What are the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine?

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Here, we use science to dissect some of the rumours about the side effects of the AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccine

The Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine was proven at Phase Three, the final stage of clinical trials, to be 70.4% effective against COVID-19. In practice, it’s actually above 80% effective. Especially when the doses are given with twelve weeks in between them.

And one dose alone holds at 76% efficiency, for three months.

Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, explained: “The best we’ve ever done is measles, which is 97 to 98 percent effective. That would be wonderful if we get there. I don’t think we will. I would settle for 70, 75% effective vaccine.”

To get to Phase Three, atleast 20,000 people must be seen to take and survive the vaccine. The Phase Three trial for AstraZeneca included 24,000 people, from different ethnicities and countries across the world.

This included non-white people from Brazil and South Africa. 

Currently, there are fears circulating about potential side-effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine – or about any vaccine that has been created for COVID. Some people are concerned about the speed of the vaccine, but this is an unprecedented global crisis. Because of the hit on the economies and livelihoods of people across the world, Governments poured money and time into research in a way that has never been seen before.

If we approached every public health crisis like this, many viruses would receive medicines just as quickly.

AstraZeneca expect to manufacture 3 billion doses over 2021.

  1. Will the AstraZeneca vaccine change my DNA?

The answer is no. 

The AstraZeneca vaccine cannot change your DNA or reshape a human cell. Your body just receives instructions from the vaccine, telling you how to create a completely organic defence against the virus. The body then learns what COVID looks like, and creates antibodies that can identify and fight the virus when it comes across them.

It took 14 days after vaccination for the immune system to destroy cells infected with COVID-19, while antibodies were generated within 28 days of the second injection.

Some of the side-effects are just evidence that the body is processing the information given by the vaccine to create a protective shield. The symptoms below mean that the shield is working.

For instance, it is very, very normal (over one in ten people) for someone to feel some negative symptoms after the AstraZeneca vaccine.

These common post-vaccine symptoms are:

  • Tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or bruising where the injection is given
  • Generally feeling unwell
  • Feeling tired (fatigue)
  • Chills or feeling feverish
  • Headache
  • Feeling sick (nausea)
  • Joint pain or muscle ache

And some less common but still possible side effects are:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Decreased appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Excessive sweating, itchy skin or rash

2. Will the AstraZeneca vaccine paralyse me?

Again, the answer is no.

There were viral grouptexts and anecdotes about the vaccine trials leaving people paralysed, then pharma companies covering these alleged incidents up. This kind of story is hard to disprove once people believe it, but there is a scientific truth that explains why this is wrong.

Four volunteers on the Pfizer clinical trial for COVID-19 had Bell’s palsy develop while they participated, which is a paralysis of the face. But due to the thousands and thousands of participants (atleast 20,000 for Phase Three trials of any drug), it was expected that people would develop their own illnesses that were due to happen while participating. However, the occurrence of Bell’s palsy is something scientists are continuing to monitor.

Currently, there has been no proven link between vaccines and paralysis, but sadly life continues to bring people illnesses that aren’t COVID-19.

Think about it this way. If a person has been given a medicine for one problem, would that medicine be expected to solve every medical problem they could experience?

3. Will the AstraZeneca vaccine make me infertile?

Again, the answer is no. 

In December, 2020, a German doctor and anti-vaccine supporter, begun to create a false link between syncytin-1 (an ingredient in the vaccine) and the human placenta. His argument was that they share genetic makeups, meaning that the vaccine could then attack the human placenta and make the body unable to carry a baby.

This argument nearly went as viral as COVID.

It is a strange and impossible idea, as the antibodies created after the vaccine are specifically coded to fight the virus and protect the human body. If the antibodies were to suddenly turn on the human body, this would have been spotted at Phase One, Phase Two and especially the huge Phase Three stage of clinical trials for every single COVID-19 vaccine.

Remember, the vaccine makes antibodies for us before COVID. But when people get the virus without a vaccine, their bodies make those protective antibodies.

If the antibodies created organically in the bodies of 107 million people did not impact pregnancy statistics, then the exact same antibodies created with the insight of a vaccine would not change fertility patterns.

4. Will I get a blood clot if I take AstraZeneca?

It is highly unlikely, roughly a four in one million chance. 

The WHO and UK medicine authority both cleared the AstraZeneca vaccine of blood clot risks – signing off for the vaccine to be safely used across the world.

However, there are new cautionary guidelines for those under thirty. 

In a recent trial of over 30,000 people, the AstraZeneca vaccine was proven to be 100% capable of stopping COVID death. 

There is more risk of experiencing a blood clot related issue from birth control than the AstraZeneca vaccine.

So, what is the main side effect that is real?


Only eleven in one million people will experience this, and your doctor should be able to advise you on what to do about this. This resource explains clearly if you can take the vaccine, depending on other pre-existing allergies you might have.

Read about the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine here. 

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    • If the short-attention span people can’t be bothered to stay focused long enough to read and learn about something as important as a worldwide virus such as COVID 19, I despair.

      • Short attention span does not necessarily equate to disinterest. It can be a debilitating condition that can accompany other conditions such as mental illness, stress and anxiety, intellectual disability, dementia and so on. Please be patient with those less healthy than you seem to be.

        • Very well said Kathy. I have severe depression and anxiety along with type 1 diabetes and my attention span is being affected massively. It’s extremely upsetting the way some people have so much ignorance to mental health, even now. It’s a shame that some people think they have it all figured out.

      • Stupid person! There are people out there that do suffer with shorter attention span for God sake, thick! Or what! Because they suffer with various health conditions and illness never have I read such a stupid comment

        • Even simply being tired can cause a short attention span/loss of concentration. I do not always sleep well so am tired a lot, and so people who suffer from any type of problems that prevent them getting a good nights sleep can then be too tired to concentrate or read long articles.

        • So someone doesn’t understand something and you label them “thick” and “stupid”?! Can’t we all try to be a bit kinder to each other?

        • Abuse and reviling never brings change – it re-enforces bad traits. Remember your child you always called stupid, thick etc?…

      • I have attention deficit disorder and if I hear one more comment to this effect just because you can do things that others find so difficult. My brain does not make the same chemical response to instigate or continue with things the same as yours does. Plain and simple. I wish it would but it doesn’t. It makes being a working, single mum with 3 boys and a house to run horrendously difficult. I am learning new strategies to try and help matters but one thing I can’t magic out of thin air is concentration.

        Your ignorance and lack of empathy for others, who through no fault of their own are unable to do the tasks you do, the way you do, saddens me. I’ve battled against enough self loathing for wondering why everyone else can do things and I can’t, until I understood my inattentive ADD . Would you be as condemning towards someone who had a visible disability?

        No, I think not.

        • Lisa I sometimes have trouble concentrating I’m not sure if I have ADD because I’ve never spoken to my doctor and I feel embarrassed that my friends and family would not understand if I do. So I continue to struggle with probably for the rest of my life it seems to be worse when I don’t sleep well sometime regular everyday tasks are impossible . you take care.

        • Hi Lisa. I know exactly what you mean! It is a struggle especially if you aren’t getting help or your doctors doesn’t believe in the condition.

        • I have attention deficit disorder today ..just had my 3th Vaqccine done before yesterday and I am soo weak that I am not able to read your text to the end:(

        • Well said. My daughter is 47 and people still do not care or understand . She achieved amazing job for years. .Now 7 months of long covid still I’ll no help from NHS. .her job and future married is all in jeopardy now , her mental health is falling too . So added problems

      • Narrow minded much – think outside your tiny box – some illnesses cause short attention span and even makes one have a compromised cognitive side.
        Really shame on you!

    • I had vaccine 9.20 yesterday by 10 so tired no energy to do anything by 2 awful headache so cold by 7 still headache drifting in and out of sleep so cold my body ache all over by 9 had to turn lights and television off couldn’t stand lights was so cold but very hot to touch temp was 37.8 thought it was going to be higher the way I felt shaking all over painful mouth ulcers upset stomach lower back ache couldn’t get warm woke at 2am still ill could walk every step wet myself upset stomach felt sick and cold all night always have breakfast 7 to 7.30 couldn’t eat felt so sick tried to eat porridge and grapes at 10.30 felt so sick 12 still tired and headache no energy but not cold or shaking mouth ulcers gone still have upset stomach and lower back pain so glad no work untill Saturday hopefully be better then not looking forward to second vaccine going to make sure I have few days off work after it.

      • Its now 2.25 and I fell better like nothing have happened so glad its all past got my appetite back headaches gone I think its a good price to pay ill for 29 hours after vaccine .

        • hey. That sounds awful. poor you. I had it at about 3pm today and felt very tired but then I feel quite lacklustre anyway at the moment but then tonight I started to get nausea and was typing an email when I realized my hands had gone numb. I tried to warm up but couldn’t so I went upstairs to get in a hot bath and started shaking. I sat in the bath retching and feeling headachy so I took paracetamol l. My teeth were chattering at one point I thought it was possibly in my head because i’d read the side effects but I think the worst has passed or the paracetamol has kicked in. i put the electric heater on full blast as well as the radiators and the hot bath did initially help but I got cold because there wasn’t enough hot water to fill it. Had there been enough I’d suggest that that did stop the shivering for a bit and I was getting a bit desperate as the shivering got worse and worse once I got out of bed. my hands went numb. i think it is quite cold tonight however. it would have been interesting to see if that had happened in the summer. So i guess I got the common side effects listed. I’ve had no irritation where the needle went in . I hope it will pass by tomorrow but I will update people. I don’t think I was anxious about having the vaccine at all but now my radar is looking for more symptoms which is annoying me.

          • Same as me! Got into the bath, but just couldn’t make it warm enough and was so desperate! Have you previously had COVID? Apparently side effects stringer if so

          • Same here Jeannette. Felt fine for a couple of hours after the injection. Then started shivering uncontrollably. Had to put many layers on to try to stay warm. Felt sick …. and was sick ….. but also the headache was bad and I’m a migraine sufferer so I think I missed my ‘window of opportunity” to take my tablet?
            Terrible night. Almost no sleep. Temp of 39.0 then by morning down to 38.9 but still high.
            Feeling lethargic and unable to do much ….. but, as you say, just one of those things with the side effects and worth it in the long run.

        • Thank you for sharing Gill my partner is going though this now (scary) and I feel better knowing it gets better ….. hopefully your much better now x

        • Glad you’re better, Gill Wood, but I’ve chosen not to have the vaccine as , considering what you’ve been through – compared to the vaccines I’ve had in the past for ‘flu or for overseas travel against ‘foreign’ illnesses – I’ve had no such side effects. What concerns me is the long-term effects. Usually it takes years if not decades for vaccines to be developed. Open to further discussion on this.

          • Hi, I had the vaccine from AstraZeneca on 04/02/2021, and the only sides effects I had is pain at the place of injection and a little cold symptoms.
            I am in the critical category group as well.

          • Hi Ashley,

            I appreciate your reasoning as to why you have opted to not receive the vaccine – I thought I’d take on your invitation to further discussion.

            All vaccines have different side effects, and of course it is worrying hearing about others experiencing them. Compared to the shingles vaccine, Pfizer actually reported lower levels of reports of local pain and redness of the injection site, muscle pain, chills and fever. This is just an example of how some vaccines that have been around almost 15 years still have noticeable side effects, sometimes at higher rates than Covid ones. Just how some people react differently to getting certain infections or bugs, people will react differently to getting vaccinations. The main point is that the protection these vaccines offer (for all diseases, not just Covid) far outweigh any side effects you may incur for a small amount of time.

            I completely agree with your worry as to how the Covid vaccinations were created so quickly as opposed to some other vaccines, it was also a concern of mine. After researching, here are some of the points that helped me understand how it was possible, and hopefully will make you feel safer too:
            – Some vaccines on the market have been developed completely from scratch, adding years and years to the creation timeline. They have been able to tweak existing vaccines as opposed to creating an entirely new one, which has reduced the time needed to ‘create’ it.
            – Vaccines tend to go through 3 phases of testing before being allowed out to the public: Phase 1 of a small number of healthy adult volunteers, Phase 2 of a larger number of volunteers, Phase 3 of a large number of volunteers in the target population (ie. with other conditions, wider range of ages etc). Due to the urgent need for the Covid vaccine, they were given permission to complete Phase 2 and Phase 3 simultaneously as opposed to having to wait for stage 2 to be completed first. This means that no phases were skipped or missed out, it still went through all the testing necessary, just in a much shorter time frame.
            – A huge amount of time within the development of any vaccine is taken up through procedures. This includes, submitting for permission to begin creating vaccine, submitting for finance, submitting to the ethics committee for volunteering, submitting for paperwork to license the vaccine, just to name a few. And this is what takes vaccines so long to be produced, back and forth and many different agencies working together. Because Covid has had such a devastating affect worldwide, you can imagine every agency has made this their top priority, meaning time between steps is decreased greatly. Governments globally are pumping funding towards developing these vaccines, meaning finance is no longer an issue. People around the world are desperate to help and have life return to normal, meaning volunteers are in abundance. As you can see, all of these have the compounded effect of taking an immense amount of time off of ‘the years vaccines normally take to create’

            In terms of long term effects – you’re right. Covid-19 hasn’t been around long enough for us to say with 100% certainty what long term effects the disease and it’s vaccines have. We do however, through science, know a lot about how biologically and chemically similar vaccines have responded to the human body. Unfortunately if this is still a concern for you, then there are also hundreds of other things you should stop / limit such as wifi, bluetooth and screentime just to name a few – none of these have been around a significant amount of time for us to fully say with accuracy that they do not have any lasting effects and yet we use them all daily.

            I think the main point is, the vaccine is what we need right now. It has gone through the same rigorous testing as other vaccines, albeit much quicker, and any temporary side effects are greatly outweighed by the positives to not only you, but to the worldwide population as a whole.

            Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that this has helped you understand and overcome some of the concerns you had, and I truly hope you feel you are in a better place to make an informed decision when invited to have the vaccine.

          • Hi Ashley. Everybody’s choice to get vaccinated or not. I’m reading some really bad side effects from vaccines on here but I had my Oxford vaccine yesterday at 2pm. Now nearly 18 hours later all I’ve had is a slightly achey arm. I had this done even though I’m terrified of needles to not only protect myself but also my family, and it means I’m one step closer to meeting up with other family members. I felt worse after having a flu jab for the first time last October. The science behind this proves it’s helping to fight this and scientists have worked hard to roll this out.

          • I am not being dismissive of you not wanting to have the vaccine, but the reason it has been developed so much quicker, is that governments around the world funded a lot of the work needed and took all the financial risk away from the companies behind the vaccine. Also if you ha e 24 to 48 hours of feeling terrible due to the vaccine as my wife has, it is still better than the four months of recovery I have gone through from covid. Please, please think again about getting vaccinated. Protect yourself and others who are unable to have protection.

          • It does take years normally. However these vaccines have been developed probably over a year and they have had every penny thrown into it and all the best scientists and Drs I prsume. So what would be dragged along, being left for months in between every stage due to staffing, funding and not being that urgent this has had the worlds concentration and best experts on it. Consider it like this – if you have one man who can afford a spade to dig the biggest hole he can – how far will he get, but if you have 1000 of the best hole diggers with mechanised diggers and all the money to buy equipment who is going to get the best results – and is it fair to compare the two?

          • The vaccine groundwork has been in development for 10 years or at least , so it did not just pop up from nowhere 🙂
            They learnt from other covids like SARS and MERS and discovered the best way to approach making vaccines for it. People should not listen to scare stories

          • If you decide to skip the vaccine that’s obviously entirely your choice. But given we are all taking the vaccine to not only protect ourselves, but the whole of society (especially the vulnerable) I would encourage everyone to take it.
            I hate injections / needles but I had my first jab yesterday. The process was very well managed. Didn’t feel the injection at all. I am suffering from side effects though. Not slept all night. Sensitive skin. Joints and lower back are pretty uncomfortable. Some abdominal pains. I feel a huge headache brewing.
            But, I’ll be better by tonight or tomorrow and that’s me done then.

        • That makes me feel hopeful. After reading your report I’m not too bad after all. If this is how you feel after vaccine, I definately don’t want Covid 19 !

        • Thanks for this comment, I was freakin out because I thought I got ill too fast. Its approx 9 hours after first injection.
          Oh my goodness the achy everything. Bones I didn’t even know I have are aching lol. I am so so so cold, I’m still chattering with heating on and three blankets! But ur right, worth it no matter what.

        • I got my yesterday 27.03.21 4pm feels normally and today around 1pm started side effects head pain from knees to foots I feel to much cold sometimes hand, lover back pain maybe kidneys every hour going make urine , now is around 9pm now my legs feels hot , still head pain , urine every hour , eat normally and drink plenty waters or tea with honey

          • Hi Stefan, I had my first Astrazeneca 2 days ago and suffered similar effects to you but maybe more extreme, being extremely cold and unwell and passing quite a lot of urine very frequently (I dont know where it all came from!) for about a 6 hours. I had such difficultly getting out of bed and walking. But after that 6 hours I slowly improved . I am now very hesitant in getting my second dose. So was wondering did you get a second dose and how did it effect you? . From Margaret (Australia)

        • Glad you are feeling better now. I had only a sore arm however my 61 year old younger brother had pretty much the same experience you had. He plans on taking some precautions including Tylenol for his second shot. It’s a normal response for some even though it’s so severe. I do recommend talking with your MD or public health dept. before getting a second shot.

      • Hi all,
        Had my vaccine, 8.15am 11 hours after
        Got high temperatures and the shakes, felt really unwell slightly nauseous, pain in my joints and muscles.
        Appetite was gone and extremely tired, experienced constipation as well
        But all good after 36 hours,.
        Having said all this my brother had his vaccine yesterday with no side effects yet.
        All good its worth it at least we have some cover from this wretched plague.
        Have a weekend

        • This is all good to hear, I had the jab mid day Sat.
          Been a relatively normal experience, in line with yours that is, the headache however is pretty bad now without paracetamol, in fact most of the other side effects lessened too, once I took 2 paracetamol that is. I’ll keep them handy.
          Thanks for the info, I’m not worried now.

        • Hi I had mine Sunday still feel tired and head ache not my self but arm not hurting any more not really eaten much just feel out of salts I think may be having Fibromaglie has not helped

          • Hi Caroline h ad my AstraZeneca jab yesterday 9.20am was fine all day
            Woke up today with bad headache and aching neck and arm and back and ribs no shaking slight temperature 37.1 hope this goes away soon
            Staying in bed

        • Aah that makes me feel better. 12 hours after the jab I got ill with a temperature of 38.5 . I had cold shivers body aches and weirdly all my injuries flared up . ( hip from running and AC joint swelled up) which makes sense as it’s a inflammatory response. The headache was the worst I didn’t want to see light of hear anything . Cold cloth over the eyes really helped. After 24 hours It was more manageable after 36 It was better. 72 hrs later I had a shadow headache and was soooo tired and out of breath even going up stairs or for a little walk ( I’m very active and fit ) today it’s day 4 and I’m not as tired but I’m still tired and feel drained/ depleted definitely not my usual energetic self. Hoping this completely leaves me soon it’s a little worrying that everyone else seems to be better after 48 hrs .

          • How long before your tiredness went? I’m on day 7 post vaccine and still tired but it’s getting better. Appetite is a bit better too. Process is so slow especially when I read you are poorly for up to 48hrs! I will need some convincing to get my 2and jab.

          • I’m surprised to find I still have dizziness and strong fatigue 1 wk after vaccination. I went to see the doctor yesterday who said that this can still be the case and not to worry. I’m 48 and normally really healthy. It’s just really taken it out of me for some reason. Lots of extra sleep hours needed!

          • How are you felling – how long did it last? I had my AZ vaccine on 20th April. No noticeable side effects other than a sore arm for 2 days. However, evening of 27th April, developed a terrible headache and had it on and off since then (wasn’t noticeable on 18th April). GP has said to treat it like a migraine until it has been 4 days or if it worsens – to get a blood test for platelets and d-dimmer. It’s been 3 days if you exclude Wed. Trip to A & E shortly – to get checked out. Better safe than sorry!

      • I had vaccine Tues am. Had awful sore affects due to having fibromyalgia. Head hurts even more feel worse than if I have the flu..body in so much pain. So know how u feel.
        Had no choice but to get it done due to job but so fed up now with having no energy. Hope you feel better soon x

        • Hi …68 today!!.. Astrazeneca vaccination last Saturday evening…I’m somewhat heartened to find out that others have had similar side effects..at first,I thought it was just me..
          Sunday..began to feel ill…exhaustion.. muscle aches..lay in bed most of day..Monday.. exhausted ..aches..cracking headache/migraine..sick..stomach discomfort… Tuesday..woke up..sat up on bed edge..got up to(attempted to) my feet.. excruciating pain at very specific point at left base of spine..like circular saw going in..let out a yell/groan…at same time,desperate need to empty bladder..but …guess what?..I wet myself..urine flooding down legs, no muscle power to hold it in..glad I’m on my own..embarrassing.. pretty much how the rest of the week has gone..I’m now wearing adult paper knickers(just like lady in the advert who lifts weights
          It’s Saturday again…pain down left side turned to strange numbness..pain.. .still there…might try dialling nhs111 tomorrow,if things don’t improve..I’ve given up with cocodamol & the 15mg codeine tabs..

          • I had the same side effects reported here by so many. Not pleasant but far better than getting the real thing. Five days later I am still very tired and only just getting my appetite back. A word of warning tho. The painkillers you took are powerful opiates and if taken too many times will produce symptoms that will be as bad as what you are trying to alleviate. Also they dampen the immune response your body is trying to build up so you may be undoing your immune systems good work.

