What are the side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine?

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Here, we explain side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine – while taking a look at the Omicron variant

The world is facing the rapidly escalating consequences of the Omicron variant, while bracing for fresh waves of infection from all forms of COVID-19.

In the UK, booster shots of Moderna and Pfizer are being given to the entire population. This roll-out comes in the wake of data suggesting that the NHS will be overwhelmed by case levels in early 2022, which will impact other services – such as cancer care and planned surgeries.

Right now, the UK is 70% double vaccinated, then 41% of people have their booster shot. In countries with low levels of vaccination, a new variant is the difference between life and death. These countries are still fighting to access COVID vaccines at an affordable price.

However, people continue to spread misinformation about the Moderna booster, despite widespread use as a primary double-jab. We’ve written about basic Moderna side effects in the past, which you can read here.

1. Do I need to take a vaccine booster if I have COVID antibodies?


There is no data that proves people make the same level of antibodies after COVID infection. Scientists also can’t agree on how long antibodies last. Levels of antibodies can drop one month or 11 months after initial infection, meaning that a person can be at risk of reinfection or transmitting COVID to another person.

A booster will also be critical to those who are immunocompromised or vulnerable to the virus because of existing illnesses. Antibodies created through earlier illness are most likely adapted to Delta or Alpha, while Omicron presents an unknown kind of threat.

Anything from diabetes to high blood pressure can create complications in the body if COVID is also present – which makes all the difference in severe cases of the virus. Without extra protection, the virus can disarm major organs in vulnerable individuals.

According to the US Food and Drug Administrations’ analysis, taking the Moderna vaccine is safe for people who have had COVID.

2. Can I experience hair loss after the Moderna booster?

Currently, hair loss is a COVID side effect, not a vaccine one. 

Studies are finding a connection between COVID infection and hair loss, as a long-term impact of having survived the virus.

In a study published August, 2021, scientists found that COVID increased the likelihood of acute telogen effluvium – a non-scaring hair loss. This condition usually occurs 3 months after the stressful event that causes hair shedding, and lasts up to 6 months.

In a more general focus on long-term effects of COVID, which remain relatively obscure despite the two-year period of the virus, scientists also noted that hair loss was an issue.

Dr Chaolin Huang, writing a study of released COVID patients, explained that: “The primary outcomes included symptoms (fatigue or muscle weakness, sleep difficulties, hair loss, smell disorder), exercise capacity (distance walked in 6 min), health-related quality of life (pain or discomfort, anxiety or depression, mobility, personal care, and usual activity), lung function, and chest CT pattern at follow-up.”

3. Can the Moderna booster protect against Omicron?

So far, so good. 

According to research by Imperial College London, booster vaccines are 80% effective against the Omicron variant. However, this study was conducted specifically with Pfizer boosters. Imperial scientists also say that “Omicron variant-specific vaccines are likely to be required” to stop infections.

Today (20 December) Moderna released some specific data about how well their vaccine works.

According to the stats, a booster dose of 50 micrograms increases protection 37 times above the level of antibodies that were there with a double-dose. On the other hand, a 100 microgram dose pushes that protection up 83 times what it already was. Right now, this data still needs to be peer-reviewed, but it remains quite hopeful.

For reference, both initial shots of Moderna are 100 micrograms each.

The company are working on a vaccine that targets Omicron, with clinical trials set to begin in early 2022. For now, only real-world data can explain if the vaccine can protect people throughout the winter.

“The dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant is concerning to all.” said Stéphane Bancel, Moderna CEO.

4. Can I get heart inflammation from taking the vaccine?

Yes, there is a very rare possibility.

When people are diagnosed with heart inflammation after taking an mRNA vaccine, they face a very rare chance of death or severity of illness.

Myocarditis, also known as heart inflammation, was found to be associated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine – although extremely rare, and mostly mild. In a study on over one million Pfizer-vaccinated people in Israel, scientists found 2.7 excess cases of heart inflammation per 100,000 vaccinated individuals.

Heart inflammation was also mostly found in men aged between 20 and 34, when it was found at all. Essentially, there were just 11 excess cases of heart inflammation per 100,000 infected individuals.

There is no Moderna-specific study on a similar scale, but global medical authorities continue to keep their finger on the pulse of how a vaccine is working. If a potential risk ever becomes substantial, then vaccine guidelines will be updated.

To find a UK COVID booster walk-in, click here.


  1. I received my booster Moderna vaccine shot on October 28th and my left arm where I got the shot is still sore. It also is painful to put my arm in a sleeve.


    • I another person looking for long term side effects but haven’t been able to get a clear explanation. Record your concerns and ask your doctor for a straight answer.

    • I had to have physio therapy because of the covid 19 vaccine. The physio therapist told me that many more clients are having physio therapy because of getting a frozen shoulder after the covid vaccine being administered too high up in the arm.

