I’m now taking 325mg Ferrous Sulfate supplements 2-3 times a week.

  73. Hi
    I have just received my 4th Booster Vaccination; Spikevax, originally Moderna.
    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, had a dreadful flare-up after my 1st Jab of AstraZeneca, 2nd Jab again AstraZeneca, no problems, 3rd Jab Pfizer again no problems – 4th one was the Spikevax, wow, side effects were horrendous, nearly called 999.
    Shaking, chills, sweats, worse was the pounding heartbeat, fortunately by morning heartbeat back to normal, took Blood Pressure which was a normal reading.
    Apparently, some Patients get a choice with which Vaccination they would like, I won’t be having Spikevax again, has it damaged my heart, who knows?

  74. On a side note, has anyone with hair loss lasting longer than 5 months noticed any improvement in symptoms? Has shedding stopped or regrowth occurred for anyone? Feeling a bit hopeless over my current prognosis and would rather not have to wear a wig at the age of 28

  75. After having my 4 shot of Moderna. With in 2 weeks I had 6 stroke. My speech is slurred and I am weak on my left side. I have a weak core. Sometime I can talk and then I start slurring. Looking for medical advice and getting nothing in return. I am a aboriginal women in my 80s. Has anybody heard of these side effects like this? I am scared and alone.

    • That is what happens with a stroke – slurred speech and weakness. If your doctor is useless, try contacting a stoke support charity or stroke helpline in your country, and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Strokes in your 80s are not uncommon, so it could be fluke. Hope you find something to help.

    • Dear Hillary, I have had the same symptoms, and if it’s anything like mine then it will take quite a while, It’s taken me about 9 months to start to begin to heal and to begin to feel better. Hang in there. seek medical advice and keep the faith.

  76. I have been having Bells Palsy-like symptoms for over nine months now and my jaw is basically locked up and I have trouble bringing a utensil to my mouth, I’ve lost over 25 pounds, and almost all of my upper body strength…as I’ve said I have been sick for a long time I’ve had 3 MRIs a cat scan and over 10 blood draws and my life has become something alien to me now as leaving my residence tires me out just going to the post-office…I do believe that I’m becoming better but at a very, very slow rate. To spell it out to anyone that’s listening, the object is my being sick, and the point is that I will never ever take another vaccine in my life.


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