What are the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine?

side effects of the Pfizer vaccine
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Here, we assess some of the most common side effects of the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Clinical trials have reported that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine is 95% effective against SARS-CoV-2.

More recently it has proved to prevent patients experiencing severe COVID and dying from the South African mutation, however it is significantly less efficient in preventing infection of the virus completely.

In a previous article, we addressed numerous rumours about the side effects of the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, but what about the Pfizer vaccine?

Common side effects

Generally, all vaccines come with the risk of side effects. Some of the most common side effects of the Pfizer vaccine include:

  • Tenderness, swelling and/or redness where the injection has been administered
  • Headache
  • Muscle ache
  • Feeling tired (fatigue)
  • Fever (temperature above 37.8°C)

Around 1 in 10 people will experience these side effects.

Uncommon side effects

The more uncommon side effects that 1 in 100 people may experience include enlarged lymph nodes that can last up to 2 weeks, but this can be expected a few days after receiving the vaccine as a sign of the immune system’s response.

A rare side effect that can occur and affects around 1 in 1,000 people may be temporary one-sided facial drooping. Some may also suffer from an allergic reaction, but the data on this is unknown as no cases have been reported.

These side effects are not life-threatening and will settle on their own, however, if you are concerned you can contact your doctor, nurse or local pharmacist for advice. You can also take paracetamol to ease some of the symptoms.

What does the Pfizer vaccine contain?

The active substance in the vaccine is BNT162b2 RNA. After dilution, the vial contains 6 doses, of 0.3 mL with 30 micrograms of mRNA each.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) gives our cells information about what the virus looks like so that it can make good antibodies in response. Unlike some vaccines, mRNA does not contain any fragments of the actual virus.

There have been some concerns about whether or not mRNA can alter a person’s DNA. These rumours are not true. The vaccine simply instructs the body on how to create an organic defence against the virus via information about the virus’ structure.

The other ingredients include:

  • Polyethylene glycol/macrogol (PEG) as part of ALC-0159.
  • ALC-0315 = (4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate)
  • ALC-0159 = 2[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide
  • 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine
  • Cholesterol
  • Potassium chloride
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
  • Sucrose
  • Water for injections

It should be stored in a freezer at -80 °C to -60 °C and once thawed the vaccine should be diluted and administered by a healthcare professional within 6 hours.

If you know are you allergic to any of these ingredients you should consult your doctor before receiving the vaccine. You should also tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and taking other medicines.

Needle phobia

You can also find help on how to overcome needle phobia here. 

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  1. I had my jab 19/02/21 the phizer bionica. And can report yes the injection site was tender for about 48hrs also around 4hrs after the jab started to feel a bit achy as though i was coming down with something but didn’t get any worse. By the following day it had gone. Within 2-3 days felt perfectly fine and fully back to normal

    • I had my Pfizer vaccine on 4th February. Three days later I started a week of being sick and unable to eat which lasted for nearly a week. I also had chills and a temperature; I was very tired and hardly moved out of my recliner. My doctor prescribed antibiotics which stopped the sickness. I was worried so took a Covid test, which was negative . The following week I was still poorly, so was sent to hospital for tests
      I had another two Covid tests, again negative
      Nothing could be found to account for my illness, although an MRI scan revealed the possibility of cancer in my liver and kidney, so that could be called a lucky break. My consultant told me my current symptoms – temperature, night sweats and loss of taste, are nothing to do with the possible cancer, so I am at a total loss!⁹⁷

      • Hi Sheila, sorry to hear about the cancer they found. I hope you are on the mend? I too have underlying health conditions and awaiting mri results that I had a scan on the brain done on the day of my vaccine. I felt fine having the vaccination but just over 12 hours later I woke with severe shaking, chills, difficulty swallowing and now I’m in bed with a temp. I can’t walk very well but was limping about before the vaccination so this has just made it worse. There were articles saying that people who’ve actually had covid can suffer worse with the side affects but I don’t know how much of this is true. I definitely think those with an already compensated immune system or underlying health problem suffer more because of the hypersensitivity. I know that long covid can give you extended loss of smell and taste which may explain yours? But if like me you’ve always been tested and had negative results it’s baffling.

        • I had my first Pfizer jab end of Feb 21 and was ill for almost 10 days with fatigue, dizziness, temp. All covid tests during that period were negative though I had high level of exposure to covid through work. Interestingly I had my second jab on 8th April (6 weeks later), felt flu-like for 24hrs then felt better than I had in the past 6 weeks. Feel like it cleared away any remnants of covid in my body

  2. I had my second dose 2/21/2021 and was tired but next day very very nauseous bad headache and my underarm is still sore and has a red mark like a sunburn. Plus having crazy dreams … I am not sick anymore, but arm still sore.

      • Yes I had a dream of pure white glacier trying to get on the other side. I woke up refreshed the day after the vaccine.

        • I had a nightmare and I do have them occasionally but this one was pretty bad and my husband said I was screaming and he had to wake me up. He says usually I just moan a little and that’s that. But to me better than getting Covid. I was fine the next day as well. Glad I’m not the only one. It was the Pfizer vaccine.

      • After 2nd Pfizer vac, had crazy dreams all night long. Lots of sweating and itching. No physical problems. Arm a little sore.

        • 2nd shot on Monday sore arm for 48 hours then started skin itching on opposite arm a day later around a small welt. Welt & itching disappears later in day and reappears next several mornings. Itching on trunk has lasted for 6 days now.

      • Had my second dose of Pfizer on my right arm this time as last time I had on left arm and couldn’t sleep. Not sure if jab was given on a muscle as higher up arm as compared to last time. I have had pain shooting along my arm up to my fingers and also pain in my underarm. Woke up in pain after 5am this morning. The jab area feels hot and I feel fatigued. Pain still shooting through my forearm and fingers. Worst bit is I am right handed. I should have just stuck to my left hand as I did experience as much pain after first dose. Should I contact my gp if this persists?

        • Yes I am . I’m very shaky and feel awful!! my head is very dizzy and it feels like it’s shaking too.I only grit my first shot on 04/14/21 I came home and felt so tired and fatigued. This is day 5 and I feel awful. Head he, chills, fever earlier on today as it comes and goes. The tiredness is still with me. I hope this ends soon. Alison

    • I’ve had nightmares 4 days in a row after my 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Its been 2 weeks today since that shot and the nightmares have stopped,thank God, but I still get days where I get the chills.

  3. Had
    my pfyzir vaccine felt like I had a cold coming on and a headache for about 24hrs but was fine after that.
    I wish people wouldn’t scare monger . it’s such a difficult time to make decisions about vaccines and don’t need to hear stories without proof.

    • How is someone being a “scare monger” if they are sharing their own personal experience?? And “without proof”? You want these people to sign an affidavit?

      • why would anyone lie about their experience? what do they have to gain by lying? sounds like you are in denial of the truth.

    • People are sharing their own personal experiences. For me it was bad enough..being sick out of the blue a few days later…then nauseous and discomfort and tiredness for two complete weeks .Now I feel better…but I don’t need proof to say this ..I know how I felt!

    • stop looking and reading the forms if you don’t want to know how some peoples experience with the vaccine went.

    • My husband has been sick for over two weeks since getting his first shot. I’ m glad to be reading these as it provides comfort. We know he is not the only one experiencing covid systoms. He too has tested negative. Would like to know how much longer before he will feel well again. This is not fear mongering!

    • I’m so amazed with the dreams I just had last pm. Unreal. The most scary, fun, realistic, tripping ones I’ve ever experienced in my life

    • I’ve had nightmares 4 days in a row after my 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Its been 2 weeks today since that shot and the nightmares have stopped,thank God, but I still get days where I get the chills.

  4. Woke up at 4am today shivering uncontrollably with a bad headache and brain ‘zaps’ radiating down both arms. Eyes jerking left and right on their own. Arm injection site very sore. Very weak, struggle to get out of recliner. My first injection had no side effects.
    BP 95/65 pulse 101. Temp 100.

    • Interesting about the brain zaps. I had them about 12 hrs after my first vaccine and they lasted about 4-5 hours along with chills and a headache.. I had my second one yesterday at 4pm. Woke up at 7:30 a..m. with a headache and by 10:00 a.m. I am also having brain zaps every time I move my eyes. I am exhausted and now I’m starting to get cold. I am concerned about the brain zaps. How are you feeling now?

      • After reading all the unfortunate side effects people are having, I feel blessed not having one single side effect, not even a sore arm.
        However, my husband has all the above,
        Not brain zapping, but pain behind the eyes, legs feel like they are burning, slightly nauseous, headache, feels like he’s been punched in the stomach, this is happening four days after the Pfizer shot .

      • I’m having this eye pain too now, 2 days after shot. It used to be part of the headache, but now the headache is gone and the only thing is that when I move my eyes, I get a stabbing pain in my head. I did call my doctor because I’ve read that this is a sign of optic neuritis, which can result from some other vaccines. However, it usually has a loss of vision with it too, and I don’t seem to have any issues yet. Did your zaps ever go away? Did you take anything for them? I’m avoiding anti-inflammation meds because I want my immune system to do all the work.

    • I had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine 2 days ago and I have never felt so horrible. Extreme migraine, body aches, brain zaps, chills, fever (woke up drenched in sweat), dry cough. This is my second day of misery. I hope it passes soon.

    • Wow I am experiencing the same symptoms! Migraine started around 1am and still have it. I keep having brain zaps as if I am coming off my SSRI medication.

      • Got 2nd shot, woke next morning with migraine and zaps! 3.5 days out. Hoping to feel better soon. It feels just like your coming off a SSRI. Perfect analogy.

        • Yes! Me too! Thanks to all for posting this. I felt like I was going crazy. It’s every time I move my eyes, and there is a high pitched ringing as well.

      • Got my second dose yesterday morning and the brain zaps started about 24 hours later. Your description of it feeling like coming off SSRI’s is spot-on for me. I’ve also been feeling very achy and sort of fragile, but I am starting to feel better now (36 hours post-vaccine). Thanks for sharing your experiences!

        • Yes brain zaps – first shot on April 29th – Pfizer. I am so glad I found this site I was worried! Has anyone considered skipping the 2nd shot? I had COVID and am a little concerned as it sounds like if you had it prior symptoms are worse.

      • I had brain zaps days 9–13 after second Pfizer shot. Now 18 days out headache lowly going away. Had some blurred vision in right eye but that started before shot and then happened again after first shot. Headaches are new after shot.

        • Hi had my injection on Friday morning felt bit fussy in the head then next day felt I bit of headache and bit cold this morning had brain zap today felt weird took some tablets it’s feels little bit better my right eye starting watering to

  5. Had my 1st jab on the 19th of feb , all fine till Tuesday, ached on that day on Wednesday had a rash Thursday spoke to a doctor got shingles, pharmacy told they have heard it’s from the vaccine.

    • If you got shingles, it was because you have previously had chickenpox, and the VZV-virus hides in the body.
      It can be reactivated by any stress to the body, such as being otherwise ill, or work/home stress, going on holiday, change in weather, extreme temperatures, a shock, etc. The delay to such a reactivation varies, and certainly might be as little as a week, but is more often 2- 3 weeks, not 4 days.

      • My mum is 84. Had the Pfizer vaccine and about 2week later was complaining of rib and back pain. After a week of this GP agreed to see her and she had shingles. She’s still in agony weeks later and is due her second dose soon but I don’t want to make her more poorly and she doesn’t want to go back

        • L-lysine has really helped to shorten my Shingles & the severity. There is research out there supporting it. I hope she’s feeling better.

        • Hi Jess, how she is doing now ? hope she is well. And, I am also suffering from same problem since very next day of my first dose and it still persists after a week now!
          Will be grateful if you can update her current status. Thank you

        • Interestingly, I was in a vaccine trial (Novavax), and developed shingles a week after my first jab. Never had it before, not the usual age group for it. Suspected it might be related. Turned out I had the placebo in the trial (saline solution only). Often we make links due to timing, when the conditions aren’t actually related to vaccination.

      • That could explain the face drooping, whixh could be Bell’s Palsey. Bell’s Palsey should be treated as soon as possible by an ENT so it is not permanent.

    • I too developed shingles ugh!! Horrible pun jabbing sensations, blisters and burning!! This was from the first vaccination but the second vaccination I did alright even though I was scared to take it!! My Doctor said it was from the Covid vaccine. I now have horrible scars. Sorry you had to experience this too because it sure wasn’t a picnic!!

  6. Had my first jab on Tuesday morning, felt absolutely fine for 2 days no side effects just tired.
    Thursday evening got really hot and had chills for like an hour. Then I got full body little pins and needle feeling and full body itch, still continuing into day 4.

    Advised to take paracetamol and antihistamines- I’m hoping that this will ease. Has anybody else felt this / know how long this may last.

    • I’m the exact same full body itch like crazy bad im looking on here to see if anyone else has the same side effects and how long it may last. Had my 1st jab Pfizer on Thursday I was fine that day but since the following day Friday its been uncontrollable itching and tiredness due to lack of sleep because the itchinh/scratching all night. Anybody know how long this may last please ?????

      • Please respond back Larry, did this subside? Tingling pins and needles feeling for me too. 1st dose Pfizer, 6 days ago. Concerned.

        Has anyone experienced this with resolution?

        • I had tingling feet and hands after the first vaccine. I was thoroughly checked out and tested by a neurologist and everything was fine. I got the second one a week ago and it was much easier than the first one. I am glad that I got the second one. My tingling had resolved, too.

          • Hi Mary, I got the first shot and I didn’t think anything about it til just now and looked online to see the side effects. I have tingling in my fingers and I thought it might be carpal tunnel but now I’m seeing your comment. I guess I should ask my doctor but I’m glad the tingling went away after your second shot. It’s got me kinda nervous now.

          • Omg I was looking for this. Just got my pfeizer yesterday and a little sweating last night, but today, the worst migraine. Had chills and body aches, I was wondering if the second would be worst because I’m scared. Glad to hear someone had it easier the second shot.

          • Mary, THANK YOU so much for this. I just got off a call with a 24 hr ER physician at 4 am on a Sunday for the pins and needles and cold, grey extremeties. I have lupus, so it was very concerning. Its been about 4 hours with them so far, but the physician said that as long as they dont progress past my shoulders or thighs to wait and see if they resolve. If they do progress, go to the Emergency room. Its good to know others had this side effect with no long term issues.

          • This is reassuring. I got my first vaccine two days ago and have felt ongoing Numb/tingling feeling in foot and sometimes on my leg and arm…

        • I’m having same issue, I got 1st vaccine 3/27 my nose and lips are tingly and pins and needles on extremities. I’m definitely not getting 2nd vaccine. I hope this goes away

          • same for me. I had my heart rate spike on my vaccine day and have been dealing with lingering pins and needle feeling for 4 weeks now. Not getting the second shot, but nice to hear that I am not alone. I have been losing sleep over this issue. Very uncomfortable especially at night.

          • Thank you all for the information on the tingling and pins and needles. Too my 2 second on the 10th and still filling the tingling and can’t sleep because am worried. Will be calling my doctor tomorrow if I still wake up with it. Soreness is gone on my arm. I am just a bit worried.

        • I’m 3 days from my 2nd pfizer n im tingly on my upper back shoulder. It comes and goes .. other thank that im feel ok I can’t remember if I hD this feeling with my first dose.

        • I got the 2nd Pfizer shot on Tues. It’s Friday and I still have weakness in my arms and legs and pins and needles feeling. I feel quite tired. I had a severe headache and a slight fever, but those have subsided. I’m just still experiencing a general ache all over. Trying to go about every day activities, but it’s been a bit difficult.

        • did your pin and needle feeling eventually goes away? 8th days now, I still feel the pin and needle, and it did not seem getting any better.

        • Both arms and hands fingers tingling
          SharpDeep pain in both arms my wife feels like she has carpal tunnel syndrome it’s horrible

    • I had second Mederna shot about fifteen hours ago and now i have full body itchiness. Aches, low grade fever and unable to sleep.

    • I got 1st dose of Pfizer on Thursday and today, days later, the pins and needles tingling all over my body and face is unbearable!!! 30 mins after the shot I started flushing in the face and have had that off and on. But, this tingling and itchiness started after 4 days! Even my eyelids tingle! I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know what to do 🙁

      • I’m also dealing with the all over pins & needles. It started at 12 hours after my first dose, which was yesterday. Still feeling the pins & needles at 36 hours after first dose of Pfizer. Hope it goes away soon! Now I’m nervous for my 2nd dose!

          • Mine started itching a couple of days after my second dose, dull muscle ache and bone ache, and it’s been almost a month. I’ve had tingling fingers, eyelids which went away. I had vivid dreams also which hopefully won’t come back. I tripped walking which had never happened before. (my friend tripped while stood talking to me, she had her 2nd shot 2 days before) I hope no one has this uncomfortable side effects.

        • I’m in the same situation. Had my first Pfizer vaccine on 3/31 and the pins and needles started a day or two later and have not subsided much except temporarily through acupuncture and chiropractic work. I have frequent headaches. I thought it was the way I was holding myself at my desk but now I’m worried about the vaccine. My second shot is due this Wednesday, April 21.

      • Has this stopped for you? I also have the tingling everywhere. It’s scaring me. I got my second dose today and it started like an hour after I got the shot.

        • Hi I also am experiencing the pins and needle feeling throughout my body, I hope the feeling resolves. I am breaking out in hives as well (might not be from vaccine)

      • Hi Cary, how are you feeling now? I had my first jab on Monday, and four days later my limbs and face are numb/heavy. The tingling has subsided slightly, but worried that things may get worse and that I might not get the rid of this numb/heavy feeling

    • I have the same pins and needles feeling after the first shot was received two days ago. My wrists feel almost paralyzed and limbs have gone cold. My hands and feet are cold and they never normally were. I noticed the wrists felt almost foreign and drooping about 15 minutes after getting the shot. My shot was more painful than most because, I presume a nerve was hit. I’m trying everything to attempt to warm my hands and feet but the temperature change doesn’t last. The limbs go cold soon after pulling away from the heat source. There is numbness and tingling like if you have been a victim of frost bite and are defrosting.

    • Just interested to know has anyone else had issue’s with old injuries acting up. Example I have 2 knee injuries and spinal injuries and all 3 are screaming in pain. I am tired more than usual. Today I wanted to go back to bed all morning it is now 2:30 and I forced myself to tackle my house chores. My stomach is off too not throwing up or nothing just feels like I got the flu

      • Yes, my knees are so painful, I have to keep taking pain relief, I have arthritis in both knees, but since the jab, the pain has intensified, I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse after 2nd jab.

    • Yes I have! And I couldn’t find much research on it. What was your reaction post the second vaccine I’m due later this month. This is a scary side effect and is t listed as a common one.

    • Yes I have! And I couldn’t find much research on it. What was your reaction post the second vaccine I’m due later this month. This is a scary side effect and isnt listed as a common one. For anyone reading has your symptoms gone away? Should I take the second?

    • I had tingling after first vaccine but went away after a few days. Second shot did not cause tingling to come back for me at least.

  7. Thanks for the advice. First AZ today and sat in bed with uncontrollable shaking and slight temperature. Can hardly get out of bed. Glad it’s not just me. Cheers.

    • had shot 2 of pfizer, no symtoms ,took 2 tylenols before 2nd shot per my son’s neurologist said to do, hope the vaccine is working. still not sick, no side effects.

  8. Had phizer vaccine began to feel a sore arm later and then spread to all limbs. Went to bed woke feeling freezing cold, later felt so hot temperature of 39. As others have said vivid weird dreams. Really weak for next two days. Nausea, fatigue and slight cough. I have been told 2nd will be worse, but it hasn’t put me off at all. Just bad luck. I had Covid last April for about 12 weeks but not in hospital. Could be a connection?

  9. I got my second vaccine yesterday. Woke up around am today with nausea and vomiting. Fever, chills, body aches. Still 24 hours feel like I have the flu, nauseous, weak.

    • Hi Lisa, I’m on day 7 experiencing the same phenomenon. Can you share if and when this tingles resolved? It has me worried. It’s not painful but I have an ‘electric’ feeling throughout my body.

      • Hi I have the same thing for maybe a month and a half now. Tingling and pins and needles on my arms and legs. Not sure if it has anything to do with the vaccine or not

        • Hi
          I have experience the same already 6 weeks since I’ve had my 1st dose pfizer on 30.01.21.
          5 mins after the vaccine got a weird feeling of my tongue after 10 mins lips became numb, heart was racing..been monitored by doctor and nurses.
          After 24 hours,fatigue,diarrhoea pounding headache, tingling in both hands and feet for 2 weeks non stop. Then gradually decreases, still get it on and off.
          GP done loads of blood test and going to make referral to see neurologist to rule out any neurological disorder.
          As from last week some of my joints start hurting ,body ache and burning back pain very tender to touch.
          Not been feeling great ever since I’ve had the 1st vaccine.