      • I am also having to have physio for this after receiving my Moderna booster shot… my painful shoulder is unbearable . Other side effects I have had to deal with have included horrendous headaches … shooting stabbing pains everytime I cough or sneeze. My blood pressure has gone haywire 170/108 … I never had problems before. Itchy shins too …anyone else had this?

        • I too have had severe pains in my right upper arm where the booster was administered. Since January 5th I’ve experienced excruciating muscle/joint pains which get almost unbearable when I try to get up in the mornings. Sitting down then getting up agail

          • As I do same. Hands and feet tingle in the morning for a few hours or so but the joint pain is crazeeee stuff. Going to doctor next week to get some blood test

          • Yes, I received the second Booster (4th Vaccine) on April 28, 2022. I am having the same problems you are having. Aching joints, headache, etc. and I am into the 20th day after having the vaccine. I guess if this keeps up, I will have to go back to my doctor for blood tests as well.

        • Have you been tested for Giant Cell Arteritis– with blood work– suggested by your family doctor or rheumatologist?
          I have had GCA as a result of the Moderna Booster-January 2022.
          It has been very debilitating. I was doing OK with my rheumatoid arthritis (23 years) until I had the Moderna Booster– all the symptoms you have mentioned are relevant. GCA is serious so if you think you have the symptoms you need to see your doctor.
          I am sorry to hear that you too have been unwell.

          • Hi I’ve been treated for over two years for polymyalga with predisolone. I’m down to 2.5 mg and was doing ok until I had a Moderna 5th jab last week. I’m now experiencing sore fingers ,solid thumb tissue on the joint,fizzy fingers, like been in a bed of nettles!! shooting pains in arm mainly on opposite arm to where I had jab. Never felt like this with Pfizer .. iced , warmed,, and trying hand splint, using a sling.. strangeswelling on hand too like an insect sting but quite a welt .Feels like it’s veins or tendons not muscle strain as husband keeps saying .. also the odd ‘ping’ in my head but that’s settled down . I feel something odd is going on since the jab. As long as I can fight through this it’s better than Covid. .

        • I had severe headaches, joint pain, vertigo, shooting pains in my stomache, palpitations sore under arms. This lasted for over 5 months I was exhausted and at times thought I was seriously ill. Trying to contact my GP was a nightmare and I avoided A & E because I had sat waiting in A & E with my partner for 5 hours earlier in the year. I am a full time carer and struggled to cope my partner saw how unwell I was and he is terrified of having the Moderna vaccine. For me I will not have that vaccine under any circumstances.

    • Hello my name is Adeline I see your comments but I got my very first modern shot last year March and April I never got a booster because I had severe problems right away all my hair fell out terrible pain in my arms I couldn’t even move my legs I still have severe problems a year and a half later with my legs terrible spasms terrible rashes never went away I would never recommend getting these shots I know so many hundreds of thousands of people that I read there articles that they have severe same things this thing these shots affect all your immune system and the ones that are still living are lucky we didn’t die from these shots I would suggest nobody get these shots after reading all these articles too I don’t think they do a damn bit of good

  2. I received the Moderna Booster shot on 6th January. Ever since my Blood pressure has been a lot higher: 160/85
    My diet has not changed and I do plenty of exercise ( but not excessive). Is there any info about this?

  3. I received the booster shot last Tuesday and two days later I came down with sinus cold. This was my first time getting the moderna shot.

      • I have now had five jabs the first four were the Pfizer , my fifth was the Moderna last week. The sore arm lasted a day but I developed an itchy rash on the forearm of the arm that I had my jab on . I have also developed a sore throat and a constantly runny nose . I never had any really noticeable reaction to the Pfizer vaccine.

        • Same here. I received it last Friday, and almost a week later my arm still hurts at times where I was inoculated. My main concern is that I feel so tired. I am a caregiver so have reason to be, but it is worse than before the booster. It was suggested to change off between Pfister and Moderna by a nurse practitioner, now I’m not so sure!

    • I have just had a moderna booster I have come down with a sinus cold before headache 3rd day after jab I am in bed feeling really rough

  4. I got my moderna booster last jan.11, a week after there’s a rashes on my left abdomen,as it last longer it is getting worst,it looks like a psoriasis now,is it normal?can anybody answer?thanks

      • Hello, I’ve got my first Moderna vaccine on Tuesday 22/02/2022 on my left arm, same thing my left underarm seems to have developed a lump of flesh and it’s really really painful. how’s your’s now lesley?

        • Yes me too. Was told is a common side effect and is to do with your immune system firing up and that’s why they swell
          It went after 24hrs but I did panic at first as I never got this side effect with my 1st and 2nd vaccine.

    • I had the Moderna booster yesterday, this morning my abdomen and thighs arecoveted in very itchy bumps, theres no redness or heads to the bumps, just these itchy lumps.

  5. I received my moderna booster vaccine lasted January 18, and after 3 days I have rashes on my body and itchy… Is that normal?

