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What is emotional ‘blunting’ and how does it affect depression?

Patients with depression on antidepressant drugs can experience ‘blunting’ – affecting both emotions and learning.
people relaxing on a city park Bench

Visiting green spaces can reduce the need for prescription medication

City dwellers who frequent green spaces use fewer drugs for depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and asthma.
girl at night suffering depression

Blue Monday: ADHD can be predictive of poor mental health outcomes in adults

Adults with high levels of ADHD are more likely to experience poor mental health than adults with high levels of autistic traits.

Perceptions of the ‘Short Guide to Personal Recovery in Mental Health’

Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe, with Mental Health Ireland (MHI), explain how the ‘Short Guide to Personal Recovery in Mental Health’ is perceived.
two cats sat in the sun

Cats have been found to encourage stress relief in people with anxiety

Research has drawn attention to the benefits of spending time with cats, as a means of stress relief, for people suffering from anxiety disorders.
Psylocibin mushrooms growing in magic mushroom breads on an plastic environment being collected by expert hands wearing white latex medical gloves

How does psilocybin rewire the brain?

Psilocybin rewires the brain in depressed people by freeing them up from long-held patterns of rumination and excessive self-focus.
The toll of climate change on mental health

The toll of climate change on mental health

Although its health impacts vary between regions depending on geography, socio- economic status of affected communities, and political policies, climate change is the single greatest threat to human health.
Bottle of CBD and pipette against a green and white background

Will CBD replace opioids?

America is gripped by opioid addiction and a dangerous opioid epidemic - could CBD be a viable replacement?
mental health services

Is a hybrid approach the answer to supply chain issues for mental health services?

Dr Chuk Anyaegbuna, clinical service lead at Koa Health, and clinical psychologist, Dr Tania Johnston discuss how technology can support the current delivery system and improve access to mental health services.
Two female college students wearing masks

Did the stressful events of 2020 hinder social development?

The social development of young people was effected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, and more global events.
Older black man sitting on park bench with fingers intertwined, feeling pensive

Veterans of colour reluctant to seek mental health support

American military veterans of colour are unwilling to seek mental health support due to past discrimination.
Essential Oils

What are the mental and physical health benefits of essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. However, scientists have only now started studying and exploring the potential benefits of essential oils.
black woman looking sad and depressed

Racial discrimination worsens physical and mental health

Experiences of racial discrimination increase the risk of physical and mental illnesses and health disorders for people of colour.
Antidepressant pills on a blue background

Depression is not caused by low serotonin levels

Chemical imbalance theory debunked as there is "no convincing evidence" that depression is caused by low serotonin levels.
Vitamin B6 tablets forming the word 'B6' on a blue background

Vitamin B6 supplements help reduce anxiety and depression

Taking high-dose vitamin B6 tablets can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, new research reveals.
spirituality, healthcare, spiritual community

Spiritual community participation is associated with better health

Having a spiritual community can help people live healthier lives, with greater longevity, less depression and suicide, and less substance use.
paternal depression

Link between paternal depression and adolescent depression

Adolescent depression and behaviour problems are increasing and new research suggests that it is linked to paternal depression.
Children's mental health

Children’s mental health in Africa

OAG examines the state of investment in and provision of adolescents and children’s mental health services in Africa.
perinatal depression

Mental health and perinatal depression in the US

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead U.S. federal agency for research on mental illnesses.
exposome concept, human disease

Studying the exposome concept for a healthier future for all children

Dr. Irene van Kamp, from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, discusses the exposome concept to study the role of the environment in human disease.

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