          • I got the first Pfizer three weeks ago. Just seconds after getting the shot, I felt a nerve zap across my lower face and my whole lower face went numb. I also instantly got a headache. Over the next few days, my mouth and lips felt exactly like you’ve been to the dentist and the novocaine is starting to wear off, numb and tingly. The headache and tingly feelings in lips and gums were intermittent since then, getting weaker and coming and going. Then, about a week ago, my left hand and lower arm started having episodes of pins and needles too. Now it comes and goes to both hands and still my mouth and lips. I have been seen by an EMT just after getting the vaccine, and by a doctor but they don’t have answers and don’t seem concerned. I am very worried though and am not planning on getting the second shot.

          • Iam experiencing the same problems , it’s been 3 weeks now , pain in lower legs getting worse , Iam waking up in the middle of night with panic attacks , don’t know what to do , some time I can’t even feel my feet ,

          • Hi Zia. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well since getting your first vaccine. I haven’t felt good since getting mine 4 weeks ago either. My main problem is a burning pain, which started a few days after the jab. like a sunburn feeling all over the top of my back, chest area area and arms. It is also sensitive to touch. I just wondered if this has settled for you yet? Or if your doctor had any comment on it? My friends that have had their first jab all seem fine but it has really knocked me for six and I’m worried about having my second dose of the burning is still there.

          • I had my first Pfizer vaccine 10 weeks ago in January and I’m still feeling rubbish. I was fine initially but 48 hours later I became very dizzy, faint and weak and was sent home from work. As well as crippling fatigue and dizziness, I had numb hands, feet and at times numbness all over my face. The worst thing for me was the brain fog. I am a quick-thinking bright woman but everything has slowed down hugely and sometimes I desperately hunt for the words I need and it takes ages or I simply can’t find them! I’ve also had other weird stuff like small pupils (for me), jaw ache, the feeling that my teeth don’t fit and my bowels have slowed down a lot (which is a positive). It was noted on my medical record that I have had a “Drug Sensitivity” to the vaccine. Although the worst of the numbness has now gone unless I’ve really overdone it I am still a long way off being able to work and it’s all rather unpleasant. As advised by a friend with longterm ME I am trying to practice pacing which is deeply frustrating. A short walk one day can leave me staring into space for the entirety of the next day. I am being referred to the local hospital’s Chronic Fatigue Service for support and my GP has said I’m not the only one suffering like this so when I get to the CFS service at least I will meet others in the same position. I have decided not to have the second Pfizer vaccine as I cannot risk anything similar or worse happening. This is problematic as I am a 59 year-old care worker with a husband older than me who has a heart condition. Prior to this for my age I was fit and strong – I was deadlifting 65Kg with ease and working in a strenuous busy role. I hate to think that this fatigue etc. is going to be long-term so am trying to stay optimistic but it’s getting harder with each passing week. I would add that I am by no means anti-vaccination. I have an annual flu jab and a year ago had a few vaccinations ready for a planned trip to India. Prior to this I spent a fair bit of time trying to persuade reluctant friends and colleagues to have the jab. I realise that my response has been unusual and for some reason I was susceptible and I am still resolutely pro-vaccination but I have felt quite alone with this as I haven’t seen any information about others experiencing the same or similar which has led to some people thinking I’m making it up which I am not.

          • Please,
            I feel the same after first dose of Sinofarm injection.
            Tingling sensation all of my body.
            It is a bit scary.
            Are you feeling better now?

          • Hi Zia! How are you feeling? I’m having some of the same symptoms you describe. Thanks, Sa

          • Hi Harriet?

            How are you feeling? I have similar symptoms and they remain for more than 7 weeks now? Do you feel better and have found any effective treatment? Thank you.

      • Hello , for the first dose after 2 days I did feel like electric feeling through from head to toe and slowly transformed to severe anxiety , took me more than a month to fully recover !! I did not take 2nd dose !!

        Thank you

        • Lik – I have experience the same thing. I had no physical side effects (actually felt great) but after the first week I started getting really bad insomnia and a lot of anxiety. It’s been nearly five weeks and it hasn’t subsided….compounded by stress of the second shot which I had been planning to get on Wednesday. What helped you recover?

          • Hi Klara
            My dad got the pfizer shot two weeks ago. He didn’t feel any side effects until after the first week. Now he is experiencing extreme anxiety and insomnia. I am not sure if what to do to help him. His doctor prescribed a sleeping pill which gave his first full night of sleep. But he seems panicky and his hands are clammy. Will be talking to the doctor again today.

          • My dad got the vaccine two weeks ago and had the same symptoms as you one week later! Severe anxiety and insomnia. The doctor prescribed a sleeping pill but the anxiety during the day is unbearable. Any advice?

          • exactly what I experienced too. 3 weeks since my first shot, but I still have insomnia.. cannot sleep longer than 3 hours with anxiety. I am fine during the day but every night is terrible. I don’t know how long this will last…

        • How do you feel now? This is exactly what I’m going through. I feel like I’m never going to get better. I have to take anti anxiety meds to get through. I am in severe panic

        • I also have the same thing. Sometimes the insomnia is severe. I can’t fall asleep for hours. Other nights I sleep like a baby. I also have anxiety, which is very unlike me. I’m doing acupuncture and taking a bunch of herbs, GABA, etc to help me fall asleep at night. I’ve seen my PCP and a sleep specialist, but I don’t think either of them believe that this has been caused by the vaccine.

      • I got my 2nd doze and having the tingling, itching and pins and needles in various places in arm, legs , arms , wrist feel and fingers . I went to ER and they said it might be from the vaccine. I go to a specialist. Happen about 5 days after the second shot. Lower back pain and abdomal pain very irritating. Also my eyes are burning sometimes.

        • Hi Dee,
          Can you update when finish specialist.I have no idea what can it be,and feeling the same ,today almost four weeks from first dose.

          • Hi Jelena
            The symptoms went away. Went to neurologist and he said it was from the vaccine. They are doing test but u am good now. How about you?

      • Hi Dee,and my simptoms almost went away.Some days pims and needles reappear but it is negligible.
        I didn,t receive second dose and i don,t know what to do with that?

      • Hi kule

        I have the same. Burning sensation all on my back, feet, hands. It started on Day 1 and I am day 11 today. My GP told me to take vit B for now, it helps the nerves a bit . My neurologist asked me to monitor but he doesn’t rrally know. Your immune system is over reacting with inflammation, as mine. Try to relax as much you can as stress can only make it worst. I read medical statements saying it can take up several weeks to go away.

    • I got the 1st dose on the 10th of March. It was Pfizer. Soon after the 1st shot, my hands and arms are getting pins and needles. Day2, it went to the legs and feet to all over my body and face. It was come and go but now, pins and needles are with me all the time. It has been over 2 weeks and feels like it has been intensified and feels pain on my finger tips. I called my GP and she said it could last till 8 weeks…. It is really sad to hear…. but I found this site and I realized that I was not the only one. So, thanks to everybody here sharing the experience. My 2nd dose will be on the 5th of April. I hope this will start going away.

      • I got my Pfizer 1st shot 12 days ago Mar 17, I started feeling slight pins and needles about 30min after the shot which intensified within 24 hours. Then it went away for a few days but came back less intense. Sill feeling it but it’s not so bad, just a bit annoying. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one here. I’m getting my second shot next week Apr 7

        • I am feeling the same,three weeks from the first dose of Sinofarm vaccine.
          How are you now, feeling better or the same?

        • Hi Adam, I had a similar reaction. I got the Pfizer vaccine on March 27, And after about 45 minutes had an intense pins and needles/itchy sensation that lasted for about a week. I notice it every once in a while now. Did you have any reaction after your second shot on the 7th?

          • Hi Jen, I’m 4 weeks after the first shot and still feel pins and needles, less intense tho. I didn’t take the second shot yet. My doctor said I should consider j&j instead if I’m hesitant to take Pfizer. Now j&j is on hold in the US. I’ve never been allergic to anything and now this. It looks like this is quite rare however they claim bell’s palcy is 1 in 1000. In Israel they reported 400 cases in 4mln of neurological reactions . This is quite enjoying, I hope it goes away soon

        • Hi Adam. I am at day 11 of my first shot and I have the pin and needles.
          How did it go for you? How was the 2nd shot? Thank you for sharing as these feeling worry me

        • Hi AdamK.
          I had the same. I worry the symptoms will be worst on 2nd dose.
          How was it for you? Can you share? Thank you. N

      • I had the normal sore arm for a few days but today, a week and a half after the first Pfizer dose, I had to leave work because I feel tingly all over, plus a headache, swollen glands under the jaw, a clammy feeling but no fever, and my tongue feels funny. It’s not agony but worrisome and sleep is proving impossible.

      • I had my second shot this past Wednesday. Within a couple of hours, I started feeling somewhat weird feeling cold and hot and I went home. By the time that I got home, I could hardly walk with pain from my waist and particularly my right knee area. Thursday, both of my legs felt much pressure as if I had blood pressure cuffs on. Friday, I was fine so long as I did not walk or my right knee would really hurt and my lower back. Today Saturday, my left upper arm was hurting a lot. It is clear that for some people the vaccine stirs up old wounds or injuries and you experience the same pain as you did whenever. Despite the side effects, I am glad that I made the choice to be vaccinated. I have friends who have not had a single reaction and others have been pretty sick. It is a challenge, but in reality far better than the 500,000+ Americans who cannot complain about the side effects.

      • Hi Kono, I have been having pins and needles in hands and leg I am on day 11 after my first dose. Wondering if your pind and needles went away and also wondering how your 2nd dose of vaccine was.

        • Hi Amber, I took my second shot on April 5th. I tried to hydrated so I was drinking a lot of water one day prior and the day of, and after the shot. Also, the nurse who game me a shot advised me to relax the arm during receiving a shot. I think those 2 things really helped me. I hardly had a pain on my arm, no headache. So, the second one was actually much easier than the first one for me. Unfortunately, my pins and needles in hands and feet are still with me. Sometimes, it comes and goes, sometimes it stays all day. Also, the place I feel pins and needles shifts. But overall, the intensity has got milder.

  10. Had my first vaccine nothing but tiredness until a week later pins and needles, really hot, nausea. Had it for three days so far. Phoning Doctor tomorrow

    • I’m having the same thing. Tingling on the left side of my body but other than that I feel fine. When did it subside for you?

        • Did yoe resolve problem? I am feeling the same thing after first dose and very bad reaction.Did anyone past this and can tell did it resolve! Thanks.

      • Hi, I have tingling in my fingers for about two weeks now. Still got it. Has your gone away? I scheduled for my second shot next week. I hope it will go away cuz it’s annoying!

        • Hi Kat! Did you have your second shot? If so, what were your symptoms like? I had a similar reaction to my first vaccine on 3/27. Intense pins and needles sensation in both arms that lasted in intensity for about a week. I still have it now, though it’s much less and varies day-to-day.

          • Hi Jen,
            Yes, I got the second shot and I still have it. It’s been 6 weeks now since the first shot. I’m going to doctor next week to see what is going on. My hands feel cold all the time. It’s driving me nuts.

  11. my mother who is 83 is having a terrible reaction to the second vaccination . she had them 3 weeks apart in the first phase . the second vaccination has made her ache all over. feel cold. cant sleep . the strong painkillers from the doctor made her seize up. the vitamin c and d also from the doctor made her nauseous so she stopped . On a morning it talks her 10 minutes to get our of bed. her upper arms are so weak she cannot get herself up easily. she suffers from arthritis and this seems to have made every muscle in her body and every bone ache. only her head is ok as she jokes. from an active 83 year old she has not been out to get her shopping or do anything like sweep the garden path SINCE TEH 5TH JANUARUY . she just sits and keeps warm and complains of aches and pains. had an x ray. nothing internally wrong. so definitely side effect of the vaccine. the first one was ok. just a pain in her arm the last week before her second vaccination was due.

    • Unfortunately this is normal. People with autoimmune conditions like arthritis, are going to see their immune systems kicked into overdrive for several weeks. However it should completely stop afterwards. Just got to ride it out.

      • Hi Bon.. I have hashimoto and psoriatic arthritis and bad reaction after 2nd shot of sinopharm vaccine.. Numbness, pins and needles for more than 2 months. Do you know what kind of medicine would help with this? And how long does it last? I also have and bad insomnia.. My ER doesn’t know anything about connection between vaccines and my condition..

  12. Had my first vac on 19 Feb 21 the next day felt like I was lethargic and feeling annoyed and achy all over my body like having a flu without all the symptoms. Within in 6 hours of the vac my lymph nodes on my left armpit start to swell and sore lasted for about good 5 days. Since Thursday until now I am having a severe rash like reaction all over my body.

  13. i hadmy second shot on3/2/21 after about 10 hours i woke up shaking all over and could not stop my body was not cold but could not stop shaking and had a very bad head ache some nausea the nausea went away the next day. i went to work left before lunch because i could not quit shaking then the headache came back the shaking lasted about 2hours this time then it and the headache went away. then about 10 pm i woke up with another shaking spell which lasted about 30 min i got up and came to work this morning no more symptoms yet i hope they are over .it is a strange feeling to shake like that and not be cold

    • Hey Carolyn….my wife is experiencing these exact symptoms. Did this resolve itself? She’s going on day 4 now.


      • How does your wife feel now? Did the shaking stop? I’m shaking on day 5. I’m scared. Going to neurologist tomorrow. Please share if wife is ok. I hope so

  14. Had the jab on the 11th Feb and was ok until the 18th when I was wakened in the middle of the night by fairly severe pins and needles in the same (right)arm. It is fading now (after another week) but if it was a reaction to the jab it was not expected.

    • I had phizer jag 2 weeks ago, as did my husband, we now have terrible tinnitus in right ear, impossible to sleep as its like someone blowing a whistle directly into your ear, daytime it’s like we’ve got an earful of cottonwool and underwater, not sure whether I’ll get the 2nd dose, my hearing was great prior to this jag

      • Interesting…I have that exact side effect that began 9 days after my first shot- no ear infection, but I’m basically deaf in my right ear, except for a faint echo/whistle from every sound I hear. I use a white noise machine to sleep and always have- really helps. In fact, I keep thinking it’s gone until I turn off the machine!
        The doctor is trying to say that it’s an allergy that I have and they’re giving me steroids, nasal spray, and antihistimine/decongestant to attack try to clear the tube that runs between my throat and ear. It never occurred to me that it could be a side effect of this vaccine until I saw this article and searched up hearing loss.
        Did yours ever go away? Did you get the second shot?

  15. Had vaccine on 15 Feb, after more or less shaking off “Brain Fog”, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, lost appetite and extreme fatigue after 2 weeks or so I am left with what appears to be permanent severe tinnitus which started 12 hours after jab. Perfectly fit before hand, having the vaccine was the worse thing I ever did. Of course it is impossible to actually see a doctor or get any treatment.

  16. I had my first pyzser (Soz about spelling) about 3 weeks ago felt ok till 24 hours after then began severely shaking all over through the night twice lasted about 30 mins. Weird feeling in head mentally!!!!
    Lymph nodes are swollen and anxiety been up slightly and brain fogginess, words getting jumbled up a lot anyone else experienced this? Was fine beforehand not sure whether to get the second one now? Don’t fancy going through side effects again!

    • Hi Jane,

      Radiologists have confirmed that lymph node swelling is a quite common side effect of the COVID vaccine. If this doesn’t go down by itself, please contact your GP.

    • I’ve had my second dose, yes I feel like my brain isn’t working as well as before. Can’t find the words. Get stumped when trying to say something. Now for three days I’ve had this horrible anxiety, like I’m going to throw up or swallow my tongue. I’ve taken hydroxine, even a valium. Nothing works. I feel like I’m going to loose my mind. I dont know of it from the vaccine but I wasnt like this before. I do struggle with anxiety in spots but never for 24,48,72 hours straight.

      • I have had terrible anxiety as well, feel like I am ready to bust out of my skin. I thought that my zytec for spring allergies was causing it, so quit taking it a couple of days before my second pfizer dose on Saturday. The anxiety was a little better, and I was exited to get second. Feeling pretty anxious again today. I took a long walk on the day it was the worst, which seemed to help. Think I am going to ride bike after this post. Started itching a little on Sunday, which has gotten worse. Had splotches on my belly earlier today, which have faded. Repetitive dreams that leave me awake in the wee morning hours. I am hearing that it gets better, so I will take these side effects to not die like two of my neighbors.

  17. I had 2 Pfizer vaccinations and my wife had 2 from Medrona. We both had the same reaction after the second shot namely itching all over the body. We apply Benadryl topically every night and it gives temporary relief. The itching and red spots on the skin have been going on over a month for both of us. How much longer will this go on? She is 85 and I am 95. Noone else seems t have this problem. Thank you. Patrick Zilliacus

    • Patrick, I am experiencing the same symptoms as you and your wife. I got the second Pfizer vaccine on March 8 . Shortly thereafter I had the red dot rash and itching on my arms and legs. I went to a dermatologist as it didn’t occur to me that it might be from the vaccines. He checked me out and did a biopsy on my arm. Nothing showed up. A few days ago I went to a general practitioner (not my regular doctor as she was booked up for weeks). I didn’t know this doctor and it was a waste of time. All she did was show me pictures of people with a rash and told me it would go away, I said I had this rash for a month and she again told me it would go away as she was walking out the door, Today I went to a drug store and talked with a pharmacist as they are usually very knowledgeable. She said it’s nothing to worry about. She said it should go away in a couple of weeks. Even though it’s been longer than that she said it’s a normal reaction and not to worry. So that’s where I’m at. My arms and legs don’t itch much anymore so I’m hopeful this will be over soon. I hope you and your wife are doing better.

  18. This is the 4th week of having Oxford vaccine I can hardly lift my left arm now it keeps me awake the pain going down arm most of night I have been putting hot water bottle on left shoulder to help with the ache in going down my arm this side effects come on 4 weeks after having vaccine shall I consult my dr or will it go I am worried about having 2nd injection now .

    • Hi – my arm is till aching two weeks after the AZ jab too. Think you should definitely speak to your doctor to be on the safe side. Hope you feel better soon.

  19. Until I found this thread I thought I was the only person having weird vivid dreams after Pfizer jab. Seems like a really crazy side effect but easier to handle than others.

  20. I took Pfizer vaccine on March 1, 2021. Next day arm was sore at injection area. Also, I have large dark not red circle on injection area. Informed Methodist Hospital on March 2. Arm is no longer sore, but dark circle remains and today is Sat. March 6.

  21. I took my second Pfizer vaccine on Monday 3/1/21. I felt a little nausea immediately after injection with a weired taste. Arm was very sore at site on second day but went away. On 3rd day(3/4/21) from injection, I had this severe deep, deep inner ear inching, running nose , sneezing and nose also itch. The worse is the inner ear itching. I took some Benadryl (25mg) antihistamine on3/5/21, it has help a little but here I am on day 3 of this episode of inner ear itch, running nose and sneezing. Have anyone had this problem and what did you do? I am 70 yrs old and in good health not on any medication.

    • I have the same issue now. On the third day after the second dose i started sneezing and my nose is so itchy. How long did it last for you?

      • My nose and sinuses behind my nose started itching soon after the first Pfizer dose. I had sneezing jags that lasted for about 24 hours, and then the sensation went away. I’ll post again after I experience the second dose, whether the reaction was worse, better or about the same.

      • I had the runny nose and sneezing on the third and fourth days after Pfizer. I have been reading about side effects and haven’t seen it listed. Although I am on a Texas A&M forum where someone else mentioned they had sneezing fits as a side effect. Now, I see several folks here also.

    • I previously posted my symptoms after first dose but didn’t realize that the inner ear itching is another one! Feels so odd.

    • I’ve been sneezing off and on, too. And coughing, but I’m prone to cough so I don’t necessarily blame that on the vaccine. Hope I don’t get the itchiness, that sounds miserable.

  22. I have had my first vaccine with Pfizer. It brought on my asthma within 12mins of having the jab and lasted about 5days. I’m still having vivid weird dreams

  23. I had my 1st vaccine Thursday. I have felt unwell ever since. I’ve had acid reflux which I needed medication, I now can’t keep warm n got the runs, nausea stomach cramps n a little shaken. Hope it settles down soon.