  6. I just had my Moderna Booster shot and today, I had to leave work at noon due to chills, fever, and sleepiness. Ithink I lay down on the sofa and sleep. Bye.

  7. I had Moderna booster 20th Dec 2020. Since the 22nd I am experiencing extreme fatigue nausea and headaches. It’s now the 21st January and I’m still suffering.
    Anyone else having this reaction?

      • I had my moderna vaccine on wed and after a few hours I already had extreme fatigue which got worse till sat then things started to improve . I also had a great pain in my left eye which did not last long but was excruciating. Let’s hope this does not happen again

    • Yes i have sinus problems like a cold plus fatigue weezing all the time its like my lungs are closed thats it for me no more jabs

    • I got the Moderna booster a month ago and have had extreme fatigue / no energy since then. A weird feeling, not like general fatigue. I got the original vaccine doses 1 year ago and have wondered whether that has made a difference. Anyone find any answers from doctors?

      • Hi Marcia, what you describe is exactly how I’ve been feeling since my first booster on 28/5/22 !
        I just don’t feel quite right, with tiredness & a ‘feeling’ which is difficult to describe.
        Until reading all these comments I wasn’t sure if it was even linked to my booster, but there definitely seem to be a lot of similarities
        Obviously the next step is to call my Dr, although I’m not overly hopeful!

  8. Received my Moderna vaccine 10 days ago, woke up Wednesday with severe neck pain, unable to motivate property and intolerable pain on left side above injection site.

  9. I had my Moderna booster shot 2 days ago, yesterday, i was feeling sleepy and there was a pain on my right front (heel) which transferred to the left…now its all gone, the sleepiness is also gone

  10. I lost taste in the last third of my tongue was numb ear was very painful in the left region of my head sore and I’ve had a headache for over a month, A feeling of being in the fog not thinking 100% clearly.
    Local clinic as scheduled a CT scan and it sounds like I’m not the first person

  11. I got my Moderna booster on Dec. 10, 2021. A week or so later I got, what appeared to be, a very bad case of chap lips that won’t heal. The pealing finally stopped but my lips are still swollen , red and feel very tight. I look (and feel) like someone with a botched botox. And my face has been breaking out (I never break out) around my nose area. This is very painful…. when will it go away? It has been six weeks since I received my booster!

  12. I received my Moderna booster on January 7, 2022 and still have severe chills at night, am constantly cold, tired, brain fog and joint aches. Plus I had a reaction after the 2nd shot as well as the booster. Headache & nausea for 3 days, very tired and brain fog. That went away and now I’m wondering if these symptoms ever will.

  13. My husband received his 3rd shot on the 26th of January 2022. He had 2 Physzer and now Moderna. The Moderna has been the worst in side affects. He’s been suffering from really bad sinus issues for 2 days.

  14. I got my Moderna booster on the 27th January 2022 – 3 days later my arm started to swell up & is still quite sore- now I am seeing red spots all over my body which are quite itchy & I can’t stop scratching- now I look like I have the bloody plague – have now booked in to see my doctor to see what the hell is going on – not a nice look- I have never had reactions to any other vaccinations.

    • It’s not a vaccine. It’s gene therapy (mRNA). The injection does NOT just go into your deltoid muscle, it circulates into your blood and lymphatic systems. The spike proteins congregate in your liver (where the mRNA changes into DNA) spleen, heart, ovaries, testes and crosses your blood brain barrier.

      I wouldn’t get the mRNA jab if someone paid me a million dollars.

      Good luck.

  15. I took moderna booster on 2nd jan 22 after 2 Pfizer 1st and 2nd doze. I took jab after 5 months adviced by vaccine administrator.
    Now i have below symptoms
    1. Cant sleep at all. I used to have very good sleep previously for almost 10 hrs a day and during the day i could take power nap for 20 minutes and I would be very fresh. I am 59 yrs old female
    2. My eyes won’t open and i feel very tired
    3. I have bloating on my stomach after food
    4. My leg muscles have become weak and my swings while walking
    5. Skin allergy is aggravated

    Pls note i had perfect health until i took moderna booster. I do not have any major health issues except skin allergy.
    Can u pls recommend a cure for sleepless nights and other symptoms .

    • Same situation i have achy joints on the back of my leg and cant do as much sets as before i have a dumbell an app for working out

    • I am having similar symptoms. Got my second booster on May 23rd. Then on Wednesday I woke up at 3 and could hardly walk to the bathroom. I have done PT been to ortho, my primary physician on Thursday. I have been having the worse pain ever Eve. Worse than having ababy. He agreed that is a reaction to the booster. All I can use is Disclose a gel and extra strength Tylenol. He did give me Gabapentin for nerve pain. The pain is in my hip going down my leg. How much more do we have to go through. No I have to go to pain management next !o th.

      • Voltaren gel. My doctor had to increase my gabapentin 200mg 3x a day which has helped more. There has to be something that Modern a can do to pay the extra medical bills as well as compensate us for our pain and anguish. Please original post above.

