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breastmilk COVID, COVID babies

Study says breastmilk does not pass COVID to babies

Scientists say that breastfeeding will not pass COVID-19 onto a child - there was no infectious material found in the milk itself.
pfizer vaccine omicron, COVID

Study finds three doses of Pfizer vaccine can handle Omicron

New data suggests that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, at three doses, is enough to stop the Omicron variant from creating severe COVID.
vaccine passports, digital vaccine certificates

Vaccine passports: Reimagining their cybersecurity

Jonathan Jackson, BlackBerry, looks at how vaccine passports and digital vaccine certificates could work - while facing off with cyber-criminals across the world.
vaccination debate, ai

AI analyses online debate around vaccinations and climate change

Using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers analysed debates based on tweets - revealing that opinions on vaccinations are widely divided.
global south mrna, intellectual property

Over 100 Global South factories could make mRNA vaccines

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) found that over 100 manufacturers in Asia, Africa and Latin America are capable of making mRNA COVID vaccines - but pharmaceutical companies won't waive intellectual property rights.
universal COVID vaccines, T cells

Universal COVID vaccines can learn from the common cold

Research shows that T cells, created by the common cold, can give some protection against COVID - which means that universal vaccines can mimic this technology.
COVID vaccine menstrual cycle, mRNA vaccines

COVID vaccine can cause temporary change to menstruation cycle

Scientists analysed 23,754 menstrual cycles to find that menstruation can be temporarily, harmlessly changed - by taking two mRNA vaccines during the same cycle.
HIV prevention

FDA approves new long-lasting drug for HIV prevention

December saw monumental steps being taken in HIV prevention with the FDA approving their first approval of long-acting HIV prevention medication.
antibody-like proteins, COVID-19 viruses

Shark antibody-like proteins could neutralise COVID-19 viruses

Antibody-like proteins from the immune systems of sharks could help to prepare for future coronaviruses, according to new research.
Convidecia vaccine, single-dose vaccine

Convidecia vaccine 57.5% effective against symptomatic COVID

Phase Three trial shows Convidecia vaccine 57.5% effective against symptomatic COVID, while 91.7% effective against severe COVID.
novavax covid vaccine, vaccination

European Commission approves Novavax COVID vaccine for use

The Commission gave a conditional marketing authorisation (CMA) to the Novavax COVID vaccine, with 100 million doses expected in early 2022.
astrazeneca vaccine protection, astrazeneca vaccine

Scientists say AstraZeneca protection decreases after three months

According to data from two million people in Scotland and 42 million people in Brazil, AstraZeneca vaccine protection drops significantly three months after double-dosing.
protection against omicron, imperial covid

Study says prior infection gives 19% protection against Omicron

COVID infection previously created 85% protection against Delta - now, scientists say that this protection falls to 19% against Omicron.
side effects moderna booster, omicron moderna

What are the side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine?

Here, we explain side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine - while taking a look at the Omicron variant.
vaccinating rough sleepers

Vaccinating rough sleepers with £28 million government funding

The government is aiming to vaccinate those who are homeless and sleeping rough with the Protect and Vaccinate scheme, relocating people on the street to safe accommodation over winter.
charities vaccine

The UK health charities advancing vaccine uptake

Health charities have come into collaboration with the government and the NHS to promote and advance vaccine update, as UK hits its next milestone in the vaccine rollout.

NHS COVID Pass for travel includes booster dose

The NHS COVID Pass can now be used to show proof of a booster or third dose for outbound international travel, records to be shown on NHS App and NHS.UK.
COVID-19 pill

New Pfizer Covid-19 pill seeking emergency use authorization from FDA

Pfizer have announced that it is seeking emergency use authorization for its new Covid-19 oral antiviral candidate PAXLOVID™

30% of healthcare personnel in US are unvaccinated against COVID-19

An analysis conducted by US researchers shows 30% of healthcare personnel in more than 2,000 U.S hospitals remain unvaccinated against COVID-19.
kids with cancer

COVID vaccine: Parental hesitancy for kids with cancer

A survey shows parents of kids with cancer have similar hesitancy rates as the wider population to vaccinate their children against COVID-19.

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