    • I, too, have had acid reflux after each of my two Pfizer vaccines. I thought it was just an odd coincidence after the first shot, since I haven’t been treated for reflux in more than 20 years. But it finally subsided. Until I got my second shot. It’s back, and it’s uncomfortable. I feel as though something is lodged in my throat and I have what my grandmother used to refer to as “sour stomach.” It helps to know I’m not the only one. Thanks!

      • I just got my first dose and within 15 minutes also felt like I had something stuck in my throat. Subsided within about an hour.

  24. I had my first dose on Thursday. My arm was urging. Body aches and fatigue. Slept almost all day Friday. Have crazy dreams it disturbed my dog. She woke me up. Also have a cough and some pimples on my face.

  25. Has anyone experienced abdomen pain, uti-like symptoms, frequent urination, overactive bladder and pressure in the pelvic are? I only got these symptoms the day after I got my first dose.

    • Yes, I have horrible stomach cramps , started 2 days after first jab, now shivering and feels like when you have flu, body sort of jumping x

      • My friend had hers on 9 March and she is having stomach cramps – I had mine same day and feel very nauseous with bad headache still. Like a stabbing pain.

    • I had my first Pfizer shot 2 days ago and have experienced frequent urination/over active bladder. On the 2nd night, I woke up almost every 2 hours to pee. It’s been very disruptive to my sleep.

      • I had the same thing the first night after shot. It has continued for the past few days. So glad to hear other had the same.

      • I am seeing an MD this week because this has lasted 3 weeks. I didn’t match it with the vaccine shot until yesterday. I’ve been fearing diabetes. Second shot scheduled on Sunday.

      • I had my second dose of Pfizer yesterday at 3:40PM. Speed forward to today at about noon… headache resolved by caffeine. But I have been urinating excessively every hour. (I did not drink much caffeine) I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin, and suspect fever but cannot find my thermometer. I know urinating is one way the body gets rid of heat. My ribs, back and knuckles are sore. Just a healthy immune system doing its job. I do hope the frequent urination let’s up.

      • Yes. The first night after vaccine woke up 3 times – frequent urination. Hadn’t heard of this side effect, but appreciate seeing it listed here. I guess it (getting P. vaccine) beats dying……………………………….

    • Yes! First shot 3/9. On 3/12 started itching all over my body then frequent urination especially at night – I go and within an hour I have to go again – pelvic pressure but it’s not a UTI. 3/15 and itching is nearly gone but peeing like crazy especially at night. What a crappy side effect!

    • Yes, Olga….I am also having frequent urination, slight pressure on abdomen area, sort of uti-like symptoms. Started the day after 2nd dose. Has this gone away for you since you stated this? Thank you!

      • So I see that I am not the only one who is experiencing the frequent urination. After my second Pfizer shot, I felt well for the remainder of the day, but the next day I was feeling as if I had been punched in the legs, knees and back by a mob. I also started to urinate with very annoying frequency, even waking up at night several times. No fever, no chills, no headaches. Two doses of Advil solved the body aches.
        However, all this is preferable to getting the full blown COVID. Every single person I know who has gotten the symptomatic version tells me that it’s a horrifying disease.

        • did the frequent urination problem end and if so how long does it take to go away? i got 1st Pfizer shot yesterday and have had the frequent urination problem all day today so far…

      • Aaahhhh I’m so relieved to be reading this. This is exactly what I’ve been experiencing today. How long did it take to resolve?

      • I’m also having frequent urination that began the evening after my second shot. I’m going about every hour and have constant pressure. I’m only on day 1 after shot. I hope it subsides. Anyone elses subside?

        • Hey Kelli, just wondering if your frequent urination symptoms have gone away? and if so, after how long? My dad is experiencing the same symptoms after he got vaccinated with his second dose yesterday and I am just slightly worried. Thank you 🙂

    • Had my 2nd Pfizer dose 2/22, arm soreness, slight fever, and body aches, went to work the next day, a few days later noticed some Pelvic tightness and soreness, Yoga stretching helps alleviate that.

    • Got my 2nd Pfizer yesterday afternoon. 8 hours later I’m urinating almost every 30 minutes, had chills all night and insomnia . Hopefully I kick this fast.

    • Did you ever find out anything about what was causing this? I got my second shot yesterday and I have been experiencing UTI-like urination frequency all day.

    • Has anyone had any luck with antibiotics or antifungals?
      Are people reporting this to the FDA? https://vaers.hhs.gov/esub/index.jsp

      2.5 weeks so far of UTI-like symptoms, intense bladder pain, flank pain, and tender spleen. Urinating every 2 hours, 5-6 times a night, starting 4 days after the first Pfizer dose on 3/20. It’s fluctuated some. Got my second dose yesterday, 4/10,. OTC phenazopyridine (Azo or generic) takes the edge off bladder pain.

      With posts of flu-like and UTI-like symptoms and shingles, I wonder if the vaccine impacts our ability to keep pathogens we are colonized with in check.

    • My boyfriend has had the same problem. UTI started right a day or so after first shot. Went on antibiotics to clear it up and now after the second shot it is back again…

    • Yes! I’ve been to my physician two times, have been on antibiotic and am scheduled for ultrasound. Urine negative for bacteria. Of course I have no way of knowing if this is related to my second dose of Pfizer but my symptoms appeared two days afterwards.

  26. I had the Pfizer jab on 19 Feb. No probs at first, but a week or so later I started to feel flu-like symptoms, felt extremely tired & sleepy, plus arm hurt at jab site, but I get that with the ordinary flu jab too. Slight temperature recorded as well. I do, however, have underlying health conditions which may or may not have contributed to these symptoms. I would like to stress that I am so very happy to have had this jab, & would urge everyone to go ahead and get it. The side effects are definitely worth it!!!

    • I was fine initially, after 2nd Pfizer sore arm but a few days later I feel that my bones and joints are sore, like I’ve walked miles and miles, my elbows are sore, its a strange one, I also have cold symptoms

      • That’s exactly how I feel. Had second Pfizer 8 days ago and have painful upper arms and just feel awful. It’s scary.

        • Had my second Pfizer on 30 March . Ok for a week and now feeling so rough. Pain in both upper arms and flu like symptoms. It is scary because other family members are fine with it

  27. Yes, my arm was very sore. My husband said I had very crazy dreams. He said I was running in my sleep. I flung one of the cats off the bed. He had to wake me up like 6 times. I have no idea what I was dream about. I already have very violent dreams and wear a CPAP. My acting out in my sleep was the most violent I have ever been. I am glad to see other people had dreams too.

    • I had my first Pfizer jab 3 days ago and I’ve had crazy vivid dreams as well. And the dreams aren’t pleasant either. Things like cars being stolen, being chased. I almost kicked our dog off the bed. I wear a CPAP as well but my dreams are usually normal. I also woke up last night drenched with sweat although I feel fine. Not running a fever but I developed a cough overnight. That may be related to seasonal allergies. My arm is still a little sore.

  28. I got my 2nd Pfizer shot on 2/10 and on 2/19 I spiked a fever every night for 11 nights. Good for 4 nights then fever back. I’ve gotten a ton of bloodwork and all is normal. I’m hoping that it’s a reaction to vaccine and nothing more. Anyone else know of someone with a delayed onset?

    • I had a delayed onset of fatigue with Pfizer first dose. I was itchy and irritated the first few days after 1st dose, then horrible fatigue for past 3 days, a week after I got the 1st dose.

      • Ditto for me – I had my first Pfizer shot one week ago today, 3/11, and was itchy all over yesterday (better today) and fatigue has been brutal the last two days. I have severe asthma and will continue with the 2nd shot – lost loved ones to COVID and just not willing to take the risk.

      • I am having really bad pain in the bladder area and a bit to the right. It was so bad it woke me up and I feel like I can’t move or it gets worse. I just received the Pfizer shot 12 hours ago. It hurts so much.

    • Hope you nowbetterYes. Had my 2ndjab 31/3 . 5 days later it hit me.. had like a panic attack that started with my eyes seeing stars..then ghastly headaches and brain fog 3 days later…felt awful……donot want a 3rdPfizer vaccination.

      • I had the AZ vaccine a week ago now I see stars when I cough!
        Felt very ill the day after but feel ok now, still seeing stars!

        TBH, if it’s not dangerous I don’t mind seeing stars.

    • Drink plenty of fluid and take paracetamol every 4 to 6 hours side affects with eventually disappear I had mine on 16 th March muscle pain arm hurts from injection and zapping pains in my head last nigh a bit of fog brain if you have a temp monitor for 48 hours then seek medical advice I slept in a well ventilated room with fan and windows open don’t over wrap your self as it will make the Rigours worse ( shaking only occurs with temperature spike in your body ) I still say have your jab protect your self and encourage others to do the same better than being in ICU on a ventilator stay safe

    • Me too! I’m am sick right now as we speak. I had my 1st vaccine on 3/5/21 and woke up this am to loss of taste and smell. Saturday I felt so bad. I have been sneezing constantly and nose bleeds and my nose burning. I do have bad allergies and it’s bad here in NC but the loss of taste and smells and body aches has scared me today. Went to Urgent Care, had rapid test, it was negative. I also took a 2nd test to be safe. Once I got home and started thinking about it, I had about 4 headaches last week and had to use my prescription headache medication to stop it. The Nurse at Urgent Care said that they have had some patients come on with same side effects weeks later after 1st vaccination. But I not sure if that is my case or not.

  29. I had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine 5hrs later came down with shivers headache chest and jaw pains and body aches.next day continue with low grade fever body aches and headaches.how long will this last.

  30. I had my 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday 3/10/2021 at 315pm. Head started hurting about 30 mins after getting it and I was super nauseated by the time I got home. I am laying in bed been awake off and on all night it is 150am now. Woke up soaked and head hurts. Have had the most crazy dreams. Starting to get nauseated again. Every time I shut my eyes I wake up soaking wet hair and all. I do feel like I have a fever.

  31. I had my jab on Monday 8th March fine for a few days until yesterday when I have pain in opposite shoulder effecting my arm like a trapped nerve, can not raise arm without severe pain, difficult to dress, shower and am so extremely uncomfortable, had bad shakes on Wednesday evening due to the amount of pain I was in, had the Astrazeneca covid jab

    • I had my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine today and am experiencing similar symptoms. What part of your shoulder is affected? My shoulder blade (opposite the injection site) is affected, into my neck.

      • Same, Heather. While I was driving home from getting the Pfizer vax in my left arm, I started to get a weird pain in the right/back side of my neck that’s now kind of radiating to my right temple and down into my right shoulder/trapezius (sp?) area. It’s not terrible pain, just weird. I’m glad I’m not the only one! How are you feeling now?

  32. I had Covid last July, I was perfectly fine before I took my shot on Monday by Tuesday evening terrible terrible headache chills both arms hurting, by next day I was in the bed sleeping the entire day sweating chilling sweating chilling, today I feel a little better now both lymph nodes are swollen both arms hurtAnd head still hurts with fever 100. I hope tomorrow is better.

  33. I received my second shot an March 4. A few days later I began having sharp pains in my right leg. Also, my food began to have a metallic taste. This morning, March 11, the metallic taste was very strong. I’m wondering if this is a side affect of the Pfizer vaccine.

    • Hi Edward I had my first Pfizer jab 10 days ago was very fluey shaky very tired hot/cold but now have the horrible taste in my mouth after eating food tastes normal though.

  34. I had the Oxford 8hours after I had a headache, temperature, nausia, aching, legs hurting, could not focus properly, ears blocked felt like I was under water, lasted 3 days then I was freezing cold, could not get warm, tried hot bath, elec blanket that lasted 48hrs still feel really tired

  35. I had the Pfizer jab on jan 27th It’s now March 12th and yesterday I woke up with what can only be described as a hollow dimple in my arm where the needle went in, it’s painful too!

  36. I just had my first dose this morning March 12th. I immediately had a metallic taste that went away, and I also felt a bit wobbly. I feel better now (4 hours later), hope it stays that way.

    • I started having frequent urination the day after I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Today is day 2 and the urination was not as frequent. I also had soreness in my arm the day after. Day 2 my arm isn’t sore at all.

  37. Had my 2nd Pfyser dose yesterday morning felt fine until last night kept sneezing and felt flu like still sneezing this morning and still aching .any one else with the sneezing side effect?

  38. After my second shot about two weeks later I am now suffering from extreme fatigue. I don’t seem to come to life until late afternoon. I have an auto immune disease, Addison’s disease and don’t know if this is a contributing factor. Any comments would be appreciated. Syd

    • I have neurosarcoid and took phizer shot been in bed since shot on Saturday very tired and had a itch in my ear the first night.

      • I had my Phizer 1St jab on Saturday too. Had a nasty few hours during the night but it’s now Tuesday and my arm is still hot and sore at injection site.

    • I had the Pfizer shot 12 days ago. About two days ago I started noticing fatigue and a lot of achiness. Now it has advanced to a low-grade fever, G.I. pain and loss of appetite. I to have an autoimmune of fibromyalgia and this feels like a Fibro attack. However I think it’s really due to the shot I hope this doesn’t last too long because I’m very uncomfortable and I can’t take NSAIDs. I rely on Epson salt baths and Tylenol for pain relief.

  39. had a metallic taste in my mouth, went home that night nausea. headache WOW, dizzy, it has been a week and still not feeling well, crazy, maybe cause I am older woman. all we can do is pray that on 29th when I get the other I am not sick, miss one week of work already.

    • I had the Pfizer shot last Tuesday. Still feel out of sorts. My right arm feels like pins and needles. And my husband also is achy all over his body. Very weird!

  40. Had the Oxford vaccine on the 14th March, usual soreness at the vaccine site, light headed, and a night of vivid crazy dreams.

  41. Received Pfizer vaccine in left arm on March 10, felt like I had been punched in the arm for 36 hours then all was well until last night when I developed a pins and needles sensation in my left hand, no change today. Hoping will go away and not nerve damage.

    • I had my first Pfizer vaccine 3 weeks ago and I didn’t realize until now but I was having numbness with tingling in my right hand actually sometimes it would radiate up to my elbow although I had the shot in my upper right arm I thought I had something to do with the car accident I was in two months ago because every time I go to the doctor they ask me if I have any numbness in my hands but I just had my second vaccine yesterday in my right arm and woke up this morning with my hand completely numb even almost turning white and swollen and I now no it has everything to do with the vaccine. It’s much worse than the first time but I only experienced a few spells of the numbness and tingling after the first vaccine I’m hoping that it results soon but it did come and go for a couple weeks from what I remember

  42. I just had my 1st shot of Pfzire vaccine last March 7, 2021. after 4 days . I feel cold, joint pain , bad head ache.. this 12 March until 14 March. 2021. And aslo on and off fever. its is normal ?

  43. I had my first Pfizer shot on March 12. Tired the next day and soreness around shot area.

    Day 2, last night vivid nightmares of snakes and animals trying to kill me. My husband woke me up, I couldn’t wake myself up.

  44. I had the Pfizer jab on Thursday and have felt absolutely awful since and won’t continues.
    I have lung disease and wondering whether my body can cope.
    Chest tight… Waking in the night screaming in agony, In hospital with pneumonia last Christmas and where the pain is feels like it has returned. How long do you put up with it before consulting a medical professional.

  45. I had my first dose on Friday 12th March my arm sore, crazy dreams and heart palpitations… had the AstraZeneca…still feel awful

  46. I had the Pfizer 1st dose 3 days ago and have been having weird dreams every night since. I feel fine otherwise- no other side effects, just the dreams, and wanting to go to bed a little earlier than usual but feeling fine during the day

  47. Had first vaccine on Saturday, few hours later could hardly walk, feeling worse muscle pains then temperature, sweats overnight. Same three days on. I do have CFS and Fibromyalgia, perhaps symptoms have been heightened with the vaccine!

  48. i had my covid shot on wed march 10th.. I felt great.. I was in the gym lifting LOL… felt great till Sunday…man down!!! cold chills… terrible headache..weak and nausea… When I dont finish a meal I know something is wrong… glad to come here and see this is normal… I’m hoping the 2nd shot is not as bad since the first did me in.. Today I’m feeling much better just still weak and a little nauseous

  49. First dose on 3/15/21. During the 15 minutes of observation, my arm grew sore like I just worked out and began to have a metallic taste in my mouth. A little nausea but nothing too bad.

  50. Had first Pfizer jab last Thursday ( 4 days ago) . Felt ok Friday but since then just really tired keep going to bed , flu type symptoms, slight headache, but no temperature. Blood pressure normal. Strange dreams . Im 55.

  51. I had the first Pfizer vaccine March 4, a Thursday, Sunday night I had fever, chills, and strange dreams, I slept with 2 sherpa blankets and a heater. I slept most of the next day. Fevers and chills came and went. My joints ached, I could barely walk. I was drenched in sweat in the middle of the night. By the 3rd afternoon I felt better..but it has been a week and a half and I am still having bad dreams and a pins and needles feeling in my lower legs and chills. I never had Covid as far as I know. I am dreading the second shot, none of my friends had this happen.

  52. Hi day of shot Pfizer was fine. second day so tired and dizzy. third day tired and little dizzy hope this ends soon its scary.

  53. I had my second dose of Pfizer vaccine on 3/4. Minimal reaction that day – slightly sore arm, a little tired. Next day felt fine, but 2 days later began experiencing pins and needles sensations in both arms, hands, legs and feet. Comes and goes, but still occurring every day. Taking antihistamine per doctor recommendation, not sure it’s helping. Doc says it could last 4 weeks. Has anyone had this reaction that’s been resolved?

    • I had my second Pfizer vaccine dose on February 18. I have a common reaction, sore arm fatigue for about a day and a half and then I felt fine about two weeks later I noticed pins and needles sensation in my back, as time went on I noticed it elsewhere arms especially and legs. My husband also noticed the pins and needles sensation about a week after his second dose and his results two weeks later. His was in only one arm. It’s getting very frustrating as it is now four weeks later and I still have the pins and needles mostly in my arms and my back. Anyone else have resolution of this?

      • I’ve been having pins and needles sensation on and off for 12 days, sore arm lasted 2 days.
        Second shot next week, I’m a bit nervous but glad to hear that I’m not the only one. I’m just surprised it’s not mentioned in any official warnings

        • Hi AdamK
          I am having the same symptoms after my first dose and I’m nervous now about getting my second.
          I was wondering if you got your second dose and if you are having symptoms?

          • The symptoms went away after 5 weeks!! I did not take the second Pfizer shot yet, waiting for more info on that

    • Hi, I had my first Pfizer vaccine on 3/31 in my lady arm and within minutes I felt a weird tingling in my right arm. It then spread to both arm and legs and other parts of my body too. I’ve seen a doctor who thought it was an allergic reaction – but that just complicated matters because I was in too much allergy medication- which came with its own side effects. I then made an appointment with an allergist who said it wasn’t an allergy – that it was a side effect from the vaccine. It’s 10 days later now and I still have the tingling and pins and needle feeling – especially in my hands and feet. I don’t have an answer yet – I’m hoping it will just resolve with time. But I’ll keep looking. It’s very uncomfortable. And yes, it also comes with anxiety.
      Beat of luck to you and everyone else here. Hopefully we all get these weird side effects resolved soon.

      • I had my first Pfizer shot on Jan 15th and still experiencing tingling in both legs and feet mainly. Intermittent but there especially at night. Started 10 minutes after I got the shot in my opposite side toes. I’ve had B12, CRP, thyroid and regular blood tests. Saw an allergist who ruled out allergic reaction and a neurologist who ruled out Guillain Barre and transverse myelitis which he said has been seen (rarely) with the vaccines. Still having tingling 3 months out- mainly annoying and worrisome of when it will pass and what exactly is going on. I decided not to get second dose since still having symptoms. I was on a short dose of steroids which helped, ibuprofen also has helped too. I’ve also noticed eye pain but not sure if it’s related. Thanks everyone for posting your experiences. I have posted to the CDC vaccine tracking site in hopes more information will come out.

  54. I had my my second dose on March 4. Had a minimal reaction that day – slightly sore arm and a little fatigued. Felt fine the next day, but 2 days after the shot, I began feeling pins and needles sensations in both arms, hands, legs and feet. Comes and goes, but still experiencing those symptoms daily, 12 days after the shot. Have been taking antihistamine, per my doctor’s recommendation, but not sure it’s helping. She said it could last 4 weeks. Has anyone else experienced persistent pins and needles that resolved?