  16. I had the Moderna Booster on Thursday.
    Symptoms: muscle and neck pain, fatigue, nausea and fever. 104.5!!

    Today went for a short walk and my chest felt so heavy and lungs were burning. I was walking everyday —- brisk walks couple of miles. Never a problem.

    I don’t know if this is from the booster.

  17. Hi Mabel, I am having major issues after Moderna booster.
    I had pfizer for 1 and 2.
    Reacted badly to 2nd shot, hence had moderna for 3rd.
    I am not sleeping well at all. No issues prior with sleep. Its very annoying.
    Brain fog, headaches,neck pain and memory issues in the day.

  18. My mother too received a booster shot of Moderna last January of this year(i cant remember the exact date),after a week she experienced cough so she got to visit a doctor because the medicine she is taking not working,from there we found that her blood pressure got higher(before its not when she had her first and second dose of sinovac-her blood pressure is normal-130/80),so the doctor requested for a lipid profile test(lab test),and the result was she has high cholesterol but not that too much higher..the doctor gave her medicine to take for these results..what we are womdering is why her blood pressure until now is getting higher everyday(yesterday-171/71,now-175/78)since she has all the medicine to take(maintenance for high bp,for cholesterol and also for her heart)?i came to realize is it because of her moderna booster shot?

  19. I received the moderna booster about three weeks ago. The first two shots were pfizer which there were not any side effects. Ever since I received the moderna booster I have experienced symptoms like a bad flu. Can not sleep, have hot flashes or chils,sick to my stomach , headache and sore throat. I hope this goes away soon as I very rarely get sick. Getting tired of laying around all day and not feeling well.

    • I’ve had exactly the same except this was the 4th booster (moderna)
      Astra zeneca and Pfizer some side effects but not long lasting like this
      Quite worrying really

  20. I got my Moderna booster in October. I have on and off severe neck pains, headaches , nausea, dizziness and weakness in legs. Why aren’t long term effects being addressed ?

    • How I would love to know if any of us are recuperating from these side effects, I want to add tinging in my hands and feet in the am

      • I have recovered but it took almost 6 months. The vertigo or dizziness was so bad I was falling all over the place. I will not be having the Moderna autumn booster I am certain there is something wrong with that vaccine. My partner says he won’t have it either, he is so concerned after seeing how unwell I was and for so long after. He had the Pfizer for his other 3 vaccines and he was fine.

  21. I was ok with the first 2 Moderna shots. Was exposed to COVID around new years. Never tested positive and no symptoms. Was advised by health care provider to delay booster for 2 weeks due to exposure. Got my booster about January 15. Spent the next 2-3 days in bed with flu symptoms. 2 weeks later my left knee grew so painful I couldn’t put weight or walk on it. I’m constantly tired, cold, brain fog, dizzy, depressed, anxious, body aches, eyes red and swollen.

    • I got my Moderna booster late November and my knees are still inflamed and painful. My dr says it’s arthritis but I’ve always hiked and danced with no problems. It is depressing to hurt so bad. I really think the vaccine has caused extreme inflammation. My face is also still flushed. I hope you are feeling better.

    • This sounds like me. I had my Moderna booster in October. Now I’m reluctant to get the 4th shot. Was just thinking it’s old age but now I see other people are having these symptoms.

  22. I had moderna booster 24/11/2022
    I woke up the next day to lymphnods being swollen that went into the glands of my neck and throat,fatigue, joint pain and numb finger ends after many blood test that have all come back clear the doctors still have no answers today

  23. I am another person looking for long term side effects but haven’t been able to get a clear explanation. Record your concerns and ask your doctor for a straight answer.

  24. Had my moderna booster just after Christmas 2021 besides the side effects after which were chills temp sick. ever since I’ve had like a constant cold that is on and off I say I probably get two days a week where I feel like a normal human

  25. How long from taking the Vaccine does it take to affect the heart? Both my Son’s got the vaccine April/May 2021 and they both died in their sleep. One son was 31 he died December 22,2021 the second 33 he died February 12,2022 not even a Year.

    • So sorry for your loss. I wish I never had any of them .my son is 33 and have any of them .my youngest is 29 hasn’t been right since having them.i had the booster newyears eve.ive been ill since I’ve had it .I had to go to hospital for an e c g ..my heart goes out to you .we don’t now what’s going into our body .my freind had a brain hemorrhage after the first Oxford has been in hospital for a year .she’s never going to be the same .I would take them all the way take care so sad luv Victoria foster. South wales .

  26. I had got the Moderna booster and immediately got pain in my neck which lasted 3 hours. I couldn’t raise my arm the next day. It’s been 6 days and my arm aches and I get sharp pains intermittently. My shoulder is very sore.

  27. Hi I had my booster on Jan 3rd and I am still feeling like I’m starting with a cold all the time and exhausted with no energy. Previous to this I did loads of exercise fit and healthy??

