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Teen alcohol addiction concept

Researchers find the most ‘purposeful’ method to stop binge drinking

A culture of binge drinking has left many with cases of alcohol addiction, but research finds a strong purpose in life can reduce this temptation.
studying history

Why is it important to study history?

Daniel Scarborough from Nazarbayev University examines why it is important to study history.
The logo of Erasmus on a white t-shirt with blurred background

Innovation, research, culture & education policy

Open Access Government provides an update on the policies of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.
Esports team concept

Esports at the Commonwealth Games: A step in the right direction?

Last weekend’s Commonwealth Esports Championships marked yet another milestone for the world of competitive video gaming.
spirituality, healthcare, spiritual community

Spiritual community participation is associated with better health

Having a spiritual community can help people live healthier lives, with greater longevity, less depression and suicide, and less substance use.
speech patterns, language learning

We develop our language learning skills through speech patterns

Looking at speech patterns throughout history, the processing of language is based on how frequently we hear sounds - which causes gradual language change.
place-based budgets

“Place-based budgets” and listening to what works needed for towns revival

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development, lifts the lid on the findings of new research on town centre regeneration.
body image racial identity

Strong racial identity improves body image in Black youth

A new study has found that Black adolescents are more body positive when they have a strong connection to their racial identity.
cultural similarities

Successful adaptation after immigration helped by cultural similarities

Research looking at successful immigration - analysing those who remain in their new locations as opposed to those who leave - finds that cultural similarities play a key role in the decision.
civil society organisations

How do civil society organisations deal with diversity within an assimilationist context?

Here, Dr Anouk Tersteeg and Dr Gideon Bolt from the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University explain how civil society organisations deal with diversity within an assimilationist context, arguing the case of Rotterdam.
science and innovation

Boosting culture, heritage, science and innovation in the Netherlands

The Government of the Netherlands has launched a major funding drive to support the arts, culture and heritage sectors in the Netherlands, as well as in science and innovation, headed up by Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven.
Implications for identity, mother language day

Implications for identity: what is Mother Language Day?

Languages, with their implications for identity, communication, social integration, education, and development, must be protected on Mother Language Day.
Japanese tourism, UK

Japanese tourism expected to grow in UK throughout 2019

Japenese tourism to the UK is expected to grow this year to its highest level as the two counties continue to strengthen economic and cultural ties.
creative industries

Britain’s world-leading creative industries to benefit from £150 million deal

As part of a brand new Industrial Strategy Deal announced today (28th March 2018), the government has teamed up with the Creative Industries Council (CIC), to invest a whopping £150 million into the creative industries, securing the country’s position as a global creative powerhouse.
Social Cohesion

Opportunities for social cohesion in diverse and deprived neighbourhoods

Dr. Anouk Tersteeg and Dr. Gideon Bolt from Utrecht University explore the opportunities ahead for social cohesion in diverse and deprived neighbourhoods Political debates about diversity in Europe are still mostly concerned with the question of how much diversity to accept, whereas the reality is that cities are becoming irreversibly...

Government hopes new £15m fund will boost Northern cities

Northern cities will be able to bid for shares of a new development investment from the Great Exhibition of the North

Showcasing 100 years of Estonian art and culture

Sirje Helme, Chief Executive Officer, Art Museum of Estonia shares how Estonian art will be brought to the forefront as the nation celebrates its centennial

Continual Learning, Continual Improvement

Keith Parsons, Managing Director, Dembridge provides an insight into learning and delivering Lean Six Sigma People see Lean Six Sigma as a massive toolbox. It is much more than that. It is true that there are many, many tools that can be used to bring about improvements, but the real objective...

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