          • Four weeks after astra zeneca ive had bad back pain and constipation .still have pain after two weeks hoping my body will react to fight this. Soon

          • Hi Kathryn, sorry to hear about what happened. Have you recovered all right? I’m at approx 48 hours after my AZ jab and just started getting shooting pains in my lower back. Needless to say I’m a bit worried and started googling and ran across your post. Hope you’re ok

          • My too Julie 6days later still in bed full flare up of fibromyalgia 2hrs after getting injection all in all I’m really miserable.Take care.xx

        • I have fibro, ivfeelvyou! 6 days after my Oxford jab im most definitely still very sore, stiff and feeling heat in injection site arm. I am still recovering from covid since December 2020, I was scared to get vaccinated just yet as was already feeling effects of the virus. Glad I did though.
          I’m currently, with GP, deriving a long covid / asthma plan for the road ahead. Shortness of breath, headaches and insomnia just won’t bugger off!! And as you know, fibro does like to exasperate all ailments. *sarcastic “yay” ;D
          Fibro is a daily tough, but covid scares me still. Stay well x

          • Hi Sally, did the insomnia go away. I am 62 and after 10 days of vaccination i have suddenly developed Insomnia which is not going away for last 4 nights.

        • Hi how long did you feel like this i had mine Sunday still getting head ache body pain and feeling out of salts my arm no longer hurts but my shoulders and chest ache this is not pains I don’t get with Fibromaglie I just feel tired

          • Do you feel better now? I have fibromyalgia too. 2 weeks since the jab now and still feel awful. Xx

        • Hi Lisa I feel exactly the same.Five days on i still feel extremely exhausted, I also suffer from fibromyalgia and 2 hrs after the injection I had a full flare up.Im still in bed and I regret having it.Im still very cold, lower abdominal pain and an over all feeling of being unwell.Atm I regret it and will be reluctant to get the next one.Didnt this I was going to feel this bad.Take care.xx

      • I’ve been the same, but I’ve got pain all down my left hand side, pins and needles in my face, headache feeling sick, lower back pain, fever temp 38.6. In and out of sleep. Feel really rotten. Having second thoughts about the second injection,this has made me so unwell

          • i have firbro thyroid hbp i had oxford and heard all horror stories so
            i took hot lemon and honey 2 panadol as as i got in
            i kept drinking hot lemon and honey Panadol every four hours had bit of headache and knackered for 24 hours but otherwise really good. keep hydrated but have the jab if you can honestly im mardy but was fine

          • Me too. I had mine on Sunday and felt quite ill after about 8 hours. My arm is still really painful where the injection went in. Don’t fancy the next one!

          • Hi Julie had my Astrozenica, jab the and only effects were sore arm for a few days but lately have been suffering from awful cramps in toes and legs and also fingers, whether this is due to us moving recently and all the hard work involved is anyone’s guess, but i would not put it down to the vaccine, had mine on the04/03/2021 and felt fine after went to work the next day and no problems, by the way i am 62 with health problems and was not going to miss out on this Great Chance to beat this awful virus.

        • First I’ve read of pins and needles. I had no reaction to the vaccine and then, 10 days later when having a shower, (after a relaxing start to the morning), I experienced pins and needles on the right hand side of my tongue. The sensation spread quickly to my cheek, gums and palate on this same side. Whether my next response was due to anxiety, I don’t know, but I felt a bit dizzy, slightly unsteady on my feet, and wondered if I was going to faint. That passed sufficiently for me to dry and to dress but I noticed, when I call my partner my voice dropped. It seemed I was having a little difficulty with speech. In the mirror it looked to me as if my mouth on the right side had drooped. I continued to feel a little peculiar, slightly unreal and a little off balance for the rest of the day. The pins and needles slowly became that sensation I know after having a local injection at the dentist when it has almost worn off. The next morning I woke feeling back to normal.

          • Roe, I really think you should talk to your GP as your symptoms could be signs of a T I A (mini strike) – at the very least it needs to be documented and your blood pressure and general health checked. (I am a nurse) xx

          • Wow I’m feeling the same symptoms as after dentist , numbness pins needles in face ,as well as all the rest aches pains etc it’s SCAREY I feel like I did when I had pneumonia a few years ago , I’m so emotional, had jab Fri 5th 9.30 am symptoms kicked in big style Fri night I was scared to go to bed as felt so sick and had the runs, it’s now Sunday 8.30 pm still suffering,

          • Just wondering if the symptoms have gone away? I’m 11 days post vaccine and have pins and needles in my right hand and persistent headache with occasional nausea. I went to the GP after 4 days who said to give it time, that I’m “just having side effects”. Initially, the day after the AZ vaccine i had flushed face and facial spasming, numbness in a lot of ,my body including my head/ skull.
            I have a background in healthcare and am quite knowledgeable, there is no doubt in my mind I have had neurological changes possibly due to brain inflammation or stroke. Sadly, the GP had a waiting room of 40 people and probably just wanted me gone, when I in fact should have been sent for CT. Feel helpless now, just have to endure it and hope it goes away soon.

          • I had my Oxford AZ jab exactly two weeks ago and I’m still getting bad pins and needles in my left arm and hand (the side where the vaccine was administered), and I also occasionally get tingling in my lips and face and a tight feeling in my chest (although I suspect that that is just anxiety). Has anyone else had pins and needles for this long? I reported on the yellow card system but now thinking I should make an appointment to see my GP, however, if anyone has had these symptoms for longer and then they eventually disappeared, that would give me some kind of reassurance…

          • My dear Roe, The symptoms you described need to be discussed with your GP. Please call them and don’t hesitate.

        • I had my jab last Friday. I felt okay until the evening, when I started to get mild flu symptoms. These carried on over the weekend. I was very tired on Monday but by Tuesday I was getting migraines. I am a migraine sufferer. Have had on going migraine since then and I am having disturbed sleep. I feel sick and don’t want to eat. I am not sure how long these symptoms are supposed to last but I was led to believe would only be 48 hours and it is almost a week since I had the vaccine. Today, I feel worse than I did over the weekend. I am waiting to hear back from GP surgery but this feels like really bad flu, I am not sure that I will be having the second jab. Very concerned about it

          • Same. Flu symptoms for.weeks.and headsch has never gone away since I received the vaccine. I am on day 32 and headache will.not abate. I never have headaches. Today (32) I still have headache, tiredness and tinnitus.

          • Hi Mandy.
            Did your headaches/migraines go away? I am on day 13 since AstraZeneca and day 9 of ongoing headaches and migraines. Doc says I am ok. Just have to push through it. I want it to be over.

        • Hi.. had mine Saturday…10am the numbness spread across my left side in minutes.. had a panic attack. Pains in my chest within 15 minutes it’s now 4am Wednesday and I cannt sleep arm is heavy leg is heavy still tingly jaw and neck worried I’ve got angina or something.. at 9.55 Saturday I was right as reign. It annoys me they keep saying these conditions were underlying. That’s twoddle! I haven’t felt right since 10 an last Saturday..

        • How are you feeling now Nicola? I had my jab 4 days ago and experienced various things you’ve mentioned but the pins and needles in my hands, Lower legs and feet still remain…

          • How are you feeling now Donna as I had my AZ jab on the same day as you and had pins and needles as soon as I got in the car after the jab. They went down my left arm and hand (the arm that I had jabbed) and since then, a week has passed and they are still going on and moved to my left leg and foot. It got so uncomfortable yesterday that I phoned my GP. He was going to yellow card my symptoms and hadn’t heard of it before. Said it was rare and that it was unlikely I had Guillain-Barre syndrome as both sides are normally affected but it still worries me that it could happen in the future. I will assess how others have got on before I make up my mind whether to have the second jab as I also got a terrible 3 day migraine, swollen lymph glands behind my knees, nausea, no energy, hot and cold, and generally not myself. I was vaccine hesitant and normally take homeopathic remedies for vaccines so had to be persuaded to have the first jab. My husband had his at the same time and was fine!

          • Hi Donna,

            How do you feel now? I have the same symptoms 10 days post- vaccine. The pins and needles are the worst but also have nausea and headaches. Did yours go away eventually?

          • Hi Donna
            Do you still have pins and needles I am 5 weeks post vaccine and pins and needles still remain in my left face, left arm/hand and left foot.

          • Hi Joldine,

            How do you feel now? I have the same symptoms 10 days post- vaccine. The pins and needles are the worst but also have nausea and headaches. Did yours go away eventually?

        • I am getting pins and needles now too. Left leg in particular and pain in my groin like some circulation problem. It’s been 5 days since my AZ jab. The day after the jab i had fever, headache and tiredness.

          • I am having the exact same symptoms for jab april 21 and am now 6 days in
            Are you feeling better

          • Hi Andrew,

            How do you feel now? I have the same symptoms 10 days post- vaccine. The pins and needles are the worst but also have nausea and headaches. Did yours go away eventually?

        • Hi Nicola,

          Have the pins and needles gone yet? I have these 11 days lost vaccine and they’re very worrying. Would love to know if / when people recovered.

          • Hi Danielle
            Did you recover from the pins and needles eventually? I am 5 weeks post vaccine with pins and needles on my left face, arm/hand and lower left leg and foot.

        • Hi – did you go on to have your second jab?
          I had the numbness and tingling down my left arm, both hands, feet and mouth/tongue 4 days after 1st jab.
          Very scared of it happening again after my second! Help!

        • Hi Nicola, just came across your comment and I want to say I have experienced similar side effects to you. I have dead numb heavy left arm for a month as well as lower legs tingling, shape chest pain, inside neck pain for 2 Months, all started on the jab day. Now on month 3, I’m having the tingling around my head, face, tongue, lips…. So still wonder what to do with 2nd dose as GP wouldnt decide what to do and I fear the worst if I do but dont get any medical help afterwards as hard to get help as it is.

        • Hi, I have the same symptoms. Pins and needle on left side of the body and difficulty sleeping. Did it get any better?

      • Follow this simple logic.
        If you got very bad side effects for the vaccine be thankful you got the vaccine. Unlike the majority who shows no side effects to the vaccine, you are a person who had no resistance to the virus and would have most likely ended up in an ICU if you had contacted the Covid. Now your body will build up the resistance and even if you catch Covid it will pass off unsimtamatic.

        • I had nausea and a real bad headache with light headedness but in general nowhere near as bad as some correspondents. I agree it a sign that if the virus had caught me I would have been affected badly. No problem with getting the second vaccine injectopn

        • Sorry – that’s simply not scientifically correct – reacting to the vaccine has nothing to do with reaction to covid – AZ vaccine doesn’t work by giving you a dose of the virus – I have been exposed to at least three people with the
          Virus and never showed anything – I suspect T cell immunity from years in Australia where plenty of corona viruses – but the Oxford vaccine has slated me – what a joke – I only had it to be able to go to Greece – forget the second jab and I wholly regret the first one.

          • The AstraZeneca vaccine is made from a weakened version of a common cold virus known as adenovirus (from chimpanzees). It has been modified to look more like Coronavirus. Although it can’t cause illness, once injected, it teaches the body’s immune system how to fight the real virus should it need to. I understand that for some people the side effects are worse than they are for others but they should be temporary if you are finding they are lasting for longer than 48 hrs or you are seriously concerned contact your local healthcare provider or if you are in the U.K. phone 111 for advice. Please do not be put off having your second dose because the side effects are unpleasant because the effects of covid 19 are far worse than you’ll experience from any vaccine

          • Ruth I feel exactly the same, 6days in bed now feel awful I went in well and now I’m aching all over headaches exhaustion low appetite, only did it as I also wanted to go to Greece, won’t be having the next one.Take carexx

      • I had mild reaction, tiredness, chills day after jab, then again a week later, and now again 3 weeks after jab. This time it was worse than other 2 times. Have been self isolating so little chance of picking up other germs. Anyone else had recurring reactions?

        • I’ve just been for a Covid test after having a temperature, chills, headache and being sick yesterday. I felt very fluey but it’s been 3 weeks since my jab. Feeling better today and wondering if it could have been a delayed reaction to the vaccine? Hasn’t put me off having the second jab when the time comes though.

          • I had terrible sickness/vomiting, diarrhoea and severe tummy pains/ cramps, started around 55 hours after my vaccine. Wasn’t too sure if it was the vaccine or not, but there really doesn’t seem to be any other explanation, especially as I had been pretty much self isolating and only mixing with immediate family who I live with…..

        • I was not too bad after jab, now a week later I am in more pain, just like fibromyalgia. Is it important to have 2nd jab as I think I am not going to bother.

        • I had about 36 hours of slight fever, nausea, light headedness and fatigue the day after my Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccination. I then felt ok again, but on day 10 the tiredness and slight fever have returned. I haven’t been out of the house since December, except for my vaccination so I don’t think I’ve picked up another bug.

          • I had mine Thursday lunchtime. 10 o’clock that night had a pain in my arm. Friday I couldn’t move anything, headache, nausea and dizziness so stayed in bed. Yesterday I was able to get up but pain in arm and tiredness remained. Today is Sunday. The only way I can describe how I feel today is spaced out. Does that make any sense? I feel a bit scared, as if I’m not in control. I’m a little concerned about driving.

        • I had my first AstraZeneca jab almost three weeks ago and I had a mild reaction the day after: just some dizziness, headache and fatigue with a slight temperature, which lasted for about a day or even less. Now, more than two weeks after the first jab, I’ve been down with what I thought was a stomach flu for about two days now: I’ve been feeling extremely tired, with some temperature and a terrible headache. I’m getting the suspicion that maybe this has got something to do with the vaccine?

        • I’m on to day 15 still got chills headache feeling sick pins needles body paining ulcers in mouth although not as bad now I ,can feel pretty much ok for a while at some point in the day then the tiredness hits ,I’ve spoken to 2 GPS they said it’s not reaction to jab it’s a spring virus ,ha they want to read some of these stories, hopefully we all feel better soon ! 2nd jab far from my mind at moment,

          • Hi Margaret, my partner is the same. Never had a thing wrong with him in all the years I’ve known him, not even a cold- genuinely. Received Oxford vaccine 5 days ago and has had dizzy spells, diarrhoea, heartburn, loss of appetite (first time I have ever seen him lose his appetite), weak legs, chills, sore arm, sore head. He definitely won’t be getting the second one. Said if he’d known this could happen to him, he would never have got it.

          • Hi, I’m very similar. Day 17 and feeling dizzy and very fatigued with pins and needles and numbness in my face. I’ve never had covid and I’m fit and healthy. I felt ok for about 4 days then the symptoms came back.

        • Ok think I’m same as you ,I really don’t know what to do next , diagnosed with bit D deficiency after 2 jab of ASTRAZenica ,side effects are terrible tiredness anxiety nausea ect now really worried might catch something else as my immune is probly shot ,I’m taking supplement capsules vit D hoping they work as I now feel terrible ,hope you are getting better I’m in Australia where are you ?

      • Very similar reaction to you Gill. Except I was also physically sick in two separate bouts. I was shaking with incontrollable cold and horrendous headache through the night. Also had bouts of loose motion and lower abdominal pain.
        Haven’t felt as ill in 30 years! It lasted 24 hours but I didn’t feel better until the second day 36 hours after my jab.

      • My son had his AZ jab 1pm – hes 27 but epileptic – was fine till about 5pm EXACTLY the same as your symptoms and everyone on here …he never gets flu or bugs so weird to see him so poorly. Relieved to find we are not alone but now dreading next week when i get mine! Having said that my nephew died of Covid 2 days before Xmas 48 years old no underlying health issues, slim, fit healthy. Worked as a social worker with covid patients. Left 2 teenage daughters so 3 or so days of feeling very ill is nothing if it keeps us safe.

      • I have gradually got worse since my jab on wednesday. Just rang 111 and the doctor was so nice. Thinks its just a bad reaction to the jab.Said if I get any worse to ring back. But just keep taking paracetamol. and definitely not have my electric blanket on. Have violent shaking.splitting headache and feel sick.

      • Got my shot 29 hrs ago with no symptoms except slight fatigue. My wife also got it same time as me. Experiencing similar effects as you people. Headache, chills the first night, no appetite and now just very tired mostly sleeping today. Wakes up says she feels fine but tired so goes back to sleep. No more headaches or chills.

      • Same with me, pain all over my body, like someone beat me up with a stick or walk on me. HBP 180/100, no energy, just laying in bed, no appetite after 24 hours since jab.

      • Thanks Gill
        It was only by reading your post that I realised I would live through it!
        Astra Zeneca side effects – QLD
        Vaccination at 11.20
        Home by 12.00
        Put together leek, potato and chicken soup in the slow cooker
        Made a batch of no flour peanut butter cookies for gluten free friend who arrived at 1.00
        Lovely visit- feeling great
        Friend left at 3 and I made a chicken pie for dinner. Slight sore throat and felt like I had blisters on my tongue??
        Ate dinner at 6.30 – fine
        Sat down to watch the 7.00 news
        7.30 started shaking uncontrollably ( it is fair to say that the news report was all about the Origin game) ! But jokes aside I could not stop shaking- I thought I would break my teeth or bite my tongue and was so worried I schooled myself to take long deep breaths which helped a little. The shakes went on until 9.00
        Crawled into bed – pyjamas, dressing gown and 5 blankets! Took two Panadol.
        Started to warm up!
        Couldn’t sleep but was so grateful that the shaking had stopped I put up with the sweating, excess temperature and headache
        1.30 am -managed to make my way to the kitchen and made a hot water and honey drink, took 2 more Panadol and went back to bed.
        Don’t remember much sleeping going on but dozed and pushed myself out of bed at 8.30
        9.30 Headache , burning up and listless
        4.30 still not great but might try some food
        Hope I wake up tomorrow ready for a good walk!

      • How are you now? I am here because my daughter took this brand vaccine, has her two shots about a month and half now and she is still complaining about headaches and newest development now lower back pains. She was perfectly fine before this vaccine.

    • We had the vaccine last Saturday. My wife was flat on her back for 5 days. Zero energy, Banging headaches, crazy tinnitus and night sweats. Finally got her up a day or so ago but still far from back to normal. Myself I did not seem to get anything apart from a bit of tiredness.

      • Yes I had mine on Sunday and have had headache an tinnitus all week , small price to pay ,may be worth people who work have the jab on a Friday To recover a bit , didn’t even feel the needle go in .

    • All I wanted to know – is an upset stomach/diarrhoea a side effect? On roughly 36 hours since the jab and experienced general fatigue, head aches and muscle ache yesterday and feel a lot better today. However my stomach has taken a turn this morning. Hopefully coincidental or possibly due to the amount of Nurofen I chewed through yesterday. Has anyone experienced similar?

      • yes -my partner. Really not well since he got his 5 days ago. Think he’s got every symptom on here. Also had lower back ache, muscle ache. Away to his bed just down (early evening). First time he’s even done that in all the time I’ve known him.

      • I had no sore arm and no side effects after my Astrozenica jab and was telling everyone nothing to it and I was just fine …went to bed that night and then suddenly about 4 in the morning I woke up with really bad low down pains in my stomach and had to rush to the loo…chronic diarrhoea … for about an hour. Went back to bed … then 3-4 hours later same thing again and then okay all day only to find same thing happened again in the early hours of the morning. After that nothing for weeks. However, after 4 weeks or so I became absolutely covered in excema and chronically itchy all over. I do get it anyway but, never, ever like this. Eventually saw GP and they did urgent blood tests to rule out kidney disease due to my age and other tests due various underlying health issues…nothing showed up. So coping with this crazy itching and excema still and few weeks to go until second vaccine. I also picked up a cold off my Grandchild as did hubby just sneezes and a runny nose…only to find that this weird stomach thing happened again and chronic diarrhoea. So I think it obviously does affect our bodies in some ways.

        • Hi Tracy
          Same here after Astra Zeneca Jab in February my immune system went into over drive and fell ill with sickness and diarrhea for 5 days, then developed a rash all over my body which I still suffer with today in August and to add insult to injury I was rushed into hospital for my appendix removal . Nearly 7 months later I am still unwell and a different person and refuse to have the second jab . People need to know this and hear the truth instead of hiding the negatives and only reporting the positives .

    • I am 23 year old female. I got my AZ first dose on 11th September in my college because we were going to have our final exam. As soon as i got my first jab I felt nauseous and had chest pain but it went away after sometime. Later evening i felt dizzy and at night i had high fever and pain all over my body especially my legs. Next morning the pain went away any my fever was also gone. Later that night my back hurt so much till the next day. On the evening, I got weird headache on the side of my skull I don’t know if it was because of the vaccine or my period. I also found small black marks on my thigh area. The next day today i was fine until my head started hurting again in the evening followed by weird jaw pain with numbness. I also get pain in my chest and sometimes difficult breathing. I am so scared I don’t know what to do and when i am going to feel ok. I need to study for my exam but i just can’t because i feel sick all the time. I am sorry if my English is bad. 🙁

    • Hi I’m a 58 year old male my partner is 56 we both had double vaccinations of astra zenica we both had the jabs around March & may since having the injections me & my partner are suffering from long covid tiredness fatigue chest pains pains in upper arms pains & needles sweating at night jaw ache tinnitus ,we both had a very healthy life been very active until we had the injections we feel the astra zenica has caused some kind of health issues between us we had covid 19 in January but after having our injections we feel that we have developed side effects from the astra zenica injections long covid we have spoken to other people about how they feel after having injections not just astra zenica but other injections and we found some people are saying the same feeling tired & fatigue aches & pains in their body etc

    • Yes, happened to me as well, 12 hrs after the vaccination and lasted over a hour. Felt as though l had flu the next day as well.

      • I had body jerking for about 2hrs and every other side effect mentioned on list. Feel fine 36hrs later but was in bed day following jab.

        • Update- contacted doctor who confirmed shaking caused by high temperature and is known side effect. She had similar problem so put my mind at rest knowing it’s fairly common.

        • Hi how long did you feel like this i had mine Sunday still getting head ache body pain and feeling out of salts my arm no longer hurts but my shoulders and chest ache this is not pains I don’t get with Fibromaglie I just feel tired

    • Yes it happened to me for a few hours about 8 hours after jab. Had 2 duvets over me, thermal pyjamas , thick socks and a hat on in bed. Would have worn gloves if I could gave found them. Was too weak to get hot water bottle. Heated myself up with a heat pad. This was my first jab. Don’t want the second now as it is supposed to have more of an effect. Cant imagine how that would pan out! Still feel weird 5 days later.

      • Just read your after effects from the vaccine..you must have the second dose to fully protect you from the virus. I am a retired nurse an d had the astra zenica today . 2 years ago I had a virus very similar to covid and after 3 weeks ended up in hospital ..you realy dont want to get the virus ..take care.

