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Police numbers will grow as Labour pledges an extra 10,000 officers

Rapid response: Using mobile technology to tackle disasters

Jessica Gibson, Project Manager, West Yorkshire for Innovation at West Yorkshire Police shares how mobile technology can help services during an emergency
Digital transformation requires firms to seize opportunities

Digital transformation requires firms to seize opportunities

Civica Digital's Steve Shakespeare says to ensure digital transformation businesses must carve a definitive disruptive path through the digital landscape
Citizen and the state: The government at your service

Citizen and the state: The government at your service

The relationship between the citizen and the state is sacrosanct. Cabinet Minister Ben Gummer explains how the government will work for the people
electronic signature cartoon

Harnessing the power of the electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature solutions can provide security and efficiency, as Comsign Europe explain According to Gartner, Inc., 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide this year and by the year 2020, the number of connected devices – i.e. the Internet of things (IoT) – will grow to nearly...
New government transformation strategy unveiled

New government digital transformation strategy unveiled

The Cabinet has published the Government Transformation Strategy, which sets out how online public services will be improved The Strategy, which was published yesterday, is expected to harness digital technologies, skills and tools to transform public services and put citizens first. It is also expected to redefine the relationship between the...
hands computer keyboard government IT

Government IT: The year to adapt, change and collaborate

SolarWinds’ Patrick Hubbard looks forward to the year ahead for government IT professionals, and how DevOps culture could change the landscape If there is one thing government organisations are used to, it’s change. From central government to local government and healthcare, budgets, technology, and policies are constantly changing. It is...

AG highlights scam targeting schools with ransomware

Education establishments must take precautions against fraudsters targeting schools to install ransomware on computers
protecting online privacy messaging services

Facebook and Google face EU plans to protect online privacy

The European Commission is planning to overhaul a law on consumers’ online privacy and electronic communications that will affect internet giants The European Commission has put forward plans to overhaul a law on the confidentiality and security of electronic communications like phone, email and messaging services in order to protect...
health and social care network procurement

Health and Social Care Network: Connectivity in public sector procurement

Innopsis director Michael Bowyer takes stock as the healthcare sector prepares for the launch of the Health and Social Care Network in March this year As NHS Digital, healthcare providers and industry prepare for the roll out of the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) in March 2017, we see...
business agility flowchart

All change for business agility

The Agile Business Consortium is helping find the most effective solutions by advancing the cause of business agility In 1994, the DSDM Consortium was formed by a group of blue chip companies who were all struggling to build computer systems that properly met the needs of their sponsoring businesses, in...
digital housing services

Councils fail to deliver user friendly digital housing services

Socitm has raised concerns about the usability of council digital housing services, warning many are falling short of the requirements needed
IT leaders invest in innovation

What IT leaders should be putting on their Christmas list

IT leaders should balance investment in innovation with cost-effectiveness on their Christmas wish list, writes Civica's director of outsourcing, Gary Bell The festive period is fast approaching, which means that 2017 is just over the horizon. After a turbulent year, the only thing we can be certain of is that...
Whitehall government cloud technology

Cloud technology: A mandate for local government

When the bottom line is all-important, cloud technology can help local government with everything from disaster recovery to shared services Local government needs to meet local needs. Government leaders are now expected to find ways to adopt technological innovations to increase citizen and business satisfaction against a backdrop of reducing...
Philip Hammond Autumn Statement housing policy

Improved housing policy welcome, but where is social care?

Civica CEO Wayne Story gives the software and digital solutions provider’s reaction to measures announced in yesterday’s Autumn Statement, including on housing policy Today, in his first Autumn Statement, Philip Hammond’s overarching focus was one of improving productivity. Beyond this, three aspects caught our attention, the first being his belief...
Servers in cloud data centres

IBM to open new cloud data centres in UK

Four new cloud data centres will be opened by tech giant IBM in the UK to keep pace with growing demand, the company has revealed today Multinational technology giant IBM announced today that it will build four new cloud data centres in the UK, to keep pace with growing client...

Internet of trains

Marcel Van Velthoven, CEO at Znapz talks about how the internet of things can bring value to the rail industry... I borrowed the title to this piece from Hessel Dikkers, Chief Information Officer of NS (Dutch Rail), who gave a very interesting presentation at the beginning of the European Rail...
© Valerii Brozhinskii cloud

Becoming a digital services hub

Richard Godfrey, Assistant Director of Digital Peterborough details how Peterborough City Council is addressing key challenges through better use of cloud technology solutions As the UK’s local authorities continue to battle the ever-present financial, productivity, and modernisation challenges of governing today, many have turned to IT – and cloud computing in...
digital society

From a digital market to a digital society

Constanze Krehl, MEP at the European Parliament discusses the importance of building a digital society, and what it could mean for Europe The European Commission has announced it will propose a comprehensive strategy for a Digital Agenda for Europe. The Commission wants to achieve ambitious goals in the field of...
digital europe

Strengthening Europe’s digital economy

Gerard de Graaf, Director – ‘Digital Economy and Coordination’ Communications Networks at the European Commission explains the importance of closing the ICT skills gap Digital technology, automation, computing and the Internet have revolutionised our daily lives and transformed the way products and services are designed and offered. This 4th industrial revolution...

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