    • I had my second dose of Pfizer on February 18. Common reaction soreness in the arm fatigue that lasted a day and a half. Gradually a couple weeks later I started getting pins and needles sensation all over my body but especially my back and my arms. It is now a month later and it hasn’t gone away. My husband experienced the pins and needles sensation in one arm but has resolved over about a week

    • Hi Jeanne – I had the Oxford AZ vaccine 11 days ago and the day after the jab I started getting pins and needles in my left arm and hand, pain around the muscle at the site of the injection, and also some weird sinus pressure around my eyes and nose. I still have these feelings now and they are very annoying because they are always there! I will be calling my doctor later on in the week and will let you know what they say. I hope you feel better soon…

      • I had my AZ vaccine on Saturday 20 March I do suffer with severe allergys they said I be OK afraid not though the night kept taking coughing fits then tongue when numb and both legs had a burning feeling went to A and E on Sunday morning doctors say just had a bad reaction to it I will not be getting my second one

      • Thanks Mandy. I still have pins and needles 20 days after 2nd dose. My PCP ordered blood work and referred me to a neurologist. Turns out I have a B12 deficiency, which they both think is the cause and unrelated to the vaccine. I’m taking supplements and will follow up in a month. Also experiencing severe tinnitus, just started yesterday. I gotta believe there’s some connection to the vaccine since symptoms began just 2 days later. Any updates on your end?

        • Hi Jeanne. I saw my GP who referred me to A&E immediately, where I had blood tests and a few sensory checks, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. The nurse said he had already seen four people that morning with similar symptoms, but had no idea what was causing it. Today it’s six weeks since the first vaccine and I am still feeling the same, so I have sadly decided not to have the second dose. Another trip to the GP is possible I guess, and I’m going to insist on being referred for neurological tests because something isn’t right and I’m just so fed up now. I’m glad they found your B12 deficiency, but it really does seem like the vaccine is the cause of these problems, doesn’t it x

          • So glad I found this site as I feel like I’ve been losing my mind since my first phizer vaccine. Most people say no reaction yet mine was opposite. I too had worse but did not start until 24 hrs or so after shot affected nervous system (full blown panic attack on drive into work) then felt really off mentally – in fact I blew up at a co worker over a little thing which is completely out of character for me! – also internal shaking profusely sweating – barely made it home- tossed & turned all night sweating like crazy for 3 nights came in waves even during the day and nausea – survived on water soup & pretzels for 10 days, internal shaking & nerves(pins needles intermittent numbness) work is difficult it’s been 4 weeks now – effects have eased but developed itching (scalp and face is worst) and ringing in my ears around 2 weeks that persist – fatigue Intermittent nerves issues,Mental fog and depression? (all new symptoms since vac)
            I am on biologics so definetly a factor but I too am scared to get second dose now:(

  55. I had a first Does of Phizer vaccine about two weeks ago and still have slight Achiness in my legs anyone else have this ?

    • Hi deena I had my 1st pfizer vaccine the 16th March within hours I had a dead leg feeling the next day I was fine but the following day the feeling was back & my leg felt very weak I went to a & e & was told its probably a disc in my back ive never ever suffered with lower back problems or achy legs the next day I had the weakness in both legs and it felt like I had been on a treadmill for hours & got off to jelly legs as I describe the feeling. I still have it now!! I have an msk appointment next week to look into possible disc problem but abit of a coincidence for me.

      • I also have “jelly” legs and arms! So weird. I’m day 9 now. I went on a short hike today and my legs were trembling down the incline. Never had this problem before! Have you improved at all yet?

      • hmm.. i have similar weakness in my thighs…it’s the feeling I have after biking a few hrs and getting off the bike on the ground.. and my legs feel slow to respond . this causes me some imbalance at times..

  56. I’m wondering if we can have side effects almost 2 weeks after receiving the second vaccine. I am experiencing fatigue, headache, muscle aches but also the symptom that’s bothering me the most is gastrointestinal symptoms, such as heartburn indigestion and just being very uncomfortable. I just feel lousy but not sure if it’s related to the vaccine or possibly another illness.

  57. I received the first Pfizer vaccine on March 10th and also took Tylenol prior to getting the vaccine which helped . The first day after the vaccine and the Tylenol wore off, I experienced being really tired, headache, sore arm and really weird unexplainable feelings. The next day, I tried to ride my bike and do my normal 40 mins aerobics routine and I was not able to either one because my knees are swollen and sore. Today is March 16th, five days later after receiving the first vaccine and my knees are still swollen and sore. In November 2019, I was told by my doctor that my x-ray showed a little arthritis in my needs so I think the vaccine has agitated them because it is so uncomfortable to walk up and down the stairs. not to mention I miss exercising.

  58. Healthy 39 year old got 1st pfizer shot Sunday evening. Two hours later hands turned ghost pale white and hands and feet started tingling like pins and needles. I felt exhausted, cold and very fatigued. I’ve been anxious ever since. Heart rate went up. Joints sore. I’ve felt these symptoms for two days and today is day 3 and so far I think I feel better but has anyone else experienced this??

  59. Had my first Pfizer vaccine and didn’t even feel it..no sore arm at all. However after 8 hrs I started losing my balance and started feeling dizzy and nautious. Out of curiosity I checked my blood pressure as I heard this may change… I have never suffered from high blood pressure but it rocketed up to 167/107. My neighbour is a doctor and we called him in to check i was ok.. he monitored me and my blood pressure for the following 24 hrs and it was chaotic. It settled down after 48hrs but after 3 weeks I still have dizzy spells. I am concerted about the 2nd dose but hopefully it won’t be as bad.. I do have allergies and a poor immune system.

    • I’ve had both Pfizer shots, checked my BP today and its 20 points higher than normal. 2nd shot was Mar 19 (today is Mar 24). Pulse rate is also lower than normal. Age 77 here.

    • Had my 1st Pfizer shot on Mar 6 that evening had tingling on tongue. Two weeks later ended up at hospital with bp of 203/106. Got warm sensation on tongue and in chest. 6 weeks later, with taking antihistamines, it is happening periodically. Bp will go up 170/92 with flushing feeling and eventually come back to normal 110/77. Doctors can’t figure it out. Hope it subsides soon.

      • Hi Paula,

        How are you feeling? I’m on day 8 after the first Pfizer shot and started experiencing an increase in blood pressure since day 5. Still there today . It’s not as high, been like 124/85 , it’s high since I’m use to 115/70. The highest I’ve had it was 150/95. At first I thought this may have been triggered by the anxiety attack on day 5 but I’m not sure.

        • Hi, I’m 9 days after my first pfizer jab and BP also went really high on day 5, and still hovers around 150/95. My BP was fine before the shot, please let me know if yours comes down!

  60. I had my second Pfizer shot on March 16th. I just felt very cold not shivering just as though my body temperature dropped all night. I was fine the next day however I am now on my 2 day and woke up with such pain in my jaw on the side where I got my shot. Could be swollen nodes, watching it and wondering if anyone else had a side effect like this.

    • I’ve been having horrible jaw pain on the side of my body where I got the shot 3 days ago and couldn’t figure out if it was from the vaccine or not

    • I am on week 3 of horrible jaw pain. I woke in the night on the same night as my 2nd pfizer vaccine and it felt like someone punched me in the jaw. I’ve had so much pain and a feeling like someone put someone’s else’s teeth in my mouth. My bite is off now too. My molars don’t touch now.

  61. I had my 2nd Covid-19 vaccination on March 8th, 2021 (Pfizer) and had very little reaction, other than a sore arm for about 4 days. It’s been 8 days since that 2nd vaccine and I’ve noticed that I have a mild headache almost constantly with no explanation. I’m not sure if it’s related the Covid-19 vaccine, but I sure hope it goes away because I rarely get headaches so it’s a little worrying. Not sure if this a very rare side-effect, given that it’s been 8 days since that 2nd vaccination?

  62. Had my first Pfizer vaccine On 10 of March 2021
    As today 18 of March still I feeling some time cold my body
    What I do now ? Before I am very strong now feeling very week

    • Hi, I had my second on the 9th March. I also rarely have headaches but I seem to have had one on/off throughout the last few days. Also pins & needles in the hand of the injection arm. A little worried this won’t stop or might get worse.

  63. I had the Pfizer vaccine four days ago. I have a real bad head cold. Nothing in chest or anywhere else but this is awful

  64. I had my first shot on March 11th and had pain in the injection sight for 3 days, feel very tired for 3 days. But after 2 days, I started feeling pins and needle in both feet and hands. It is started as come and go but now it stays all day. It is not getting any worse also not getting better either. Anyone experienced pins needle, please let me know how long did it take to stop feeling the sensation. It’s not too painful but is super annoying. Thanks.

    • Let me know if you find out anything. I am having the same symptoms as you- pins and needles in legs and feet. Started out coming and going and now it’s almost all of the time. I got my Pfizer vaccine the same day as you. I wish people would update.

      • Hi Joann my mother 61, is experiencing the same kind of thing as both yourself and John. She had her first Pfizer jab 8 days ago and not even 24 hours after felt numbness back/ stomach both legs and in her fingers. It’s been pretty much the same for the last 8 days. Hoping your condition improves.

    • I too am curious about duration of the pins and needles feeling. A few hours after the shot I began having tingling on the ulnar side of my hand on the side I received my injection. The following morning, pins and needles in L foot, and now one week post 1st Pfizer vaccine am experiencing pins and needles in both lower extremities. Not painful, but annoying, and has me wondering if I should do the second shot?

      • Hi Chris, an update. My mom is now on day 13, still feeling numbness in her back/torso, legs, feet, toes, hands and fingers. Had a few calls with her GP, and other doctors at a couple of hospitals. They do think it is related to the vaccine and believe that it is transient. They weren’t able to give a ball park on how long the numbness would last. Although in some comments I see that doctors have said up to 2 months? Would love to hear how you are doing!

        • Update – Now two weeks post my first Pfizer vaccine and the “pins and needles” feeling in arms and legs is still present. It comes and goes, but overall no improvement. Would really like to get second dose, but am unsure what to do. Has anyone had this experience from the first shot, and then gone on to get the second dose???

          • Hi, I got my first pzifer shot and I felt pins and needles on both my fingers for three weeks. It comes and goes. I went ahead and got my second shot. This is week 4 now. I still have the tingling. I dont know what to do. I’ll tried to get a hold of my doctor but she wasn’t available but I’ll keep trying, the nurse who gave me the shot didn’t seem too concerned and said probably a side effect. It’s just terribly annoying to feel it and my hands are constantly cold. I hope this will eventually go away. At least I feel somewhat at ease that other people are having the same symptom and it wasnt carpal tunnel or in my head!

          • Well since it’s been a week since my second shot and I still have the tingling in my fingers, I will update if any changes or goes away.

          • Hello all, another update. My mother is now 21 days with the numbness same locations – back, pelvic area, legs, hands, feet. The severity of the numbness moves around every day.

            Really hoping that this will go away. How are your symptoms? Any better?

          • Hi, I got my Pfizer vaccine last Friday, the pins and needle feeling start about three days after I got the vaccine, and right now it been 1 week since I got the vaccine. But this pins and needle feeling seems still persist. how long this tingling feeling will goes away?

        • Hi, another update. I’m still having the tingling in my fingers only. I don’t think it’s gotten worse, just the same. It’s been over a month now. My hands are cold and it still comes and goes. I’ve schedule an appt with my doctor for the end of this month. so hopefully it will subside but this side effect is annoying as heck as I’m sure it’s worse if it’s everywhere else too.

    • Im still feeling pins and needles a nerve jabs in various parts of my body and I’m itchy, and its been 4 wks past my 2nd vaccine it started 2 weeks after the first one, Lidocaine and method sooth my itchy back

  65. I too had weird, vivid, unpleasant dreams for days after my first dose of Pfizer vaccine. Didn’t think it was anything to do with the vaccine until reading others experienced the same.

  66. Hi,
    Had my AZ/Oxford jab yesterday, today I haver a horrible headache and brain zaps, I have had brain zaps before but not quite as bad as this. Seems to be every time I move I get one after another.

    Other than that I have a slight fever which is to be expected…

    I’ll try to update people when this resolves as there seems to be a lot of worried people out there.

    • Quick update, the brain zaps seem to have subsided for now and have given way to a migraine, I don’t often get them but it’s a listed side effect so expected.

      Feeling quite sick also but not been sick yet.

  67. 100% of comments here have painful experience after having the PFizer vaccine. I am scheduled mine on the 31 of March. I hope some people that have mild or no side effects comes out and share to see other other side of the coin. I am now lost if I still go for this vaccine or wait a little more.

    • Hi Zaldy,

      Most people get here because they are searching for side effects or to see if others have had the same side effects.
      People who have the jab and have little or no symptoms wont be searching online to see if their symptoms are normal 🙂
      Two family members and a friend have both had the Pfizer one and said the worst their symptoms got was an achy arm.

      Don’t worry too much about the job, you’ll be fine.

  68. There was absolutely no information on not to take Tylenol before you got the Pfizer shot. I take Tylenol daily for pain. I am disabled. I have mitral valve regurgitation a very high heart rate, high bp, brain injury from dying 4 times.
    I’m very upset. We know for a fact we contracted this around Christmas. Our grandchildren were there. I had a persistent dry cough unproductive. So much so that I could hardly catch my breath. I couldn’t eat for days. And I am 5’” and weighed 145. I now am down to 130 q15 lbs underweight.
    I had a malpractice lawsuit where the surgeon ripped out my uterus and left ovary. I died 4 times from bleeding to death and them not getting a general surgeon in. Finally after firing my doctor a general surgeon came in and saved my life.
    I didn’t have crazy dreams because of that traumatic event being on a respirator for 10 given my last rights and remember thing that were said in surgery. Coming to after being resuscitated heading to the or. I went through 4 surgeries which also caused me ptsd.
    I take medications to sleep because of the severity of nightmare and if I fall asleep will I wake up?
    Last night on ABC world news they said not to take Tylenol before the Pfizer shot. It was never mention by Pfizer, cdc. It wasn’t on the paperwork when we went to get our shot. So THERE WAS NO INFORMATION!!!!
    It said that if I took Tylenol before getting the Pfizer shot it could lessen my immunity.
    I have mitral valve regurgitation, an extremely high heart rate, scarring in my lungs from the respirator and I was born with asthma. Not to mention right frontal love brain damage caused by no oxygen when I died 4 times
    so it said it could weaken your immunity. I have 2 young grandchildren that lost their father( my son) to intentional suicide.
    Our side of the family , let’s say a re way lees dramatic, we don’t argue and have never been physical with each other. So they enjoy this atmosphere. So now do I have to keep them away now?? We are the only peace they get.
    The other side, the paternal side is so way dysfunctional!
    Do I need a little bit more than the normal dosage next time to replace me talking Tylenol?
    I have to take it everyday for pain. I was also at a stop with a car in front of me and was rear ended at 70-80 mph down into a 70 ft steep revine and was luck and blessed enough to get the car turned around so my son side didn’t go into the trees. I have thoracic outlet compression in both arms , cervical fusion and just starting to come out of a deep depression. I have maybe been out of my house 10 times in the last 4 years.
    I also have to be fully protected around my husband who has diabetes, severe sleep apnea and fused back and copd and peripheral neuropathy?
    What’s the CORRECT ANSWER HERE ??????

    • Someone in the correct medical authority please give me insight. I have severe PTSD, depression and my anxiety is so bad that it affected my heart and now I have to take 4 white zanax bars(2) a day to keep my heart rate down and not have a stroke… only 54. I have to protect my husband. I also started productive coughing after I developed Covid. I feel like am coughing up soo much phlegm, I feel like I’m drowning

      • Robin not sure if you’re still reviewing this site. I just received my 1st vaccine today. Curiosity brought me due to mild angina, might be heart-burn. Please reach out to me if you can.

        Thank you,

  69. First Pfizer shot: I had minor ach in my arm (no different than any other shot) a few days of loss of appetite (no complaint there, lol) BUT I am losing my hair, whether I comb it or not… If I run my hand through it I get 10 to 20 hairs – every morning, not broken ones either, these are full length! So help me if I go bald – I will be fit to be tied!!!!

  70. It’s been 9 days since I got my first Pfizer shot. At first not many adverse reactions,,, sure arm, a little body ache. In the last couple of days started getting pins and needles in my arms, legs, hands and feet. Fast heartbeat, Brain zaps at night and weak legs. I’m also tired. This is so weird. Called my Drs, they don’t know if it’s from the vaccine, but it all started after getting it, so I’m convinced it’s from that. I’m also seeing similar stories here, so that just helps confirm I’m not the only one. I wonder how long this will last. So irritating and worrisome.

  71. I have had my first injection on 17th of March. First it was only an ache on the arm, 2 days later I started coughing and I had flu like symptoms, runny nose, sore throat etc. Now, paperwork they have me states that with the exception of pain in the arm, none of this are vaccine side effects, but I am one of those people who doesn’t get flu or gets it once in every few years. I firmly believe I don’t have flu and all these are caused by vaccine. Having said that most of my mates who got it had no side effects, so it’s not that bad for everyone.

  72. I received the first dose today and beyond a little tingling in my fingers, I feel ok. A little tired. It’s been four hours since I was vaccinated. I’ll update after after 24 hrs.

  73. I had my 1st Pfizer jab on March 12, didn’t really feel much side effects for two to three days but the fourth day I felt the flu like symptoms like chills , rib hurting, and mostly fatigue but no fever . Today is my 10th day after the jab, The rib pain and chills are almost gone but fatigue is on and off still it’s annoying, and legs are a little sore specially the calf muscles, it feels like you just finished running or something! I still have my 2nd dose coming soon , I’m hoping for the best!

  74. Had my first Oxford jab ,24 hours later I got the shakes lost the ability to walk or talk for a couple of hours,it felt like I was having a stroke.

  75. I had the vaccine, went cross country skiing the next day, felt great, celebrated with a few alcoholic beverages, the next day was dehydrated and headache, oh thats right, i must’ve been hungover….

  76. Hi, I had my first Pfizer jab on 25 Feb. I then had a very sore arm, joint pain and and nausea for about 2 days after. I thought I had got away with any nasty side effects but then on day 6, I started to experience what I can only describe as a sunburnt burning feeling all across my back, chest area and down my arms. Since then it has been getting more intense and at night it really burns. On day 6, my armpits also started feeling really swollen and my neck felt really sore. My joint pain is also getting worse, particularly over the last week or so in my ankles, feet and lower back. My main concern at the moment though is the constant burning across my back. Has anyone else experienced that? And how long did it last? I’m feeling worried about having my second jab as they say side effects can be worse after that. Hoping someone else has had these effects as I can’t find any mention of them when I try to find out. My GP says it’s unlikely to be connected but I was completely fine before I had the jab! It was 4 weeks ago that I had the first one.

      • I’m due the second dose in 2 weeks time. Feel a little apprehensive but still going to have it. Fingers crossed it won’t be as bad this time.

      • Hi Kristy. Yes it did eventually settle down. How are you doing now? I’m due the second dose in 2 weeks time. Feel a little apprehensive but still going to have it. Fingers crossed it won’t be as bad this time.

    • Hi Nicky.

      I have the same. Burning sensation all on my back, feet, hands. It started on Day 1 and I am day 11 today. My GP told me to take vit B for now, it helps the nerves a bit . My neurologist asked me to monitor but he doesn’t rrally know. Your immune system is over reacting with inflammation, as mine. Try to relax as much you can as stress can only make it worst. I read medical statements saying it can take up several weeks to go away.

  77. Has anybody had a terrible metallic taste in their mouth and a stinging sensation across their chest and arms after the first jab of AZ?

    • I had my vaccine on Saturday an immediately got a funny taste in my mouth. It reminded me of the taste you get when you are being put under prior to a surgery. I started to feel pins and needles in my hands and arms. I told one of the people running the vaccination center that I think that I may be having a reaction to the vaccine. After speaking with someone in charge he determined I was having a panic attack. I know what I felt and tasted . I didn’t have those symptoms prior to the shot.

      • John… I had my first shot ( Pfizer) in March 30… I felt the same way moments after . They said it was nerves /panic attack but I felt fine prior to getting my shot. CDC website says the 1st shot you are 80% protected from COVID virus and 2nd shot it goes up to a 90% protection considering that’s only 10% increase and knowing how I felt after my 1st shot if don’t feel the extra 10% of protection from COVID is worth me chancing the second shot. They say 2nd is worse so I probably won’t be getting it.