      • 7 days now and still getting bouts of feeling Icey cold and really bad fatigue
        Muscle aches lessoning now
        Had severe headache first night

        • hi I also had a bad reaction for several days all of the above violent shaking cold very sick dizzy headaches etc
          A lot more people are having bad reactions to the Oxford vaccine than the nhs are telling us it needs looking into. I wanted to have a different 2nd jab next but drs say no so I wont be having it

        • Hi
          Just wondering how you are. I had all the common side effects except the headache. All went away in 48 hours. Then a week later my arm at vaccination site went red and hot to the touch. 13 days later it is the same and I am very tired all the time.
          Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

          • Hi Annie, I had my first AZ 14 days ago, and 12 hours after I felt as though I had been hit by an express train, with muscle pains, sensitive skin all over my body, chills, nausea, no headache, no fever, temperature remains normal, just could not do anything, fatigue was terrible. All these symptoms gradually disappeared over 48 -72 hours. However, now after 14 days have skin itching all over and pain and itching over the injection site. Still experiencing tiredness but not extreme fatigue anymore. Not looking forward to my second one!! Was my 70th birthday 14.02.21 seven days after the vaccine certainly did not feel like celebrating. Hope all this helps Annie. All the best.

          • Yes me too. Had a large red lump at injection site, about 2 inches across. Two weeks later the redness has gone, but I still have a very small lump. I have also had palpatations and had to go to A/E. Had all the checks and was allowed home after a few hours.

          • Hello Annie. I am 20 days having had my jab and am still feeling truly dreadful. Still feel sick with no appetite. It comes and goes in waves

          • Have a red patch at site of injection. Had a few symptoms after jab. Red patch still there now 14 days on . Just taking anti histimine tablets & paracetamol hoping the redness and soreness goes away eventually

          • Hi Annie ,
            I am on day 7 and have started to get red itchy hot patch in the injection area.
            Still feel pretty exhausted .
            Looked on sites and it seems to be a delayed reaction known as “ Covid Arm “
            Did yours get any better ?

          • Hi, could the red patch be a blood clot they’re now talking about in the news? Worth getting it checked out to be on the safe side.
            I had the jab 14 days ago and while all the flu like symptoms have passed my arm is still sore where I had the jab. With everything now on the news it’s making me concerned.

        • Exactly the same for me Jacqui been getting bouts of insane fatigue of an evening and quite bad chills some evenings. Had this abated for you? I’m not exactly 7 days from taking it.

      • Wish i‘d listened to the advice earlier, which was to take paracetamol if I felt very unwell after the jab.
        I finally remembered to take the tablets and I felt much better .

      • I hope you are feeling better now Frances . I had pretty much the same pattern as yourself . Ice cold . Hot blanket and paracetamol stopped the shivering eventually. Bad headache. Temp high red hot cheeks . Felt I could not move and heavy weighted legs and arms . Temp and head lasted all the next day . Slept well second night and fever broke the next morning. Felt at odds and very fatigued but much better ! No swelling or redness on arm and just a slight ache in the shoulder . Tonight a sore throat and still fatigued. Had vaccine on Tuesday 16th Feb now early hours of Friday 19th Feb !

        • I had my AZ yesterday at 3pm was weird for first half hour then OK until going to bed…woke up in the night around 2.45 shivering and jolting but burning up and needed keep warm I am usually needing window open but last night couldn’t get warm. Temp went to 39 dropped to 38.5 today took paracetamol every four hrs got temp to 37.5 but now rising again with the chills returning. Not moved out of bed today feel like I’ve been in a severe car crash body aches everywhere with my heart going mad and extreme tinnitus. Has anyone else got chest pain too, my head feels like its going to explode and neck pain oh wow! Me too tummy don’t seem right a tad constipated my arm is heavy and sore but not red well not yet. Also low blood pressure anyone else had this?

          • Hello Paula, I had similar symptoms to you after AstraZeneca last Saturday. I was fine by Monday but then Tuesday night woke with tinnitus in left ear, the same side as vaccine. I’ve never had it before, now Sunday and not getting any better, did yours? GP says just a case of wait and see if it wears off, driving me crazy!

      • I agree with the feeling weird part. I had the astrazenca vaccine 2 days ago and ever since I been feeling really weird, as though I am in an out of a trance… Funny enough it seems somewhat haullcinating. I didnt get any cold shivers, but feeling v tired

      • Same thing here so cold for 3 days high blood pressure, loss appetite, shaking constipation
        Normal temperature. Pains in boday as I suffer from fibromyalgia. Nit happy for another dose. Felt weird and suffered nightmares. I have had allergic reaction to other vaccines in the past.

      • I had my Oxford-Astrazeneca Vaccine 2 weeks ago, ever since I’ve a general feeling of unwell and feeling sick…! Been on Ant-Sickness tabs for 2 days now…!

        • Omg me too! Im
          On day 8! The nausea just won’t go away! Keep gettin strange headaches and feel just really unwell! Im actually quite scared now! Anti sickness don’t seem
          To be workin either x

        • What anti sickness are you taking ? I too am suffering with bad nausea four days now after having AZ vaccine but can’t find anything to help with feeling sick
          Hope you’re getting over it now

        • I was starting to think I had caught some other virus since getting my AZ vaccine as I have been feeling pretty shabby since I had mine 2 weeks ago. To start with I was just tired and an on/off headache, but then about 5 days later I lost my appetite and started feeling sick. This also sort of comes and goes but I haven’t felt right for 2 weeks. They mention the possibility (1 in 100) of swollen glands a few days later and this lasting up to two weeks. I was wondering how long I should wait before contacting my doctor. Does anyone have any updates of how they got on with these symtoms.

    • I have had violent shakes about 12 hrs after 1st Vaccination.
      I was very frightened!
      I phoned 111
      And they asked loads of questions
      And at the end of conversation
      Said an health professional
      Will contact you in the next 6 HOURS!!!!
      At the moment the shakes have stopped
      And know one has phoned yet!
      Frightened to death that they will start again!

      • Have not heard of the violent shakes in anyone I know.. and I have a very large circle of friends in their 70,s and 80, s including my husband.. the effects will go and the second dose will add protection from the virus.

      • I had Astra Zenica last Friday evening abd at 3am Saturday woke with violent shakes a d was freezing.A friend had experienced the same so I took his advice and took 2 paracetamol .No more shakes but I just feel shattered.You know though it’s been worth it to see some light at the end of the tunnel.I will make sure I take paracetamol after next jab and would recommend everybody to have it when offered.Only then will we be able to have some sort of normality once the majority are vaccinated x

        • I had the shivers so badly that even my teeth were chattering. I have never experienced anything like it. I just clung to the fact that it was a reaction and I wasn’t actually ill!!!And also felt comforted that they are mentioned as a common side effect on the astra zenica fact sheet. Fortunately, they only lasted the night x

      • Mark…I have had the same but trust me the shivering and the headache from hell do subside, I am in the third day but still in bed taking paracetamol as prescribed..still getting mild headaches and fatigued but apparent those of us that are unfortunate to succumb to the extreme side effects would probably not come out alive if we caught Covid … so small price to pay! Stay positive and strong!

        • I agree with you their. Feeling so tired all the time and pain in whole body. Headache from hell and hot sweats snd tingling in my left hand. Feel like I am being stabbed in heart.

          • Hey Karen, I hope that your feeling better now. I’ve had it all apart from the stabbing in my chest. I’m 4 days in and I’m feeling like rubbish. My hand and arm is now tingling, even putting hand wash in my hand hurt it, how long has your tingling lasted for please x

        • I had the Covid jab, within eight hours I was vomiting and throughout the night violently shaking and so cold. The next day I couldnt get out of bed until late afternoon. The irony is I had already had covid over a period of five weeks with the usual but mild symptons. The reaction to the jab was far worse!

          • Usually the side effects are worse if you’ve had the virus. The body’s T cells remember and mount a string immune response. Totally normal. I’m a vaccinator, it also happened to me. Chills were severe but gone within 24 hours.

      • Hi I had a vaccine yesterday – 06/03/21, My arm was very sore last night, felt very tired and cold with sneezing like a cold. I have started to take two paracetamol since yesterday with a hot water bottle to stop the chills. Feeling a little better than yesterday and could eat food. Try doing the same it might help.

    • I had this too. I live alone found it very scary biggest hassle now is I feel my eyesight been affected but hoping it’s just temporary

      • Sorry to hear that, how are you feeling now? My brother lost his eyesight aroun 24h after the jab. he is okeyish now, still not 100 percent but eyesight back to normal. I’m quite worry about him since he already book his next one and I’m worry that he will not recover from it

        • Dear Kris, I would say that eye issues should be reported to his GP before your borther has the second dose. This is not one of the common reactions. I found the following from official US websites on the subject:
          “Also, seek immediate medical attention if you experience after a few days severe or persistent headaches or blurred vision after vaccination, or experience skin bruising or pinpoint round spots beyond the site of vaccination.”.

      • I had my Oxford jab Wednesday afternoon felt ok then 10pm got terrible headache pain in back and neck shivering temperature 101=4 Took paracitomol every 4 hours next day temperature 99.1. was a little sick after eating a bit of toast headaches so bad slept most of the day kept ice gel on neck did help next day still a bit achy but feeling a bit better hope you all get over it quickly dreading the second one does anyone know if we have to have the second one now that I’ve had the first one.

    • Hi hun I had my Covid jab yesterday 18.2.21 I was ok up until around 8pm went to bed with a nasty head and within an hour my temp shot up and my body wouldn’t stop shaking feel like I’ve got a nasty cold coming now I’m actually sat downstairs as I carnt sleep to restless hopefully with more painkillers it will ease off it’s the really bad head I carnt cope with it feels so heavy and just a nasty headache x

    • Had vaccine at 2pm, about 6pm got pains in hands and feet, went to bed about 11pm, woke up at 3 in the morning, uncontrollable shaking, so cold, couldn’t get warm despite 2 duvets, took paracetamol which helped, temp was 37.6, felt hot to touch but so so cold, 24 hours later feel back to normal, except for very sore arm, actually dreading 2nd shot.

      • I had my AZ 12 days ago. After 4 hours I had pins and needles over lower half of my face which then went numb. Also my left hand pins and needles followed by numbness. I did ring my Doc who said it was a rare side effect. It wasn’t listed in my AZ leaflet? First night I was hot and restless like I had flu but that subsided. I still keep getting facial numbness which is really bothering me, especially after all this time. I’m dreading the 2nd jab but will have to have it.

        • Hi Debbie, sorry to hear of these nasty side effects. Remember you don’t have to have the second dose if you don’t want to.

          Can you tell me if you are feeling any better now? I also have pins and needles and numbness, persistent headache and nausea.

          • Hi Matthew,

            Do you still have pins and needles? I have the same 11 days post jab so am really keen to know when/if they subside.


        • Hi Debbie and Matthew. I had my AZ vaccination two weeks ago and I still have pins and needles and a weird numbness in my left arm and hand. I also have sinus pressure in my face, around my nose and eyes. I will give my GP a call in a day or two and then share the response on here so you can see what they thought. I don’t think I want to have the second dose because of how I’m feeling, although having said that, everyone I know that has had the AZ had very mild flu symptoms for 24 hours and then felt normal again. I guess we’re just the unlucky ones. Take care. I will reply as soon as I get a response from the GP.

          • I too have had pins and needles, a numb left foot, currently have crawling feelings under my skin and it feels as if i have an elastic band around my forehead, dizzy and clumsy, tired, had palpitations, really scary! i had my vaccine 3 weeks ago now! within 10 mins of having it, i went dizzy and felt as if my tongue had swollen, i wasn’t too bad then, but that night, shivered, had pins and needles and awful vivid nightmares but half awake! all worse on my left side where i had the jab.
            I’m worried incase it has done neurological damage, scared to have the 2nd one incase it makes things worse. good to read others have experienced similar effects and i’m not going mad! How are you feeling now?

          • Hello, I received my Astra jab 3 April in my left arm.

            When I drove home had pins & needles in my left arm, an hour later pain in my top left thigh and an about after that pins & needles the whole left side.

            13 hours later woken by a huge pulsating muscle in top left arm with pins & needles whole left side for 2 days.

            Had pins & needles in left arm for a full week, it was intermittent in my lower left leg.

            3 weeks later and I still have pins & needles in my lower left arm and in lower left leg. I’ve now got pain in my foot and finding it painful to walk and I think it’s due to nerve damage. Waiting to see a physio.

            Has anyone experienced this?

          • Hi Mandy
            Do you still have pins and needles. I am 5 weeks post vaccine and have pins and needles in my left face, left arm/hand and left foot. Did your go away?

        • Hello Debbie,
          How is you numbness and pins and needles now?
          I had my AstraZeneca vaccine on 21st March on the next day had a cold left thigh.. i felt floored with tiredness over the next few days off and in.
          Then I started to get pins and needles in my hands and feet.
          They got cold and felt as if they had gone to sleep.
          I went to dr who took bloods and said my inflammatory markers were raised so I had an infection but she didn’t know where and to leave things and see if I get better.
          2 days later I felt as if I had a urine infection and it was so bad I ended up at out of hours ar 4.30am.
          The doctor tested my urine but couldn’t see anything But gave me an antibiotic for 3 days that I think I am allergic too so stopped.
          My blood pressure when I went to doctors was 191/86 and it’s usually around 130.
          I had a particularly bad night last night with an internal vibration inside me like an electric current and needed to go to toilet every 40 mins.
          Has anyone else had this??
          It’s very worrying as I am 61 but very fit. Not been ill or at doctor for years.
          Going to call her again this morning.
          Has anyone else experience this?

          • Hi June, I couldn’t reply to your previous request as there was no ‘reply’ underneath.
            I had my 1st AZ jab on 19th March and am still getting pins and needles in my left arm and hand, left thigh and also terrible numbness and cold in my thigh, fingertips and toes on both sides. Feels like someone is squeezing the life out of them. My GP referred me to see a neurologist today, although it was his registrar and I haven’t got any answers. I may get an electrical test in a couple of weeks as want to rule out Guillain-Barre syndrome. Am not happy and my GP said I made need an MRI so may have to push for that too. I was absolutely fine before my jab and to have the tingling start 5-10 mins after the jab made me wonder if it was the vaccinator hitting a nerve as she went in at the side of my muscle. Am really not happy but am so glad for other people telling their experiences. I am very fit at 63, never take drugs unless I can help it. Didn’t want this vaccine but kind of felt morally I should do but now not so sure. Anyone had the 2nd jab after the same bad reactions after 1st?

          • I’ll try to be brief. My first AZ jab was fine, no after-effects at all. 2nd jab was 20th April. I’ve always been incredibly healthy and active, almost never went to the doctor. Sometime a few days after my 74th birthday on 11 May, I started getting a weird little “glitch” in the very top of my left thigh, painful when I turned sideways. In short it went from bad to worse….symptoms just like “cruralgia”. Total inflammation of my femoral nerve. As NHS help was so critically non-existent through the summer, I went to the Brit School of Osteopathy. Great people, but I realised their help was going to be limited. Many days I could hardly walk at all. Nights are excruciating as even with a pillow between my knees, no position is painless. The pain varies in areas: sometimes from the hip flexor, which “catches”, sometimes deep into the groin area, down the thigh, around the knee, which has been so painful that the Brit School of Osteo tutor at one point thought the problem originated in the knee; he didn’t understand. At worst, from under the knee it goes down the outside of the calf. Going downstairs is not too bad; going upstairs I often have to crawl. I’m using a stick when I have to go out. Taking loads of vitamin concentrations, particularly the B’s, as that might help repair an damage to the nerve sheath. This has been going on for more than five months. My GP put me in for a muscular/skeletal NHS assessment when she saw me on 6th Sept. Still waiting to get an appointment for that. On 8th Oct saw an old friend hobbling like me, and when I asked what was wrong, her symptoms — EXACTLY LIKE MINE — started two-to-three weeks after her second jab. WE ARE BOTH NOW TOO SCARED TO THINK ABOUT THE BOOSTER.

    • Yes. Especially if you’ve had COVID previously. It’s the body mounting a very strong antibody response, having seen the spike protein before

    • Hi their I got the vaccine at 130pm was feeling good all day however at 01.00am I two woke up with extreme shaking temp 37.5 at 5am temp 38 .5 and very hot to touch .I hope it will not last to long

    • Look up rigor. It’s uncontrollable shaking related to a high temperature. Not dangerous, but extremely uncomfortable and frightening if you dont know what is happening.

    • I experienced significant uncontrollable hand shaking 12 hours after my AZ vaccination. It was disconcerting and made me feel very uneasy, but had no other side-effects (to my knowledge). I couldn’t consider doing anything of significance (like driving). I took two Paracetamol tablets and went to bed. The shaking subsided after an hour. I slept well and woke feeling absolutely fine some seven hours later.

    • I wouldn’t If I were you. The side effects were so debilitating. I have never felt as I’ll as this in my life. There is no vaccine on earth that should have all those side effects. This drug has not been tested properly. I will not be going back for second dose.

      • I had my jab Monday at 9.20 straight away my tongue felt tingly by 11 l kept feeling dizzy and my left side off face was numb called 111 they sent ambulance and l was blue lighted to hospital, as they thought l could be having a brain bleed ,was not the case, but a reaction to the jab. As the day continued ,l then got a temperature ,then the rigours,headaches,chest pains,dioreah, kidney pains and wet myself. I have never felt so ill,it is now 2 days later and l am still feeling dizzy and exhausted and my taste and smell are still not right. I will never, ever be having another injection and am now just hoping l will recover from this one.

          • I also had same symptoms as you along with the headache from hell, the fever & shaking & I was in & out of sleep for the whole of the next day. As soon as I’d had the vaccine I felt severe pains in my stomach just under my rib cage & the I got my angina pains. I’m on day four now & still have the headache and pains in my right eye & I really don’t feel quite right. I will see how I am in the morning but might need to check with my doctor. Hope you are feeling a lot better now.

        • Please discuss with your GP. I don’t know where you had your jab, but the NHS centres keep you there for 15 minutes after the jab just incase of a reaction. You say your tongue went numb immediately, – this would have been picked up and there are medics onsite who could treat you and keep you safe. For every one person with a bad reaction like you had, there are thousands who have none at all or nothing worse than feeling a bit fluey for up to 24 hours – same as the been-around-for-many-years flu jab and other vaccines. I really sympathise with you having a rotten experience, but it’s really not a good idea to decide against having your second dose (which may well be one of the other types of vaccine anyway) or any others that may become relevant to you over the years. Bear in mind it’s always possible that you’ve recently had asymptomatic Covid19 without realising – that would result in a stronger reaction to the vaccine. Hope you feel better soon.

          • I took my son up to have his today, he’s epileptic and now having horrendous side effects. We were told didn’t need to wait 15 mins with the A Z only with the Pfizer….no idea why. He’s got all the hideous things everyone’s mentioned and now I’m dreading mine next week. But….48 year old nephew died at Christmas, very healthy, slim, fit, no health issues so we will be taking both doses.

      • Please go back for the second dose. The side effects sound really unpleasant and I can understand you are nervous of it happening again but if you were to contract Covid 19 the consequences could be so much worse. I had my vaccination 3 days ago and after feeling very tired and a bit feverish am now feeling back to my normal self. I am not trying to minimise your suffering but it is only through us all having the full vaccine that we can hope to have any control over this awful virus which has affected so many families

    • NO!!….If thyroid meds were a concern it would be advised by vaccine manufacturers as a contraindication.
      I am hypothyroid and on Thyroxine and Liothyronine. Not a problem.

      • I agree with you entirely having been on Thyroxine since 1979..its no problem with the vaccine.. allergies to medication could be..

    • I am a retired nurse on Thyroxine since 1979 after a thyroidectony for Hadhimotos disease ..an auto immune condition.. the vaccine will not affect this in any way so get your vaccine.. I had the astra zenica today..I am 65..

      • I wonder i you could tell me about having the Oxford vaccine am 71 have a very very weak immune system due to Rheumatoid arthritis , and take 5mgs steriods each day , co codamol as I am in agony most of the time . I am very concerned about the effects . But I have to go reason being My one son aged 42 has severe Ashtma and my youngest son has Adult onsett Stills Disease Likely you have never heard of it as Doctors or consultants Have never heard of it , George Still discovered it in young children a very series disease similar but can be more violent in its reaction than Rhuamatoid Arthritis
        My son has to inject himself every day with a biological drug called Anakinra or. he is well and keeps fit and slim build
        I am terrified for either of my sons having any of the vaccines but they are going for Oxford Astra Zenica, As I am myself .

        There is very little information out there for people with very low immune systems and the likely hood of giving a vaccine to a person with Rheumatoid Arthritis would be extremely low . and the someone with Adult Onsett Stills disease would be as rare as hens teeth .

        So how can a GP. or Rheumatology Consultant honestly tell you to have the vaccine when there is no data available . I am so worried I cannot sleep, I do not care so much about myself I have had my life but the fear I have for both my sons particularly the younger with the Stills
        I will go first to see how bad effects are I should have gone three half weeks ago but had Phlebitis
        which can lead to a deep venus thrombosis.

        Sorry to hear people have had such nasty side effects very worrying as second one has much more side effects .

        Hope anyone reading this somewhat long missive can offer some advice other than
        But as yet I have not heard of a GP or Consultant Of any Medical problems say . <No You must not have the vaccine ,. Is so please tell us all here .
        Thank you for reading hoping someone can calm my fears .
        God bless you all and hope you all get well asp .
        LindaE Jones

        • I have rheumatoid arthritis and have the 5mgs weekly injection of methotrexate. I have had the vaccine.
          I got some side effects, chills and ringing in my ears but only for a day or two.
          I haven’t had it no where near as bad as some of the people on here.
          When I spoke to my rheumatoid nurse regarding the vaccine she said it’s ok to have as it’s not a live vaccine and to leave it at least 2 days before taking my next lot of methotrexate but to time it as to not miss my normal weekly dose.

        • Hi. The Astrazeneca vaccine gave me Stills disease. So be careful. Ive been on Prednisolone for last 6 months. They’re a nightmare as well. Im 49 and was fully fit and healthy before 1st dose.

      • Is it normal 7 days afyer recieving the vaccine I’ve developed a rash located back of neck wich has now spread to my left arm its burning and itchy

        • Hi, I also have a burning hot, red, neck rash, it is a a horrible creeping sensation across the skin, it arrived same day as AZ vaccination. GP said it was a contact allergy. I hope yours has gone by now. Can you tell me how long it lasted? I am Day 4.

