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spirituality, healthcare, spiritual community

Spiritual community participation is associated with better health

Having a spiritual community can help people live healthier lives, with greater longevity, less depression and suicide, and less substance use.
paternal depression

Link between paternal depression and adolescent depression

Adolescent depression and behaviour problems are increasing and new research suggests that it is linked to paternal depression.
Children's mental health

Children’s mental health in Africa

OAG examines the state of investment in and provision of adolescents and children’s mental health services in Africa.
perinatal depression

Mental health and perinatal depression in the US

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead U.S. federal agency for research on mental illnesses.
exposome concept, human disease

Studying the exposome concept for a healthier future for all children

Dr. Irene van Kamp, from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, discusses the exposome concept to study the role of the environment in human disease.
fish oil benefits, men's health

The link between fish oil benefits and men’s health

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores and examines fish oil benefits when it comes to the health of men.
long COVID symptoms, covid patients

30% of Long COVID patients had no existing illnesses

According to a US review of Long COVID patients, 30.7% of these people had no existing comorbidities that could explain their susceptibility to the virus.
childbirth black women uk, MBRRACE-UK

Is childbirth more dangerous for Black women in the UK?

A new report on maternal care reveals statistics documenting the increased danger Black women face during pregnancy and childbirth in the UK.
genetic wellbeing, covid-19 pandemic

Some people had better genetic wellbeing during COVID-19

Genetic wellbeing differed between people when impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – some people were able to handle stress better than others.
superman pose

Is there any psychological benefit to the superman pose?

Can the superman pose really affects confidence and behaviour, as implied in popular culture? Scientists, working in an international collaboration, have the answer.
unhappiness, social media

Unhappiness on Instagram: Can we train algorithms to detect it?

Researchers are developing algorithms to detect unhappiness on social media, which identify the basic needs of users from the content they share.
effects of long covid

Understanding the effects of Long COVID on mental health

Professor Marcantonio Spada, Consultant CBT Practitioner at Onebright, helps us to understand the effects of Long COVID on mental health.
adhd in women, depression and anxiety

What are four signs of ADHD in women?

ADHD in women can often present differently from ADHD in men – knowing the signs can help with common symptoms like inattentiveness, depression and anxiety.
loneliness during COVID

Loneliness during COVID increased by 5% across Global North

The meta-analysis, looking at loneliness during COVID in North America and Europe, finds that "the pandemic does appear to have increased loneliness" - so, how bad is it?
social media breaks, depression

Seven-day social media break can reduce depression and anxiety

While the negative side effects of scrolling through social media are well-known, social media breaks have been proven to change mental health outcomes.
symptomatic long covid, shortness of breath

Study says women more likely to have symptomatic Long COVID

A study finds that women are more likely to have symptomatic Long COVID, with breathlessness being the most common symptom.
depression treatment, socioeconomic factors

Depression treatment less likely to work for non-white patients

The University of Cincinnati found that depression treatment is more likely to work for patients who are employed, or have a degree.
endometriosis treatment

Could nanotechnology be the future of endometriosis treatment?

Magnetic nanotechnology is showing promise in locating and removing painful lesions, becoming a potential endometriosis treatment.
adults with adhd, mental health

42% of adults with ADHD have “excellent” mental health

Adults with ADHD are shown to flourish when they are married, physically active, and free from chronic pain and other mental health issues.
psilocybin microdosing, depression

Can people alleviate depression with psilocybin microdosing?

Psychedelic use has been found to have positive effects on mental disorders – now, psilocybin microdosing shows hope for relieving depression.

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