  78. I got the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday March 18 in my left arm. On Friday I remember noticing that my right breast and top of my right arm (opposite arm) were tender. On Saturday my breast pain had subsided but my arm hurt from the wrist to the shoulder. By “hurt” I mean that if felt like every muscle was crying from weakness when I lifted my arm. I started wondering if I was having a stroke of something because the pain was so unusual and something I had never experienced before. Of course I researched all my symptoms and managed to find two entries on this site that describe the same thing I was feeling – pain in the opposite arm. I felt so much better knowing I wasn’t going crazy and that others shared my side effect. (ps: I also had very vivid dreams but I enjoyed them immensely. By Monday my pain was essentially gone and I’m good. I appreciate this website, thank you all for posting your experience.

  79. Had vaccine on 25 Feb, felt like coming down with something on 2 and 3 March, felt bit better then was ill for five days on 7 March and 9 to 12 March with shaking, muscle aches, exhaustion and vivid dreams. Only fully recovered on 16 March. This after one dose of Pfizer. Thought it was actual virus but still not sure one way or the other.

  80. Within several hours of the 1st. Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine my hands started tingling and are sensitive to heat, the sun, and feel cool. Day 2 seems to be getting worse and my hands feel like they have an sunburned on top of the other symptoms.

    • Hi. How are your ‘sunburned’ hands now? My main problem is a burning pain which I would describe as sunburn, which started a few days after first dose 4 weeks ago in my back, chest, breasts and arms. It is very sore and worse at night when I am lying down. I hope you are feeling a little better now.

      • My father in law is feeling the same thing… burning pain all over his back and can’t lie down even overnight. It is happening for a few weeks now. He took the 2nd Pfizer vaccine 2nd week of February which may suspect a bad LOT of Pfizer vaccines. Can someone reading this make a note of the LOT number of the 2nd Pfizer Vaccine and post here? We need to isolate this down to LOT distribution so we can all call the CDC to report it.

  81. I received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine yesterday about 3:30 PM. I sat there for observation for 30 minutes because I do have unidentified allergies. I felt fine afterwards, I even remember thinking that’s weird the pain I usually feel in my lower back seems to have gone away. It wasn’t until after I ate dinner this overwhelming feeling of tiredness came over me then diarrhea and also simultaneously felt like I might throw up. I crawled into bed at 6:00 PM and didn’t wake up until 9:00 PM. The diarrhea and nausea had gone, but felt very heavy and tired. Slept from 11:00 PM until 11:00 AM and still had to talk myself into getting up. Body temperature has swung a little from hot to cold. A little bit of sore throat, but that’s what finally got me out of bed this morning, my eyes and throat were extremely dry. Lack of energy.

  82. I had the Pfizer vaccine on 20 Jan 21. I started noticing pins and needles in my right middle finger on 15 March. By 19th it had spread to both hands and now 24th March it is in both hands and both feet. It isnt constant but comes and goes
    I now think the pins and needles in my hands and feet are a side effect of the vaccine. GP/blood test has ruled out diabetes. Cant be carpal tunnel because it affects my feet too. Hope it goes away soon.

    • Ihop your doing well..
      After 3 months from my 2nd pfizer vaccine suddenly I had left side body mild numbness including my left face. I went ER CT scan mri and blood work all normal.. They diagnosed me as TIA.. After 2 days the numbness come on and off migratory every where left. RT upper lower then went off for 1 or 2 days then come again.. And I still have these symptoms for 6 weeks..
      Please reply back to me

  83. Just had my first dose of phizer today March 24 after 10 mins of shot I felt dizziness and it went away; about 5 hours later headache and fatigue like I’m coming down with flu with no symptoms and my opposite arm hurts, heart racing. I hope I feel better tomorrow will let you know. I’m 55 yrs old.

  84. I had my first shot 3/24 and I just feel very hot. But no temperature. I have always run on the low side but am just a tad bit lower than usual and yet feel like I can spontaneously combust! It started about 4 hours after I received the Pfizer vaccine,

  85. THANK YOU! I am on day three of 1st shot and the dreams are unbelievably vivid. Its like theater. With the many other side effects, the dreams are CRAZY!!!

  86. I had my first shot 3/4/21 and only had a sore arm which was cured with Tylenol. About 2 weeks later I started feeling extremely fatigue, and had a runny nose and some sneezing, allergy symptoms. I kept dozing off and was super lethargic. I took allergy medicine, and EmergC. About 5 days later I begin to feel better, more like my normal self. I had Covid back in July not sure if that changes your reaction to the vaccine. Today I took my second shot. Its been 5 hours and just have a sore arm so far.

  87. I had my first shot 3/4/21 and only had a sore arm which was cured with Tylenol. About 2 weeks later I started feeling extremely fatigue, and had a runny nose and some sneezing, allergy symptoms, and hot flashes, clamy feeling. I kept dozing off and was super lethargic. I took allergy medicine, and EmergC. About 5 days later I begin to feel better, more like my normal self. I had Covid back in July not sure if that changes your reaction to the vaccine. Today I took my second shot. Its been 5 hours and just have a sore arm so far. I am 29, female, with no underlying health issues.

  88. First, I sure hope everyone is reporting their symptoms.

    Second, I got my first dose of Pfizer yesterday, felt fine immediately after, then three hours later, developed tinnitus, could hear my heartbeat in my ears, and developed mild pain in my temples. My doctor plans an MRI if tinnitus does not subside by day four.

    I wish everyone the best with these unusual symptoms.

    Anyone have their tinnitus subside? Curious also about the nature of others’ tinnitus…mine is the whine of and old electronic device, like an old tube television set.

    • Both myself and my mother experienced tinnitus after the pfitzer vaccine. Interested to know whether yours has resolved? Ours is ongoing, about 3 months now..

    • Hi Maria
      I developed tinnitus exactly as you describe after the Pfizer vaccine, a persistent 24/7 electrical whine. Hard to get doctors to take me seriously, went private with work and my ears are perfect but have been referred to an audiovestibular consultant with some knowledge of neurology as I also had some facial dropping, paralysis and numbness/tingling in the face which is worse on the right side (where the tinnitus is worse too).
      @Nadine – I had mine in late Feb and 3 months on the tinnitus, tremors etc are worse.

  89. Your reference to tinnitus is interesting. I received my first Pfizer vaccination in January and a week or so later was aware of mild tinnitus in my left ear. Sometimes a high-pitched whining, at other times a whooshing noise like breaking waves. Howver, I did not associate this with the vaccine because my late mother suffered from tinnitus at the age I am now, The tinnitus has now now largely disappeared but I have my second dose next week and will see if it returned. I am a medical writer and journalist, now semi-retired.

  90. Got my 1st Pfizer yesterday…. the dreams I had last pm were so REAL. Couldn’t wake myself up from them, which I can easily do normally. I knew they were dreams. Once I was able to come out of sleep, I’d go right back said dream. Very VERY scarily vivid and trippy. I’m thinking this was a side effect. Although(thank God) the dreams were all enjoyable, for the most part… could’ve turned into nightmares. I’m hoping I get some regular sleep this evening.

  91. Glad to have found this site. I had my first Pfizer shot on Feb.24; had arm soreness for a day or two, as well as a “pins and needles” feeling all over my body, which then went away. After having my second shot on March 17 (felt the needle go in this time unlike the first one which was pretty smooth!), I had the pins and needles feel again for a couple of days along with a momentary feeling of numbness on my cheek, which then went away. My concern, however, is the arm soreness that still persists 9 days after the shot, along with a numbing sensation and an occasional pinching in the arm throughout the day. I have been taking Tylenol, Ibuprofen, as well as applying ice to the area, but to no avail! The needle’s spot is still dark-red/purplish (turning green and yellow for the most part these days) – but the pain does not feel normal at this point, especially compared to my first shot. I also feel a throbbing heartbeat kind of feeling in both of my ears. Since I already have a history of “bursitis” and “tendonitis” on the same shoulder/arm, I am wondering if the lingering arm pain may also have to do with any of these symptoms?

  92. Pfizer vac 1st dose on March 11. Typical sore arm, headache…but the wild dreams are horrible! The worst, so far, is a bear trying to eat me with my only defense being an old galvanized garbage can and a baseball bat! Shoved the can over its head and pounded on the can with the bat. Well, at least his headache was prolly worse than mine…

  93. I am a 66 yo female. I had insomnia start (middle of the night) after first Pfizer vaccine, as well as leg pain (thighs and calves), which was sometimes contributing to the insomnia; also increase in tinnitus (already had mild tinnitus). All of this got worse with the second vaccine, and after a month, it is starting to become more moderate to mild, with some nights better than others. The leg pain is variable during the day and night, being most bothersome at night. The worst symptoms (fever, chills, shaking, terrible insomnia, body aches, exhaustion) lasted about 48 hours after second vaccine.

    However, if this is even a fraction of what one would experience with covid, I am REALLY glad I got the vaccine and would do it again. I must say I’m not looking forward to the boosters, but again, I really don’t want covid, so will take the boosters.

    I have autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. Anyone else with this experience?

    • My wife has Hashimoto. Took her 1st dose of Pfizer 19 days ago (on 3/24). Had (sometimes still has) pins and needles throughout her body and limbs. My experience is much more unpleasant (same Pfizer, same day): exhausting diarrhea on days 3-4 with up to 100°F, and REPEATED on days 17-18. + some pins and needles.

  94. I am on a heart monitor for an irregular heartbeat. Did not notice this before taking the Pfizer second shot. Has anyone else noticed this problem. Do not know if it is connected.

    • I received my vaccine 2 days ago and since then, l am feeling like an elephant sitting on my chest, along with needles and pins 30 minutes after. I took Benadryl but made my heart goes faster. Now I’m using clariton. Idk why they don’t tell anyone about the reactions. It’s almost like they keep this part hidden?

  95. I had my first Pfitzer shot on 3/22. Had pretty sore arm the next day and was extremely fatigued for the next 3 days. They suggested to drink plenty of fluids such as water or gatorade and keep hydrated. I started to eat an extremely heavy fruits and vegetable diet leading up to the vaccine to prime my body with nutrients so not sure if that helped with some of the other side effects. I was aware of the information to not take any acetaminophen/Tylenol or ibuprofen/Motrin before getting the vaccination only because I take a daily pill and read on the cdc website what not to do in preparation to receiving your shot. My husband received the shot at the same time. He is having other side effects. He started with a headache two days later and now he has a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. He said it feels similar to when he had strep throat last March although a trip to the emergency room yesterday and rapid testing said negative on covid and strep. During some research and postings here I have read that maybe the vaccine is resurfacing some dormant viral infections in your bodies so maybe it’s reactivating something he had prior? Or maybe his body is just responding to the vaccine with a sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes. He is not interested in getting the second shot at this point so I hope this passes soon. His doctor has prescribed an antibiotic.

  96. Feeling of nausea for two weeks. Inside of nose very sore. But the more worrying symptom was bad swelling in feet – which went bright red or blotchy red and white for most of the time for about two weeks. Might be related to my having MS. Problem finally wore off but it does make me a bit apprehensive about the second dose.

  97. I got my first Pfizer shot last Saturday. My arm was sore and swollen for about 3 days. On Wednesday I got this awful metallic taste in my mouth and I still have it. Everything I eat tastes weird now. I hope this goes away real soon.

  98. Had second Pfizer dose a week ago and have experienced crazy, vivid, scary dreams where I could hear myself calling for help. Once my husband heard me and wakened me and second time (just now) I wakened myself. Still happy to have had the vaccine though.

  99. I had my first Pfizer jab on March 23rd, and had some weird side effects. [TL;DR towards the bottom.]

    First some background: I’m a 61 year old female living in Los Angeles, and even though most everyone here understands science, wears masks, keeps distant, and the COVIDIOTS are rare, it’s hit here very hard. We’ve got 10 million people here in LA Co, which is 25% of the population of the entire state. We’ve also mostly all been on voluntary lockdown/working from home if possible for over a year, and I haven’t even a had case of the sniffles in all that time because we wear masks even to go to the mailbox in our apartment complex. My man is 50, and has cardiomyopathy while I’ve inherited my family’s high cholesterol, and am fighting against ASCVD as hard as possible. I’m also a broken ballerina who grew up riding horses and should have The Bionic Woman theme as my ringtone, (TWO titanium hips because SCIENCE and because I’m an elf and spent most of the time doing the leaping about etc.)

    We both eat healthy, exercise, and try to fight to stay as in shape as possible. I’ve also got type A blood which is 50% higher chance of ending up on a ventilator if I were to contract COVID. We’ve stuck with protocol, and spend a lot of time on zoom. (If I lose the internet I may lose my mind. Anyone need some good streaming binge recommendations? I’m happy to share.)

    When I arrived at the vaccination site, myself and everyone there were all very excited and relieved to finally be getting vaccinated. The staff were all super nice, and in great moods. It was almost a party vibe so I’m certain my adrenaline levels were high getting this vaccination.

    Thinnest needle ever, and barely felt it. Easy! Sat in my physically-distant chair and chatted with the others waiting our 15min to make sure no one had any severe reactions.

    I’ve never been allergic to anything. Not bees, shellfish, pet dander, nothing. (Well, okay, I’m allergic to stupid people. But working at Disneyland for nearly a decade was close to an mRNA vaccine in that it taught me to identify and learn to deal with them. “It may be The Happiest Place on Earth, but a moving Pirate boat can still kill you. “

    On the 5min drive home I started to get tingling/pins & needles beginning at the injection site (left arm), that spread down to my fingers. By the time I arrived home it had also gone up my neck, and jaw, then eventually filled the entire left side of my body down to my feet. Nothing was completely numb, it just felt like Novocain wearing off. My BP was 113/70, HR 65, BO 100. This lasted for the rest of the day, with BP coming up to 123/77. At one point I felt it also from my right elbow to my hand, but that only lasted 20-30min. I still feel it slightly on the left side of my neck. Also had fatigue that lasted 3 days. Woke up Wednesday and Thursday with a skull-wrap muscle headache, and for the last 4 nights my chronic insomnia has really ramped up. The tingling has by far been the most disconcerting as I’ve only found it listed under “severe” side effects. I’ve contacted Pfizer to see if they recommend I switch to the J&J as a second jab. I’m also calling my GP’s office tomorrow, but while they’re great, they’re not Epidemiology and Virology specialists.

    I’m going to do my best to report back with any updates. And thanks to everyone posting here!

      • So everything seemed mostly back to normal, except The night I posted my report above I too had a very vivid dream, that I remember in detail, and that hasn’t happened in decades. It was a nice dream too.

        1 week after my jab, almost to the hour, I felt the tingling again. It started in my left arm, went up the left side of my neck, into my jaw, down my left side to my foot. That lasted only a few minutes, then felt like I had ice water in my veins. Where the tingling had been, joined in by the same coldness in my right arm, elbow to hand. It was really strange, and very different than having chills. I wasn’t cold. The cold was beneath my skin. Lasted maybe 10-15 min. About 30 min after it started I felt cold and took my temp. I’m normally in the 97.X reptile-range, but had a fever of 98.9. Took an aspirin and it went away. Felt mostly fine today.

  100. I have my first Pfizer Jab getting on a month ago, no issues except a sore arm with swelling and redness for around 4-5 days. However now I have a massive dip in my muscle where the jab site was and the area is sore again. It sounds crazy but it’s like the muscle has been eaten away. I will be reporting this as it’s not right. But I would love to know if anyone else has or is experiencing the same?

    • I had my first dose on March 13, and I now have this same hollow/indentation area in my arm where they gave me the shot! Supposed to be getting second dose this week but unsure now.

    • Hi I’ve noticed the same my arm is aching alot and after 4 weeks I’ve noticed an indent like the muscle has been eaten away. Did you end up seeing a doctor or had the second does .

  101. Two people I know who recieved the Pfizer somehow got shingles a few days later.
    I had a abscess tooth the day of the Pfizer shot. Worked a nightshift the night before the shot. Felt like heck for a couple of days. Funny thing the abscess tooth was gone after three days. Went to dentist and he said “figuring that out is above my pay grade”!

  102. Got my first dose of Pfizer on the 24 th. Couldn’t sleep that night and now been having vivid crazy dreams. Glad I’m not the only one. Been real tired too.

  103. Did anyone who had the brain zaps and mental side effects after the first shot get the second shot and if so, how was it? The brain side effects from Pfizer first dose is making me really nervous to get second dose.

  104. Had my 2nd dose of Pfizer about two weeks ago. Was ill that evening with freezing cold feeling, uncontrollable shivers, headache, nausea, then hot and sweating. Felt better 48 hours after.

    However 10 days after, my left arm started to burn like it was sunburnt. Now my upper chest sound my neck, my upper back, down both arms and my hands really burn particularly in the evenings, almost like sunburn and my skin gets red like it’s really irritated. It’s very uncomfortable.

    Somewhat concerning to see others on here with the same problem. Would be interested to hear of anyone had this and more it’s resolved as I’m concerned the vaccine has caused a problem with nerves…

    • Hi Gary. I had exactly the same thing with the ‘sunburn’ burning (chest, back and arms and worse at night) and was also worried that the vaccine might have caused a problem with the nerves. Mine lasted nearly 4 weeks but has completely gone now so hopefully that will give you some reassurance. Take care, Nicky.

    • Hi Gary. I had exactly the same thing with the ‘sunburn’ burning (chest, back and arms which got worse at night) and was also worried that the vaccine might have caused a problem with the nerves. I also had tingling down my arms and hands. Mine lasted nearly 4 weeks but has completely gone now so hopefully that will give you some reassurance. Take care, Nicky.

    • Hi Gary
      I glad I found this forum, because three weeks after I got my first Pfizer vaccine, I got some stabbing pains in my back, and my back started itching, thought I might be coming down with shingles but Doctor said no, so I had my second Pfizer vaccine, was a little achy the second day, but none of the other common symptoms or side effects, but my itching continued and sometimes have pins and needle feelings and other areas of my body, and the occasional sharp nerve pain here and there and it’s been three weeks since my second injection. I sure hope this goes away soon.
      I seem to sleep OK after I’ve put some lidocaine cream with menthol on my back. After reading all the comments I’m thinking it might be a reaction to the vaccine, it’s not debilitating but very very irritating

  105. I got J and J this morning and by 5 pm I had all the symptoms: nausea, fever of 101.5, headache, body ache, dizziness like I’ve never had before, fatigue, even brain zaps which feel similar to when I miss a dose of Prozac. I’m thinking it might be smart to report the zaps to the CDC so they know. When I got zaps, I was very very alarmed bc I didn’t expect it.

    It is 9 pm now and the zaps have subsided. I took Tylenol for the fever. I’ve read mixed advice on whether to take Tylenol, but I felt I needed to get the fever down. praying I feel better tomorrow.

  106. I had the first Pfizer vaccine 31.01.21 and had what I classed as normal side effects for the first 24 hours: shivering, fever, brain fog and sore arm.

    48 hours in and I felt awful, started experiencing a loud high pitch ringing in both ears, left ear worse. Started having high anxiety and the panic attacks.

    I haven’t slept properly since the vaccine and have tried everything from yoga to Zopiclone and everything in between but I just can’t stay asleep. I can go to sleep but I wake up every 1.5-2 hours and normally drenched in sweat.

    I’m 2 weeks away from my second shot but I doubt I’ll have it!

    Has anyone else had Tinnitus that resolved (this would be highly unlikely as once you get it it’s normally permanent) or sleep maintenance issues?

    • I had a couple of episodes of tinnitus, and an itchy back a couple of weeks after my 2 dose, I’m still itching but the tinnitus has gone away

  107. I had my first jab on 08/01/2021 which was a Friday, on the following Wednesday i was taken by ambulance to St Thomas hospital suffering from a virtual infection in my inner ear (coincidence?) which totally disabled me, constant sickness and and unable to stand up. the doctor said i had an inner ear infection. i spent 8 weeks not being at all well.
    I had my 2nd vaccination last Wednesday. since then i have had a constant headache and feel woozy.
    A small price to pay for a life saving drug.
    I am 62 and fit but you just don’t know how covid-19 will effect you if you catch it.

  108. I had swelling of the face 1.5 hrs after injection. Benadryl was ok at curbing the symptoms. I also had tingling and numbness throughout body for 2 days. Starting 3rd day I feel normal.

  109. The comments just saved me. I have leg and hands are tingling, can’t stop sleeping, my body aches, have a fever, and the dreams are out of control. It’s day 4 after getting the second shot. When will I feel better from this.

  110. After reading the comments, you made me feel less alone. I had to take off work again and I think they think I’m lying. Tingling in my hands and legs, exhaustion, my body aches and feels “weird”. I have a head ache and a fever and lastly, the craziest dreams. I woke up feeling completely delusional. Today is the 4th day after my second Pfizer vaccine.