    • I suddenly developed a red blodgy rash on my arms ,torso and swelling to my face11days after oxford vaccine. No obvious symptoms untill then.
      Face particularly uncomfortabe . Taking antihistamine and paracetamol.
      Hope this clears soon. Bad for three days now

      • Im the same. I felt fine for about a week then developed pins and needles down my arm and hand. Now have a dreadful burning sesation in my arms and legs, which is seriously affecting my sleep. Shows not sign of abating 3 weeks after jab. Will not go back for a second jab as find no help is available.

    • 7 days afyer vaccine developed a rash wich started on the back of my neck burning and itching wich has now spread to my whole left arm the one I was vaccinated in never suffered with rashes before feel absolutely drained

  1. Had mine yesterday. Woke with a bad headache and aching joints ,headache lasted about 12 hours but still have aching joints. Feeling very fatigued all day.

    • I had vacine friday 15th fine till went to bed had shakes couldn’t get warm had pricking in my legs . Next day felt very tired couldn’t eat my tea felt right off . Felt better next day.

    • My wife had a sore red super itchy rash over her entire body. She really suffered. I ended up getting that chicken pox white cold ointment for her and Piriton. Ended up taking her to hospital and she ended up having to take 8 tabs every morning for 3 days and it slowly went away

  2. My husband had this yesterday at 5.40 pm felt fine but today Sunday 14/2/21 day after been in bed all day even now at 11.09 pm still in bed feels shocking sick freezing all muscles in pain headache and like he has full blown flu also had fluttering in chest . Says he not having second jab no way

    • Understand his concerns but he must have the second dose.. my husband is 80 and has had both doses.. his reaction if it is to the vaccine is severe and you should contact your GP. I am a retired nurse of many years experience.. without that second dose he is putting himself at great risk..its not worth it..

      • This 76 year old had his first AZ injection on 5th February. No flu like symptoms followed but extreme pain in left arm and shoulder. Unable to lie down for any length time . Pain just beginning to subside a little after 5 weeks and now mostly confined to upper arm muscles. If one jab removes the death threat can’t face the second jab which is scheduled for 26th April.

    • I feel exactly the same way Kirsty and also had flu-lik side effects for 3 days including palpitations and dizziness. How they can be listed as “minor” by the NHS I don’t know. It’s put me off having the second vaccine too, especially as reaction is supposed to be worse than the first. It’s all very well for others to dismiss these side effects and insist on a 2nd jab if you’ve experienced them then you certainly don’t want them again. I’m listening to my body and it’s telling me no, no, no.

    • I’m feeling shit today had mine Friday ,have a rash on legs and arms ,cant stop going toilet ,stomach really upset and feel very weird ,its putting me off second jab scary shit

    • Had my vaccine 12/02/2021 at 5 pm .
      Went to bed with headache and body aching
      Saturday felt ill with same symptoms plus very itchy skin .
      Poor appetite feeling nauseous plus Palpitations.
      Felt afraid but took paracetamol and stayed in bed
      Sunday was a better day but here we are Tuesday still not feeling great
      Dizziness and tired still taking paracetamol.
      Will however reluctantly have second dose

    • Yes I had all of the above and was scared as I live alone and was saying to myself no way going for second one but then as I’m on day 3 feeling better each day I’m now thinking well if that’s a hint of what might be if I got covid I will go for second but I expect to chat to doc beforehand as I have asthma so need appt soon

      • Hi Fiona
        Thanks for your post. I also live alone and had the Oxford jab this morning at 10.00 am. Felt some soreness in arm as soon as I had the jab. Didn’t feel too bad until early evening when I started to feel achey, headachey and nauseous. Also felt really cold and was shivering. Got into bed with hot water bottle and now I’m really, really hot with palpitations. Took bottle out and now sat up cooling down and doing some deep breathing to calm down. Feel really yukky but the doctor on site said you could expect to feel poorly the next day. I also have asthma and in the past have had terrible chest infections but no reaction to the flu jab. I’m just trying to stay calm and as you say far better to have the vaccine than not. Hope you’re doing OK.

    • I had Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccin as vulnerable with asthma this week on Tuesday 10:00 am day 1, I felt fine until 7:00 pm where I started to shiver all over my body, I was getting hot so I decided to put a cool flannel on my head, my right upper arm was painful to the touch, temperature, a slight headache on my right side temple which became so painful on the top of my nose as if someone was hitting me on it for hours, my face cheeks were boiling, the shivering lasted over 10 hours, some paracetamols taken, I fell asleep after getting myself warm, my feet were iced, along my own body, so hot…Day 2, my right upper arm was still painful to touch, muscles aching, I woke up unable to move my neck on the right side, still the same at 17:00 pm, I feel so tired… Am I having vaccin 2? , not too sure. I know, the symptoms are like the flu but it is so painful and exhausting.

      • Well said Sally! People come on here to read if their experiences are similar to others and to feel reassured – no need for unkindness is there- stay well – stay safe!

    • Please don’t insult people. I had terrible side effects that really frightened my husband. He had no side effects, but he has said he doesn’t want me to be i n that much pain again, and wouldn’t blame me for not wanting another dose.

    • I have been with my hubby 24 years he has never had a days illness in all that time
      He has been ill since January will multiple problems following the astrazenica:

      Two weeks before the vacc he was drilling out reinforced concrete mantels and hanging very heavy blinds on his own.
      Fast forward 2 weeks and 2 days after vaccine:

      Sudden onset very high blood pressure: now being controlled with medication but no explanation of a cause
      Reduced heart rate
      Chest pain
      Tingling and pins and needles
      Flushed face
      Pain in kidneys with scant and cloudy urine
      Pressure cooker headaches
      He has had several blood tests: all normal
      An urgent brain scan: normal
      An urgent appointment with a cardiologist: all normal
      Treadmill in cardio dept: normal
      Eye appt with additional test to look into the back of the eye: all normal
      He’s now awaiting an urgent appt with a neuroligist

      The medics are puzzled but have not ruled out a severe reaction to the jab.
      The worry of all of this has been immense. He never complains and has never been ill in his life so the situation we are in is jus terrible. Needless to say he won’t be having the second dose.

      • Hi daw your poor husband is suffering everything I am,had Astra zeneca on the 13th of march.i also have no feeling all down my left side can’t see properly out of my left eye also lost hearing in left ear.dizzy spells high blood pressure Now on pill’s ended up in hospital taken by ambulance.they thought I had a stroke but had brain scan and no stroke.im still waiting for neurologist but there is a long wait.my doctor’s have been good and the optician’s I saw was more knowledgeable about the vaccine and what it can cause then anybody else I have seen had to have to New pairs of glasses so not only have I suffered its been costly and yes I have had covid which probably explains why I had such a bad reaction.hopefully one day it will Go away but I very much doubt it.hope your husband improves soon.wendy.

        • Sorry about your husband ,I’m in Australia ok after 1st shot ,second shot I have nausea shakes, body aches ,body jerks similar to electric shock plus puffy feet,had blood test discovered I now have very low vit D ,which is a worry !! It’s been 2 mths since 2 shot ,I’m 68 very worried as I already have asthma COPD ,don’t think I shud have had vaccine maybe with low vit D ( enemies ) good luck everyone.

      • Hi Daw Baker,
        I am really sorry to hear about your husbands condition.
        I am currently experiencing the same things but not getting any help from my doctors, I got told to call back 4-6 weeks time if it continues. My ECG, X-ray and blood test came all clear but have burning, tingling and numbness in my left leg, travelling through my body, my tinnitus has gotten worse too, I have no energy at all and some days I can’t lift my head up from my pillow.
        I am confused and worried not knowing what’s happening with me. I was wondering how is your husband now, has he recovered? Sorry if I am invading your privacy or his, I haven’t came across another forum to be able to get any answer for my situation right now. Just very worried and seriously not thinking about having the 2nd vaccine after all this.

    • Good on you George Tuck me too, had all those symptoms, had vaccine yesterday morning felt like you know what, worst thing had leg cramp in calf mucle today wasnt expecting that, took a while to straighten it out, better than having Covid19 thougj

  3. 12 hours after the jab I have had the most uncontrollable violent shaking, headache from hell & nausea! Must admit it has put me off having the second one… 2 duvets, thick pyjamas, socks & housecoat did nothing to stop the shaking..even wrapped the housecoat belt round my head to try and ease the pain…2 days later still not 100% but TG the shakes and bloody headache have subsided…

    • Did you have a temperature? Sounds like you did if you felt cold. If so the shaking are called rigours and just the bodies natural way of cooking you down. Covering your self under lots of layers would of made it worse. Regular paracetamol would of helped.

    • Sounds like you had a temperature if you felt cold. The shaking are called rigours and just the bodies natural way of cooking you down. Covering your self under lots of layers would of made it worse. Regular paracetamol would of helped.

  4. I had mine 11.02. The following day in the afternoon the arm got painful, the forehead with a mild ache and a general luck of interest in life. The same happened in the afternoon of 13.02. Everything disappeared after a tablet of paracetamol and a takeaway from turkish kebab house. Very happy with the vaccine, feeling enthusiastic and full of hopes of freedom.

  5. I also suffered with uncontrollable shaking, shivers, freezing cold….wore two jumpers, wrapped in two blankets, thick socks, fur lined slippers, hot water bottle and lounge was over 23 degrees. This all happened 8 hours after jab. Feeling better today.

  6. Had vaccine Thursday, still feel funny 4 days after. Headache, dizzy, also 12 hours after the jab, felt really sick with very high heart rate. Thinking twice about getting the second one.

    • Dont. The second dose is essential. To give you full protection..without it your protection will slowly diminish.. I had a virus similar to covid 2 years ago and ended up in hospital very ill.. trust me you dont want to go there..

      • Hi,I had same thing as yourself 2 years ago.was pretty ill.got through it at home.did you find out what it was.have had my first vaccine yesterday.just had flu like symptoms.

        • Had mine on 14th Feb.felt great but have had dizziness from 4 days after.apparently its the vaccine getting into your system and starting to work.

          • Likewise had my jab 14th..by the evening really bad, head felt like a band being tightened around it & servere pain around sinuses..cold, body aches all over..loss of appetite..went to bed as as it started ..hot water bottles etc..taking paracetamol ..now feeling much better after 2 days in bed… still have the fatigue but this is a very small price to pay compared to getting covid or those that have lost loved one’s..yes 2nd dose might have the same effect..but better to be here than not.. we all need to do our bit for those that have & still are working so hard to get this awfull virus under control..

  7. Had my vaccine yesterday at 10, Oxford, felt ok up until 6pm then had a shocking headache, felt very very sick with urging. Had the same as everyone above, couldn’t stop shaking!! So cold! Body ached and felt very tired. Not so bad today just no energy at all.

  8. Had mine, no side effects other than a warm spot at the injection site. No worries about the 2nd jab. Believe side effects will be even less likely following the second jab.

  9. I am wondering if people who have had Covid have a worse reaction. Among my friends it looks that way.
    I had vaccine at 11.20 am yesterday. So far feel ok. Just a bit hot. Had a slight dizzy spell. Hope that’s it!

  10. It has been a week since I had the vaccine . Felt the side effects 3 hours following the injection . Went to work on day 3 but on day 4 all the side effects returned . My headache and muscle ache are unbearable. I’m feeling terribly noxious . I phoned 111 for further advise. I’m now waiting their phone call .

  11. I had mine yesterday, no real symptoms, Runny nose and just feeling a little tired today. Having a restful day so no problems really, can’t wait to get my 2nd in May.

  12. I can relate to having most of the common post-vaccine symptoms listed below this paragraph of mine and that are referenced in this article and that I have previously read are the case. They began during the evening of the afternoon that I received the AstraZeneca injection. Although they are quite unpleasant, as advised, paracetamol reduced it all and I’d like to think that these reactions simply mean that my body has reacted quickly to the instructions that it’s received. I’m feeling so much better today: the day after the following day of the injection and so I’m hoping and thinking that the vaccine’s side effects will lessen and the way I feel can only improve from here on in. I still feel fatigued, but my arm is only painful if touched at the injection site or I move it up and down whilst typing – before that it felt like a dead weight that was really hurting. My Dad, who’s just over 79.5 years old, was a lifelong pipe smoker and stopped that only to change over to vaping for some years ( and that he continues to), received the Pfizer BionTech one in January and had absolutely no side effects from it at all. However, I’m not recommending one type of vaccine over the the other; I think that due to individuals having different health backgrounds and conditions this means that their reactions will not be the same.
    Tenderness, pain, warmth, redness, itching, swelling or bruising where the injection is given
    Generally feeling unwell
    Feeling tired (fatigue)
    Chills or feeling feverish
    Feeling sick (nausea)
    Joint pain or muscle ache

      • Me too had my jab 17 days ago keep feeling weak and dizzy hopefully this goes away soon , but I will still have my 2nd jab .

        • I am also on day 17 and I can’t shake the weakness and dizziness either. My first symptoms was what I can only describe as nerve pain down my arm which seemed to hurt more at the elbow. Then the dizziness and complete exhaustion and I have been like that ever since although my arm is getting better, I am not sure about the second one yet. I will wait and see what information becomes available and will decide nearer the time.

      • I had the Astra jab 3 weeks ago and had the side effects mentioned. Then yesterday, I became really tired and had to go to bed again. Not looking forward to the second jab. Take card all

      • Hello Dave, I had mine 2 weeks ago and feel nauseous on and off still, did this improve for you? Been wondering if I should contact GP

        • 3 weeks since I had AZ vaccine – I am still getting the nausea and headaches, stiff neck with some visual disturbance. I feel lack lustre and dull. 12 hrs after the vaccine, I had the worst sore head I’ve ever had in my life and I think this has done something to my nervous system. Been to the Dr and she done blood tests that came back as normal. I hope I feel normal again soon. Oh and since I had the vaccine, I wake up with the driest mouth ever and tingly tongue.

  13. Had my jab on Friday afternoon. Side effects came on gradually through the evening. Had severe shivering and headache and nausea all night. I didn’t eat but was sick the next morning after cup of tea. Stayed in bed most of the day feeling awful.
    Gradually wore off during Sunday and feeling reasonably ok today Monday.
    Realise I need to have second dose but not looking forward to going through that again.

  14. Had shakes, freezing cold then a fever. Headaches no appetite
    Bad tummy 3.30am in the morning.
    Lasted 5 days but feeling better today,
    It helps to hear others are experiencing side effects like me.
    I felt very frightened. It started 8hrs after the vaccination.
    But we need to get the 2nd jab to protect ourselves from covid
    It is better to have a few days discomfort than die from this
    terrible virus.

  15. I had Astra Zeneca Vaccine on Saturday – 6hrs after felt very tired, 12 hrs after shaking, aching body all over, pounding headache and sickness. Didn’t know what to do with myself. I had Covid back in Oct and the vaccine side effects were worse than having the virus!
    Now Monday, feeling sick but not been sick, feeling weak as decreased appetite but just thinking it will pass!
    Lots of fluids and paracetamol every 4 hrs has helped but just got to ride it out. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the second dose but got to be done!

  16. I had Oxford astrazeneca vaccine almost 3 wks ago. Still having side effects. Feel on fire of a morning and anxiety levels up.. Felt like I had flu at the beginning, but these latest effects still with me. Doc sending me for blood tests to see if allergic to ingredient.. Doubtful having 2nd jab. Can’t go through this again…

    • I had my Astrazenecca vaccine on Tuesday 16th Feb 2021, I had palpitations, chest tightness, flu like symptons
      terrible headaches, now have a sore throat, feel slightly better.. I have been filling the daily diary in on the Zoe
      app and they now sending me a COVID test to do at home,nib was fine before I had the vaccine.

    • Hello I’m norma. I’m 69 and after 3 weeks of having had the jab I still feel awful. My GP has also sent me for blood tests but they aren’t until 11 march.
      How are you now?
      I’m scared to have a second jab

    • Hi I had my jab 3 weeks ago Astra zeneca. Had some immediate side effects, chills etc but sorted with paracetamol.
      2 weeks ago started with swollen gland right side of neck opposite to injection site. Feeling anxious, cold and sweaty – also feel tired and by the end of each day feel like I am fighting something off. Surely this can’t go on. Its making me wonder about the second jab.

      Has anyone else had similar symptoms

  17. Had mine on Friday afternoon Oxford one woke up 4 o’clock in morning uncontrollable Shaking Teeth uncontrollable Chattering Freezing cold don’t no how got out the bed to put more warm clothes on throught I was going to die Head Splitting Neck Paining Buzzing in Ears Pains in Ears Pain in Muscles Bones All of Aching Sick to Stomach with Pain

    • Hi Teresa…are you feeling any better? I had the astra zeneca yesterday 4.30pm… by 2.30 am I was awake shaking, shivering, freezing cold but high temp, headache, dizziness and feel sick. I have felt like you and literally don’t know how I managed to get out of bed to use the bathroom! How are you feeling now? Have the effects wore off yet?

  18. I had my jab on January 16th and three days afterwards I experienced hotness and headaches. On the fourth day I had really sharp pain in my lower back for which I took paracetamol and Anadin extra . These barely worked and I could not sleep and I could not sit down .This went on for four days and I still have discomfort there and it is now four weeks.
    If I have the second dose , I’m worried that I will have the same pain on the other side of my back, and I’m not sure that I can take the chance, although we’ve been told that we should. I had no underlying health issues before having the jab have I now got a problem?
    We discovered today that yet another country is not giving Astrazeneca to their elderly.


    • If you’re not feeling 100%, we highly recommend that you have a chat with your GP about it. About your second point, both the WHO and EU have approved use of AstraZeneca for older populations after examining the data.

    • I have similar sharp pain in lower back on day 5. I’m 33 years old. I do have histamine intolerance to foods, so take antihistamines.

  19. I had mine on 13th Feb. Went to bed very tired, had chills and fever. Woke up with a racing heart, contacted 111 who sent an ambulance. A&E did lots of tests, no cause other than response to vaccine. I’m a healthy 43 year old. Still feel odd three days later. I’m sure all the side effects have not been realised yet as A&E professionals were surprised it caused this reaction. Advice: take paracetamol after the jab even if you feel ok.

    • I am so pleased to find another person with the same side effects as myself, I had chills shivers later woke burning hot with a racing heart which went on for ages, this has worried me, as I am 66 and heart disease runs in my family. I feel that I must have my second jab, I expected chills etc but not racing heart, reading the other posts it is not a common reaction. I have experienced a racing heart caused at the dentists by a local anaesthetic, with no lasting effects.

    • I also had this experience during the night of my first dose. Supposedly it may be prevented by drinking plenty of water and eating magnesium rich foods, and after a chest X-ray, EKGs and a blood test I was told I was otherwise healthy.

  20. I had the Astrazenica jab more than 3 weeks ago and am still chronically tired every day. Is this normal. I am 77 and have had none of the violent reactions others complain of, just chills and this chronic tiredness. I am normally active and do not sleep during the daytime. Since the jab I can’t stay awake. Has anyone else had such chronic fatigue for so long?

    • Hi i had astra zeneka on 8th feb felt bit fluey on 9th & 10th then felt ok gor 3 days on the sun 14th nearly passed out very dizzy /migraine shaking icy cold itching all over swollen mouth & lips red hot swollen ears flashing in ny eyes blurred vision couldnt keep awake didnt get dressed for 4 days as too cold & dizzy havent eaten much fod 8 days no appetite + feel tok sick & no energy csnf evdn wash up a few cups as fod 2nd dose probably not been fit & well for 11 months this vaccine had floored me

    • My mother is 97 had her first jab 2 weeks ago. Chronic tiredness, aches and pains everywhere and an arm that feels like lead. How much longer will this go on for ? Feeling anxious for her

    • I had astrozenica jab on 7th February. I am 73 & normally very active but it is just this week I am able to make it through the day without going back to bed. I still have a rash at the injection site and though I wouldn’t describe it as painful I am aware of it. I had some violent reactions beginning in the early hours of the morning the day after the jab. I feel very doubtful about putting myself through that again

    • Hi I’m 71 had my AstraZeneca 8thFeb only had a very heavy arm ach couldn’t lift my arm above my shoulders and feel a bit lathargic just easing still hurts but I am confident that it is the right thing to do and will have my 2nd jab when called.
      Stay safe.

  21. Suffered every side effect listed and some. Jab Friday pm exhausted and feeling awful for 3 days straight. Wish I had refused. Not having another. Underlying health problems worsened by this. Blood pressure dropped really low. Dizziness and sickness on top of migraine from hell and freezing hurting body. Not told which vaccine, nurse came to house but didnt leave any paperwork.

    • I am now on day 5 after the shot, and I can barely function my blood pressure is so low. The fever and migraines have subsided, but the random chills, low blood pressure and sore throat are still here. I so wish I had received Sputnik V. 🙁

  22. Seconds after receiving the jab on Friday 5th Feb ( I fall into immune compromised and allergies, carry an epipen, never had flu jab problem, just NSAIDS and some antibiotics). My small index finger started tingling, pins and needles then going numb.
    This spread over the next 10 minutes. Throughout my left hand across all fingers until it reached my thumb.
    With the Astra zenica jab they do not keep you to wait for any reactions. Luckily my doctor was the one on at the vaccine centre and said to wait if I wanted to. Which I did. After 10 minutes of really bad prickling/pins and needles in jab hand then it feeling numb. I called a worker over who got the nurse/doctor.
    They took me into side room and monitored my stats for 10 minutes waiting to see if it travelled up my arm or to any other part of the body. They had not seen before and were confused by it.
    They said they didn’t think it was an allergic reaction. However I have heard of 3 people this happened to that I know.
    On getting home. Had slight prickling in my arm then nothing until 14 hrs later at 3am. I like others above had violent chills in bed for couple hours. Very scary as put electric blanket on and nothing stopped it. Then the most severe headache Saturday morning. Thought my head was going to explode, then raised temperature to 37.8 for the weekend.
    Today, still atigue and a bit of nose bleed, which I still have 2 weeks later but all other symptoms are gone.
    Worried about 2nd jab but will have (in the UK wait is 12 weeks). But do not think the doctors would have the answers anyway as it is so new and they don’t really know.
    Just my story on 1st jab left arm.

