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vaccine inequalities, ethnic minority groups

Increased vaccine inequalities in UK ethnic minority groups

COVID vaccine rollout led to vaccine inequalities in UK ethnic minority groups, with a decline in people’s willingness to take up vaccination.
omicron symptoms, omicron variant

What are the five main Omicron symptoms? 

In this article, we explain the five main Omicron symptoms - while looking at why the variant is still dominant in global public health.
mrna technology transfer, WHO mrna

Five more countries join WHO mRNA technology transfer

The World Health Organisation announced that Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Serbia and Vietnam would join the mRNA technology transfer scheme.
mRNA vaccine factories, Pfizer vaccine

BioNTech will ship mobile mRNA vaccine factories to Africa

BioNTech reveal plans to ship mobile mRNA vaccine factories to some countries in Africa - with vaccine manufacturing expected only in late 2023.
vaccine mental health, mental distress

COVID vaccine improves both mental health and safety

Having just one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine significantly reduced multiple psychological distress factors, improving the well-being and safety of recipients.
lifting mask mandate

Too soon to remove masks in US elementary schools, says study

COVID-19 case numbers need to be far lower than current rates before lifting mask mandates in US elementary schools according to new research
rural america vaccine,

Rural US sees worse COVID impact due to low vaccine uptake

Across the US, those living in rural counties have been more affected by variants of the COVID-19 vaccine, with a faster rate of spread as well as more deaths due to lower rates of vaccination.
covid virus infect throat, covid symptoms

COVID virus can infect throat 40 hours after entering body

A human trial, done via purposeful infection of 36 people, found that the COVID virus can infect the throat just 40 hours after entering the body.
unvaccinated omicron, omicron variant

Unvaccinated people at higher risk of needing ICU for Omicron

Vaccinated adults with COVID-19 had less severe illness during the omicron surge compared with unvaccinated adults ­– who were more likely to need intensive care.
covid-19 variants, covid pandemic

COVID-19 variants and vaccines

Academic Research Scholar Dr Wendy Purcell, places the spotlight on COVID-19 variants and vaccines.
healthcare worker vaccine, covid-19 vaccination

90% of healthcare workers changed their minds on COVID vaccines

Despite healthcare workers experiencing the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus, many did not intend on being vaccinated – new research highlights that their outlooks have changed.
NHS fourth dose, fourth dose COVID

NHS opens fourth dose bookings for immunosuppressed people

The NHS has opened bookings for a fourth vaccine dose, to 400,000 severely immunosuppressed people across the country.
react study omicron, delta variant

REACT study: “Almost complete replacement of Delta by Omicron”

Data from an ongoing UK trial finds 99% of COVID cases are Omicron, described as "almost complete replacement of Delta".

New data finds COVID vaccines do not create infertility

According to the Boston University School of Public Health, there is no link between COVID vaccination and fertility.
unvaccinated teens, hospital omicron

Unvaccinated teens nine times likelier to be hospitalised

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that unvaccinated teenagers are nine times likelier to be hospitalised with Omicron.
side effects pfizer booster vaccine, menstrual cycle

What are the side effects of the Pfizer booster vaccine?

Here, we explain side effects of the Pfizer booster vaccine – with a look at how they impact menstrual cycles.
flu covid vaccine, moderna vaccine

Moderna aim to make combined flu-COVID vaccine for 2023

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, CEO Stéphane Bancel said Moderna aim to create a combined flu and COVID vaccine.
breastmilk COVID, COVID babies

Study says breastmilk does not pass COVID to babies

Scientists say that breastfeeding will not pass COVID-19 onto a child - there was no infectious material found in the milk itself.
pfizer vaccine omicron, COVID

Study finds three doses of Pfizer vaccine can handle Omicron

New data suggests that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, at three doses, is enough to stop the Omicron variant from creating severe COVID.
vaccine passports, digital vaccine certificates

Vaccine passports: Reimagining their cybersecurity

Jonathan Jackson, BlackBerry, looks at how vaccine passports and digital vaccine certificates could work - while facing off with cyber-criminals across the world.

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