  111. I am a 65 year old man and I got my second Phizer vaccine on Saturday the 27th. I had a horrible frightening dream last night where I was in danger, I was aware that I was in my bedroom, I think someone was coming for me. I was unable to call out and then finally I felt like I screamed and woke up. It was so scary and the fear that I experience was unreal. I also just generally feel mentally unwell. I am very worried and anxious. It has been one week since the second dose. I hope this gets better.

  112. I got tingling in my fingers a few days after my first pzifer shot. I went ahead to get my second shot a few days ago even though I still had tingling in the fingers. I feel it sometimes or maybe when I’m doing something else I don’t feel it, I’m not sure. My hands seem to be cold a lot and I feel the tingling especially when I’m cold. I’ve been wearing gloves around the house every now and then. I’ve been trying to get a hold of my doctor but in the meantime but it seems like there’s nothing I can do about it except hope it goes away. It’s been almost 4 weeks now. I’m glad that there are other people with this side effect because I originally thought it was carpal tunnel. I am very surprised that it’s not listed as a common side effect for pzifer as it seems a lot of people are having this problem. I’m just trying to find out if anyone who’s had this… did I go away after a few weeks? Months? It’s not horrible but just very annoying.

    • Did it go away for you? I had exactly the same after 1. Pfizer shot and now I’m thinking about the 2. one, should i risk it or not?

      • Hi Julia,
        I got both shots even though I got the tingling. I still have it. It’s 6 weeks now. Going to the doc next week. I hope it will go away cuz it’s driving me crazy!

    • I’ve had the tingling/burning sensation, swelling and fingernail pain in my thumb and index fingers of the left hand for 8 weeks now. This started 8 days after my first Pfizer shot. (I did get the second shot.) The first four weeks I had the “hitting the crazy bone” sensation in my forearm every time my elbow touched anything (even my pillow), along with the “frost bite” burning feeling in my fingers. It was impossible to sleep. I felt weakness in my hand — couldn’t pick up or touch anything. After 4 weeks I regained hand strength but the burning has not gone away. The forearm sensation has diminished a bit when I bend my elbow or rest it on anything. I went to an orthopedist 3 weeks ago and was given a carpal tunnel cortisone shot, but it didn’t work — the burning sensation in my two fingers still persisted. Last week I went back to the orthopedist and she now thinks this was caused by the Pfizer shot affecting either the radial or median nerve, and doesn’t think it’s a nerve entrapment issue because the pain is not radiating from my neck. She said this type of nerve damage could take up to 6 months to heal. I’ve been using a prescription lidocaine cream but it only helps for a few hours.

  113. Just had my second Pfizer shot yesterday, as expected, a bit sore on the upper arm, nothing unusual about that, but for the last 2 -3 weeks after the first shot, I’ve had tingling in my arm and I put it down to my arthritis in my spine , but the more I read these posts here, I’m wondering if this tingling in the opposite arm ( right) to the one where I had the vaccine, is at all related to the vaccine. If it is, I’m actually relieved, as I thought it might be more serious problems with my loss of cartilage and the vertibrae beginning to press on my nerves. So that’s good news for me, hopefully it will fade away in a couple of weeks! Tingling is a lot better than dying of suffocation with covid in a hospital bed!

  114. Hi wondering if anyone maybe able to help me .. I had the Pfizer on the 2nd feb all I had was ache arm for 2 day … but now I keep getting pains in my arm that shoot down to my hand pulsating pain is this something to be worried about ?

  115. First injection of Pfizer I only had a sore arm and some unusual spaced out euphoria in the night, and 2 days of fatigue. The night of the second injection my arm was more sore than previous injection. Got the same spaced out euphoria, almost giddy feeling . In the middle of the night I felt suddenly freezing, and shaking with cold even though I was in the desert and our weather was hot. After wrapping up in hat and extra blankets I got comfortable and it lasted about 3 hours before feeling warm again. Also got the flulike symptom of feeling ‘run over by a truck’. It was unpleasant, but by mid-morning most aches and pains were gone. Continued to have periods of fatigue for a few days after that.

    • I had my first shot yesterday. I was manic, giddy (had a really, really good laugh), was talking fast, had super high energy late into the evening (which worked in my favor, I have a grading deadline). Had vivid dreams last night too. I had flushing on my face for about 10 minutes. Not sure what to expect for the second one.

  116. Anyone experiencing a UTI or pressure in there bladder? My daughter and I are after having the Pfizer first dose .

    • threads above about increased frequency of urination. I think all above are men. I’m on week 3 of incredible thirst and urination. Heading to an MD to make sure it’s not a UTI or anything else. Getting poke #2 this weekend.

    • Yes, I just had a constant need and urgent need to urinate. I’m five days after my vaccine and it still hasn’t completely gone away, but I’m sleeping through the night now (before I had to get up every hour feeling like I was going to pee), and I no longer feel like I’m going to piss myself (but still running to the washroom more than normal). I’m headed to a doctor to get things checked out to be sure it’s not a UTI (which I’ve never had before)

  117. I had the Pfizer vaccine in Feb. After had a numb tongue but felt ok. One week later woke up with vertigo and headache. Since then have woken with these symptoms for a week. They lessened for a while and the vertigo is improved but the strange headaches and brain fag are leaving me tired frequently. I’ve also felt numbness in my head and in some limbs. I don’t know whether to get the second jab.

  118. I had the pfizer first vaccination almost 5 weeks ago and still have the following symptoms:
    – rash which has turned into chronic ezcema all over body
    – weird bruises still appearing
    – non stop headache
    I’m really anxious about having the second vaccination. Surely it’s not normal to have side effects 5 weeks later? I was perfectly healthy before this vaccination. I have spoken to the Dr who said they still don’t know about side effects and just to monitor them. I feel like I’m alone in this

    • I would get a second opinion about those symptoms Yvonne, especially in light of what the European and UK vaccination authorities have said about potential blood clotting.

  119. In my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine I had a fever which lasted only a day. After my second vaccine later in the day I had stomach cramps and heartburn indigestion which faded away 2 days later however 2 weeks on I still feel bloated and sometimes get those stomach cramps. And now since 5 days ago I have this really bad migraine with tingling sensations on my feet and head. Just hope all this fades away soon.

  120. 6 weeks after the vaccine I’m still experiencing extreme pins and needles around my left face head and eye. With A month long prednisone pack and anti-convulsants the severity has waned in intensity and is now only somewhat debilitating. Really wish there was more public research on this.

  121. I had the second pfizer shot two weeks ago. Starting about a week ago had stomach pains, diarrhea, dizziness, etc. Today , dizziness, weakness in legs, weakness in abdominal muscles. Started shaking violently, couldn’t control or stop it. Lasted about 15 minutes, after it stopped,
    totally fatigued. Not good.

  122. First shot just sore arm. second shot pain on lower right stomach. all day intermittent. Anyone else experience this pain?

  123. I had my first Pfizer dose on March 21 and about 3 days later started feeling pins and needles (more like a burning feeling) in my feet, but it wasn’t constant. I didn’t associate it with the vaccine unfortunately and got my second does on April 3.. A few days after the second dose, the pins and needles got much worse and spread to my hands and wrists. Saw my doctor yesterday, and she did blood work to rule out anything else, but she thinks it’s an immune system reaction to the vaccine. If you’ve experienced this, did your symptoms eventually go away, and how long did it take? Thanks!

    • Connie,
      My simptoms are the same, they are going on and off, three- four weeks from first dose.I didn’ t take second dose from that reason.
      My dr think its reaction of immune sistem to the vaccine.
      But I am very nervous because pins and needles still here.I have this sensation espacially when I,m cold.I would like to see did someone resolve this problem? Anyone?

    • I have the same symptoms 6 weeks after the shot. The doctor is saying immune system reaction as well. I have heard from other people on this thread that it can lasts weeks to months if that helps. Very strange.

      • I just realized today that my #2 pfizer dose I got 8 days ago might be the cause of the occassional tingling in my hands and legs that I have been feeling the last 3 days. I had no immediate reactions to either shot #1 or #2 other being tired later in the evening after and have never had a reaction to any vaccine ever (have had all the exotic vaccines ). Like everyone I am wondering how long this side effect lasts if others have gotten over it. I feel absolutely fine but it’s annoying. I ran 10 miles yesterday and did a full body weight lifting workout today so doesn’t appear to be impacting my strength or energy yet (a 60ish year old guy). I saw one post where a doctor indicated it might take 8 weeks to shake the side effect- have no idea as to the truth or legitimacy of that post. This side effect is still better than covid symptoms at this point. Rather be alive and tingly than dead or walking around with damaged lungs.

  124. Been reading peoples side effects and praying they resolve soon, heart goes out to you all. Let us know when they resolve so we can celebrate w you! Had some extreme muscles pains and chills at night of my own after first shot and lymph node swelling under both arms and knots in chest muscles ( which partly had a fall on a trail race a few days before shot so sore muscles got sorer) which spasm at night w the chills on and off. Getting better. It’s been 11 days since first shot, so saw my doc about it yesterday. Voltaren and muscle relaxants at night help. Still have some shaking chills on and off, a few minutes at a time, which delays sleep though but getting less.

  125. Had my first dose of Pfizer yesterday evening. The injection site got sore overnight, and I’ve had mild muscle ache. I’ve also had some coughing and intermittent sneezing, which I thought was weird. I have no underlying conditions, in fairly good health.

    My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and has had some pretty bad muscle aches, even after taking extra OTC painkiller. (He got the Pfizer shot when I did)

  126. Second shot of Pfizer 7 days ago. Nerve pain/pins and needles left lower arm and hand. Was in both hands, arms and feet a few days ago overnight. Hoping this subsides and if it doesn’t it might be time to see my doctor.

    • I have occasional tingling in hands and lower legs that started 5 days after my second Pfizer shot which was stumping me until I start searching about it. No other symptoms and was just sleepy for a day after the first 2 shots. Hoping it subsides or has subsided for you!

  127. First shot of Pfizer a week ago. Mild soreness in arm from shot. Day after, the neuropathy in face, hands, arms, legs and feet started. Random tingling and what felt like coldness in bones. Extreme fatigue came out of nowhere for several days. So much so that I literally fell asleep on the spot twice a day for a couple of days. Those things have gone away a bit but the side effects that I dislike the most have not and those are the mental ones. Constant brain fog, difficulty concentrating and what seems like depression. Just very “spaced out” with lack of interest in anything. This was absolutely not present prior to the vaccination. I am extremely fit without any underlying health problems and take zero prescriptions. There are clearly many things that have not been disclosed officially about potential side effects. “Goes away in a few days” is complete BS in my opinion and they need to stop saying things like that.

    • Hi Jackson,

      Have your symptoms become better? Have almost the same symptoms for more than 7 weeks now, however after 4-5 weeks it became much better. Tingling in right foot and hand however and general fatigue are still there. Also not very strong backbain – never had back problems before.

      I visited multiple doctors – all tests showed no illness, infection, physical issues. Although this seems good, nobody knows what is the cause of the problems.

      Has anyone a treatment that actually helps? Standard treatments with cortisone had no effect for me.

      Many thanks.

  128. It was a bit of a relief when I came across these comments and saw I’m not the only one having some weird side effects. I think I should also preface that despite the side effects, I’d still get the vaccine, and will get my second dose when I’m able to (although personally I’ll be planning to do it Friday afternoon with zero weekend plans).

    I had COVID in July, and had my Pfizer vaccination 5 days ago. That evening I started to have a constant urge that I needed to urinate, which got worse in the following days. I assumed I likely had a UTI (which I’ve never had before), but after coming across some people with similar symptoms, it sounds like it being from the vaccine may be a possibility. I wasn’t able to get in to see a doctor during the work week, so I drank a ton of fluids and cranberry juice. Five days later and it’s definitely subsided for the most part, but still going to get checked out by a doctor for a UTI just in case. The first day after getting the vaccine I had a very sore arm, body aches, chills, and a headache. Advil, a hot bath and early bed time did wonders. Felt a lot better the following day, and on the 3rd day had no body chills or aches. I’m still having headaches that come and go, and fluctuate in severity. Battling a rough one this morning. My arm where I got vaccinated is still a little bit sore when I reach up, but this is pretty typical for me with any type of shot.

    • Hello, Are you still experiencing the urgency to urinate? I got my 2nd Pfizer shot & 2 days later experienced awful constant urge to urinate. Negative test for UTI but doc gave me macrobid anyway. Symptoms are persisting.

  129. Had my first Pfizer dose yesterday morning and started having pelvic pain last night like I’m ovulating which is impossible since I’m menopaused. Anyone else experienced this?

  130. Yvonne –
    Hi I had my first Pfizer jab on the 19 th February . Experienced sore painful arm at injection site only. Then 4 days later burning feet, itchy all over body and very itchy scalp . Then red skin blotches on my face and any dry skin patches on my face hands erupted red and sore – along with this excruciating pain in the top of left arm where I had my injection) but only when I raised my arm eg: when washing/pinning my hair up or reached up my back. I also had numbness in my arm, tingling and pins and needles right down to two middle fingers. I want GP because I was worried he absolutely does not believe it’s the jab! Told to do Shoulder exercises and sent for X-ray on my shoulder- there’s nothing wrong with my shoulder!!!! I told him this???? Feel frustrated and not believed.

  131. I had my second Pfizer Biontech jab in the last 24 hours and have developed very painful aching around the jaw teeth and face on the side i had the jab.

  132. I had typical flu like symptoms for a couple of days after the first AstraZeneca vaccination. I have since been experiencing the following:
    •36 hours after vaccination, I woke up and my blood pressure dropped and I almost fainted. This is extremely rare for me.
    •Night sweats for 4 or 5 nights post vaccination.
    •Headaches on and off for 10 days.
    •Sore arm – still tender to touch after 10 days.
    •Pins and needles in hands (particularly fingers), arms, calves and feet. On and off for the last 10 days. Improving but still there and mainly on non-injection side of body.
    •Strange light headed/dizziness moments. Hard to focus. Still ongoing after 10 days.
    •Fatigue and definitely sleeping more than usual.

    I am so pleased that I discovered this thread as I have been extremely anxious and I have felt alone in my symptoms. I know my body well and I just know I haven’t felt normal since the first vaccination. I have no underlying health conditions and I am pretty fit.
    I feel as though my symptoms are not well documented and many are not on the AstraZeneca documentation. You have to search hard to find similar experiences and there is some scary stuff out there relating to Guillain-Barré syndrome etc.
    I am hoping these conditions improve and I am very worried about a second shot.

  133. I had my second vaccine on Thursday 4/8. I woke up that night with intense level 10 jaw pain. I have been experiencing pain every day on my jaw now at about level 6. My teeth no longer touch when I bite down.

  134. I had my first Astra Zeneca jab on 19th March, i had the usual aches & feeling rubbish the next day & arm pain for a few days but other than that i was ok.
    However my worry is since, I’ve had on/off tingling/pins& needles in the arm i had my jab in, from the elbow down to my fingers. It happens a few times a day, usually doesn’t last long but is quite unpleasant! I just worry how long this is going to go for? Has this resolved in anyone that has had the same symptoms?

  135. I had the 2nd pfizer shot 30 hours ago. I had no unusual symptoms until about an hour ago when I woke up remembering the shockingly vivid, unpleasant dreams I just had. I rarely remember my dreams. My arm also has become a little sore but tolerable.

  136. GOOD MORNING!- My hubby and I are getting out 1st vaccine today (very happy) and prepared- As a retired R.N. , I know that to help ease some discomfort in the inj site- RELAX your arm as much as possible, and if you do start having “Pain, warmth, swelling) apply cool compresses intermittently, but, try not to baby your arm, USE IT!, if you can ,without mod-severe pain. Use your judgement, you know your body. Hubby and I both have serious issues ( COPD, Scarred lungs ALREADY so that getting Covid could kill us, so we have been as careful as millions of others, and made it this far but, I am so grateful for this site, we are ALL different, and we all have to keep info flowing so the scientists can continue to combat these viruses. I learned a lot from just this site- I knew about the headaches, body aches, (all that) but, Just reading this PRIOR to my 1st Pfizer vaccine today makes me feel more informed, So I Thank You all! I had no idea about the possibility of dreams, nor being a Chronic Pain Patient did I hear anything about people who have had pain issues in the past or currently, having symptoms POSSIBLY exacerbated would be a better choice of words! , is important info to know. So Thank you all, I’ll let you know how things go….” Oh Happy Day~!” I would like to take a moment to remember all of the souls we lost, over 500,000 in the U.S alone and their families today…it seems to be the right thing to do, I wish they were here with their families, We are human and we all have different reactions to the vaccines as some had to the Covid 19, so, we must work together, support each other, inform each other to beat this, there will be more to come and we have brilliant people ALL OVER THE WORLD who have done everything they can to stop this nightmare, as Americans, we will. That fact, I have FAITH IN! We on on our way to get ready, and I’ll update as I can. Thank you to all for your sharing, it truly has helped. Have a wonderful day! Things WILL get better! Thanks, Be well!

  137. I received the first shot on 4/8 and had ZERO issues until 4/11 4/12 when i began breaking out in cold sweats became tired with some chills! Is this normal 6 days later ?

  138. I had a completely different reaction. Injection site was slight pain – hardly noticeable. But for 5 hours after the first pfizer shot 4-12-21, I had super high energy. So much energy, I had to run in place for a bit to help to alleviate the energy. Afterward, I was slightly tired, but then I resumed normal activity. I’ve had no symptoms since then and the slight pain in the arm was gone in 24 hours.

    • I had the my first Pfizer shot on 04-17-21 and I experienced a similar reaction to the one you had. I didn’t even feel the shot when the doctor administered it, then I had a sore arm when I raised it the day of and the second day.
      But my reaction was the third day on the Monday when I went to work. I have a physical job working on a large hole punch machine called a Kugler, so I am continuously moving back and forth putting content in the machine and then taking it out and putting it on a skid. My job is tiring and it wasn’t early in the day when this happened but I suddenly felt a sudden burst of energy that I can’t explain and I felt exhilarated for no reason at all and I have never felt that way at work before and I am also a 62 year old female.

    • Laura – I had the same super high energy experience after both shots. I got a lot of cleaning done this evening and a lot of grading for the first one.

  139. I hope everyone who has commented here has reported these symptoms to VAERS. My husband just got second shot of Pfizer and 15 minutes after shot he has tingling and numbness in scalp, lips, and sinuses. I googled it and really can’t find anything except stuff on anaphylaxis which he doesn’t seem to be having. So many here experiencing the tingling and there is nothing out there about that! His tingling/numbness has not moved to arms and legs which seems very common on this thread- but I feel like if it does, now I will have seen how many other folks have had that as well. Prayers for all of you to feel better soon! I’m almost a month out from second Moderna and feel great.

  140. I am so grateful for the comments on this page. I feel less alone and less scared now that I see my experience hasn’t been completely unique! I am a healthy 38 year old woman with no preexisting conditions other than anxiety disorder. I had my first Pfizer shot on the 6th and was so excited!

    When I got home, within maybe an hour of the shot, my body felt “electric”. It may have been adrenalin, I’m still unsure. Felt okay otherwise, until I had a full blown panic attack a few hours later. Calmed myself down, went about the day, no other issues other than that kind of weird buzzing feeling throughout my body. Slight waves of dizziness, but nothing bad.

    The next night (36 hours post shot), my anxiety was through the roof. I also noticed a prickling sensation on both arms and legs. No rash. This continued for a few days.

    On day 4, the prickling turned into intermittent pins and needles all over my legs and arms. One leg also felt very weak, with a trembling muscle.

    Today is day 8 and im still experiencing light pins and needles and a slightly weaker leg. The weaker leg also is experiencing some aching in my knee and ankle, which is odd. Anxiety is finally calming down, but it still feels abnormally heightened.

    Oh! Also, my arms feel sunburned?! Definitely not burned. Not even red. Its just a feeling similar to a sunburn.

    Anyone have a similar reaction to shot one go on to get shot two?! I so badly want it, but I dont know if I can put myself through this stress again. Also, anyone have insight as to what causes these weird sensations? I cannot find any medical information that explains it!

    Take care of yourselves!