    • I have just had my jab and came looking for others who experienced hand numbness, it’s not listed in the literature i was given, but I’m definitely experiencing it

      • I am also experiencing numbness/weird clumsy feelings in my hands , its still going on and i had my jab a week ago.
        Are you both still experiencing this?

      • i had that tonight. I felt very tired and anxious then nausea and headache, then I noticed my hands were numb. Couldn’t get warm. Got out of bed to go have a hot bath and had chattering teeth and shaking. The paracetamol has helped but i feel a bit flu like and weak. It must be scary if you live alone i live with my parents as I’m bipolar type 3 but I think my parents thought I was attention seeking( I think they think bipolar is made up too!) which makes me think it’s all in my head and I am overreacting. I’m glad I came on here now because I was unsure if I was imagining what was happening to me. I’m going to show this to them tomorrow so they understand that I wasn’t alone in my reaction but I’m worried about them having this vaccination now so I don’t think I will show them just for the sake of proving that I wasn’t over reacting and paranoid.

      • Hi, I also hand numbness in my middle fingers about 5 hours after the jab, then the 37.8 temp, shaking, headaches,pains everywhere etc followed by violent vomiting the next morning. However, 2 days after I feel fine again. Its a bad dream which you will only have to relive once more but at least we will live to tell the story.

    • My husband had the nose bleed as well.I rang doctor she said as long as it wasn’t heavy and stopped after a few hours it would be ok.
      He also couldn’t stop shivering. I came through it with mild side effects .A bit of heart burn and a some shooting pains that disappeared quickly. 4 weeks ago we had the astro zeneca vaccine both are good now.Will have second dose.

  23. I’m feeling shit today had mine Friday ,have a rash on legs and arms ,cant stop going toilet ,stomach really upset and feel very weird ,its putting me off second jab scary shit

  24. I had my jab yesterday. I was fine during the day but when I went to bed I started shaking uncontrollably freezing cold had no control on how my body was behaving. I try to keep my arm still but it was impossible to stop the horrendous jerking. Still got a banging headache and spent the rest of today in bed just drifting in and out of sleep .
    It really scared me never been so frightened.

  25. My dads 96 he had vaccine on 11th jan and was ok for four days. Then he became exhausted, couldn’t sleep at night, kept having nose bleeds, 2 a day sometimes or during night in bed.
    He can’t get up in the morning he’s so tired and it’s been over a month now. He’s fit otherwise and was totally independent and had a routine but since the vaccine he’s weak , no appetite, can’t sleep at night and has nose bleeds two or three times a week.

    • This is the response I was looking for. My husband had his vaccine last week and has had two nose bleeds, which he has never had in his whole life before. He is 70 . I was sure it was a side effect of the vaccine

    • Alison, how is your father now? I hope he has improved. My father got the AZ vaccine a couple weeks ago and has had two major nose bleeds in the past 4 days. He never gets nose bleeds.

      • I had nosebleeds on and off all night after my first dose of the AZ (10th March). I felt very ill and having had my vaccination at 8 am I just couldn’t go on any more by 6.30pm so went to bed. As soon as I got in bed my nose started bleeding and as I say continued to do so on and off all night. I had considerable pain and discomfort in my sinuses. I have actually put in a report on the Yellow Card website about the nosebleeds as I had never heard about them being a side effect and thought it was unusual.
        Maybe not.

        • Hi,
          I had my Oxford Astazenca vaccine on 11th March and felt very unwell, nose began bleeding this morning. I’ve scrolled this site to see if anyone else had that symptom.
          Keep safe.

  26. Had my jab 12th evening by midday 13th I was in bed for 2 days no appetite. Aches and pains, headache, sickness, fever then freezing. Heart flutters rash where jab given and Hives.
    Starting to feel bit better but still
    Very muzzy head . Definitely worried about 2nd Oxford jab .
    My mum is 85 had both Phizer jabs no after effects at all .

  27. Had my injection Thursday felt tired and went to bed early. That could have been because I was out all day. Ached a bit on Friday, again , I live with muscle aches and pains with my arthritis. I am 73. Feel very healthy and looking forward to my 2nd jab.

  28. I started getting dry mouth after 8hrs then after 12hrs got fever 38.2 this was ongoing for about 4hours then I went cold and my whole body ache! Didn’t scare me as common sense tells me my immune system is doing a goid job! Day 2 headache felt tired and chills still but not too bad within 40 hours all gone and feeling good again. Please people do not get concerned it is still better than covid.

  29. I had the oxford vaccine on 13th feb 8 hours after my injection i had rigors for several hours paracetomol helped this i also had very fast heart rate which was really uncomfortable for several hours i completed a yellow card report about it

  30. I had the oxford vaccine on 13th feb 8 hours after my injection i had rigors for several hours paracetomol helped this i also had very fast heart rate which was really uncomfortable for several hours i completed a yellow card report about it

  31. Had AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday. About 5hours later , got pins and needles all over . Body aches , headache and nausea. Feel really unwell. Definitely not haven’t 2nd one if going to feel this bad.

    • I share your feelings. I had Covid in January and the Astrazeneca vaccine is far worse in my case. I know we have to have the 2nd shot so I’m planning to try and get GP to prescribe something for the nausea in advance of the next vaccination. If we have to have this every year like the flu vaccination I will definitely try to have the Pfizer job, not Astrazeneca. Don’t know anyone who has had Pfizer who has had troublesome side effects whereas everyone I know who’s had Astrazeneca has been very poorly.

  32. Had jab 10 days ago and continue to suffer after effects. The two days after the jab I spent in bed as could hardly walk for weakness in my legs, had pain in my limbs, headache, palpitations, nausea and no appetite. Since then exhaustion and weakness has overtaken me on many days. Felt so ill yesterday that I went to bed in the afternoon and I’m still in bed this morning – aching limbs, dizziness, nausea, you name it. Normally I’m a very active person, but this has taken over my life. I will have the second jab as at least I’ll know what to expect and can’t imagine what having Covid must be like if this is how the jab has left me. Public need to be informed in an honest way about multiple side effects.

    • Hi it’s norma
      I am the same as you only I had my jab 20 days ago. I still feel dreadfully sick and a headache. GP is sending me for blood test on 11 march. I’m 69 with no known health issues x

    • This is almost a carbon copy of my problems after AZ vaccine, it is now over two weeks and still not too good. How are you now,?

  33. I got the injection last fri and my headache is unreal still 4 days later it’s awful pain killers are even taking the edge off it any one else ?

  34. 18 days after covid jab .. still feel rough .age 77 . Immediately after jab ok until evening when I felt as if I had been punched allover . Paracetamol not much help very tired stayed in bed . Day 2 awful yellow diarrhoea, body pains persist no appetite twitching lower limbs . Day 3 balance poor slight headache body pains , intermittent diarrhoea , no appetite , feel slightly nauseous . Sleep most of day and night . Day 4 onwards sore throat , cough body pains lethargy heart palpitations sleepy no life in me . Feel I should make my will because I still feel so weak . In bed most of the days haven’t dressed since day 1 . The cats love though ,I feel like one of them now sleeping most of the time iI can only say at least the vaccine is working and I will have the second one. At least I am still
    Ialive I felt similar in march last year and again in December and wonder if I had the virus then … odd the symptoms are similar
    GP did not know what was wrong with me then . I am suspicious now !

  35. I also had a severe reaction to the Oxford vaccine given at 5.00 pm. By 11 pm same evening had severe uncontrollable shivering( chills) bad nausea and sicked up my dinner and headache. By 5.00 am next day was stabilising a bit but felt terribly washed our and still pretty nauseous so much so I couldn’t stand to use any milk at all. This gradually wore off over the next week only to be replaced by getting a sore arm near the injection site about a week later. This is continuing with pain and stiffness in the arm and shoulder even down to the lower arm for which I’m taking paracetamol which helps as long as I take it but only slight resolution of this 8 days after it started and still occasionally feel a bit nauseous. Am deliberating whether to have a second vaccination as potentially could get worse symptoms. Reluctant to go with the RNA vaccines as some evidence that you can get a very bad delayed immune response if you have repeated exposure in the future. I don’t think anyone knows the full effects of these vaccines and probably won’t for some years. Do I risk Covid or risk the effects of the vaccine-I don’t know!

    • Hi Judith,

      The mRNA virus approach has been used widely since atleast 2010, to pioneer new drugs against difficult cancers. Professor Bekeredjian-Ding (Head of Microbiology at the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, in Germany, said: “This technology was very good for the oncology field, because you can develop patient-specific vaccines because every tumour is different.”

      It has been previously used in the human body.

      If you are feeling bad, please consult with your GP ASAP.

  36. My wife had the Astra covid jab yesterday morning. Early this morning she had a full tonic clonic seizure. She is classified as mildly epileptic and is on medication. She has not had a tonic clonic seizure for over 3 years. She was taken to A and E and the Doctors there said that it was possibly caused by the vaccination. Having witness her seizure and the gasping for breath afterwards I won’t let her have the second jab. I had no trouble with my Pfizer Biontec jab.

    Surely, warnings should be given to epileptics before any decision is made. No one asked her whether she had once had a stroke which caused her to become mildly epileptic.

  37. I had high temp and felt flu like day after jab. Evening of jab I developed pins and needles/tingling feeling in the soles of both my feet.

  38. I started having adverse side-effects about 8 hours after the jab. First feeling exhausted then the awful shivering started. I had to go to bed wearing my dressing gown and socks but still was shaking. An hour later I began vomitting. I took a travel sickness tablet and managed to get to sleep. Next morning I woke up with a bad headache. I’m still taking paracetamol 48 hours later as I feel as though I have flu. My husband had his jab at the same time as I did and is fine. I filled in the Yellow Card which we were asked to do if there were any bad side-effects. On the form I was asked my height and weight. I am quite slim, 5’6″ and 8st 10lb. I wonder if BMI is a factor in the severity of side-effects. I have found this forum very valuable knowing that I’m not alone in suffering in this way.

  39. I had Astra Zeneca last Wednesday
    On Thursday pm felt chilly by evening body aches joint aches muscles aches
    Two Paracetamol and aspirin overnight
    Friday felt normal continued 2 paracetamols daily
    On Monday felt Dizziness and fatigue
    Still same now today after 6 days dizziness and lethargic in bed most of the time
    My mum 84 years she had Pifzer no side effects

    • Your experience is similar to mine with AstraZeneca. I had violent chills the first night after the jab, but basically ok for the next three days, then felt so weak and tired I had to go to bed for a couple of hours. Two days of mostly resting, but today, a week after the jab, I’ve been so tired and dizzy I’ve been in bed all day, but unable to sleep. I spoke to the doctor this morning who advised me to rest and phone on Monday if I’m still unwell or worse, and phone 111 over the weekend if I need to.

  40. After 8 hours following my first vaccine (20/01/2021), within minutes I became unwell, shaking, freezing cold, feverish, felt sick, heart racing (this only lasted about 10 minutes though), tired, generally just awful. The next day I did feel a BIT better but for 2 or 3 nights after I kept waking up so so sweaty to the point I had to get up and get changed (and I never sweat). I’d like to know, what are the chances of having similar (or worse) side effects following the second vaccine? I am very worried. Obviously I will be having it but I would still like to prepare myself on how my body is likely to react to it (especially given that I live in Essex and have to travel to London for the vaccine as that is where I work).

  41. Has anyone else had a sky-high temp? When I had Covid itself last March mine went almost up to 40 and tonight (second day after Oxford jab, it’s up to 39.5. Having said that – it’s not pleasant but I’m keep what food I’ve eaten down and not in the pain some of you were… but no one seems to mention very high temp.

    • Hi Alice, I had my AZ jab on Feb 8th am, had shakes in the evening, needed to pee about 6 times overnight & next morning had temp of 39.1 .

  42. Well, after reading all this I have decided not to have the vaccine. I am alone, no family, no one I call upon, and the idea of suffering some of these side-effects, the violent shaking etc, when I’m already a very anxious person suffering with high blood pressure, palpitations etc, I just can’t face it.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Please talk to your GP about your decision. The side effects pale in comparison to the vicious nature of the virus, which is getting stronger by the day.

      • 24 hours after Astravenica jab I had a bad headache, aching back and legs down to my feet. Then on the 4th day a pea sized lump appeared in each armpit, followed by tingling in one hand and both feet. Felt weak, tired and unwell. Now on day 5, still slight tingling in feet, but ok in myself.

    • Hi Suzanne, I had the astra zeneca vax on the 5th February, I have had no bad reactions apart from a small rash on my arm which appeared this week, I am 69 years old and have copd and other medical problems, there is really nothing to panic about, every one reacts differently, but speak to your GP if you have any concerns and Good luck, the vax is better than getting covid.

    • My friends have had only arm ache but they never had the Oxford one so give that one a miss if you can as I had the Oxford cone and had the same side affect as others I wish I had the other one now

    • Hi, I know a lot of people who had the AstraZeneca vaccine (as well as myself) and had side effects, but I also know a lot of people who had the Pfizer one and they have all been fine (only a sore arm in some cases). So maybe look where is giving this one and go for that instead. Even after side effects (quite badly) from the first one, I am still willing to have the second one (although not overly happy about how I will feel but it’s worth it to get back to a normal lifestyle and protect ourselves and others). Keep safe and well 🙂

  43. I feel for all those who have had such unpleasant side effects. I am 82 and had the AstraZeneca jab on Jan 13. I’ve had absolutely NO side effects whatsoever and no paracetamol taken. I hope you will all have your second one as getting the virus would be much worse. At least you know to expect some very unpleasant and frightening after effects, but they pass and the virus, if you got it, might not. I wish you all an easier journey second time round and maybe take paracetamol immediately after.

    • Thank you for posting this, I feel slightly more reasurred. I had the Astra zeneca have on Saturday and was very worried reading of so many developing awful side effects weeks later. I’ve been ok so far, but it has only been three days since I had it.

  44. I had mine on Saturday, all the above, shakes, headache, joint pains and yesterday, i had symptoms of Bells Palsy, with pins and needles in my head and side of my face not good

    • How are you feeling now, Raja? I had my AZ vaccine on 10th March and I’m still getting pins and needles in my arm, hand and face, but blood tests and checkups at hospital have found nothing.

        • Hi Danielle, I’m 14 weeks post first vaccine and have only just started feeling ‘normal’ again. I still occasionally feel the numbness in the left hand side of my face, but that’s all, thank goodness. I’m still not sure whether to have the second dose, what did you decide? How are you feeling now?

          • Hi Mandy I had my AZ vaccination on 31st May and stared experiencing pins and needles in my hands within the first week post vacc. Although it settles spasmodically, it is still there. Are you still experiencing this side effect?

  45. I am being rang to have the vaccine, but am reluctant reading all your comments as suffer from Fibromyalgia and have fatigue most of the time, so wouldn’t want it more! I think the likes of people posting Whip, is disgusting. So far we are a free country and we should not be made to feel bad if people express their reluctance to have the vaccine. After all we have rights as human being to make life choices.

  46. My local surgery called me yesterday to give me an appointment for the covid jab. I have refused it. The one and only time I had the flu jab a few years ago, it made me poorly. I haven’t had the flu jab since, and I haven’t had flu either! There is no way I am risking getting the side effects being talked about on here. I’ll just take my chances again thank you very much.

    • Hi please reconsider. I too had flu jab and caught flu was really poorly. Don’t usually get jab or flu.
      I have fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis am 63. I had the Astra zenica jab on the 17th of February.
      I am always on pain exhausted and foggy headed. Get migraines sometimes cause numbness down one side. Have colitis and tinnitus.
      Since the jab I have just felt my usual symptoms of chronic illness.
      Maybe a slightly increased level of fatigue and pain. But I am so glad to have had the jab as it’s a life saver. I hope you have the jab.

      • I’m the same I too have Fibromaglie but I think alot if ppl on here like my self are just worried and scared and its making us all feel worse we all had the jab we can’t take it out no its in but im deff not haveing the 2nd one I don’t feel my self out of salts but fighting against it like I fight fibro daily I didn’t want the jab but I’ve been locked away since last January thought it would give me some kind of life back by having the vaccine all I’ve done is worried since the second it went in my arm and I think we are more likely making our selfs feel worse but deff not taking vaccine 2 be strong all of you sending hugs

  47. Had my vaccine 13/02 at 11.40am. By mid afternoon felt sickly and tired with headache, laid on sofa and ended up going to bed really early. That’s when the shivering and teeth chattering started, have never felt so cold I am normally always too warm in bed. I ended up encased in 2 dressing gowns, hot water bottle , socks you name it and still freezing cold. My headache was unbearable and still comes and goes 4 days later. I also feel not quite with it, that’s the only way I can describe it. My arm has been fine no skin reaction. I do suffer from Fibromyalgia which has been much worse pain wise with deep aching everywhere. So all in all I am far from happy at the thought of repeating this when the second injection is due. I wonder if a different make of vaccine would be possible? I had the Astra Zeneca. I am female 66 next month.

  48. I have the astra zeneca on the 6th of feb in the afternoon woke up at 3am shivering and like my head was in a vice, this was followed by aches pains , headache cold sweats and nausea and on day 3 I started to experience being light headed and nearly passed out in asda , weird sensations in hands and feet( like tingling that goes cold when goes away), feeling vacant just not myself I’m on day 10 and the flu like feelings subsided on day 3 but I have these feeling faint episodes with feet/hands tingling, brain fog feeling every day they can last a few hours has anyone else had these?
    I have blood tests booked for Thursday im a usually very healthy person , never ill or one to moan but these episodes are making me feel horrendous.
    I’m so worried, and need an answer before my 2nd jab to what is going on.

    • Yes I have these symptoms even 18 days after having this vaccine . I am 77 years old and have MEand multiple health problems . The vaccine has deinitely made me feel much worse ,and I am wondering if I will ever recover

    • Yes. I am 65 and normally in very good health. I had Covid in January and thought that perhaps the fact that I already had some antibodies from that had made the reaction to the first Astrazeneca shot so severe (just about everything mentioned in the posts on this website, plus some…). Will ask my GP to prescribe anti-nausea meds prior to second jab but hope if we have to get vaccinated every year to avoid Astrazeneca, it seems particularly unpleasant.

    • interesting-I am on day 4 and after showering felt like i was going to collapse then strange sensation like my whole body off balance and felt i was being pulled backwards x so scared now and dont want the 2nd does x i can cope with body aches, headache etc but this is so frightening x already have cfs

    • Hi Joanne, how are you feeling now? I had my AZ vaccine on 10th March and I’m still getting bad pins and needles in my arm, hand and face, but blood tests and checkups at hospital have found nothing. I’m feeling awful and wish I hadn’t had the vaccine. Won’t be getting the second one!

      • Hi Mandy, I feel similar to you, day 17 and I’m really tired, dizzy and had pins and needles and numbness in my face. My heart was ok last week but racing again today. Blood tests taken but don’t think they’ll show anything
        It’s very unpleasant

        • Judith, I am 14 weeks post first vaccination and although a lot of the bizarre symptoms have gone, I am STILL getting numbness and a cold feeling in the right hand side of my face, lips, arms and hand. One minute I feel okay and decide, right I will actually have the second dose, but then the symptoms come back with a vengeance, so at the moment, I have still decided not to have it. How are you feeling now?

        • Hi Judith, Mandy hope you guys are still active on this thread. im on day 17 as from getting the az, my right face feels numb at times on and off and my right ear feels hot i also feel there is a pressure behind my right eye and behind my right head. Im very worried ill do a ct scan tomorrow hope they find out whats wrong with me

  49. I found this thread by searching “Astrazenica violent shaking.”. I had mine on Sunday 14th and felt lethargic and achey all day Monday. I’ve had lots of jabs in my life (66) but the very sore arm was similar to one I had for Yellow Fever 40 years ago. I woke in the night early Tuesday morning and had uncontrollable shakes.. it was as if my whole body was vibrating. I didn’t have a temperature and can’t say I felt particularly cold.. I managed to get back to bed and calmed myself until it stopped. Dont let this put anyone off.. I feel relieved that I will have protection.. A small price to pay.

  50. Hi I am 37

    It’s day 7 for me , from day 2 I feel dizzy and tired, i lost my appetite, i am just praying this shit to go away, I am definitely not having the second dose, and I hope all side effects will disappear shortly? I’ve got 2 small children to look after and I can’t because I am constantly feeling dizzy… I am so disappointed and regretting I had it done..

  51. I had the jab on the 12th February and I was fine until I woke up on the 13th. I had body aches and shortness of breath, and feeling very tired. I am still taking paracetamol. Yesterday the 15th I developed flu like symptoms with headaches, nasal congestion snd slight dizziness and abdominal pain. I called my GP today, because I have COPD as Well, and he has now prescribed an additional enhaler to help me with the shortness of breath. I feel so ill and have never experienced all this at once. I do not have any energy at all. I am very hesitant in having the second jab, I’m 60, my husband who is extremely clinically vulnerable, only had shaking on the 19th as he is diabetic, and also has COPD, and a headache for one day, and he is fine. One would expect him to have more side effects than what I’m going through

  52. “Will the AstraZeneca vaccine change my DNA?

    The answer is no. “

    Really?? How about occasional integration in the human genome? Rare events, probably yes, we do not really know exactly. Or as rare as getting cancer after low doses of radiation? Do we want another Chernobyl (which arguably costed Gorbachev his post), how many thousands will get sick in 10 or 20 years after this vaccine will be given to millions? Or rather stick to safe Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer?

  53. Had mine on 21st Jan. Had a seizure 12hrs later. Ive never had a seizure in my life before so a bit of a shock. Reported on yellow card .
    Left me feeling rough for a few days and still have tingling in hand of opposite arm to injection site. As a nurse working with Covid patients I am pro- vac but will not pretend it hasnt worried me about having 2nd one.

  54. I got the vaccine last Sunday. I felt slightly dizzy after it for a while and that was it. Last night though at the point of injection my muscle started to twitch constantly, this morning it’s still twitching crazily, it’s not painful but it’s very uncomfortable.

  55. Has any one had a severe migraine i have been in bed for 2 days and I had the vaccine Monday. Monday night my arm was twitching alot where the vaccine was injected and I had a few chill s but that was it, now I just have a migraine I can’t shift.

