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water circularity, circular water

Developing a new “smart water ecosystem” to deliver water circularity

The REWAISE project is developing electrochemical capture of Li from brines using spent battery electrodes to help alleviate water scarcity.
waterborne transport, current direct

Current Direct: EU project for swappable container waterborne transport batteries

Shaun White, Technical Project Manager of the Current Direct project, tells us what we need to know about how this research & innovation project will revolutionise how we move goods & people by water.
deep scientific understanding, ACCC flagship

Climate change: From deep scientific understanding to practical solutions

Markku Kulmala, from the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, discusses the ACCC Flagship concerning adaptation to climate change, from deep scientific understanding to practical solutions.
staff engagement solution, NHS staff experience

Enhancing NHS staff experience and the quality of patient care

Digital engagement solution, ImproveWell makes it simple for organisations to capture continuous, real-time and actionable insight from the frontline to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care - and it all began on the ward…
infrared light, spitzer space

Viewing the Universe in infrared light

Giovanni G. Fazio, Senior Physicist, Center for Astrophysics, tells us all about The Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) on the Spitzer Space Telescope.
vector-borne diseases, infectious diseases

How will a changing climate affect the future of vector borne diseases?

With a changing climate, animal, insect, and plant species will either adapt or die under new environmental and climate conditions - this brings new challenges in the study of vector-borne infectious diseases.
infectious disease epidemics, SACIDS

Congo: Pathogen sequencing for infectious disease epidemics

Dr Placide Mbala-Kingebeni and Prof Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, discuss the contribution of pathogen sequencing in the management of infectious disease epidemics in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The impact of technology, digitalisation and automation on mobility and workforce

Professor Pronello presents the WE-TRANSFORM project and the activities of her research group TRIS - Transport Research for Innovation and Sustainability.
sustainable concrete, astronaut blood

Scientists invent sustainable concrete made from astronaut blood

Scientists at The University of Manchester have figured out how to make sustainable concrete - with a mixture of astronaut blood and space dust.
pegasus spyware, nso group

Apple reveal ‘Pegasus’ spyware infiltrated their devices

The 'Pegasus' spyware, used to hack deceased journalist Jamal Kashoggi, has been confirmed to exist in Apple devices - a new software update was released to counter the issue.
COVID vaccination 12-15, covid vaccination

UK approves COVID vaccination for 12-15 year olds

The UK's Chief Medical Officers have approved COVID vaccination for young people aged between 12-15 years old, to begin by 22 September, 2021.
ice-frost permafrost deposits, arctic research

Geological archives in the Arctic

Ice-rich permafrost deposits will be transformed in large puddles of water in the coming decades, but before this happens, scientists want to collect information to better understand our past and predict our future, as explained by Arthur Monhonval.
immunotherapy brain tumors

Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors

Here, Dr Sean Lawler investigates if immunotherapy can be used to treat brain cancers - with expert analysis on the role of T cells.
robot system, quadruped robot

Quadruped robot system with animal like actions

Professor Ken Saito and PhD candidate Yuki Takei, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University, tells us about a project they are working on to generate typical animal like actions in robots.
electric buses, VTT smart eFleet

Electric buses – simulation provides a roadmap for greener public transport

Electric buses are breaking through in city transportation. VTT Smart eFleet simulation service, created by VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, helps to plan the optimal solution.
next generation sequencing, wyss institute

Next Generation Sequencing in tissues: Fully in situ methods

Here, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Richie Kohman, continues exploring the breakthroughs of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
europes public transport, hydrogen fuel cell

JIVE: Decarbonising Europe’s public transport one bus at a time

Amy Allsop, Project Assistant at Hydrogen Europe, reveals how hydrogen fuel cell buses offer an effective solution to the challenges of the decarbonisation of public transport.
rural-urban cleavages, coevolving informatics

Afghan refugees and rural-urban cleavages: Coevolving-informatics

Chris Girard, Associate Professor, Florida International University, explains how rural-urban cleavages in Afghanistan are revealed by coevolving informatics.
hydrogen revolution, VTT technical research centre

Bringing on the hydrogen revolution – turning hype into growing business

The hydrogen revolution is getting closer and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is set to lead the way in this development, here we learn more.
lunar water, lunar exploration

Fly me to the moon: Securing potential lunar water sites for research

Athena Coustenis, Niklas Hedman and Gerhard Kminek for the COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection discuss updates in the Planetary Protection Policy to ensure sustainable scientific lunar exploration.

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