    • Wow, I had mine on the 5th of Jan and still having problems – muscle pain constantly, unable to do much exercise. I have had post viral fatigue for nearly 2 years after a chest infection and it was getting much better until I had the booster. Had no problems with the Pfizer jabs previously…hope it goes for you, I do feel like it might be fading…

  28. received my moderna booster,,12/27/21,,,since then have had ”all kinds of eye issues” ..such as lack of vision in one eye,,,the same side of my face, head, forehead, that 5 yrs ago, i experienced very severe case of shingles but without eye damage,,now after moderna booster,,had same feelings or lack of, when i had shingles,,,,not only that but now no dr. is sure whether or not the booster didnt cancel out my shingle vaccine ! ! ! no more jabs for me of any type ! has any one else experienced this ?

  29. I am nearly 75 and had Moderna booster end of December 2021 and not long after started to suffer with pain in arm where I had the vaccination. No problems with previous two AZ vaccinations. Still having pain and trouble lifting arm. Not happy with this as never had this problem before and have always been fit and healthy.

  30. I have been reading some of these comments, I really hope all of you are feeling better. Please get seen ASAP with any side effects of this, my brother had his moderna booster on 9th December 2021 he was experiencing fatigue, lightheadedness nausea etc since 31st December which got worse between the 6th of January 2022 til the 13th jan 2022 when he was found passed away at his flat! He just thought he had a normal bug that would pass! Please please don’t delay getting help, it’s better to be safe than sorry

  31. I had 3 Moderna vaccines. I had flu symptoms after the first two. After the booster I seemed okay but after 4 weeks I felt really run down. Feels like I have no energy. Been getting pain in lymph nodes. Been checked by doctor and had bloods taken, everything normal. It’s been about 8 weeks since I had the booster – has anyone else had this? I don’t think I caught Covid as I never had any of the “typical” symptoms and I’ve never tested positive once in a lateral flow or pcr. I’ve been completely healthy for the last 3-4 years and don’t know if it’s a coincidence I’ve become ill after the booster or not. Thanks

    • Yes I’ve felt exactly the same and no idea what is causing it but strange it’s happened after the booster where as I felt great before I received it and now feel awful

      • Got the second booster on April 9th and the last two weeks ughh, muscles are cramped and hurting, pins and needles in feet and hands when I wake up. Tylenol helps but heck how much longer I felt great before this second booster. Plus on both Boosters I did get COVID arm

    • I had all these symptoms and more. I reported the symptons to the Yellow Card Scheme but they have still sent for me to have Moderna again. I have been trying to contact them to cancel, come hell or high water I will not have Moderna and I have advised both my sons to stay clear of it. I was ill for almost 6 months feeling weak, headaches, pains, cramp, vertigo, shooting pains, palplitations the list is endless, You have to report it to the Yellow Card Scheme so they have the data to force them to investigate.

  32. I had the Moderna booster 5 weeks ago and ever since then have felt ‘off’ extreme fatigue which has gradually been getting worse now to the point I feel as though I could just drop with tiredness. My body feels so heavy. Bloods all came back normal, really regret having the booster. Never had any issues with the first 2 doses which were Pfizer.

    • I didn’t have too much problem with the 1st 2 doses of Moderna – terrible headache the day after and sore arm for 3 days. I had the 1st Moderna booster on March 17 and had no energy to get out of bed the next day. Extreme exhaustion the 1st 2-3 weeks getting slightly better. But I still get episodes of total exhaustion, such as getting up in the morning but having to lay down for 2 hours before having enough energy to eat breakfast. I used to do 5 mile hikes, 1000 feet in elevation gain, once a week, but now I can usually only manage a 15 minute slow walk. The exhaustion is different from being tired or sleepy, I can’t sleep when I have this exhaustion side effect. A whole panel of blood test came back normal. An echo stress test showed no problem with my heart. I’m having to cancel a long-planned trip to the Galapagos because of it.

  33. I had the moderna booster vaccine in November 2021 and a month in later I started getting itching from the waist down. Still the same in March 2022. Hoping it doesn’t last any longer than 4 months.

    • I’ve got itchy skin too. Started soon after the booster jab. Had Pfizer for first 2. Been nearly 5 months for me. Started behind knees, groin area and inside elbows. Moved around and is now waist, chest and back. Never had skin issues before. Didn’t think there might be a connection to moderna jab so interesting reading everyone’s experience here. My Dr’s at a loss as to why it’s happened and blood tests came back all fine. I might tell her about this connection so that it gets noted.

  34. I received Moderna at the start of January after initial Pfizer, since then suffer from extreme fatigue, muscle pains, headaches and nerve damage. Ended up in hospital for weeks had seizures that looked like strokes, lost all muscle and nerve functions as well as speech, took a while to figure out it was the vaccine, was wheelchair bound for a time, now over 3 months later doing courses of steroids and nerve tablets to improve. Improving slowly. Just one of the unlucky ones

    • We’re you diagnosed with GBS ? I am in the hospital now the neurologist is starting treatment tomorrow for GBS. I have slurred speech, choking and twitches all over. Loss of my reflexes in legs. Started two weeks after my booster.