  56. I had the astra zeneca jab on Sat 13th. Next day had headaches and brain fog. The next day, swollen glands and felt like I had the flu. Sneezing, headaches, swollen glands plus aches still today Feb 17th. In bed most of the day sleeping. Hope it passes soon. I am a 73 year old female with fibromyalgia and arthritis. I will still have the second jab as wouldn’t want covid if this is how I feel after the jab.

  57. Like so many, I woke up 6 hours after the jab shaking and freezing cold, weird flashing aches in my joints, went on all night. Woke up with a thunderous migraine and started projectile vomiting which went on all that day and into the following day when finally, got through to my GP. She advised it was OK for me to take my normal migraine med which is Naratriptan. Also took anti-sickness tablets under the cheeks. All worked like a miracle. GP also said take a Covid test because it could be that, awaiting result. But 4 days on I am still dizzy, weak and nauseous. Determined to have my 2nd jab though because why go through this for nothing . Will be better prepared next time.

  58. Had my vaccine yesterday afternoon, felt ill immediately with headache, couldn’t sleep, swollen and painful arm, swollen throat and tongue and lips, in morning also swollen lymph nodes feeling quite ill today, hope it doesn’t last long

  59. Had mine Monday, by Tuesday had to go back to bed, a rare occurrence for me. I can weather most illnesses but this floored me. Not sure if I’ll go ahead with the 2nd jab, it’s surely put me off. I had pneumonia in 1996 and I really thought it was the start of it again. Same heat, sweats, chills, shivers, headache arm was hot red and swollen, and still is. In and out of sleep most of Tuesday, and felt as if I was hallucinating every time I woke up. I don’t think I can do that again, I was quite frightened.

  60. Had the vaccination on Monday 15th February 2021 that evening I felt cold went to bed I had the chills and shivering so badly I ended up having a panic attack then my husband started asking me questions which I could not answer my memory had gone blank its all ok now but it has left me shaken. I will have the 2nd injection

  61. I had my jab yesterday at 5pm. Felt absolutely fine. Woke up this morning with a headache that only lasted an hour. Drove my son to the dentist and then went and did my weekly shop still felt fine. At 3pm today I started to feel really dizzy to the point where it felt quite an ordeal to stand and cook dinner. I’m still feeling dizzy several hours later and I’m so pleased I didn’t feel dizzy doing the shopping as I wouldn’t have felt safe to drive. I’m feeling cold so I’m wrapped up in a blanket and my fingers feel like they have pins and needles but it’s bare able. I’ve kept hydrated with cool boiled water and sliced lemon. I don’t think it’s bad enough to take paracetamol and it’s a small price to pay. I will be having my second dose as I’ve grown no extra limbs and nothing worse than a mild flu feeling.

  62. Yes I have these symptoms even 18 days after having this vaccine . I am 77 years old and have MEand multiple health problems . The vaccine has deinitely made me feel much worse ,and I am wondering if I will ever recover

  63. I had the astrazenica vaccine. Am 63 and reasonably healthy. Pressure headache after a few hours went away with paracetamol. Sudden bout of vertigo the following day lasted a few hours. Poor sleep with many dreams for some nights and still feel completely exhausted from the moment I get up a week later., Dragging myself through each Day and keep needing to lie down to rest through the day a week later. Chesty cough developed and cold symptoms day 6, while that could be coincidental infection this is very rare for me. It’s a heavy one but then the actual virus is so much worse and a few days feeling yuk is better than covid-19 for real.

    • hi yes i had my astra jab on 8th feb felt bad on 9th & 10th felt ok fod 3 dsys sun 14th neatly passex out . Migraine eyes flashing very cold heart racing felt like bad flh virus sk ill rang gp t times nof much joy endex up csllinv 111 senf 3 paramedics as had pins & needles on injection arm ” xhoulder vety high blood pressure very dizzy still 11 days later + eont know the long term effects on ou our bodies im 74 in good health but this jab has floored me + sleeping so much had bad stomach felt sick running to the loo for days had the bad shaking palpitations etc i wish id not had the vaccine . Im very reluctanf to have 2nd dose ive kept free of any illness for last 11 months i feel like we are guinea pigs

    • Rachel, how are you feeling now? i had similar reaction to what you had but only lasted 1 evening and after that I recovered.

    • Hi Rachel, my partner got the AZ jab 12 days ago. Was a bit hot, first couple of nights but that passed. Day 5 and still ongoing, pains in both upper arms, going through chest, helps if he stretch s, but miserable, on and off pains, no signs of stopping. Anyone else feeling like this?

  64. I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine a week ago – for anyone who is not keen on needles, I can assure you that the vaccine is painless, I didn’t even realise the nurse had done it. I felt very drowsy straight after and was driving home alone, so had the window down all the way and it was snowing! When I got home, I took 2 paracetamol as I had a headache and my legs were shaking, then slept for 9 hours! Woke up feeling very flu-like with extremes of temperature from freezing to boiling hot and I ached everywhere, even my skin hurt to touch it. 2 hrs later I felt much worse, so went back to bed and woke up at 1 pm the next day still feeling ill but I did feel much better by the evening. Day 3 I felt more like myself and today a week later I feel back to normal. I am 70 yrs old and have an underactive thyroid and asthma, which I was asked about before I was given the vaccine, I was not worried at all about having this vaccine as for me it was the most sensible thing to do and the side effects only lasted a couple of days so it was worth it!

  65. I found this post by accident- clearly lots of people must get after effects- i was pleased to get a jab 2 weeks ago astra Zeneca as a mental health worker – apart from mild dizziness for one day no side effects from the first jab – i just posted this no to cast doubt on the many who have side effects but just to balance the comments as i guess the people who dont post if they get no side effects – ie no news – but some people may notice all the side effects comments and be put of or worried by them.

    • Thank you for your comment. I had the astra jab on Tuesday and I haven’t had the same side effects as I have read on here.
      My arm was quite sore and in my shoulder but I’m told that’s because I have fibromyalgia, that was only for one day, but I have had the feeling of not being quite myself, a bit vacant, I’m only into day 3 so I’m not doing too bad.
      I will be having the 2nd jab, at the end of the day it’s a life saver and it has to be done.
      I hope everyone else is soon feeling better but please don’t be put off having the jab.

    • Thanks Danny. I’m due to get my first vaccine on Monday and after reading these comments I’m not sure I want it

    • Hi Danny
      I appreciate your comment . I think I was one of the first to respond to another lady .
      I was feeling pretty unwell and searching for information about side effects .
      This is the only site where I found others experiencing them . I found it very comforting to know my reaction was not unusual . I will have my second vaccine as I want the maximum protection . However I do feel it is important that we have a forum to share our true experiences in a ‘ human ‘ way .
      I also fully understand that you are redressing the balance for others who may feel wary . Very important from both perspectives

  66. Had the Oxford jab this morning at around 10am felt quite spaced out after and tired legs and opposite arm felt a bit achey but that was it.

    Then at 10pm at night my arm was very painful and could only just move it, I had cold chills a tummy ache and feel sick. Been awake all night but sounds like some people have had it a lot worse! I’m in my late twenty’s hoping tomorrow it will get a bit better.

    • Hi, I had the astra jab on Tuesday and my arm and shoulder was quite painful the next day, I’ve had no other side effects apart from feeling not with it, a bit vacant.
      I’m on day 3 now and feeling ok, I’m 68 with COPD and feel good about having the 2nd vaccine.

  67. I had the Vaccine Tuesday at 4 pm Slept for 15 hours after it is now Thursday am – all the mild symptom have reared their head but I am very tired and sleep a lot and the worst thing is the stomach cramps, my temperature is higher than normal and uncomforatable Just wonder if I can expect anything else on day two – will let everyone know!

  68. I had the AZ vaccine and experienced side effects approx 8 hours post jab. I experienced chills, shakes, temperature, fatigue and palpitations. However these were improved with paracetamol and ibuprofen. The worst of it was over in 24hrs, felt a bit achy the day after. I’ll have the paracetamol at the ready for the 2nd jab. It wasn’t pleasant but if those 24hrs are anything to go by, I’m certainly thankful I haven’t (and now hopefully won’t) ever end up covid 19.

  69. Like a lot of you I had my 1st jab at 10:50 am on Sunday 14th February. Got home and within an hour was very fatigued. Slept for three hours. By Monday 15th was having muscle pain,fatigue and headaches. Rested by Tuesday in bed all day going hot and cold muscle and joint pain and fatigue. Started getting back to normal by Wednesday afternoon and today working from home again. I am hoping that it is not as bad after the second jab. I think it is still worth the few days of feeling yuk to get COVID under control.

  70. I had the Astrazeneca jab on Feb 14th. No immediate side effects apart from sore arm. 2 days later headache, took paracetamol and slept it off. 3 days later woke up with dizziness, sweats, bad tummy and nausea. Also had tingling sensation in hands and feet. Aged 31 with no significant underlying health conditions. Hopefully, that’s the last of the side effects.

  71. I had the jab on Tuesday 16th Feb at 3.30 and feel so much better this morning Thursday the 18th. I came down with a high temperature, felt nauseous, headache, fatigue and couldn’t sleep on the Tuesday evening.. Slept much better on Wednesday evening and woke up feeling much better.

    Very good point made about taking paracetamol which I will take after my second jab.

  72. Had the Oxford vaccine 10th feb , 8hrs later began to feel unwell, raging headache, tiredness , cold hands and feet and shivering. went to bed, woke up at 2am with heart racing at 120 bpm, still shaking and cold with short sharp aches in joints, quite a scary night but after resting the following day and taking painkillers felt almost back to normal by the evening. 48hrs after jab all back to feeling ok but just lacking some energy. Taking second jab in April so painkillers from the start next time , not many have mentioned the increased heart beat rate that concerned me the most.

    • I also had the raised heart rate (160/170). 111 sent an ambulance. I was taken to A&E and given fluids. The doctors in A&E had not seen anyone else with this reaction after the jab. I wonder if we will hear more as more people have it. I’m scarred the second dose will have a worse effect. I’m 43, and no health conditions ( had due to job)

      • I have suffered with high BP also week after jab. Doc said on phone was anxiety! also dry cough..said should isolate and do test….it was negative.

        • I have had high blood pressure week after Astra vaccine ended up in a & e, it was 200/110, now on medication but tablets are making me feel ill so I’m hoping this is temporary feel shaky all the time too and can’t settle, it’s all a bit weird.

    • I experienced very high heart rate 7 hours after AZ vaccine. 120 at rest but 150 on moving around. Really scary and almost called 111. In fact 111 on line stated Call 999 immediately! But I didn’t want to do that. It settled after another 6 hours but that one thing has really put me off. And I’m still feeling fatigue on day 4 and now worried after reading all these reports of what still could be in store days from now! Probably won’t have the 2nd shot

  73. I had my vaccine on 14th feb & had terrible shivers on the following night, though I had a temperature but didn’t it read 37.5, terrible headache, aching all over like flu symptoms, all I wanted to do was lie down.couldn’t sleep all night, yesterday Wednesday felt a bit better, still pounding headache, arm swallon, red & aching from vaccine, today Thursday arm still red, swallowing & aching me, paracetamol not doing its job. Put ice on it & seems to ease off a bit. Tomorrow another day, I was told the aching arm could last a week to 10 days!

  74. Had my AstraZ vaccine on Monday 16th after 2 hours aches in shoulder, neck, then in kidney area all on entry side. Woke up fine next morning until I had a nasty dizzy spell after breakfast which turned out to be more than dizziness, it was horrendous and scrambled my brain to it’s limits with pain. It was like someone torturing me. I couldn’t take any more of the pain but suddenly it all stopped and I collapsed in a heap on the sofa. Shaking and scared. I didn’t pass out but was very weak after the experience. Luckily that was the only bad thing that happened to me. I’ve suffered aches and pain in my kidneys for two days continuously and felt weak and tired since vaccination. Each day I get up feeling fine but a few hours later I’ve got aches again but not as severe. Tiredness all the time and can’t rustle up any energy. I’m a reasonably fit 65 hr old. I’m dreading my next shot. My husband had his yesterday and he’s experiencing nothing so far! Lucky him!

  75. It’s been 2 days since I had the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and all side effects are gone. Very pleased I had it done. Also my elderly parents have had their COVID-19 vaccine . My mother had the Pfizer vaccine and my father had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine and neither of them experienced any side effects at all.

  76. Everything about Covid at the moment is a first, we are still learning and like the above comments I have had many of the side effects after you first vaccine, I was fine after 36 hours. I have just read an article that says the 2nd dose (although early days) seems to be much milder so fingers crossed we have now had the worst of it, please be brave and and protect yourselves.

    • I had dizziness the evening after I had the vaccine , went to bed early but couldn’t sleep. It’s been over a week now and still can’t sleep much and when I do I have weird dreams. Anyone else experienced this?

      • Yes – I’m in the UK – experiencing exactly the same. The weird dreams I get are more pronounced after even a small amount (like 1 drink) of alcohol. But I think I may have an immune reaction to alcohol so recken its just triggering the immune system – no idea how / why the AZ vaccine is affecting my dreams / information processing though. It’s been 5 weeks since I had the first jab.

      • Hi Sue,
        I had problems sleeping after getting my AZ vaccine. After my first dose, I thought it may have been stress and didn’t think much about it and it went away aafter 3 weeks. But had my 2nd dose a month ago and the same thing happened. The 1st 2 days, I had pains and slept really well but then a few days after that I’ve been having trouble sleeping where I”d lie awake until 4am or all night every alternating evening.
        Are you sleeping better now?

  77. I had my first AstraZeneca vaccine on 7th February. The day after my left arm became very sore and achey and since has become increasingly more and more painful to the point where moving the arm at all now is excruciating and getting dressed is extremely difficult. The pain goes into my shoulder, my upper back and under my collarbone, all on the left side, I have headaches, chills and sweats too, plus I had some dizziness after a few days but that seems to have passed. Generally, I feel quite unwell. I hope it passes soon. I’ve been told to just take painkillers. I am 67, have an autoimmune disorder, fibromyalgia and asthma.

    • Hi RA,
      You are the first person to mention the pain in shoulder and collarbone. I have asthma and also allergies. I checked everwhere before hand and they said to go ahead with AZ. On the day, just moments after the vaccine I flared all across my back, neck and arm. I had immediate jaw pain. They made me wait 25 mins and then walked me to my husband waiting in the car. The purpley red arm was very apparent so I took antihistamines and it resolved. I had no flu like symptoms at except a searing headache for 36 hours and dizziness . I thought I had got away with it all but on day three my shoulder became unbearable and three weeks later after many chats to 119,111, and GP I just keep being told it will go but the pain in my collarbone and up the back of my neck on the side of the injection have caused me to eat every painkiller over the counter known to man. I have been told it is anxiety but I know damn well it isn’t. Can I just ask, has your shoulder movement and collarbone upper back ache resolved because I can’t find anyone else acknowledging this type of shoulder pain? It is exactly three weeks tomorrow since my Oxford vaccine and I am feeling so angry.

      • Hi Bev,
        I too began to experienced dull pain along my neck, jaw, collarbone/shoulder on the side of the injection about 2-3 days after the AZ jab. My neck and jaw feel very stiff. May I ask if your pain in these areas ended up going away/received any diagnosis?

      • Yes, Bev, the same friend who confirmed that her second jab gave her a terrific problem with the femoral nerve running all the way from her hip down to her foot on the left side, —same as me — told me her problems started with exactly ax you described in her shoulder after the first jab. Both of us had our jabs now more than five months ago and still having major problems.

  78. My partner has had pretty unpleasant side effects (migraine, fatigue, sore arm, nausea), but reading through all this it looks like these are all effects of the actual virus. The big missing item though is that no-one’s talking about respiratory system or lungs, and that’s the killer. Nobody wants a migraine, but far better that than the appaling scenes we’ve all seen on our TV screens of people gasping out their last… Anyway, anyone with side effects can (should?) fill in a Yellow Card report; this should be better known, as it gives the researchers something to work with. The form is at coronavirus-yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk.

  79. Twelve hours after my AstraZeneca vaccination I began to feel very cold (no temperature), with a very mild headache, it lasted about eight hours. The following day, the vaccination site became really itchy and tender and has remained so a week later. No rash but the localised itching is intense….. similar to a mosquito bites.

    • Thats sad as there are many people, myself included who experienced very little discomfort afterwards. The comments of those who have suffered bad side effects must be balanced against the vast majority who do not and the protection you receive against Covid. Good luck whichever way you decide to go.

  80. Had the vaccine two weeks ago, did not feel anything for few hours a friend warned me that I might get side effects few hours later like her mum did. Middle of the night came down with extreme chills and shivers but no temperature, body aches and pain, flared up my rhinitis and had fatigue plus very painful injection sight. Went on like this for three days. Only thing that helped was paracetamol and hot drinks and lots of pineapple juice.I am 46 and it floored me for few days but knew this was happening cause my body reactions to the vaccine and showing that it was fighting back .Had fatigue for 1 week. I knew this would happen cause I dont tolerate the flu vaccine well. But will go ahead with 2nd dose. Phoned the chemist to ask if I can take Ibuprofen he said not recommended since it can lessen the vaccine efficacy by reducing bodies response to the vaccine., but said if I had very high temperature which paracetamol was not helping then I could take it as last resort .Please be careful every one lost my mum to covid-19 she was 86 and other family friends.

  81. I am a retired nurse and had my vaccine 2 days ago. Seems to have followed the same pattern as most people on here. Felt fine for the first couple of hours then this sudden fatigue hit me like I’d had a heavy duty sleeping tablet. The first night I felt hot and sweaty, headache and kept needing to pass urine exactly like what happens with me when I have a cold. Second full day I was in bed as I felt awful, every side effect listed. However I am a health professional and one of my current jobs is to follow up our patients who have had either vaccine here in the UK and there seems to be no difference to the side effects for either vaccine (some are saying that the AZ gives worse s/e than the Pfizer) but that does not seem to be the case. What is happening is that some patients are getting no effects at all at any time whereas others are completely “wiped out” with it. For me nothing can be worse than when I got the old style typhoid and cholera vaccs back in the 80s to go to the Far East. It was the worse reaction ever and nothing has come close so yes, it will be a second jab for me this time.

  82. I had the AstraZeneca vaccine on 1st February. I woke at 3am with uncontrollable shaking which settled down so was pleased to read that other people had that too in the comments above. The next day I had projectile vomiting all day and my husband was so worried he was going to phone 111. It took me several days to get back to normal. I am in my 70s and concerned about getting the second vaccination. I have had all sorts of other vaccinations in the past, but never had a reaction like this. I spoke with my GP who advised having the second vaccination as my reaction was not an allergic one. I don’t think he understood how violent the vomiting was all day. and I had to push to get anything to help with the vomiting should I get the same reaction with the second vaccination, tablets even though I couldn’t keep down sips of water. I will have the second vaccination as covid can be far worse and I think the vaccination programme is excellent, but am dreading it. I hope that someone will take notice of all of the accounts of side effects people are making on this website.

    • Dear Ella I was quite envious of you having projectile vomiting at least you didn’t have to put up with projectile diarrhea the mess and the stench and the cleaning. The headaches going and I keep downing the paracetamol pills. I feel terribly tired I feel I wake up in the afternoon I feel like a zombie most of the day. I just about manage to eat some soup but then I feel nausous again and my bowls and intestines groan and make strange noises. Its when you want go out but you can’t because there are no public toilets.
      My life is has gone out of me and down the drain litreally. I am wasting away I think this pandemic has aged me by about ten or fifteen years. I am a skeletal frame and a shadow of what I was a year ago. I am wondering will have to be vaccinated every year for Covid?

  83. I took the 1st injection in the morning. By 10pm I started to get the shakes and tired so I decided to go to bed. I was tossing and turning also had a headache. By 2am I was wide awake thinking it was 6am couldn’t go back to bed because I felt unwell. I took two tyonl pills and was able to sleep till 10am. Ohh yea my arm where I got the injection was sore. Let’s see what happens tonight.

  84. Thank you all for posting your experiences – it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in these awful side effects of the AZ vaccine!!! I’m day 3 post jab – the dreadful headache happened first after 16 hours. Now it’s excruciating abdominal pain, nausea, wretching (but I haven’t eaten anything for 2 days) fatigue & heart pounding. Arm doesn’t hurt at all. Normally a fit, healthy, active 61 year old but a cancer sufferer hence getting the jab before my time. Wouldn’t wish this, or COVID on anyone, but will go for 2nd jab armed with more paracetamol.

  85. Felt totally fine the day of the jab only slight soreness from the injection site on the first day.

    Second day whole body ached and I had all the side effects from the very common and common section of the leaflet given but taking paracetamol helped.

    however I seem to have the so called Covid Arm with the AZ vaccine.
    the little red swollen patch has grown in size and its now the size of tennis ball. started off the size of a 50p.
    Hopefully it will be less painful and fade soon.

  86. Amazed by the effectiveness of the MSM to not cover the side effects reported both in the UK and in the US with regards these emergency use vaccines. Research is easier on the US data as you can see the whole adverse effect data entries, the UK data is pre summarised so you can’t tell age distributions or specific details such as how long after vaccination did the problem present itself. Based on my research using these databases I won’t be risking the vaccine any time soon due to reports of high impact auto immune events not explained by background case rates. Also there are other options on the horizon (vaccines and treatments) and of course there can’t be any medium/long term data on the currently available ones. It’s all about risk management for me.

  87. I had the astraz on 10th Feb. Felt fluey soon after so went to bed after a lem sip. Still felt the same the next day so took Anadin for the rest of the day. 2 days after I felt ok but with slight headache. Felt fine for another 3 days and then started getting short of breath with shooting pains in my abdomen on Tuesday 16th. Now feel fluey again and now with loose stomach. Could be worse but feeling fairly grim. Sending good vibes to all.

  88. I had the vaccine 10 days ago. No soreness of the arm but had palpitations, headaches, aches and pains and waves of nausea on and off for several days. Spent a couple of days feeling weak and exhausted. Today I have a very sore abdomen with tenderness under my ribs, I have very little appetite and just want to sleep. I feel the symptoms are getting slightly worse as the time passes. However I decided to share these symptoms to put people’s minds at rest as I feel they will pass soon. We are lucky to have this vaccine and it is a small price to pay for survival. I know of no other people with adverse symptoms and will have the second jab.

