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Laki power technology

Climate technology designed to protect power grids from extreme weather

Laki Power brings power to remote areas with its climate technology, designed to detect extreme weather before it occurs, and deter power outages.
Medical drone

UK’s first medical drone delivery project will change future of NHS

A consortium led by AGS Airports in partnership with NHS Scotland will deliver the UK’s first medical distribution network using drones.
Airplane under repair in the aerospace hangar in the background of the gate and bright sunlight

Low-carbon aerospace technology backed by £273 million government innovation fund

The UK government has backed an innovation fund for low-carbon aerospace technology to help job opportunities for the global green flight revolution.
Delivery drones outside a hospital building

Drone chemotherapy becomes an NHS net zero cancer strategy

NHS cancer patients will be the first to experience drone chemotherapy, which furthers the NHS net zero strategy, as it cuts down travel time and distance.
hyperspectral camera, technology

Hyperspectral camera imaging promotes research of the seas and space

Mikko Mäkelä, Research Professor at VTT, discusses the possibilities of a hyperspectral camera – a device that can see things which the human eye cannot.
underwater drone, ocean acidification

An underwater drone can measure ocean acidification

An underwater drone can measure carbon dioxide levels in the ocean, and combat ocean acidification, monitoring global warming.
drone deliveries

Flying taxis & drone deliveries: How air travel could look in 2030

Flying taxis, drone deliveries and short-haul plane journeys powered by hydrogen or batteries are not far from reality.

Drones and Associated Products and Services framework for the public sector

Here, the 100% publicly owned YPO tells us what we need to know about the intriguing new Drones and Associated Products and Services framework for the emergency service and the wider public sector.
misuse of drones

UK Police force to tackle the misuse of drones

Under the new Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill, UK police officers have been granted the power to tackle the misuse of drones.
drone operators

What do drone operators need to know before the 30th November?

Ahead of the 30th November 2019, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has released new UK drone regulations. These regulations will adjust how drone operators are legally able to use drones.
drone regulation

Sharing the skies: Drone regulation and security

Florent Abat, Drones & IoT Director, Gemalto, explores the challenges around drone regulation and provides an insight into how we can create a standardised, integrated and seamless way of managing the skies of the future.
adult vaccinations

Technology opens new opportunities to increase adult vaccinations

Technology could play a major role in overcoming some of the barriers to the uptake of adult vaccinations argues a new report, “Data, bots and drones”, published by the International Longevity Centre UK (ILC).
Urban Air Mobility

County Durham joins leading European communities in Urban Air Mobility Initiative

County Durham has joined a network of innovative cities and regions across Europe in an initiative to nurture the development of airborne smart mobility, which includes services such as air taxis and ambulances delivering medical equipment
drone laws

Everything your business needs to know about the changing drone laws

Karen Holden, Founder of the award-winning solicitors, A City Law Firm discusses the laws your business needs to be aware of when using drones.
drone industry

Drone industry welcomes world’s first ever drone Standards

Today, the first ever worldwide Standards for the drone industry are being released by the International Standards Organisation (ISO)*
drone training

Drone training professionals discover sharp rise in women enrolling on UAV courses

RUSTA, which offers Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) drone training courses, noticed an upsurge in women across the UK registering on its courses in the last 12 months
machine learning

Machine learning: An unexplored horizon in Arctic science

Joseph Cook, Vice President of the UK Polar Network (UKPN) Committee explores why machine learning is an unexplored horizon in Arctic science.
blockchain-enabled drones

New blockchain-enabled drone to revolutionise cargo industry

Russian aviation engineers have built a new type of drone which is capable of delivering large amounts of cargo, fighting fires and spraying insecticides and fertilizers.

Government consider new measures to prevent the misuse of drones

The government is yet to consult on new measures to prevent the misuse of drones, including on-the-spot fines and the ability to seize the offending drones.

The Security Impact of Drones

Dr Chris Wyatt, Research Fellow at the School of Government and Society at the University of Birmingham discusses a recent report that looks at the challenges and opportunities drones could bring the UK With the introduction of new, modern technologies, the question is often asked of their benefits weighed against...

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