    • Nikki, I had very similar symptoms. I still have itchy sensations all over my body over 3 weeks later. Anxiety is now back to normal levels (I always experience anxiety, but it was amplified by the vaccine, especially starting about 5 days after my first shot). I couldn’t sleep on days 5, 6, and 7 after receiving the vaccine. I felt heat in my arms also. I think this vaccine definitely affects people with anxiety disorder differently than people who do not. I didn’t get my second shot because I was afraid to go through this again or worse. I think people like us already have very reactive nervous systems, and the vaccine puts the nervous system even more on edge.

      • On the morning of Day 3 I had a vagovagal syncope event in the early morning hours. I do not know if that is related. I laid down and it resolved itself quickly.

        I agree that my anxiety went through the roof starting on Day 4 after the 1st shot. I do have the quick electric impulses in my hands. It is like I am having a “fight or flight” reaction. It seems that my body is stuck there. I do not take any medicine for my anxiety. I wonder if things would be different if I did.

        I am on Day 9 after the 1st shot. I am hopeful that over time things will improve. I think they are better if I do my anxiety related breathing and sleeping.

        • Hey how are you feeling now? I’ve been having anxiety and insomnia on and off for the past 3 weeks now. I do have type 2 diabetes and anxiety as well.

    • Hi Nikki. I had my first shot 13 days ago. Had pin and needles/ burning sensation since. I was verry worried it could have been Guillain Barre Syndrome as I had it slight 5 years ago. Feels thr same but lighter. My neurologist told me he is not too concerned and symptoms should go away. But when? I am very concerned getting 2nd dose… Also, my anxiety levels were skyrocketing after jab. Panick attacks as well

  141. Hi I had vaccine on 22 Feb, I’m still having side effects I have ms, is there anyone with MS suffering like this, not enough information about people who have Ms I’m very concerned if these symptoms don’t improve soon doctors said they would ,have to take pain killers very day I’m not getting second vaccine.

  142. I suffered from severe insomnia for seven years due to the menopause. It had thankfully stopped for two and a half years until the 5th of April when I had my first dose of the vaccine and now it’s back with a vengeance. It is very distressing and if I had known this was going to happen I wouldn’t have gone. I will not be going for the second until they sort this out.

  143. Carole so glad I found thi site glad I’m not the only one suffering thisthankyou to everyone who posted hope you all improve soon

  144. Just got my second Pfizer about a couple hours ago. After the first one, I had the usual arm soreness. Two days after, I was nauseous for one day, with pain in my belly. Since then, I’ve had weird movements in different areas of my belly off and on, and I’ve been more prone to have muscle cramps in weird places that you don’t normally think would cramp, like around the hip bone area. Not pregnant! A week ago, one spot on my belly began tingling now and then, kinda numb to the touch, and seems to move, flex on its own occasionally. Not painfully, just in a weird, collapsing in on itself, what’s taking over my body kind of way. Since taking the second dose, 2+ hours ago, the tingling, numbness and flexing have definitely increased.

  145. Wow, 95% of your words are mine! My symptoms were more mild after my first shot; went ahead and got my second and now am having much more obvious side effects…very similar to how you are feeling. I regret my decision to get the second dose.

  146. I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday morning. Within 6hrs my arm felt sore and by the time I went to bed around 9 I felt like I was coming down with something. I woke up many times during the night due to freezing. I was so cold and could not get warm. I finally gave up at 6:30 and got up. I was so light headed and extremely dizzy. I didn’t know what to do. My hands were both tingling and I also felt nauseous. Extreme cold sweats and scared. I called my husband to come home. I did not know what to do. I sipped some water and it seemed to help and back to bed I went and I’ve been there all day. No appetite and had to ask my 12 yr old to open a water bottle. Feeling weak as well.

  147. I’m a 42 Yr old Male from the UK, and had my 1st Pfizer Vaccine on 24th Feb – just over 7 weeks ago.
    Approximately 14 minutes after the jab (I was just about to walk out), I had a scary bunch of reactions. Initially I felt a chemical type sensation up from my chest up to my throat. Immediately felt faint / sweaty, my tongue started tingling, my scalp was very painful and I was getting sharp intermittent pain in the nerves/muscles around my throat and under my mouth. Also realised my face was numb just under my right eye down to my jawline and my ears were popping like on a flight.
    The Dr made me lie down, and told me he was certain it wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction (my tongue and throat had not swollen and I could breathe normally) – but he could not explain why this was happening.
    7 weeks later, it is not as bad – but my tongue is still tingling, and I am still getting the sharp nerve/pain in my throat. Sometimes when I inhale, it feels like a cold nerve sensation in my windpipe/throat.
    I still have intermittent facial numbing – although now it is on my left hand side. (The jab was given in my right arm and it was numb on the RHS at the vaccination centre).
    I have also developed extreme pain in the tissue between my ribs just under my left pectoral next to my heart. It fluctuates in severity – when it’s bad I can only get semi comfortable lying on my back, and hurts when I inhale. The Dr has told me I have Costochondritis. I also have intermittent numbing of my fingers/hand.
    I am convinced this nerve pain in my chest is caused by the same reaction which is causing my tingling tongue/facial numbing/Throat nerve pain sensations.
    I should mention I have been treating Lyme Disease + Coinfections for years – and I suspect my overactive/suppressed immune system, has produced an exaggerated response to the vaccine. I wish I had not had it.
    I got my blood tested for post-vaccination antibodies last week and still very high, and will re-test again in 6 Months.
    In my opinion, the Pfizer jab should not be given to anyone who has a chronic condition like Lyme Disease or ME for example, as our immune response is different to that of a healthy person.
    Misery likes company, so I am oddly reassured that others are having side effects. From what I read – there haven’t been many studies of the duration the immune system responds with 1 vaccine jab only. I’m hoping after another 3 – 6 Months it will reduce, and my side effects will improve.

  148. Runny nose, Tired, sore arm and a bit of almost a headache. But the dreams which I cannot remember were the strangest ever.

  149. Infected with covid back in Dec. Then vaccinated after a month.
    1st vaccine only arm sore where the injected. Injected 2nd vaccine sore in arm. Then evening the next day thighs and feet/toe burning and tingling sensation. Couldnt sleep as duvet was like hurting me.
    Im 28 year old diabetic but blood sugar not too high. Blood sugar was up few months but now under control even before covid vaccine. Doctor in A&E and 2 doctors in GP ruled out diabetes and one of them said it could late reaction to the vaccine. more than 3weeks now. Burning is not as bad as the first episode but still feeling tingling and burning sensation to some part of my thighs and tingling on feet. Still no diagnosis to this but recent blood result showed i was high in ferritin was told its marker for inflammation or infection.. Hoping tingling and burning goes away its really worrying .

  150. I had my first Pfizer shot on Apr 6. The same night, my half face on the opposite side of the arm that got the shot felt numb. And the next few days, the numbness/stiffness seemed to be traveling around my face, sometimes on my forehead, lip, cheek, nose, eyelid, eyebrow. I was extremely worried and went to a doctor. The doctor was not sure about it and referred me to a neurologist. I also contacted the vaccination distributor and one doctor got back to me saying it’s a ‘common side effect’ and is usually resolved within a week.
    And it did! After a week of extreme worries, it went away on Apr 13. What a relief, but I am so worried about how worse it would go when I get my second shot.

  151. Extremely anxious since I got my first shot and the next 4-5 days later. Now going much better but it was absolutely scary

  152. I’m so thankful I found this page. I had a lot of symptoms and couldn’t find anything on any of it. I do suffer from fibromyalgia and migraines
    I will note that some of these symptoms didn’t get until like 7 or 8 days after the 1st shot. When I got tye 1st Pfizer shot. I just got a migraine wave and feeling tired but then days later..The brain zaps were terrible. I also had the feeling of burning sunburn but I don’t have a sunburn. This was all across my chest and back and for days .It also seemed like any pain I had before it made it stronger. Honestly I dont know about the 2nd shot .

  153. I have had intense emotional dreams since shot #1 2 1/2 weeks ago – they are so intense I wake up exhausted. I normally dream here and there but never like this before. And I mean ALL KINDS of dreams (some I don’t want to wake up from!!). But this is really weird. I’m on Cymbalta and Wellbutrin and have been for over 5 years, wondering if there’s a reaction with antidepressants.

  154. More than 3 now i still have burning and tingling. Tingling/burning in toes both feet. Both feet also sweaty and cold than normal.
    Burning some parts of thighs.

    How long did yours last?

  155. 1st Pfizer full week of headaches, exhaustion and stabbing pain behind eye socket. Arm fine.
    2nd Pfizer no headaches this time but super sore arm, exhausted and two days after developed an eye twitch in left eye. 2 weeks later eye twitch is still here – has anyone else experienced this? Truly hoping it goes away.

    • Yes, I have developed an eye twitch Rt eyelid, also left cheek and Lt hand, not all the time, but also have itching and pins and needles mostly on back, and it’s been 5 weeks since second shot, this started about 19 days after 1st shot, I’m hoping it goes away soon, hope you feel better soon. It’s not debilitating but it’s super irritating, and worrisome

  156. Thank goodness I’ve found this site. Thought it was just me. I’ve never felt so ill. Had the Pfizer vaccine 1st dose end of January. Not too bad at first. Then gradually over the weeks I’ve been having weird symptoms of lower back pain with itching and burning feeling (Parasthesia ), tired and weak legs, lots of strong muscle and joint pains. Calf’s knees, foot bones, Needing to sleep all the time. Then on 5th April had 2nd jab. Ok for couple of days then it hit like a train. All the above mentioned side effects x 10. Worst two weeks of my life. Slightly better today but don’t know yet if I’m properly on the mend. Came across this site by chance and I’m glad I did. I’m relieved to see I’m not alone in this nightmare.

  157. Hey everyone who has pins and needles in hands or legs or twitching in legs after Pfizer vaccine, hows it going. I am day 9 after shot #2 and have had a little pins and needles in the hands and some twitching in the lower legs with a little pins and needles as well. It started 4 or 5 days after the shot and comes and goes. Other than that, I had just a day of sleepiness from both shots. I don’t seem to have the weakness as have been able to run 10 miles on Friday, lift weights on Saturday, and run 6 miles this morning, hoping things only improve and don’t get worse. I am on no medications. Let’s hope we get back to normal soon folks!

    • I do. It started soon after the first shot (March 10th). It has been 2 weeks after the second shot (April 5th). The intensity got milder now compare to 5 & 1/2 weeks ago . It still comes and goes. But it just doesn’t go away.

  158. I didn’t have Pfizer vaccine. Had the J&J and had the same pins and needles and numbness as many of you describe. Considering it’s a different type of vaccine, I’d like to think it’s just another type of immune response that will pass. I’ve had weird pins and needles all over my entire body since the 2nd day. By the 3rd day my bad knee flared up and my leg below the knee flared up. Day 8, my left hand and arm and left face joined in with my left leg and left foot in the numbing sensation and pins and needles sensation. Blood work and brain MRI came back normal and was diagnosed with an unknown bakers cyst behind left knee. Everything was getting back to normal by day 9 other than the Bakers cyst. Still getting mild numbing sensation…right fingers as I type this on day 9.

  159. i got my 1st s Phizer vaccine on March 31st. 30 min later my lips and teeth felt numb, like getting shot from dentist. numbness disappered within 1-2 hours. in the evening i noticed big lump ( size of egg) on my arm at injection site. it disapered next day replaced by huge bruise, which is still there . i have not get my second shot yet, wondwring if people may have similar experience and what happens after 2nd shot?

    • Numbness and pins and needles since Apr 09. I went to Urgent Care , everything was fine in the blood. I also visited immunologist and he told me to go to the emergency room asap for MRI and test from spinal cord. I visited emergency room and everything looks fine. Hope symptoms will disappear soon. Not sure if I will get second dose of Pfiser. I need to see neurologist too.

  160. hundreds of people post here saying that they had the pin and needle feeling after about 3rd day when they got the vaccine. I am in my 9th day now after got the Pfizer vaccine, and still suffering this pin and needle feeling. And I am now really concerned on whether I will get my second. Almost no one has post that whether their pin and needle feeling eventually goes away? And there is very few public document on this side effect, I think they really need to looked into this side effect and let us know whether this pin and needle feeling will go away. I think there is certain amount of people are suffering from this pin and needle feeling side effect, because it seems last a long time period and we even does not know whether it will go away.

    • Hi Justin,
      Yes, I agree, there’s no much information about the pins and needles and it seems a lot of people are having this problem. It’s been 6 weeks for me and still hasn’t gone away. I will provide an update if it Ever goes away. So far, it’s still hanging around and driving me crazy!

    • I agree with you that no medical personnel are saying much about these symptoms (pins and needles) even though it seems a lot of people are experiencing these side effects.
      It’s been 2 weeks since I got my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Within 20 hours I started experiencing pins and needles in my toes, both feet, and left pinky finger. Occasionally experience a sensation running down my left calf & thigh. Sometimes have also been experiencing numbness on the left cheek. I got the shot in my left arm so it seems most of my symptoms are on the left except for the right foot toes. Saw my Dr about this but all I was told was to monitor the situation.
      I was feeling very frustrated & alone in this, as my husband only experienced the fatigue for a couple of days. Through a lot of research for answers, came across this site and it made me feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one experiencing these problems.
      Would hope a medical person would provide some insight into this as it’s frustrating wondering how long these side effects are going to last & is it safe to take the 2nd shot? If so, would we experience the same or will it be worse?
      Would love to hear from someone who experienced these issues with their first shot & then took the 2nd shot & what was the outcome?
      Thanks to all who have shared their experiences.

  161. Received my first Pfizer vaccine on Sunday. Sunday night I slept with the windows open (45 degrees outside) and still sweat through the night, waking up from lucid dreams and then my hand went numb…pins and needles like when your limb “falls asleep”. It’s now Monday night and I was awakened with my whole arm (opposite arm from last night) numb or “asleep”. I moved it around thinking I need to get the blood circulating which seems to help the severe numbness/tingling a bit. My hands are also super sweaty/clamy and I have a few bumps or hives on the palm of my hands. I also have ringing in my left ear. This is so NOT COOL but I keep telling myself it could be worse and this is the lesser of the two evils—-the greater evil being actually having COVID. Hope this goes away soon! My second shot is scheduled for 5/9.

  162. On April 17 I got my first Pfizer vaccine in my left arm, the next day i had carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist and fingers, I can’t catch anything. Did anyone have the same?

  163. I got my 2nd Pfizer dose on March 12th. I began noticing the full-body pins and needles sensation a couple of days later. I thought it was my body’s reaction to eating too many salty pretzels so I cut back on salt. I continued to experience the full-body tingling but after a few weeks it started to taper off and as of the date of this post it is only slight and lasts for about 2-3 seconds.

  164. Had 2nd Pfizer in Feb in right arm. Hands seem to tingle, especially the left. Arms seem to fall asleep too easy. Knees and below feel like they have been asleep a little. I assume this is what people are describing as pins and needles. I’m healthy and I’m a little worried. I thought this may just disappear but IDK.

  165. I received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday in my left arm, it wasn’t bad the site was tender which is expected. Now it’s been about 36 hours and the pain has subsided a bit it’s only sore to touch and some movement but barely noticeable, so I unintentionally laid on my side while in bed for a few minutes and my entire upper arm went completely numb ! I couldn’t sit up or move it for a couple seconds… then when I felt the area I had no feeling in my upper left arm up at all. I couldn’t feel myself touching my arm. The feeling didn’t last long but it concerned me because that has never happened before the shot. Is numbness/ completely lost of feeling a side effect?

  166. I had my 1st Pfeizer shot on April 10. My heart started racing about 15 minutes after the shot. My tongue and mouth got tingly and numb. My lips got swollen a little. It has been 10 days already, and my tongue is still constantly tingling, numb, burning and very painful at times. It is getting worse very day. I also had a red rash and swelling above my lips. It is still red, get swollen from time to time. Initially I was told that I had n allergic reaction, but now I am told that it is an adverse reaction. No one knows what exactly in the vaccine cased this, how long it is going to last, and whether it is ever going to go away. I am getting desperate here. My quality if life decreased significantly these past 10 days. Anyone else have these or similar issues with their tongue?

    • Yes, but not as severe. I also changed a brand of toothpaste at the same time so it could be that for me. The front of my tongue was red and sore and I figure I must have burned it drinking coffee. After the second dose, I realized by tongue still hurt and I tried gargling saltwater to heal it. After 10 days I figure it was the toothpaste and stopped it a couple of days ago. It still hurts and there is a lie bump that it swollen. I did not think it was an adverse effect until I searched for it online.

  167. I have had the most severe pain in my jaw radiating to my ears, neck, throat and teeth. I’m now 4 weeks since my second vaccine and the pain is so debilitating despite being on high dosage of painkillers. I’ve been in a&e and been to my doctors 5 times and feel like no one is listening the pain is that excruciating. Asked to get referred to neurology and for bloods/mri to get done to be told they would consider this for two months! I’ve went from being young, fit and healthy to not being able to exercise, sleep and can barely function working from home and in wondering if this pain will ever leave me!! Has anyone had similar symptoms? I’m probably about 10 weeks since initial pain started

    • I am in a similar position – I had full blood work and all normal – am awaiting a head neck and spine MRI – I started with symptoms roughly 30 – 35 days post 1st Pfizer jab – felt progressively unwell – burning pain is less but can’t do much and get blurred vision and numbness up and down my body – terrifying but sensation so far returns – legs like jelly and can’t walk much at all – Docs seem very casual about it but I’d like to hear from someone whose symptoms have resolved!

    • I am having this same jaw, ear and teeth pain. I woke in the night with it on the evening of the 2nd shot. It’s been 3 weeks and I have already been to the dr and dentist. No one knows what is wrong. My teeth no longer close together right and I have trouble chewing.

  168. Burning sensation pretty much gone in thighs and legs about 4-5 weeks.

    Whats left is tingling in toes and part of soles near the toes. When feet touches something stay in touch it feels like its hurting like soreness?

    Like when you have been standing for long time.

  169. Hi everyone 🙂 I posted up above after I had my first shot of Pfizer- 45 mins post shot had pins and needles feeling/extreme itchiness on both arms. Wanted to do a follow up after my second shot.

    Full experience so far:
    3/27- first shot of Pfizer in my left arm. 45 mins post shot I had sharp pin pricks in my ring finger of my right hand. Over the next 4 hours, both arms, shoulders to fingers had that pins and needles/tingling sensation as well as extreme itchiness. Arms were sensitive to heat and heat intensified the feeling. I went to the ER but they said I didn’t present the pattern for neurological diseases like guillain barre or transverse myelitis. They sent me home. The intensity lasted about a week and then became much less. Some days I barely noticed it, other days were worse. I agonized over getting the second shot. After a lot of back and forth, I decided to get the shot.

    4/18- had the second shot and took ibuprofen and a Zyrtec right after. Note: I am not a doctor, nor am I advocating for people to use the same medication I am/did. This is merely to tell you about my experience. Consult your doctor about any medication you’d like to take. About 6 hours after the second shot, I had a little bit of sensation changes – The majority of the tingling went to my thumb and index fingers, as well as on the top of my hand. It was also more of an mild ache like when you slightly bump your funny bone than the surface tingling/prickling before. That subsided after 24 hours. Now it’s a very mild tingling. 36 hours post second shot I did develop a lot of sinus pressure and pressure in my ears (it felt like I was in an air plane) and very very slight tinnitus. It’s allergy season here so it could be that and completely unrelated to the shot. I took/have been talking what I usually take for bad allergies- ibuprofen, Sudafed, Flonase, and Zyrtec. That has helped the pressure and the ringing. Again, not recommending you take this. Talk to your doctor about any medications you want to take- especially combinations.

    I would say my reaction to the first shot was worse than the second shot. Overall, I’m happy I went ahead with the second shot. I will update if anything changes 🙂

  170. I am having the same side effects, and so happy to finally learn of others experiencing this. I received my first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine on April 8th. Within a few hours my arm became sore. Then about 24 hours later, I broke out with hives on my chest, and then starting experiencing the weird pins and needle sensation. I have never experienced this before in my life. It is now April 22nd and I am still experiencing this pricking sensation in my extremities. It may go away for a few days, then it come right back. I am due to get the second dose on May 6th and am extremely afraid to do so. Any ideas if this goes away, or how to stop it?

    • Hi JA,
      I’ve had the pins and needles and itching since the second shot on March 10, some days are worse than others, now I have some twitching of my hand, eye and elbow, I didn’t have any of the common side effects with either vaccine, just this weird nerve sensation, it hasn’t gone away yet and it’s been over five weeks, it’s not horrible but super irritating and I have had to use lidocaine and menthol rubs on my back.