    • How are you now June, I am 18 days in and still have racing heart, weak, shaky, tired short of breath. Pray it will go. Never felt so ill

  89. Had Astra on 13th Feb. I’m 49. Went in fit as a fiddle. Immediately.. strong taste in mouth, sick.. Later.. violent teeth chattering and raised temp. Horrendous headache. Kidney pain. Numbness/tingling in hands feet. The feeling of utter exhaustion, spaced-out, leaden limbs and not feeling fully in control of them.. staggering somewhat -“seasickness” – all still horrendous 6days later. I may not be a doctor but this seems a) an unacceptable level of aftermath and b) neurological, which is scary.
    After the chills and fever I was going to brave the 2nd dose. Now I’m struggling to move around I feel it has done some harm. Until it gets better, fingers crossed..

    • I have exactly the same, so do a lot of people it seems, the spaced out feeling terrified me, day 10 and arm painful sometimes but all other se seems to have gone thankfully, absolutely terrified me

    • Nicola I am going through the same thing. It is really horrible. And acutally frightening.
      Everyone said they barely felt the jab. Mine felt like a ball of fire getting bigger & bigger. I fainted. 3 days later fainted again.
      No appetite, feel dreadful.
      I know people who had covid who went through less!
      I don’t want 2nd jab, but much pressure from husband. His response to my distress, ‘Rest, you’ll get over it’ It’s meant very kindly!
      No choice but to rest. Too weak to walk downstairs!
      I really hope you feel better soon, you’re not alone.

    • Hi Nicola,

      How do you feel now? I have the same symptoms 10 days post- vaccine. The pins and needles are the worst but also have nausea and headaches. Did yours go away eventually?

  90. Very mild side effects after the jab yesterday before 5pm. Just achy legs, feeling a bit tired (I went to bed 9.30pm — ridiculously early for me). Latterly, a more all-over very mild achiness and that strange feeling you get when you’re ill when everything is an effort and you’re in something of a different mental space. A slight bruised feeling where the jab went in. Nothing to be concerned about: just having to give in to go back to bed in the morning … and the afternoon. I’m now 24 hours on and just feel a bit lethargic. Mind you, I’m only 65 and fit & healthy.

  91. Had first jab at 2pm on 18 Feb. Was OK until midnight then was red hot to touch but I was freezing cold with the shakes. Shakes lasted a few hours but then took paracetomol, stayed in bed until 12 noon and then got up with aching limbs. Have no appetite as such but now limbs have stopped aching. 2nd jab comes along on May 10.

  92. I had this vaccine on the 17th Feb, I felt fine directly afterwards just a bit of an achey arm where the needle went in. 28 hours later I started with the chills and violent shaking and teeth chattering and felt very sick. Had to go to bed and pile on blankets and use a hot water bottle. Woke up the next day with a flushed face and struggled to lift my vaccine arm. Now just very achey and leaden limbed! I’ll have to book time off work after the second dose.

  93. I had my AZ jab yesterday at 11.15 and was fine until about 1 pm started with headache then the chills and weakness, paracetamol helps but now got stabbing pains in head and stomach pains and palpitations, I was really happy when I knew I was getting my jab but had no idea I would feel so ill

    • Hi Jane How is your head now? I also got the stabbing pains in side of my head. Well still have them 4 days after vaccine. Hope yours have gone now.

  94. I had nasty effects. Okay first day. Didn’t feel injection site no soreness. Felt very tired next day and nausea no appetite. Temp not high but blood pressure uncontrollably high. Freezing cold couldn’t get warm with blankets on sofa and hot water bottles. Extra jumpers abd head feet cold. Skin felt cold to touch and body felt cold through clothing. Pain between shoulder blades and slight headache, fast heart rate. Nose bleed, constipation. Felt dehydrated despite drinking huge amounts of water and other fluids. Felt sleepy woke up shaky and dreadful nightmares. Not keen on having second one of these. I have fibromyalgia and nodular prurigo also suspected wegeners Granulomatosus and other allergies. Contacted GP who told me to take blood pressure medication when I have second vaccination. Other GP said it sounds like a reaction to vaccination. Not happy about this at all although a relative fighting Covid in hospital at this moment in time.

  95. I had first dose of Astra last Saturday 13th February. My arm felt like a red hot poker had been jabbed in. On the Sunday, I felt a bit ‘spaced out’ with a mild headache. By Sunday night, my food tasted a bit strange and I was feeling very chilly. On Monday, everything I ate tasted vile, and my body was aching all over. On Monday night, I experienced the worst headache I have ever had. My legs were twitching and I was sweating uncontrollably. Me head felt like it was in a vice being tightened, with someone drilling into it. Was literally screaming in agony. It was so bad I made my husband repeat my wishes about spreading my ashes, should I die. Took so many painkillers, it was ridiculous. On Tuesday morning when I woke up, the headache had gone and food tasted ok. Wedenesday my arm finally stopped hurting. I only agreed to have this vaccine in order to travel to our second home abroad. Looks like I’ll be staying in England, as I just don’t want to go through that again. I really darent’t have the second one, and I am worried about long term side effects appearing later on.

  96. I’m a fit female 49 with type 1 diabetes. (Well controlled). I’m relieved to read Imall these comments because I felt the most ill I have ever felt last night. I was scared. I had the first Astra jab yesterday at 5pm – was fine then 8 hours later – bang – uncontrollable shaking , freezing cold- all the layers I could find plus two hot water bottles and blankets in bed- still freezing. Teeth chattering , splitting headache feeling sick. Dizzy unable to walk. Then boiling hot- temp went to 38/39 and then vomiting. Intense symptoms subsided by morning though and I’ve spent day in bed with a headache and fatigue. I am dreading second jab too but as someone commented earlier, it is short lived (fingers crossed) and it doesn’t seem to affect the respiratory system which is the killer.

    • How are you now? Re short lived I’ve got seemingly permant neurological damage and wobbling gait and giddyness and hand weakness (to name a few) where I was a week before the vaccine looking at hiring a hall to run a dance class! Am seeing a neurologist week after next. Who guarantees AZ is safe? Nobody, legally speaking, actually.

    • Hi Annabelle,

      I had the exact same reaction as you. Just wondering… have you had your second vaccine? I’m really nervous about getting the second one now. I’m 30 and fit but I suffer from migraines.

  97. I had the Astra Zeneca jab on 17/02/21 at 10:30.
    By late afternoon I began to feel very cold and developed a headache and nausea.
    During the night I felt feverish, very hot and couldn’t sleep.
    The following day I felt weak and nauseous.
    I took paracetamol every four hours and went to bed in the afternoon as I was feeling exhausted.
    By the evening I was feeling much better and have had no further side effects.
    I am due to have a second jab in 12weeks and will go ahead with it, although I will start taking paracetamol as soon as I get home as it seems to be very effective at lessening the side effects.

  98. I had the Astra Zeneca jab today ( 19th Feb. 2021 ). I developed severe arm pains almost immediately after the injection and now have a high temperature and shaking badly. I am of Black African origin and now wish i had paid attention to my friends who advised me against having the vaccine. Please !!! If you are of the BAME community in the UK do not have the vaccine. I am suffering very badly with the side effects.

  99. Got the astra zenica vaccine friday am started to feel a bit tired by lunchtime by 5pm i had flu like symptoms terrible aches and pains and thought my head was about to burst i could hardly move i took paracetamol every 2hrs from midnight inhad a very sleepless night by the next morning most of the aches and pains had gone but still felt groggy

  100. I had astrazeneca on 5th at 10.50 by 1.15 violent shaking felt like my jaw was so tight was going to crack teeth, it was like my body had lost control, started throwing up in hands couldn’t make it to tiloilet
    Pulled a thick doubles blanket over me.
    Next day got up and was still throwing up temp 38.9 so goodness knows how it was during night.
    Thumping headache couldn’t even keep medication i was on down.
    Nose bleeds after about 2 days but only light.
    Sunday night was starting to feel like I was amongst the land of the living.
    Urine infection on Tuesday.
    Rash and raised lumps about three inches by 5 inches on day 10, just feeling im over it and seriously thinking of not getting second.
    But clinically extremely vulnerable. Caught between devil and deep blue sea.
    Scared the second could be worse if that’s a tall possible.

  101. Reassuring in some ways to hear same experiences. Had my Astrazenica jab Tues early eve. Woke at 12.30am to all my pain receptors on high alert( suffer from fibromyalgia etc) chronic neck/ back pain. Then felt cold briefly before sudden violent muscle tremors throughout body. Couldnt control them. After about 40 mins they subsided followed by a temperature. An out of hours doctor told me he hears this everyday! Next morning a severe vice like headache with sinus like pain. Severe headaches over last few days and feeling tired. A lot of increased pain. As though vaccine has triggered all weak points of fibromyalgia. I will probably have second dose but can see why some people are thinking of not having it. Which is very worrying. I feel strongly these side effects need to be publicly discussed but without scaremongering. Then people can be advised how to handle them and not be scared. Hospitals and GPs can then also support patients with them. I have filled out a yellow card but not sure if anyone will take notice. Any ideas anyone how these side effects can be aired constuctively?

    • Hi Sarah you raise an excellent issue for public to be made much more aware but think they just do not want to risk any more people not being vaccinated. Far more sensible to put everyone’s mind at rest and publish that there are a lot more side effects than the usual fatigue slight sore arm and feeling feverish! Maybe programmes like Good Morning Britain etc would highlight this discrepancy throug their advice Doctors.

      • agree with this x i expected to maybe feel abit rough for a couple of days but have had some scary symptoms x yes it may have put me off but if they had said they’re not nice but not dangerous that would have helped, feel very upset and wish i didnt have to have it but whats the alternative?

    • Had my first jab in march, next day could not walk on my ankle . Got slowly better after 6 weeks. Went for my second jab and now have massive pain in my hip this has lasted 8 weeks now, can hardly walk. Been to the Dr’s and 8 secessions with a Chiropractor !! getting worse day by day 🙁

  102. I’m 51. I had my first AstraZeneca jab at 8.40am today. 2hrs 25mins later, my left arm and hand feels like it doesn’t belong to me and I have just been hit with “EXPLOSIVE DIARRHOEA”, I am currently glued to the toilet in Tesco’s. I only came in for a newspaper. I was so excited to get the jab, yet here I am, my dignity in the bin along with my knickers. I hope I’m not in here much longer as I’ve been in here 20 mins already.

  103. I think to have 192 comments saying how people reacted to the Astrazeneca jab.
    should now be brought to someone’s attention,
    I’ve suffered for 2 weeks, it has been horrendous and only reading what other
    people have experienced, is the one thing that has brought me through.
    I am worried about having the 2nd jab, but know it is the right thing to do
    to get full protection from Covid. I think if this was brought to light , people would
    know what to expect and could help in some circumstances. I should like to point out
    That until you experience these awful side effects you cannot understand the effect it
    has on our well being.

    • I totally agree these problems need to made public, had I not found this forum I would have thought I was the only one having these awful problems. I had first AZ on the 23rd Feb and am still not right, improving but still fluctuating between not bad and pretty unwell, just praying it will sort itself before the second jab which I am very worried about!

  104. I decided to fill in the yellow card reporting the intense pain in my head reaction as it wasn’t on the list of side effects we had been given. I’m feeling much better today for the first time since my jab on Monday but with less energy.

    I wish you all a speedy recovery soon.
    I will have my second jab but think I will speak to my GP before I do if I don’t hear any feedback after reporting. The jab is probably the best of two evils!

  105. I had the AstraZeneca on15/02/21 @ 12.10pm & woke at 2am shivering cold.
    I took paracetamol but couldn’t get back to sleep until 4am
    I awoke feeling ok apart from a sore arm but since then I am constantly tired & have no appetite whatsoever.
    I slept from 6pm yesterday till 10.15am today
    & again from 2pm till 5pm
    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  106. Yep I have all the side-effects I had my vaccine yesterday at around 3 o’clock and I was fine until bedtime and I started feeling feverish and achy and developed a migraine type headache I couldn’t have looked at this forum yesterday because I couldn’t do anything literally I’m still in bed today and had to cancel work. I absolutely do not blame the German health workers for refusing this vaccine if some of her colleagues had the side-effects there is absolutely no way you could work feeling like this I’m hoping I’m okay to work tomorrow and catch up on the marking I should’ve done.Still have a headache my spine feels tingly and inflamed I have no appetite I have the racing heart as well. Obviously this is much better than catching the virus but I would not describe these as mild side-effects this is like full blown blown flu.

    • My side effects to a tee!! Also had mine at 3pm and it all came on at bedtime – 72 hours later – feeling bit better but still have nausea and stabbing head pains.

  107. Hardly felt my injection with oxford vaccine. No side effects at all. Just didnt go to sleep on my left arm the 1st night as tht seemed sensible. Sue

    • Me too – my knees and hips were very painful initially, now subsided, but extremities (particularly fingers and wrists) are still very stiff and painful. I had my AZ vaccine on 16th feb and had all the nasty side effects everyone else has listed for around 3 days then was left with ongoing nausea, no appetite, painful joints and fatigue. I do finally feel that it’s resolving slowly but still not looking forward to dose 2 even though I know it’s a must!! I’m 41, no underlying health condition but had vaccine due to work (also believe I had COVID last March) and I agree that conversations should be honest so people can at least be prepared for both doses.

  108. Never felt as ill as I have all week. I have Sjogrens and Raynauds. First reactions began while I was driving home, within 30 mins of vaccination. Next came the most violent shaking with chills. Took my temp on two separate thermometers it was 35.1 c on one 95.2 f, way to low, blood pressure I knew was very very low. Literally could not stand. Then my fingers started turning dark blue, same for my feet. Then the really scary stuff happened, my lymph nodes swelled up , within 30 minutes my face and neck looked like I had mumps, my armpits looked like tangerines were growing under them, tightness on right side of chest knew this was a lymph issue, could barely sit, again lymph issue. Honestly not sure about the rest of the evening I was in and out of it. Finally got to bed about 3 am, woke early hours I had wet the bed, and I was drenched in sweat. Could have put my head thru a door and it would not have hurt so much. Monday and Tuesday was throw up and the runs, where you sit on the commode with your head in a bucket. Head ache still 8 days later but not severe, just a dull pain. Still get odd moments of chills. NO I will not get second shot, I was scared when I realised Sunday that hours had gone by, and I had no idea what had happened. No one lives with me, no one to make sure I’m ok.

  109. I was sick the morning after AstraZeneca and since then for nearly two weeks I’ve had good days and bad. Some days I feel I’m over it and back to my normal self and the next I can barely get out of bed as I’m so weak. The number of different reactions has me puzzled. Are we all getting the same vaccine? Are we all getting the same dose? I am 70, no medical problems. Never had a reaction to immunisation before and have travelled widely so have had a lot. I reported my initial reaction on the yellow card but not sure about re-reporting the fact that my reaction is still ongoing after 12 days. I’m in the UK.

    • Hello. I’m the same as you except I still feel ill after 20 days on. I’m 69 with no health issues. I’m worried. This jab didn’t come with all these warnings did it. X

  110. Hello everyone, I’ve had Long Term Covid symptoms now since late July 2020 when I caught Covid. Living hell is putting it mildly, I’m 69 years old and as I had been nowhere but the supermarket for food all year. The symptoms come and go, my longest break from them has been 11 days and then they’re back with a vengeance! So……….I thought I’ll get the Covid vaccine and hopefully it might help my immune system along abit. No such hope,,,,,,,,,,,it’s now been 13 days and I fell ill just 10 hours after having the vaccine (Astra Zenica) . The chills , aching joints and retching to the point of wanting to vomit, was just as bad as having Covid. The palpitations, breathlessness and shaking is aweful, the dizziness frightens me as I’ve been trembling now for the whole 13 days on and off throughout each day. I’ve had nightmares and hallucinations too, my arm is red slightly swollen at injection sight and itchy. What bothers me is having had Long Covid for such a time now over many months, why are the symptoms of Covid and the vaccine side effects so similar? Of course only the red sore arm is the only thing that is different, the exhaustion never seems to go away or get any better. My husband did not get Covid and had no side effects to the vaccine whatsoever. I pray the 2nd vaccine will be better……………my poor body is worn out after all this hell which has gone on for 7 months.

    • Hi Valerie, I’m suffering vey similar symptoms to you, in agony with pain in my right hip and side for the last two days and feeling nauseous again, and this is 3 weeks since my first jab. It’s made me wonder whether I’ve had Covid in the past without knowing it. I’ll have a day or two when I’m fine then I wake up feeling like I’ve been trampled by a horse again. I’m 70 and normally very fit and well and very pro vaccine, but this is worrying me. I do hope we both start to feel better soon. I’m certainly having second thoughts about having the second jab and wondering if it might be possible to have a dose of the Pfizer jab for the booster rather than the a second dose of the AstraZeneca.

  111. Mild cold next day following vaccine lasted all day. Took paracetamol in the morning then for bed. Woke up perfectly well. No problems since….My hubby was fatigued day one and mild cold day two. Then fine since .

  112. I hope someone high up is reading these comments. I felt nauseous for two days. Felt like i had a temperature but it was normal. Had constipation for 4 days then mouth ulcers.

  113. Please can anyone advise me – had Astra vac last Thursday and had slight headache slight nausea and chills etc . I feel I have coped well compared to some of what I have read but yet again I have not slept.
    My concern is burning tingling and constant pins and needles in feet, does not bother me when walking or standing as much but I am getting no sleep and by now am worn out. I have searched high and low to see if others have had this.
    Filled out yellow card….waiting to speak with GP but what can anyone do, it sounds mild but it is driving me mad.

    • AstraZeneca Vaccine is deactivated COVID-19 it is a virus vector not an MRNA like a flu vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine. It is a non dangerous form of getting COVID-19. The tingling has been noted a rare related symptom of COVID-19.
      “Doctors are paying close attention to trends that could be associated with COVID-19 as the list of coronavirus symptoms continues to grow.

      While neurological experts say isolated tingling in the hands and feet is probably not a common symptom of the virus, it is a symptom of a rare disorder that may be associated with COVID-19 called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

      Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder where the immune system attacks the body’s nerves, according to the Mayo Clinic website. Weakness and tingling in the hands and feet, medically known as paresthesia, are usually its first symptoms.” It may go away or it may be permanent, your doctor will be able to help you with possible treatments.

    • Hi Jools,
      I have that too.
      It gets worse when you try to sleep..
      It seems to disappear when you are moving.
      I have internal vibrations like an electric shock going through me at night too and feel
      I have a Urine infection.
      Are you getting better?

  114. I had Oxford AZ vaccine first shot on Friday 19 feb (3 days ago). I do notice some effects- ,my arm is fine, but I am rather headachy, ‘flu-ey’ , tired, a bit zonked out. Exactly has with a bad cold or such 9as I’s expect- immune response). It is unpleasant but tolerable and I keep reminding myself that at 65 my risk of serious illness or death from COVID is not negligible. I wonder if the variation in side effects between people is related to prior immune reactivity (eg those who already have autoimmune diseases- and there is a lot of variation in how individuals react to common infections- I never get stomach upsets and have not had that now, but always get slight chest tightness, and have that now).

    And yes 200 reports is worrying for the people who have written in but given that there have been 100s of 1000s if not millions now vaccinated- it tells us little about the overall rates of effects – only possible to tell in trials.


    • Had the AstraZeneca jab nearly three weeks ago now. Around 18 years ago I used to get cluster headaches every year, then one year they suddenly stopped and haven’t been back since…until the night of the jab. Since then I’ve had one every day since (just like the bad old days :-(). I’ve been prescribed sumatriptan to try to ride it out, but it’s not really helping TBH. How long did it take for your headaches to wear off after the jab?

      • I am experiencing exactly the same thing … and have done for the past 15 days. Have your settled yet or have you found anything effective for the cluster headaches? I can’t keep doing this and doctors have not been at all helpful.

        • Hi Julie

          I’d say their intensity has reduced a bit, but it’s still not great (I’m getting some level of cluster like, one sided headache every night). I was woken by one last night at 2am, but the sumatriptan nasal spray (“Imigran”) I was prescribed on Tuesday stopped it after ~20 minutes (first time I’d tried it, actually), so I could get back to sleep at least. Before that I was taking Neuromol (ibuprofen & paracetamol combined) in the evening after dinner (to try to stop them happening in the first place) with limited success. I’ve also tried oral sumatriptan with the Neuromol, but I’m not convinced it was any better than the Neuromol alone TBH.

          I’m currently waiting for my GP to get back to me after he’s spoken to a neurologist (hopefully tomorrow)

          BTW, I signed up to the ouchuk (Organisation for the Understanding of Cluster Headache) forum where there’s a thread on Vaccine and CH. Might be worth doing to same (although they do charge for the privilege!)

          Hope you feel better soon

        • PaulR & Julie.
          I know first-hand how terrible cluster headache can be. I sincerely hope they have ceased for you both — assuming they have, how many days did they persist for?

  116. 15 mins after injection 0935 on 20/02/21 had low blood pressure and low heart rate. Paramedics called, ECG showed irregular heartbeat. Transferred to A&E. Further ECG test showed a return to normal. Developed flu like symptoms in the evening. Fatigue, high temp 38.8C, sweating, shivering, headache. At 0600 following morning heart rate fell to 32bpm. I am a fairly fit, 63 yr old male with mild asthma symptoms and have annual flu injection. Headache taken care of with paracetamol. Awareness of slight confusion and hesitation in speech for following 24 hrs. 48 hrs after vaccination I think I am back to normal. GP considered it was hypersensitive allergic reaction to AZ vaccine. Advised me not to take 2nd vaccine. I am not anti vaccination. My contribution here is for information to others who may have suffered the same side effects.

