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child being vaccinated against virus

Government urges parents to check for measles vaccine as cases spike in children

The UK government has urged parents to check their children's measles vaccine records due to an increase in virus cases.
medical fridge with vaccines in it

What to look for when choosing a medical fridge & freezer

Harrison Thomas, the Content Marketing Executive at CoolMed, discusses what the healthcare industry should consider when purchasing a medical fridge or freezer.
Pregnant woman taking a vaccination against covid-19 virus during pandemic in medical clinic office.

Could a global maternal Strep B vaccination program save lives?

A global maternal Strep B vaccination program could save millions in lives and healthcare costs.
High angle view of a woman taking a nap in her bed at night. Photographed in medium format.

The importance of a good night’s sleep for your response to vaccination

The benefits of a good night's sleep on mental health is well-known, but now researchers have discovered it has an impact on response to vaccination too.
Doctor putting adhesive bandage to a child after Covid-19 vaccine injection.

Parent decision-making in vaccinating children against COVID-19

Study examines the scientific evidence, political and social pressures parents face when vaccinating children.
Doctor had just vaccinated a young unrecognizable female patient in the hospital. She is pleased with how it all went. Focus on adhesive bandage.

COVID-19 vaccination linked with fewer heart attacks and strokes

Researchers at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai prove that the COVID-19 vaccination is associated with fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues.
Male scientist looking into microscope for treatment vaccine

Cancer vaccine trials encourage personalised immunotherapies

A new partnership will help accelerate clinical trials across the UK for a cancer vaccine with the potential for personalised immunotherapies.
healthcare worker analysing vaccines for covid-19

Taking control of your healthcare journey after COVID-19

Here Charlie Rapple, co-founder of the science communication platform Kudos, explores the healthcare journey away from COVID-19.
medical fridge

Why advancements in medical fridges are vital for the healthcare industry

The vast increase in vaccine production throughout 2020 and 2021 meant the demand for reliable medical fridges also grew rapidly.
Vaccine or flu shot in injection needle next to person's arm, ready to be injected

Protecting against future flu pandemics with the 20-subtype mRNA flu vaccine

Penn scientists develop experimental mRNA flu vaccine to protect against all 20 known subtypes of influenza virus.
stomach cancer cells

Potential cancer vaccine shows promise in animal trials

Investigators from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have announced an experimental therapeutic cancer vaccine.
Scientist in lab with COVID-19 equipment

COVID-19, communicable disease and immunology

Academic Research Scholar, Prof Wendy M. Purcell, provides an update on COVID-19, communicable disease and immunology.
Flags on some of the major countries in the world rippling inn the wind against a cloudy blue sky

The EU’s role in global cooperation for public health

The Covid-19 pandemic and emerging threats such as Monkeypox have demonstrated the need for global cooperation on public health.
pigs on a farm

Investigating a new method for pig vaccinations

Livestock vaccinations lead to healthy animals, healthy consumers, and a profitable industry.
Man having a vaccine for covid-19

Vaccines can reduce COVID-19 effects by up to 80%

Long-term COVID-19 effects have been decreased from anywhere between 50 and 80% for those who have been vaccinated when compared to unvaccinated people.
People queueing up for COVID vaccine in U.S.

Why are Republicans and Black people most hesitant to get the COVID vaccine?

Republicans and Black people are most hesitant to get the COVID vaccine as a result of misinformation, access to healthcare and even medical racism.
a vaccine in syringe held infront of a cow

Benefits of animal vaccination for animals & people

Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope, helps us understand the benefits of animal vaccination for both animals and people.
Antivaxxers holding sign at protest reading 'GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU SAY NO TO THE VACCINE SAVE THE CHILDREN'

Overconfidence lends itself to anti-scientific views

Overconfidence bolsters anti-scientific views as the further an individual strays from science, the stronger their opinions become.

COVID-19 symptoms are changing with new variants

A sore throat and hoarse voice were the main COVID-19 symptoms with newer variants – but have symptoms changed as variants get smarter?
Woman holding her throat due to sore throat pain

Is a sore throat the most accurate indicator of COVID?

COVID-19 is considered "too clever" - it is constantly evolving and mutating and resisting our immune defences.

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