      • Hi Melinda,

        Thanks for the insight. I totally know how you feel. It seems like I have a few good days now, before I have a really bad one, where the pins and needles sensation is more unbearable. I am feeling it all over my body. I am now just afraid this will never end, and keep checking the internet for recovery stories. I have an appointment with a doctor next week and hoping to learn more.

        • Hi JA:

          when is your really bad one happen? I had my first Pfizer shot on April 9th, then I developed this pins and needle feeling after 3rd day of the first shot. It seems getting better in the second week after I got the vaccine. I thought it will disappear later, but when I entered the third week, it actually getting worse. Today is about 18th days after my first shot, the pins and needle feeling sometimes is unbearable and it is worst feeling so far. I am not sure does anyone has similar experience? when it is getting better, but all the sudden, it is getting worse

          • Hi,

            Same symptoms here in right hand and foot. Since 7 weeks. It became slowly better, however did not disappear. Though, I am unsure whether it became actually better or i got more used to it and cope with it better. For me, no treatment had actual results so far unfortunately.

            If you have any tips, I would much appreciate them. Thanks.

        • Are you better yet?? My symptoms are somewhat better, not as much itching or pins and needles, but my eyelid still twitch’s at times, some days worse than others, March 10th was my last shot, how are you feeling?

          • Hi Melinda:
            It is weird for me. Some days I feel I am improving and getting better with little pins and needle feeling. But some days the pins and needle feeling get intense. It seems that after I play badminton, the following several days, it getting worse. I am not sure sometimes it getting worse is due to I play badminton. I guess I may need to stop playing badminton to see whether it keep improving. But it is now fourth week after my first shot, the pins and needle feeling still did not completely go away. I am not sure did anyone feel the pins and needle feeling increase after some intense excercise?

          • I have had tingling since January 15th (3+ mo; first shot Pfizer) and also notice it’s worse after intense exercise. I still wonder if it’s a reaction to something in the vaccine , something related to shingles/chicken pox reactivation as has been documented or a positive immune system response.

  171. I had the Pfizer jab last Friday 16 April, after 11 minutes of feeling normal came over dizzy/lightheaded and developed left sided dull headache and for a couple of minutes my tongue felt weird and spongey, like when you eat chillies but without the burning. I drank water, tried to breathe through nose to calm but dizziness and headache persisted so eventually alerted staff 40 mins after the jab . I was sent by ambulance to hospital. Dizziness improved but at hospital my hands went pink like bad sunburn and then were quickly normal again, dull headache persisted a few hrs but was discharged after obs. That night woke up dizzy and my left hand dead and next day had no energy and foggy brain but otherwise am since ok. I am 39, have Hashimotos. I am now very scared to get 2nd jab but need to travel a lot for my work. Will see an allergist next week. Has anyone else experienced similar? Want to believe its just syncope or anxiety as want to be vaccinated fully but scared to have a worse reaction next time. I have minor allergies history otherwise to codeine, pineapple, hair dye once, some cleaning products causing eczema. The worst I have experienced is skin rashes, flushing for hair dye or swelling of uvula in throat. If anyone had similar experience first time, pls comment if you went for second jab.

  172. I had the Pfizer dose jan4/21 within 24 hours I had inflammation on my spine and knee pain which ultimately led to a baker cyst in my right knee, one of the side affects listed is a complete joint breakdown which I think would classify as. Second shot on jan25/21 and same, within 24 hours I got left knee pain thru ultrasound I was diagnosed with a left baker cyst. It is now April and I can finally find my knee cap. I just found this site now, and that you can call telehealth and tell them your symptoms. But for the first two months I suffered in silence doctors told me it wasn’t the vaccine but how did I wake up one morning with only what I can explain as sever arthritis like pain

  173. I had my first jab of Pfizer vaccine on April 12th. After few hours I felt a bit tired and had mild sweating and frequent urination. After two days I started having muscle weakness and generally not feeling well. It was like that for next seven days, it got better but the muscle weakness and some tingling in my body still persist even two weeks (as of today) after the first vaccine. It is mostly the worst in the mornings and it last for 5-6 hours a day. It is usually better at night after 7-8pm when I feel ok. That tingling and kind of weakness is still there and I will contact my doctor in Monday. Hopefully this will not last too long but what I see from other people it could last for months. I have scheduled my second vaccine on April 30th and not sure if I should get it. Will post updates every few days. I am hoping everyone here will finally get completely better.

    • UPDATE May 2nd 2021.
      I had my second Pfizer shot on April 30th. First 8 hours after the shot did not feel anything. After 8 hours I had slight headache, took Tylenol 500mg. I slept ok that night, and then around 10am next day I started having mild body ache and skin irritation. During the day the body pain got worse, took 2 tylenols. Now it is 4am and the pain seems to be quite severe. It is something that I never felt before when I was sick with regular influenza. Not sure what to do but I might go to ER for this. Will keep posted.

        • Hi Sara. I believe yes, I feel better than I was feeling few weeks ago however, I still experience mild fatigue kind of sleepiness and some muscle/joint irritation. it is the worst in the mornings after 2-3 hours of waking up and then it mostly goes away around 3-4pm. I believe some people have strong immune reaction with inflammations unfortunately.

      • UPDATE May 9th 2021.
        After 10 days of the second Pfizer shot (April 30th) I am still feeling moderate muscle pain and weakness. I would say that there is a specific pattern to it. For instance, I would wake up in the morning sometimes with mild muscle weakness/pain which would increase in intensity after 2-3 hours. That feeling would last for about 5 hours total. However, I would also feel hot face flushes from time to time. It would subdue in the afternoon and sometimes after 6-7pm, and then I would feel fine till the next morning. Just thinking if my immune system is still building antibodies or is it overreacted immune response that maybe damages muscle tissues. I do not know, but will see my doctor soon. I will keep posting updates.

  174. I too am experiencing very bad Jaw pain at the joint of my jaw and the muscles and ligaments that connect the jaw. One week and one day from my first Pfizer vaccine dose, I took a nap and then woke up with severe jaw pain. I haven’t been able to eat solid food for two days now as I cannot touch my molars together; it causes extreme pan to try it. I can touch my incisor teeth a little but that’s it. Did Zoom Dr. appointment and was prescribed muscle relaxers, amitriptyline, and a steroid tapper pack. I was not able to sleep well the first 24 hours of the onset but the steroids and amitriptyline helped me sleep last night. I still can’t touch my molars together and it hurts really bad when I try but at least the severe ache is gone. Hope this helps. I have not received my second shot yet but I don’t think this will deter me from it unless it doesn’t go away before my next shot is due.

    • This is exactly my story. I’m on week 3. I can’t chew very well and my molars no longer touch. The pain is behind my ear, on the jaw line, and where the hinge of my jaw is where it opens and closes. That hinge is now jutting out.

  175. Had the first shot over three weeks ago. Had second one 48 hours ago in the afternoon. Here’s what happened:

    0-24 hours – no sides effects.
    32 hours – heavy chills in bed.
    40 hours – very bad headache on top of my head.
    48 hours – feel “wrung out” but no more chills or headache. Feel ok. Not sick at all. Hope the worst is over. I think it is.

  176. I received first pfizer dose and have been experiencing pins and needles in both hands and one foot. So far this has been going on for 30 days. Doctor believes my pins and needles are a a side effect from the vaccine, he says it’s a waiting game and there is no treatment for me at this time. Posting for everyone who have asked if and when pins and needles go away. I assume it will be different for everyone, however in regards to my experience over time episodes do seem to be less frequent with shorter duration. Unfortunately after 30 days they are still with me. The doctor says at this point he doesn’t have enough information on the vaccine and referred me to public health.

    • Hi Amber, I do have pin and needles and itchiness especially on my back and some twitching in various areas and zaps of stabbing pain, the itching started around 2 1/2 weeks after my first vaccine, the Pfizer. I had my last vaccine on March 10, and still have some itchiness and zaps, but not nearly as bad, it seems to be getting better now, but it’s been over a month and a half since my last vaccine. Anyway hoping it goes away completely very soon, but it’s been weird! Not sure my symptoms are from the vaccine but I never had them before, so I’m assuming that they are

      • Interestingly, I had the same kind of reaction. 2 1/2 weeks after my first dose developed pins and needles, fatigue and mild twitching here and there(head to toe depends on the day). Its my 6th week now and the intensity seems to be less, but I still feel it everywhere. GP has tested for major issues and they found nothing. I am seeing a neurologist later this month, hoping things will go away by then. This side effect is not listed anywhere and it is annoying that they will not comment on how to get rid of it. I have not had my second dose yet, since this side effect seems to be strange. Luckily found this site and knowing that this is related to vaccine helps- a bit. Hope we all recover from this soon.

        • I have your exact same symptoms and I had my last Pfizer vaccine on March 10 and I still have the itching on back, with zaps, and occasionally pins and needles on arms and hands, feet and legs, I had some twitching in my Rt eye that seems to have resolved, but I’ll really irritated with this issues

  177. Has anyone gone to get their 2nd vaccine after all these side effects and was it a better experience than the 1st one . I have my 2nd one coming up and I just don’t know .

    • Hi Suzie. Even though I’ve had moderate symptoms since April 12th; fatigue, muscle pain and irritation , I did get my second shot today few hours ago. Not sure what my symptoms will be yet, I am hoping for less as possible but I decided to get it and try to get over with even though it may take some time to get back to normal. If you are experiencing some unusual symptoms that are not described on CDC or Pfizer website and are lasting linger than a week-two, maybe you should talk to your doctor first.

      • Hi Ivan
        Thank you for responding. How are you feeling today? Yeah I did contact my doctors they say to take the 2nd dose. But man that 1st one that had me with side effects for 3 weeks with the brain zaps and pins and needs . The other symptoms did subside like the burning feeling in my chest and back. I just hope if I do take 2nd one I will be ok .I hope you feel better asap.Please keep updating us .

        • Hi Suzie. Today is day ten since my second Pfizer shot. The first 2 days were pretty bad. The second night I did not sleep much since I was waking up a couple of times because of muscle pain and irritation throughout my body. On the third day my symptoms from the first vaccine kind of returned back (or never stopped). I am still experiencing on and off muscle weakness and hot face flushes which go away after few hours. So every morning after 2 hours of waking up, I start feeling symptoms such as: muscle pain (mild), weakness, just very irritated that last for 4-5 hours. I messaged my dr. so we can discuss about the symptoms and to do the blood work. I believe my immune system is overreacting and possibly igniting a whole spectrum of musculoskeletal and neurological issues. When I talk to other people who got Pfizer shots, 99% are feeling fine. I guess we are in that 3-7% group. I am hoping if you took the second shot, you are feeling fine. Please let us know how are you feeling.

  178. I received the J & J vaccine 3 weeks ago. Overall I was relatively fine after it except a light headache and a weird cold vein sensation almost immediately after the shot. 2-3 days after I started noticing at my feet/toes & hands a new sensation “pins & needles”. Three weeks after the localized pins & needles are less intense and the feeling is more of an overall more spreaded type of numbness (but not really numb), as if the pins and needles are spread out more but it is much less intense. I have shared the info with my primary care doctor, a cardiologist and a neurologist with no real input so far. I really hope this sensation goes away and no further side effect. If anyone has more info about it, please let me know. Thanks & wish you all to be back yourselves soon!

  179. I got the 2nd BioNTech jab and started having a tingling sensation the night after in my left thigh (same side of the injection). My GP doctor said that is not a thing reported as common side effect symptoms and referred mt to a neurologist. Will see what the neurologist find out next week. Will keep you all posted.

    • I saw my Neurologist at day 7 after the 2nd BioNTech jab as my nerve issues were getting worse in the past days from only a pain/tingling sensation in my left thigh to pins and needles running from head to toe (mostly in fingers, arms and legs on both sides), shortness of breath (mostly night time) and nausea, which made me unable to sleep. Dr said it could be a reaction from the vaccine and would normally go away in weeks, but also comment about a possible case of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), for which the doctor actually tested and ruled out for now at least. He will see how things develop in another week to decide on treatment. Let’s hope all these nerve issues will be gone away in a few days, though no sign of going away at day 8.

    • Hi
      I received my 1st Pfizer shot May 6th. 5 hrs after shot, pins and needles in my legs and feet, then the next day, progressed to my arms and hands. No pain or numbness and 6 days later still having pins and needles in my legs and feet but it has subsided in arms and fingers.
      Are these symptoms worth worrying about? Thanks

  180. I had my second Pfizer shot on April 25th. 3 days later the right side of head, jaw, ear and throat hurts as it would if I have an ear infection. Has anyone else experienced this as a side effect?

  181. I had the Ist Pfizer vaccine with no issues, but after the second vaccine that I received on 4/29/21, was concerning with in 10m in I experienced a dull headache and half hour later, then started experiencing tingling sensation of my lips, that lasted for about an hour and went away, I have been okay since, thank God.

  182. Tingling for me as well. It started 2 weeks after the vaccine. It feels like drops of water falling randomly on my skin everywhere. seems to come in waves. Some days are better than others. I have an existing neurological illness so i thought it was that, and went to the ER. Passed all of my neurological tests just fine. Having an MRI Thursday anyway to check for any damage. After reading this thread i’m almost certain the vaccine triggered something.

  183. I got my first Pfizer shot on 3/27/21, and my second on 4/17/21 (date of this post 5/4/21). I had some symptoms after the first shot. I mostly felt fatigue, jitteriness, muscle pain, and lethargy. After the second dose, I had a low grade fever which subsided after a few days, but the fatigue, lethargy, muscle pain, and “brain fog” have intensified. I have also been experiencing frequent chills/sweats, insomnia, heart pounding, and EXTREME anxiety. Both injection sites, while not red or raised, have not yet healed which I thought was odd. I am severely immunocompromised and medication sensitive. I usually experience some side effects with vaccines/medications, but not to this degree. I don’t know if going to a doctor would yield any result other than being told that “Not all side effects are known yet.” I am hoping these effects will subside with time, as they are quite disruptive to my daily life.

  184. Received one dose of Pfizer on March 11th. Experienced brain zaps, headaches, tingling in arms and feet. Inflammation in chest, doctor said costochondritis, inflammation in the esophagus shortness of breath. Got treated for heartburn. Palpitation first few days after the shot. Costochondritis still present, 8 weeks later. Changed my diet to healthier anti-inflammatory foods. Still experience pain in middle of chest. Still some tingling and numbness in arms. One doctor said not vaccine related, the other said it is, but says symptoms subside over time. I opted out of the 2nd.

    Anyone else experience costochondritis chest after the shot?

    • Yes, I experienced Costochondritis from day 10 for 4 weeks after my 1st shot. It has now subsided but from week 5 post vaccination, I started suffering from chronic tension type headaches which are present all day every day and make me feel utterly exhausted and fuzzy headed (5 weeks and no reprieve). I’ve never suffered from headaches before and doctors don’t know if it’s related to the vaccine or not. I’ve gone from triathlon training 2 hours a day for 5 days a week to struggling to do anything at all. Haven’t felt right since having the vaccine. Usually very healthy 42 year old with no medical conditions/underlying issues.

    • Yes, I have as described in my post above.
      I have an overactive/supressed immune system (Lyme Disease) and I think I have had an exaggerated immune response to the Pfizer vaccine compared to normal.
      All around my throat/lower jaw there is still nerve pain – numbness to the left of my face / jaw – and pain in my chest. All of this is intermittent and I am 10.5 weeks after the 1st dose. Won’t be getting the 2nd. The chest pain sent me to A&E and they gave me a chest x-ray and said bloods were all ok.
      The Dr diagnosed costochondritis, but there is a study in Israel suggesting the production of the “Spike” protein from the Pfizer jab is causing myocarditis, and I believe it is the inflammation from this causing my chest pain. Admittedly it is not as severe as it was weeks ago, but still worrying.
      I suspect it will be 9Months+ before these symptoms potentially go, as I read somewhere the immune response at 6xMonths to 1 x Pfizer vaccine was as strong as 2 Months post vaccine.
      I am also suffering very cold hands, and pins/needles in my hands/arms intermittently. Also getting strange sharp pains coming/going in my legs. Fortunately after nearly 11 weeks, I suspect I’m through the worst of it in terms of immune response.

  185. Started very light pin and needles on the non vaccinated arm about 4h after 1st Moderna shot. At night, the feeling was also on my head and cheeks. It then moved to my feets and back. Brainfog and migraine on day 2. Day 7, started a rash on vaccinated arm. Day 10, still pin and needles, mostly top of feet and on the back. It s very slight like the skin is burning. My GP advises taking vit B as it helps nerves tissues. Drink lots of water and try not too stress too much. Which is very hard. I am concerned taking jab 2 as I don’t want for these symptomes to get worst. I hope they subside soon.

  186. I’ve just had my second does of the Pfizer vaccine. First day my arm was a little tender. Had a headache and took paracetamol. A little fatigued and tired. Last night I had the worst nightmares. So vivid! Woke my partner up. When I went back to sleep I had another vivid nightmare. I can remember them both in so much detail!
    Otherwise I feel fine.

    I’m a 37 year old Black British African. Please do get the vaccine if you can. The danger of getting covid and dying outweighs the side effects.

  187. I’ve been lucky .I had a headache after the first jab apart from that bern fine ,my mum my husband ,husband mum, my friends nothing at all. What I would say anyone reading this site to see if they want it your only going to find people who have had reactions posting, people who didn’t won’t feel the need. So ask people you know you will get more varied opinions . I know 5 people who have died from covid do if I got reactions it would still be worth it. I am severely epileptic seizure daily and am always shaky so I understand people’s frustrations, it will improve for you and you will be safer

  188. shot #2 on Friday. Sore arm. Couldn’t sleep due to over-active imagination, finally dozed off after 3 AM Saturday morning. Woke up @ 8 am with constant tingling in both sets of fingers. Continued about my weekend, thinking it would just pass. Woke up this morning, left hand is now tingling and painful, right hand has the tingling, but not as intense. Contacted Family Doc and they did a quick blood clot question list and then said they had not heard of this as a side effect, but if not better in morning, call them and they want me to come in. Pain relievers do nothing. I keep smiling on the outside, but, the thought of this lasting more than a few days is frightening.
    I still would get the vaccine to protect others from me.

  189. Got 1st Pfizer dose yesterday, May 12, 2021. 5 min after, developed numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. That is still with me today. I hope it goes away … very annoying. I’m 41, female, in excellent health.

    • Hi.
      I had the same after Moderna 1st jab.
      Stayed with me for 2 weeks. Had them on face and toeso as well. Fingers crossed, feeling better for last 2 days. Take vit B (my Doctor said) and drink plenty of water. My neurologist told me not to worry unless weakness starts in the legs or strong numbness in face. Good luck!

  190. I got my Pfizer vaccine on May 11, 2021 at 2:00 PM. I only experienced a sore and tight left arm in the area I got the needle. However, at approximately 5 or 6 PM on May 12, 2021, my left arm felt like it is asleep. It is not as severe of a feeling like sleeping on my arm, but it does feel a bit weaker, numb, tingly (pins and needles), and a mild static-like feeling . I am only 18 and being a hard overthinker I like to make situations much worse by thinking I am having a stroke or a heart attack.

  191. 3 months after 2nd pfizer vaccine suddenly I had left side body mild numbness including my left face.. I went to ER CT,MRI and blood work came normal.. They diagnosed me as TIA. After that the numbness become migratory avery where on and off upper,lower.Rt and left mild tingling sensation.
    I still have these symptoms for 6 weeks on and off!?
    Any body feel the same things?

  192. Started experiencing tingling on right thigh (opposite to vaccine side) about 3 days after 1st dose. Sometimes it feels like a crawling sensation and sometimes its like water dripping. Has been going on for almost 3 weeks now. Some days it’s better and some days it’s back. Also, have some occasional muscle twitches mostly in thighs. Has anyone with this seen it resolve?

  193. Had my 2d Pfizer dose on 4/22. in the left arm. My left neck lymphnode got tender and swollen for few days. Few days later had a headache and felt congested. Then I was fine for several weeks. Then on 5/9 I woke up with a headache and felt my lymphnodes in my neck and jaw somewhat swollen. I started feeling lots of pins and needles in my left hand and weakness in my legs. Felt some los sof balance when walking. The hand numbness and tingling lasted for 4-5 days. I slept 4 hrs last night. This morning I had rapid hearbeat 90 bpm while not doing anything. My blood pressure fluctuated from 132/82 to 109/78. Today the left hand tingling is greatly reduced, maybe a little in my pinkie. But I still feel weakness in my legs and somewhat off balance. Anybody else had such a delayed response ?