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lawsuit astrazeneca, pfizer

European Commission prepares lawsuit against AstraZeneca

According to Politico, the European Commission is getting ready to file a lawsuit against AstraZeneca over COVID vaccine deliveries.
cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity threats to the COVID-19 vaccine

Raymond Pompon, Director of F5 Labs, looks at the cybersecurity threats to the COVID-19 vaccine amid the rise in cyber attacks since the onset of the pandemic.
uk mutation, b117

UK mutation 45% more infectious than original COVID-19

The UK mutation of COVID-19, aka B117, has been found by scientists to be 45% more infectious than the original form of the virus.
vaccinate population covid, COVAX

Some countries can’t vaccinate population against COVID until 2023

In February, 16% of the world's population pre-ordered 70% of available COVID vaccines - now, researchers at Colombia University reveal that some poorer countries won't be able to vaccinate their population until 2023.
third vaccine dose, pfizer

Pfizer says people will need third vaccine dose after 12 months

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla suggested that fully vaccinated people would need their third vaccine dose, maybe 12 months after they got their second - the EU is currently in talks to secure a further 1.8 billion doses.
vaccination rates

Child vaccination rates have declined since COVID-19 outbreak

According to a Kaiser Permanente study, the rate of recommended vaccine doses administered to children has dramatically decreased since the outbreak of COVID-19.
leishmaniasis vaccine

Trial finds York/Hull leishmaniasis vaccine is safe

A new vaccine, developed by researchers at the Hull York Medical School, to treat leishmaniasis has proved to be safe in the first clinical trials.
contract with pfizer, european commission

EU to create new contract with Pfizer for 1.8 billion doses

Yesterday (14 April) EU President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the Commission would create a third contract with Pfizer, for 1.8 billion doses between 2021 to 2023.
willing to get vaccinated

84% of young people willing to get vaccinated

Data from a MyVoice national survey has found that the percentage of young people who say they're willing to get vaccinated has risen to 84%.
maternal and child health, child health COVID

Prioritising maternal and child health in the COVID-19 era

Mahesh Karra, Assistant Professor of Global Development Policy, discusses the importance of maternal and child health during the COVID pandemic.
moderna and novavax, mixing vaccine

New UK study will mix Moderna and Novavax COVID doses

Researchers in the UK started a clinical trial on mixing vaccines in February - today (14 April) a new study will look into mixing Moderna and Novavax doses.
muslim COVID vaccine, covid

Muslims can get COVID vaccine without breaking fast

The NHS said that Muslims can take the COVID vaccine during Ramadan without breaking their fasts, with some centres offering extended opening times.
johnson & johnson vaccine, astrazeneca

US stops Johnson & Johnson vaccine to investigate blood clot risk

US authorities paused the use of the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine as they look into six cases of blood clots that developed in women aged between 18 and 48.
COVID antibody drug, COVID-19

Clinical trial finds COVID antibody drug can prevent infection

Uninfected people lived with one infected individual as part of the study - the COVID antibody drug gave them 72% protection against catching the virus themselves.
side effects of the Moderna vaccine

What are the side effects of the Moderna vaccine?

Here we list some of the most common and uncommon side effects of the Moderna vaccine and discuss the latest trials on pediatric participants.
COVID transmission, surfaces

Center for Disease Control says surfaces “low-risk” for COVID transmission

New CDC guidelines suggest that surfaces are a "low-risk" for COVID transmission - cleaning surfaces with detergent or soap once a day should be enough to reduce possible virus levels.
COVID infection level, primary school COVID

REACT study: Primary school children have highest COVID infection level

New data from the REACT study finds that the prevalence of COVID is down by 60% in one month, but primary school children have the highest COVID infection levels.
alternative vaccine astrazeneca, under-30s vaccine

Healthy under-30s should take alternative vaccine to AstraZeneca

The UK's medical authorities cleared continued use of AstraZeneca, but say that 18-29 year olds should take an alternative vaccine to AstraZeneca if possible.
breast milk

Breast milk may protect babies against COVID-19

A new study by Washington University School of Medicine suggests that breastfeeding mothers may pass protective COVID-19 antibodies to their babies through breast milk for at least 80 days following vaccination.
moderna covid vaccine, pfizer

Moderna COVID vaccine rollout begins in UK

The Moderna COVID vaccine will initially be given to patients in Wales - which brings the UK up to three approved vaccines.

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