  35. Currently in hospital. Received my booster in September. Two weeks later noticed my speech was off and began to mildly choke. I am a denture wearer so thought it was my dentures recently it began to get worse received new dentures that didn’t help with my speech. Two weeks ago started to get twitching in my leg. Came to the er 4 days ago thinking I had a mild stroke. After tons of test I have GBS. Not happy at all.

  36. The contrast between the reassurances of the report and the reality of what people experience as described in the many comments is chilling. This vaccine is dangerous and you suffer from it people will not help you not compensate you and in most cases you will not be taken seriously. Go figure.

  37. Had my 4th Modern a booster jab on 1stApril I had AZ 1st jab and Pfizer jab for numbers 2 & 3 and never had any after effects from the first 3 jabs,but after the 4th Modern a jab I had pains in nearly every joint also I felt really cold and my whole body shook from head to toe,I could not sleep and had to stay in bed for 2 days also headaches and red eyes I cannot remember another time when I felt so rough,just starting to get back a bit to normal,if anytime in the future I am offered a Moderna jab I will refuse it,just hope this stuff has not caused any lasting damage

    • same here except all my jabs were Moderna. This last one has me totally ache from head to toe almost a month later and my nerves are on fire half the time. Darnnnn

  38. Just wondering if anybody has had and lung breathing problems since having Moderna vaccine. I had Moderna booster last November and since then have had three chest infections. Horrible shortness of breathe, am being told I have COPD caused by smoking which I gave up 30 years ago! Am not so sure.

  39. I had my moderna jab 2nd May have spent all day 3rd in bed with aheadache
    Burning sensation in arms and legs and extreme fatigue
    Hope this all goes away quickly as the other jabs were fine

  40. Had Moderna 4th booster on 6/5 Had a sore arm and flu shivers with extreme fatigue within 6 hours. Yesterday slightly better but noticed a throbbing constant pain in the back of my thigh on same side as the jab site. I woke at 3.30am today with relentless burning aching in the back of the thigh. The only relief was to put on my boots and walk up a steep track to the road and walk on the level fir a short distance. This did help ease it. Now it’s still there as I sit along with nausea and 3 swollen achy fingers.
    I suffered badly with first jab of AstraZeneca and minimal with the second. The 3rd Pfizer jab was fine. Looks like Moderna is a sly destroyer. Not enough information given and also I was given no alternative.
    I would be interested to hear if anyone else is suffering muscle issue’s.

  41. Got the Moderna booster last Tuesday and had sever pain in my arm for two days plus I still have terrible headaches, cough, sinus blocked chest wheezy and can’t sleep – had no side effects from any of the other jabs – hope it clears up soon

  42. Hi am appalled reading all this. Week after having moderns was rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis head and neck both in lockdown hospital would not commit but said they couldn’t rule out possibility vaccine had caused it three weeks later am still not well can’t walk any distance speech confused and pains in head still there

  43. I had the second booster which was Moderna on the 30th April 2022, OK for a couple of days, then experienced severe exhaustion and thumping heart beat every time I move . have been examined by my surgery paramedic and had an ECG, all OK
    advised to make a face to face appointment with my GP! I have got an appointment in 2 weeks time. Still feeling ill with symptoms.
    So where do go from here? by the way, I am 84 yrs old. and normally very active.

  44. I had my 4th shot on April 11th with no real side effects. I’m 81 and am in excellent health.. I jog 3 miles every other day, do 2 sets of 50 push-ups and then swim about 30 minutes every other day. Again, feeling good. On off days, I will jump rope for about 15 minutes, run sprints and do the push-ups. . For the first two weeks, after the shot , I’m still feeling good. Then one morning on my first lap of running, I was getting a slight discomfort in my chest, mainly the left side along with a discomfort in my left arm. Yikes, What the hell is this all about? So, I walked for a while…. then started jogging again with less discomfort… then some more walking until it went away. The second and third mile laps, no problem. Jumping rope, no discomfort at all as with swimming. Never been a smoker and have run in 8 1/2 marathons, no problem. The problem still exists on the first running lap, but getting less. Plan to see my doctor for an evaluation. Wow, Trying to stay ahead of the power curve with PT can be a challenge. Thank you for the opportunity to read the aforementioned cases. Would I take the second booster again? Probably.

  45. I forgot to mention that all shots were Moderna and in my left arm. Also had some periodic tingling in both of my legs.

  46. I had the Moderna booster in my left arm in January and began experiencing a burning sensation in my arm several weeks later. It’s difficult to do anything with my left arm. I was just thinking perhaps it’s just arthritis but after reading these comments I don’t think so. I will call my primary care physician tomorrow. I was hesitant about taking this booster and wish that I wouldn’t have.