  117. I had my vaccine on Friday 19th Feb. By the evening I had a crashing headache and was aching with my joints hurting, and a heavy feeling in my arm with some tingling in my hand. The injection itself hurt, usually any injections I have don’t hurt me. By Saturday I felt like I was coming down with flu. And my upper arm around the injection site was swollen and a bit warm. Felt very unwell, tired, no energy and very cold. No fever. My lower back felt like it was going to break.
    Sunday the headache eased off and the aches subsided felt very washed out with no energy. Today (Monday) I still have a mild headache, my back doesn’t hurt but I just feel weird. By this evening I feel like I’m still recovering from a huge exercise session but my arm is still swollen, but today has gone warm and about a two inch red patch has now appeared my arm and shoulder still hurt. I suppose this is normal but I have to be honest I’m not keen on getting the second dose now. I have felt really rotten since Friday, couldn’t sleep properly either. Hopefully it will all subside soon.

  118. Had the Astra Zeneca jab on the 13 February. First couple of days slight fever, fatigue and hallucination like experience. Couldn’t think properly. Had trouble remembering where the tomatoes were in Sainsbury’s. Today (22nd) totally exhausted. Kept nodding off and still having vivid dreams. As not working at the moment, not too much of a problem. In the first few days of the jab, I noticed I got angry in arguments over silly things. Luckily I realised what was happening and stopped the rows. Concern that for some people this could lead to violence, especially if people are not expecting it. Mental effects are not listed on the possible side effects. Clinical trial is not the same as three or four people stuck in the same house already stressed out with the current crisis.

  119. I had my Covid jab 6 days ago. At 67, I already have comorbidities, so was a little concerned.
    Had Sepsis back in November and that really is grim. But this time within hours of injection, I had temperature, headache, shakes and nausea. I took paracetamol as directed and over 48 hours improved rapidly.
    I felt incredibly lucky, as I have a few other things medically problematic. The really weird thing was, on waking on the third day, I felt unbelievably well. So much so, that I it felt miraculous. I had this perfect 24 hour window of feeling better than I had in 20 years. Whether it was psychosomatic or what, I have no idea. The following day I was back to my old self, achy joints, and lots of other minor problems, all totally unrelated to the Covid jab.
    Since then I’ve not had any further side effects or symptoms. I feel very fortunate indeed. I’m definitely looking forward to having my second dose, when my time comes. It’s the only way we can go forward. P.S. I’ve been taking Vit. D. tabs for nearly 9 months now, I truly think this has helped.

  120. I should have added that I also have auto-immune issues (three) which are normally well managed. I wonder how many people who are experiencing really strong side-effects are auto-immune and whether this vaccine is really suitable for us. I’d like to know if auto-immune patients were included in the study cohort (I think they weren’t, apart from well-managed Hashimoto’s but I may be wrong)

    • I posted earlier as I have autoimmune, managed to keep it under control for years, after vaccination it all went into hyperdrive. I did write a yellow card, and spoke to two doctors. The response I received was, “you do realise the vaccine was voluntary, sounds like you had a bad reaction” that was it, I’m dumbfounded by their responses. I felt they believed I was calling to complain, I was calling, as advised in leaflet I was given when being vaccinated. I am not sure anyone is hearing us. I’m 67, female, very fit. I’m trying to look at it from the point of view, I now have 10 1/2 weeks to see if the after effects diminish, before I have to decide on round two. I am reading extensively all I can on the Oxford vaccine, and see no trial data on auto immune patient data.

      • I had a day of projectile vomiting (the worst vomiting I have ever experienced) and my husband was going to phone 111 as he was so worried. I rang my GP a few days later to discuss whether or not to have the second vaccination and I got pretty much the same response as you, its your choice whether or not to have the vaccination. He said that the local practices have an algorithm and only those with severe allergies would be advised not to have the vaccine. He was so unsympathetic that I am wondering whether to change GP practice. I had to persuade him to give me anti-sickness tablets for when I have the second vaccine. I had completed a Yellow Card. Yes, Covid can be life threatening, but the medical profession should be taking on board the severity of side effects being reported by people. If all they are using these days are algorithms, then I am as capable of using a computer algorithm as they are. I am very disappointed in their response.

  121. How are the latest Astra Zeneca vaccine efficacy figures obtained when we are in lock down. Every one who has had the first jab
    is still in lock down. Maybe there are new trials with elderly people taking place so can somebody please enlighten us.

  122. 9 hours after receiving the AZ vaccine I suddenly developed a very severe, intense, persistent frontal headache. It felt like my head would explode and lasted for 24 hours but felt like an eternity. This has gradually subsided but I now have a low level headache. I also started to have waves of nausea every 20 minutes. When I tried to take paracetamol and water I started to retch badly so unable to take fluid with concern about dehydration. Was unable to get out of bed. My husband contacted our GP after about 15 hours who prescribed anti nausea tablets to dissolve in my mouth: this helped. I still have mild nausea which has effected my appetite. For many hours I had a burning sensation over my skin without a high temperature. I also had painful muscles and shins. I had one night of complete insomnia with restless legs even though feeling very tired. I continue to feel thirsty, exhausted, sluggish and spaced out 5 days after the vaccination. The whole experience has been horrendous and terrifying. I went for the vaccination healthy and fit and have been reduced to a quivering wreck only coming out of it after 5 days. As we are all being encouraged to be vaccinated for the greater good there is an issue of informed consent which is fundamental to good medical practice. Only after I was given the vaccine was I given a leaflet describing possible side effects which are listed in a rather bland way without indication of the degree of severity. If 10% of people have the side effects described and it is given to 10 million people that means a million people will have a reaction, even if 10% of those have a severe reaction as I and others have described that means thousands of people have been seriously effected by this vaccine. Why are people not informed before being vaccinated that there is a chance that they could become seriously unwell? Are the authorities afraid that if it became commonly known it would put people off from having the AZ vaccine?

    • Me too! I had it on the 17th and I spent 4 days in bed feeling awful! Exactly what you described. It was horrible, painful and really don not want to imagine having to go through the same for a second time

  123. I am so glad that I’m not the only person with dreadful side affects due to the vaccine. I had the jab on 2nd February and still feel very unwell. I won’t go into details, but I hope to feel better soon, every day it’s an effort to even do light housework.

    • Susan Greer i had my jab 13 Feb . I was so unwell I was sent to a and e. Checked heart as I had racing heart, shaky weak attacks and arm hand neck pain. All fine ecg and bloods. That was the 19th but still feel breathless at times, tired heart racing. Weak and shaky Hospital said they had seen others like this . Dreading second jab but feel it is absolutely necessary Just pray this goes.

  124. Hi, I’m 42 and I live in Poland and I was vaccinated yesterday 22 February as a teacher (now AZ is used only for teachers). In Poland officials do not say about side-effects which are in UK but here we have some schools closed because of unhealthy teachers after AZ jag. So I found this page just to get know how it really looks like. After reading so many posts on this page I just wanted to give up and not to get vaccination. But my husband, let’s say “forced” me. And I’m really grateful him for this. The only side effect was just a bit higher temperature than usual at night but in the morning it dissapeared No headache, shakes or any side-effects. I called my friend-teachers and this is the same with them. 11 of us had vaccintion and only 2 had some stronger symptoms. So don’t give up. It’s not so bad and not all suffer from vaccintion, I’d say more.. Most of people have really light symptoms, they just don’t write it and no post it. Keep warm and healty everybody

  125. I had my jab on 26th January and had pretty much the same as people are saying on here. Here we are 4 weeks lateR and the injection site now is very painful and my arm and hand hurt , I’ve been given antibiotics. Has any one else experienced this please. Just as an aside I think my GP gave me the jab too high up in my arm and caused something called SIRVA.

  126. Just wanted to add onto the list of experiences people have described above. I found this page reassuring when I experienced symptoms so wanted to share too. I’m a healthy 31 year old female and received the AZ vaccine at 2.30pm on Monday 22nd February 2021. Note, I’m a carer for someone highly vulnerable which is why I received it despite my age and health.

    I felt absolutely fine for all of Monday then at 10pm I was hit with chills, shivers, fever of 38.4 and my legs felt numb/disjointed from the rest of my body. Couldn’t sleep due to the fever and weird feeling in the legs then was hit with a massive headache from 3am along with major nausea and vomiting. Couldn’t sleep till about 7am when I was able to drift in and out for a few hours. The above slowly started to subside over the next day.

    In all, after the vaccine I was fine for 7.5 hours, experienced horrible symptoms for about 12 hours, continued to feel weak/ill for a further 12 hours, slept for 7 hours and woke up on Wednesday 24th February (today) feeling absolutely fine!

    • I am also 31 and have had exactly the same reaction. The leg numbness/pins and needles was most concerning. The headache is really bad and have had visual disturbance with very painful eyes. Sweats and fever to 38.6 (my normal is around 35.8-36.2). I am glad you recovered and feel fine, especially within 48 hours. I had the AZ vaccine yesterday, 11th March 2021. Based in Australia – oncology nurse. So 24 hours to go I hope!

      • Reassuring to know that someone of a similar age has had a similar experience! Hope you’re feeling better by now. I left out a couple symptoms in my original post being that my skin felt highly sensitive and that I had an elevated heart rate of 134bpm though I was lying down from about 10pm to 5am (fat burn zone). I got quite scared when my heart rate wasn’t returning to resting pace so used my Fitbit to monitor myself.

        I should say that despite the above, I fully intend on returning in 8 weeks approx. to receive the second jab. I’d be interested if anyone who posted here before experienced symptoms upon receiving the next jab.

  127. Hi I had Oxford vaccine 11am 18 February felt fine till 7pm I have MS then freezing cold, couldn’t stop shaking I couldn’t move my legs & little movement in arms. Felt hot had temperature of 102 & heart palpitations of 145 bpm had to call paramedics because scary stuff. Paramedics gave me 1 gram paracetamol slept & got leg use back 4am next day. Have had palpitations twice since & generally wiped out it will be 7 days from jab today & still recovering. Bladder & bowels working overtime too!

  128. Since having az jab had side effects 7 hours after headache, feeling burning up on inside lasted for 24 hours, but now three weeks after I still get hot flashes….like I did with the menopause…..

      • Hi Isobelle/ Sandra,

        I had mine 1 week ago and still having hot flashes. The symptoms are not as bad as the first 2 days, but energy levels are not as high as usual.

        How are you symptoms are they totally gone now?

  129. Reading these postings it appears that the majority suffering bad side effects are women. Is this a gender related problem or is it that women tend to post comments more than men

    • I agree as I had my vacine on the 8th march I had the headaches couldn’t hold my head up felt sick very lethargic dizzy fast heart rate and I had a TIA a month ago slept for 48 hours shivering and cold my husband had no side effects only cold when he went to bed I think as a retired nurse the dose needs to be sorted out I dont want the second one because of the side effects and I’m no whimps

  130. Interesting reading people with auto immune diseases seem to be reacting really badly, I myself have Pernicious anemia and have had side effects for over a month now , a colleague with thyroid problems also suffered really badly .

    • Had AZ vaccine 23rd Feb, have arthiritis and asthma, still feeling unwell now. 5 days later. Could be true that people with underlying health conditions do suffer more.

  131. Great to say this is the first day from the 2nd Feb that I have felt well. I’m still tired but able to do some housework. All I can say….keep your hopes up…..it will get better.

  132. I had the Oxford vaccine almost 3 weeks ago, I had both joint and muscle pain but none of the other symptoms reported here. My symptoms lasted almost a fortnight but have now disappeared so I’m happy. My husband had the same vaccine and had no symptoms at all, neither did my sister or best friend. Temporary discomfort is a small price to pay for protection from the virus, and the recent real world results of the vaccine’s effectiveness have made me very glad to have had it.

  133. Wondering if the people who had bad reactions to the vaccine had COVID in the past. My wife had a really bad reaction and she said the symptoms were just like what she had last March in New Orleans when she joked that she probably had COVID already.

  134. Glad I found this post as was worried I was only suffering long side effects. Had AZ jab at 4.00 pm Saturday 21/02. Woke up in night shivering and shaking violently. Managed to get back to sleep then woke up in morning feeling like I had flu. Temperature 38.7 for most of day, no appetite and just laid on couch. My husband had it at same time he was a bit off it next day with raised temperature but then felt well enough to go to work Monday. On Monday I woke up with bright red itchy arms that lasted till next day. Tuesday still tired and dizzy, not much appetite. It’s now Friday still feeling same as Tuesday. Dizziness more a shakiness now and pins and needles in left arm and leg. Really worried I’m never going to feel right. I’ve known a few people off it for 2/3 days but hadn’t come across anyone feeling ill longer till read this. Incidentally I put in shaking as symptom and this came up. I’ve read that the AZ one can have side effects with first jab (hopefully not 2nd) and Pfizer seems to have more side effects with second. I think I will have 2nd but am going to talk to GP first though suspect they will be no wiser than me as to whether I will suffer next time.

  135. Had th AZ jab on the 11th February. Freezing cold hands and feet, but a moderate high temperature in my ‘core’ (very odd feeling) after about 6 hours. Lasted 8 hours then felt fine.. Over the next few days I had considerable abdominable bloating and palpitations. The doc thought it was IBS and anxiety, which I have had before, but I am having an ECG to check. I think the vaccination induces some psychological symptoms which seem to persist – two weeks on I still feel vaguely ‘virusy’ and quitedanxious. My wife had the jab at the same time, and she reports that she is also feeling very strange, waking at night with her mind racing and feeling really washed out.

  136. Had my AZ vaccine 23rd Feb. Woke up 24th feeling very unwell, very much flu like symptoms as I have suffered flu in the past. My controlled arthiritis has flared up all over my body. 5 days in and the site where vaccine was administered is very painful and hot to touch, the pain is actually moving around my arm. Still having sweats, just feel generally unwell. Unsure whether I want the 2nd AZ vaccine. Can they be mixed? Possibly have Pfizer next time round.

  137. I had 24 hours of unpleasant flu after AZ jab. I’m 55 & healthy. So now I’m inclined to agree with German policy of using for under 65s only. By the way in a German hospital 37 out of 88 staff reported sick the day after having AZ jab.

    Still, if it’s best we’ve got we’ve gotta all take it please for general good.

  138. My husband (50) had the AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday afternoon, last night he started feeling really cold (had a fever) then diarrhoea and was then sick a few times. He’s wiped out this morning and just keeps napping. Not nice but as long as it protects him from COVID then still worth it.

  139. It seems to me that quite a few people suffer from the side effects of the vaccine.
    Are there even more serious side effects unreported?
    We are told that many people do not have any ill effects from Covid itself and that the chances of contracting the virus in the first instance is quite small. We are advised to go home and isolate if we think we have Covid symptoms which places it alongside the flu in terms of how serious the virus is.
    There are many scientists questioning the validity of the pandemic and the risks attached to the vaccines. Until the mainstream media openly and fairly debate the pros and cons of the vaccine we will continue to be cautious about taking it. I would question which group of people should be labelled ‘Covidiots’. The people seeking more reliable evidence regarding the safety of the vaccines or the people willingly rolling up their sleeves to receive it
    I’m opting to give the vaccine a miss.

  140. Having read many of the preceding comments thought I would post my experience. I had the vaccine on 13/2/2021 at 2pm. That night had a mild fever for a few hours and the shakes for about 30 minutes.

    The following day had mild headache and felt fatigued. 2 x paracetamol cured the headache. 36 hours after the vaccine everything back to normal.

    My comment would be “One day of pain for a lifetime of gain”. Stay safe!

  141. I had my AZ jab on the 17th of February, and couldn’t go back to work until the 22th.
    I have had the worse 5 days of my life! The intensity of my headache, hands and feet extremely hot with the feeling of my whole body “levitating”, not being able to sleep at all due feeling so sick, loss of appetite, shivering… Words can’t explain!
    I just want to give courage to those whom are on their “way” to the vaccination center. You might not get symptoms at all but better be prepare and ready! You can do it!

  142. I had my vaccination last Thursday at 3pm, was fine to 10pm, and then my skin start burning was on fire for 2days and 39.8 fever, headache, ached,sweating, feeling sick,can’t eat, no sleep, joint pain, neck pain, and now 3 days chest pain. I’m so scared to going for the second one.

    thanks to post your experience with the vaccine. I feel not alone now

  143. I am healthy person in 60’s. Never been in hospital in my life. Try and keep myself healthy. Got oxford vac yesterday within 5 minutes my face started to tingle, my chest tightened, a small headache. 3 or so hours later, i started to feel weak and woozy, lost my appetite, my legs gave way and I had to lie down for a few hours. Developed the most terrible migraine which would not shake with pain killers, horrendous sweating, feeling ill with stomach upset. This morning a bit better but still have tingling and terrible tinnitus.

    In contrast my husband who has had years of illness in hospital in past 3 years as emergency with life threatening illness, (he recovered) and has osteo arthritis, and other health problems on medication. He had the Pfizer vaccination last week, not a single side effect, nothing.

    I do so regret making my appointment at a Pharmacist who incidentally did not keep people for 15 minutes afterwards and 2 staff not social distancing properly. I wish I had gone with my husband to doctors and got Pfizer one. Luck of the draw I guess, but I am pleased it was me ill not him. Also, we think we had covid in spring of last year before face masks were advised. The symptoms of that were nowhere near as bad as this.

  144. Three weeks ago I had my vaccine (Astra Zeneca) and now 2-3inches from the injection site my arm is badly swollen my bicep region and all around was slightly red and warm to the touch painful ache when I loft it, been put on anti biotics for infection, apparently I’m not the first with this reaction

  145. Thank goodness for this website and knowing that other people have suffered side effects from the Astrazeneca vaccine.

    I received my vaccination on February 7th and the day after felt dreadful and for the next 3 weeks have not felt so ill in all my life.

    I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, my CPR Markers have been way too high since my jab and the side effects have been, aches and pains, extreme fatigue, night sweats, nausea and loss of appetite, sinus problems, a sore tongue and sores at the corner of my mouth.

    I fully understand that these vaccines are new and we can fill in a Yellow Card to advise of our side effects but my Doctor and Rheumatology Team appear to be not taking all this very seriously, how much longer will I feel like this – I am really having second thoughts about the second vaccination.

  146. I have just rad all of the above comments and never having been on any forum or chat room in my life I must now express my thoughts as following the vaccine I have had six many days of being unwell with dizziness, random but severe body pains but worst of all have had a very large red swollen arm. I cannot let clothes tough it and on the odd occasion that I can personally touch it with my other hand then the pain is excrutiating. The lump was as large as a tennis ball but now maybe a large sausage shape under the skin. It is so tight that I keep physically looking to see if there is a tight band tied around my upper arm. I telephoned GP to explain that I had nearly called 111 in the night but knew that I was writhing in pain so much that I would have been unable to explain myself or even give my details and a Nurse Practitioner called me back asking questions but said you seem to be in control of the situation so just dial 111 if things get worse. Please don’t get me wrong – I am more than grateful to be given the chance of this vaccine but will need reassurance that the second dose won’t react the same or indeed worse ..Day 6 today and the redness has paled and turned grey so maybe healing but still very painful.

  147. I recently had the astra zeneca vaccine, which was given instead of Pfizer, as I have suffered with anaphylactic reaction. I don`t normally have the flu vaccine owing to many allergies I have. Unfortunately, I came away with tingling in my face and my lips were swollen and this worried me as I wonder if I was going to have a major reaction. Fortunately, it subsided, but in the process I had many of the side affects … headaches, achy muscles, nausea and had to go to bed. It has lasted for a day or so. However, I would rather have side effects for a day or so, instead of contracting this terrible illness that many have had to deal with. My mum`s friend has passed away with the virus. As is the case, many of us will have had someone we know suffering with Covid or experience a passing.

  148. Had the Oxford vaccine yesterday I took a mild reaction after administration lip and tongue swelling and tingling. This settled after 24 hrs and lots of priton. I had a headache a couple of hrs after vaccine that hasn’t left me 36hrs later. I had cold sweats overnight spiked temp 38.5 that wouldn’t come down with paracetamol. My skin feels sore even clothes are hurting me. I have muscular aches and pains all over. Feeling weak and very tired. No appetite at all. Slight cough developed and feel a little breathless. I have no energy or strength. Occupational health in work sent me for a test incase I had exposure and was positive prior to vaccine but asymptomatic. Awaiting the results. I have never felt so floored after a vaccine. Reading the comments here has made me feel I am just having bad side effects and hopefully they will settle soon. If anything I will def make sure I book off work after the next shot.

  149. I had my first AZ jab on Feb 12th and had no physical effects apart from a slight ache in the area of the jab. Until last Thursday 25 th Feb everything was fine but since then I have experienced severe night sweats so much so the bed sheets have been wringing wet together with the pillow. At he same time and since then during the days I have been very cold and unable to keep warm. Thus is totally the opposite of normal. I have also been very tired, not eating as normal and not wanting to do anything. Hopefully this will not last.

  150. Hi,
    Thank you for everyone leaving comments. It’s reassuring to read how everyone has reacted. I am sorry though that most have been unwell and I hope you all make a full recovery very soon.

    I had the Oxford jab at 2pm (28-2-21). I took 2 paracetamol 10 minutes before. I went home and just sat on the sofa watching a movie with my kids. Had a roast dinner and waited to feel unwell. I felt a little tired at 8pm took some more paracetamol (Just in case. ) Was asleep by midnight. I woke up 1:38am freezing cold. I couldn’t get warm, I was shaking and shivering. I have never felt like that before – it was not nice! DH got me a hot water bottle which eventually helped. I fell asleep But at 2:40 am woke up and I was boiling to touch. I took more paracetamol. It’s now 4:30 am I have barely slept and I feel really alert but also hot and achey and really dehydrated. I feel so alert – like I could fight a bear. Has anyone else had this high alert feeling!? There’s no way I can sleep. I worry I will feel exhausted tomorrow. I have to homeschool kids, have a uni online lecture, my house buyers are visiting and the dog has a vet appt. DH is working… I’m ok and can just grab an early night tomorrow x

    • Hi Amy – I had very similar reactions to you. I was fine for about 8 hours after the vaccine and then became teeth-chatteringly cold with 3 layers on. Eventually went the other way and became really hot and headachy. Like you however, I felt wired all night and didn’t sleep a wink. Finally went to sleep the next morning, feeling much better when I awoke in the afternoon. It’s the next morning now and I thankfully feel back to my normal self again after a good night’s sleep. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the 2nd vaccine at all, especially as I’ve heard that the effects may be worse than the 1st, which I’m hoping is really not the case! I wish everyone well soon.