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malaria treatments

Understanding the immune system to create new malaria treatments

By analysing patient samples, researchers believe they now understand how the human immune system protects the body from malaria - opening the door to new malaria treatments.
COVID pneumonia, lung function

How long does COVID pneumonia last?

Scientists describe COVID pneumonia as "multiple wildfires spreading across a forest" - but how different is the condition from regular pneumonia?
COVID treatment

Could nanoparticle deception be a future COVID treatment?

Potential new COVID-19 treatment may see decoy nanoparticles trick the life-threatening virus and render them inactive
myopericarditis after COVID vaccination, mRNA vaccine

Scientists say low risk of myopericarditis after COVID vaccination

A study finds that the risk of myopericarditis after COVID vaccination is low, or equivalent to the risks posed by vaccines against other diseases.
new COVID treatment, sabizabulin

Powerful new COVID treatment cuts hospital deaths by 55%

So far, there is no treatment for severe cases - but now, clinical trials for a new COVID treatment show immense promise in preventing death.
XE COVID variant, Omicron variant

XE COVID variant 10% more transmissible than Omicron

The World Health Organisation (WHO) say that the XE COVID variant (a mixture of two strains of Omicron) could be 10% more transmissible than Omicron itself.
inflammation from covid-19, antibodies

Inflammation from COVID-19 can cause multi-organ damage

Severe cases of inflammation from COVID-19 can occur in some people – leading to cases of acute respiratory distress and multi-organ damage.

Understanding Flaviviruses: Deciphering insect-borne virus strategies

Understanding the infection strategy of mosquito-borne viruses known as flaviviruses is key in the future development of treatments and possible vaccines
covid-19, non-english speaking patients

Non-English speaking patients have 35% higher chance of COVID death

Non-English speaking patients with COVID have a higher likelihood of needing ICU care and dying from the virus, say US scientists.
sars-cov-2, omicron variant vaccine

Scientists develop Omicron variant vaccine against COVID

MedUni Vienna delivers promising data to the Omicron variant vaccine which could protect people against all known variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
protection against covid-19, vaccination

Which is the better protection against COVID-19? Immunity or vaccination?

Researchers find the best protection against COVID-19 is vaccinations rather than natural immunity, when analysing how infection with SARS-CoV-2 affects the immune system.
covid-19 pneumonia, covid-19

Survivors with COVID-19 pneumonia take one year to heal

People who survive COVID-19 pneumonia, take at least one year to heal their lungs, according to a study published in Radiology.
pregnancy and COVID vaccine, vaccinated mothers

Pregnancy and COVID vaccine: Mothers can protect unborn baby from virus 

In the context of pregnancy and COVID vaccines, a study finds that vaccination does not create complicated birth outcomes.
covid-19 response, hiv pandemic

Global COVID-19 responses could help to end HIV

Global COVID-19 responses could serve as a coordinated approach to end the HIV pandemic - bettering global immunisation to both viruses.
canine cancer vaccine, cancer vaccine

Therapeutic feline and canine cancer vaccine

Here we learn from Biljana Stangeland, PhD, Executive Director, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder at Alv B AS, about exciting new developments in therapeutic feline and canine cancer vaccine.
covid-19 drugs, SARS-CoV-2

Can mice be an effective model animal for Covid-19?

Examining existing approved compounds to treat Covid-19 can significantly speed up the development of drugs.
HIV vaccines, mRNA vaccines

Clinical trials begin for three mRNA HIV vaccines

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched Phase 1 clinical trials for three mRNA HIV vaccines.
profits from russia, ukraine

Pfizer will donate profits from Russia to “humanitarian support”

Pfizer said all profits from Russia would go to "humanitarian support" for Ukraine, with future clinical trials now off the table.
omicron variant, three vaccine doses

Three vaccine doses give 86% efficacy against Omicron variant

Data finds that three vaccine doses can give 86% protection against the Omicron variant, reducing the chances of severe COVID-19 and death.
mRNA vaccine factory in Africa, Moderna vaccine

Moderna signs agreement for first mRNA factory in Africa

Separate to WHO efforts to conduct a technology transfer, Moderna signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kenya to build the first mRNA factory in Africa.

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