  47. I thought I would stop back here and revisit and give an update on what has transpired since my last postings about Moderna and the booster shots.

    It took me a full six weeks to get over the muscles are on fire, the hands are tingling and feet at times also but every muscle joint whatever in my body refused to stretch out and I exercise and bike ride each day. It was crazy and started about five days after my second Moderna booster.

    I am almost at the point of being normal, still minor aches and pains, but not like I had for those six weeks. I highly doubt I will take any other boosters at this point. It was pure torture and not knowing was the worst. Anyways its almost gone! My arm where I got the shot and developed of course Covid Arm is still a bit twingy but eh!!!

    Hope others have mended

  48. I had a Moderna booster in March and by April 11th I was unable to raise my feet to the bed. Extreme body pain and weekness.
    I ended up in the hospital with muscle pain and weakness.
    After MRI, other Xrays and blood work was told it was Arthritis.
    after discharge the body pain was unbearable so doctor repeated blood work. Result indicated Polymyalgia Rheumatica.
    I am now on Prednisone, pain pills, muscle relaxants that only ease the discomfort, tiredness, weakness and pain. I am waiting to see a Rheumatologist in 3 months as this is now considered an auto immune condition.
    Report any side effects as they may be related to vaccines as mine apparently are.

  49. I am deciding on whether or not to get the second booster. I had the first booster with sore arm, mild fever and ill feeling, but it passed in a day or too, but I am sensitive to shots and usually feel not too well (even after the pneumonia shot). I received the Moderna and would not mix shots as some people have done. My doctor said to stick with the same vaccine name with all shots.

  50. never had allergies before my second moderna booster on 4/22/2022. I have 2 kitties and have had kitties most of my life. In the past week the allergies are almost gone. My shoulder still hurts at the injection site and i am still tired most of the time. really affected quality of my life but haven’t gotten covid and i have heard that so many people have gotten covid twice but not sure about their vaccination history.
    For the first time in my long life really scared about shots now.
    Oh i keep on searching the net but haven’t seen any postings of first time allergy sufferers after vaccination.-weird.

  51. Since I got my 2nd jab, Ive experienced pain in one foot or the other at least twice a month since 2\22\20. The pain causes me to limp and usually last for 3-4 days. The pain is anywhere on my foot. Top, side, heel. Today its going on 5days. Started on my heel, now along the side of my foot. Its annoying and painful. Havent and wont get anymore covid booster nor the Monkey pox vax.

  52. Here’s what happened to me upon receiving my first Moderna booster shot…….first of all the shot noticeably HURT, and my arm hurt ( had not happened with first two vaccines) it has not stopped hurting!. I received the booster on 11- 05-21 !
    My arm has hurt every day, all day and has a linear thickening going down almost to my elbow, it is now on both sides of my
    arm, it starts from where I received the shot. I am in pain all day and night and ibuprofen does not relieve it. I’ve mentioned it
    to all my different doctors and they are clueless with information to my particular problem. I can’t imaging having this
    pain forever. There must be something to clear this up. HELP!!!!

  53. I had my 2nd Moderna shot Tuesday today is Sat. My arm was not as sore as the last time and no rash like the last time. However, I have higher Blood pressure 167/93, dizzy, coughing that is deep and rattle chest. I cannot get the rattle stuff out. I feel like crap. No fever

  54. The Moderna booster wrecked my life. I’m immune compromised but took the booster bc no one in Ohio masks. We are always the only ones. Since the booster I’ve experienced fatigue that is crushing. Pins needles muscle fatigue and muscle tightening. It’s exhausting. No doctor can help. No one can tell me what’s happening.

  55. I had 5th Covid injections on Monday 15/8/22, never had Moderna for any of the other injections, I’m so tired still , keep dropping off , breathless when I walk, heart palpitations now and then , stomach aches , wish I had never had it , I did go to the doctor who diagnosed anxiety!! I will go back Monday if nothing improves

    • I’ve only had one Moderna that was my 3rd Booster vaccine. I was 6 months recovering I had all the symptons you had and more. I did report it through the Yellow Card Scheme there were a few thousand others reporting the same symptoms. I would urge everyone on this platform to report their symptons to the Yellow Card Scheme. I fear there are severe risks to this vaccine that they need to be investigating.

  56. I got my first Maderna Booster shot on July 19.2022. No problems right away. It is now. August 21, 2022. For about three weeks now, I have had severe pain throughout my body, muscle cramping and spasms. Also I get severe pains in my joints. All of this started out as flu-like symptoms. I took two COVID tests, both were negative. When this muscle and joint pain began I thought my Potassium level might be getting low. I started eating bananas, at least three a day, sometimes four.
    This has not helped at all. In addition to these aches and cramps and spasms, I have had headache, sore throat, both ears aching, one ear rings the other gums. My neck and shoulders are very painful.
    I am going to the doctor in the morning to see what is wrong with me, if this is long term side affects from the booster shot, and what can be done to ease all of this pain. Also, I find it difficult to go to sleep at night, and have a hard time waking up in the mornings.
    Has anyone had these or any of these things going on?
    I am due to have second Maderna booster on November 19, 2022. I am not too sure about getting it. If I find out that all of this is long term side effects, I will not be getting the second booster shot.

