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Person posting vote

How to prevent cyber attackers’ manipulation of the democratic process

With GCHQ's recent warning that voting was subject to a cyber attack, what can we do to avoid manipulation of the democratic process?
Populism pandemic, populist

The collapse of populist support during the pandemic

A new mega-dataset finds that during the pandemic, support for populist parties and politicians has minimised since 2020.
political adverts

Researchers say political adverts don’t work on swing voters

New study suggests that both positive and negative election video ads are unlikely to sway voters from the opposition New study explored supporters on both democratic and republican sides of the 2018 US midterm election and discovered that they are more likely to be moved or angered by political advertising...
political polarisation

Why is political polarisation increasing in democratic countries?

A new study demonstrates that political divides have become deeper now than at any other point in the last 50 years.
democracy and rule of law

Strengthening democracy and rule of law through education

Maaike De Ridder and Nadja Krotow, RECONNECT researchers, explore how democracy and rule of law can be strengthened through education and raising awareness.

Democracy & demography working together

Open Access Government charts some of the key policies tasked with Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President and European Commissioner for Democracy and Demography.
UK law of protest, human rights act

Emerging threats: Recent developments in the UK law of protest

Sailesh Mehta and Tim Kiely, Barristers at Red Lion Chambers, look at the volatile landscape of UK law of protest - especially in the wake of Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion.

The future of Europe: digital, green, but first of all democratic!

Christa Schweng, President, European Economic and Social Committee, states that the future of Europe is digital, green, but first of all, democratic!
democracy and media

New aspirations for democracy and media – yet to be met

Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President, argues that new aspirations for democracy and media are yet to be met.
public sector organisations, malware

FBI warning on election interference applies to public sector organisations

Pascal Geenens, director of threat intelligence for Radware, looks at the misinformation risks facing public sector organisations in 2020 - who is to blame?
test for democracies

COVID-19: A test for democracies

Thomas Lahnthaler, CEO of The Crisis Compass, explains how COVID-19 is truly a test for democracies in this insightful piece of political analysis.
collective decisions

How will we make collective decisions in the post-COVID-19 era?

Evgeny Barkov, Business Development Manager at Polys, explores how we can we better prepare for pandemics and keep our processes efficient when it comes to democratic proceedings, collective decisions and annual meetings of NGOs.
digital democracy

Dangers of anonymity within a digital democracy

Stephen Ufford, Chairman of the Board at Trulioo, discusses the dangers of anonymity within a digital democracy following an increase in voting-related cybercrime.
politics should be taught, school curriculum

Majority of Brits believe politics should be taught as part of the school curriculum

Matteo Bergamini, Founder and Director of Shout Out UK, says that the majority of Brits believe politics should be taught as part of the school curriculum.
xenophobia at work, brexit referendum

How can you deal with xenophobia at work?

With racist and xenophobic ideas on the rise since the 2016 Brexit referendum, we discuss how you can actually deal with xenophobia at work.
historic zero carbon bill, paris agreement

New Zealand passes historic Zero Carbon bill

New Zealand are leading the way on climate change policies with an historic Zero Carbon bill on Thursday (7 November), aiming to achieve a carbon neutral status by 2050.
Foreign information interference

Keeping our democracy true: Foreign information interference and forward-looking countermeasures

Vassilis Ntousas from the Foundation for European Progressive Studies explores an aspect of politics that concerns keeping our democracy true when it comes to foreign information interference and forward-looking countermeasures.
revoking article 370, amnesty international india, kashmir valley

India: Revoking Article 370 will cause tensions and unrest

India's revoking of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir is likely to inflame tensions and increase the risk of violence, Amnesty International India said.
the elections, democracy, European Union

Is democracy under fire? The European Union before the elections

Günther H.Oettinger, Commissioner for Budget & Human Resources at the European Commission analyses why democracy is under fire in the European Union in the lead up to the elections in May 2019 – but also underlines the strengths of Europe including competitiveness.

Regulatory policy: The key ingredient of a healthy democracy

Céline Kauffmann, Deputy Head of the OECD’s Regulatory Policy Division argues that regulatory policy is the key ingredient of a healthy democracy

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