  57. I had my booster in october 2021. Had such severe vomiting…dehydrated…the urgent care couldnt even find a viable vein, so they were going to send me to the hospital, but then one of the nurse practitioners got the iv into the vein. Was given med to stop the vomiting. After iv drip was completed was sent home with meds. Was phsically debilitated for 8 mos. Very weak, forgetful, insomnia, so dizzy i needed help navigating. Will not go through this again.

  58. I received my third Modena booster in November, i got extremely sick throwing up , sweating, extrem fatigue, chills, very high fever, i was delirious, i was too weak to find phone and call for help. i was like that for 3 days. Another thing that was effected was my eye sight, i noticed within several hours after getting the booster. my depth perception was off. rendering me unsteady, i looked in the tub and seen a couple of hair and they appeared to be floating several inches above tub surface, infarct i thought it may have been a spider web, i reached down to try to make d=sense of it and the hairs where flush with the tub, it made no sense to me, i saw it differently, Then three days after receiving the shot i got up and right away broke my leg. i took a very simple step only a couple of inches from lawn to sidewalk and i was looking at where i was landing the step and the surface just wasnt there, so i over compensated and broke my leg. i remained very sick for about three months, i couldn’t take five steps without dry heaving, dripping wet with sweat and extrem fatigue, id have to stop and regain my strength, sucked with a broken leg, sucked period. all the while i would notice that when ever i looked at the tv or certain other things i noticed that i was seeing two , i was seeing double. i ended up going to the eye doctor and sure enough after tests i was seeing double, Anyway that really hindered my ability to drive nd especially at night. i had to come to a stop on the freeway because i literally could not see which lane i was d=supposed to be in or what direction i was supposed to be going. i was uncertain of the off ramp. i was three of then and thy shot in different directions, i couldn’t tell how close cars were, one car became two and three, I would pullover and sleep waiting for day light, none of this is good, because i drive a semi for a living. that is my lively hood. i got pulled from driving, although i wasn’t actually driving because i was on disability for my leg, well i am still dealing with this issue to date. Another thing that was effected dis my nerves, neck, shoulder arms, hands=, legs, and feet. involuntary movement, really weird cramping up, and i aim in pain a lot. cant really stand or sit, anyways i have used up my savings to get through this AND now my next huddle is facing homelessness, i can not afford to live in my apt on disableisability, I’ve been going to food banks, thank f=goodness to those people, i believe i will be homeless by next month, I am so frustrated with this whole thing, What the heck happened and why do i have to loose my place to live m because all i was doing was what the government was asking me to do, there i got that off my chest. thanks for listening

  59. I am sorry to hear that. My daughter had a problem with the Moderna booster she took predniso steroids for a week and for pain ahe took tylenol.

    After a week, she when to the doctor and took again steroids the box and tylenol which work for another week. Then after she got of the steroid everything returned.

    I took my daughter to the ER were she was tested and everything. Her blood pressure was too high and she was told to say overnights.

    After 2 day they send her home with steroids for 4 weeks and it work but now that she is getting off the steroids. I do not what to do. She find out from a post that she needs the vitamin such as vitamin c, omega-3, b12, d2, and more to help her feel better.

    I hope this help you a little.

  60. Had my booster yesterday, and boy am I ill, went to bed with the shakes, like i had been sat in a freezer for hours, my arm is dead but the headache is unreal. Its like Ive had a night on the town downed 13 pints and this morning Its like a hangover from hell add to this Ive got the sweats. 3 previous injections were not a problem, apart from a sore arm.

  61. I’m really annoyed that I had my second booster…. Moderna…..I had absolutely no side effects from the first 3 vaccines which were Phizer and Astra Zenecke.
    I had the Moderna booster last Wednesday and it is now Sunday and I’m still feeling terrible…… yesterday it was sneezing and runny nose all day….today it is a dry cough….and headaches most of the time….. sleeping is a luxury.
    I am also getting tooth ache which is very bad at night……I did some research and it says if one has sensitive teeth the vaccines can agrevate it
    Why the hell did I bother……when I got covid it was a doddle……this is far worse than covid.

  62. lost 3 teeth and my bridge came out 3 days ago got m y last booster next day slipped to the floor couldnt get up medics came got me up tired sleeping all the time

  63. Had Moderna booster September 15th and have felt unwell since September 20th. Tinnitus, high heart rate at night, fatigue, eyes red and like pinpricks,low mood, anxiety…very run down. Had every test in the book and all coming back fine but nobody will associate it with the vaccine. So frustrating. No problems with any previous ones. Anyone experience similar symptoms?


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