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Supporting science, theology and philosophy research

Open Access Government unpacks the work of the John Templeton Foundation, in supporting research across the sciences as well as in the areas of theology and philosophy.
Teenage students In uniform sitting examination in school hall

Student wellbeing at secondary school: 79% of 14 year olds extremely dissatisfied

Student wellbeing drops sharply after starting secondary school with most adolescents satisfied at 11 and most extremely dissatisfied by 14.
Female High School Tutor Standing By Table With Students Teaching Lesson

What are the teaching recruitment issues in the UK?

Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary, National Education Union, provides a special focus on teaching recruitment issues in the UK.
Brenda Agard, Black British photographer on a photo shoot in London, 1987. Agard was instructing students on street photography. The workshop was part of the educational programming for the exhibit "Testimony: Three Blackwomen Photographers: Brenda Agard, Ingrid Pollard, Maud Sulter" at Camerawork London.

Representation and Identity: the importance of Black British history

Black British history is a key part of the thriving cultural hub that is the UK today, yet this vital part of our country’s story is little known.
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Rethinking the serious leisure perspective

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, urges us to rethink the serious leisure perspective.
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International Baccalaureate programme moves to digital exams

Digital exams are now overtaking traditional paper exams in the International Baccalaureate, with the potential to move to virtual reality assessments also.
Children sat on floor with climate change posters

How to tackle climate change anxiety in children

Climate change anxiety in children is at an all-time high - what can teachers and schools do to combat this epidemic?
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Innovation, research, culture & education policy

Open Access Government provides an update on the policies of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.
DEFEND Scholars

AAMU DEFEND Scholars Participate in NSF Sponsored S-STEM “Summer Melt” Program

The participation of DEFEND Scholars in the S-STEM "Summer Melt" Program helps to increase the number of underrepresented students.
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Does a pedagogical approach impact an education setting?

Rageena Tahir, Head of EYFS at Fennies Nurseries, ponders if a pedagogical approach impacts an education setting for a child.

After school closures, our focus needs to be on design

Following school closures due to COVID-19, schools need to reopen with safer designs in mind to protect students and help them attain an education.
Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr Stephen Hargarten discusses broadening the curriculum of medical education at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
Man and woman looking down at ancient footprints on beach in Formby

What can we learn from ancient footprints found on a Merseyside beach?

What can we learn from the discovery of hundreds of ancient footprints belonging to animals and humans on a Merseyside beach?
university of Manchester in the UK

Levelling Up White Paper: Six UK capitals and what they mean for universities

Following on from a recent Institute of Economic Development event, Professor Andy Westwood unpicks the challenges facing universities around Levelling Up and addressing inequalities.
People queueing up for COVID vaccine in U.S.

Why are Republicans and Black people most hesitant to get the COVID vaccine?

Republicans and Black people are most hesitant to get the COVID vaccine as a result of misinformation, access to healthcare and even medical racism.
STUTTGART, GERMANY - AUG 18: The Stuttgart City Library

Germany’s professional needs – is education the answer?

Prof Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI), delves into the perspectives of Germany’s professional needs, including if education provides a solution to this.
Gun ownership rights rally at Montpelier Vermont

Modern American gun ownership values can be linked to slavery

American gun ownership trends in the present day can be historically tied to the number of people who were enslaved in U.S. counties in 1860 Researchers have found a correlation between US locations with higher percentages of enslaved people in 1860 and the more guns its residents in those areas...
Black female teacher stood at the front of an ICT classroom. In the background, children can be seen sat working in front of laptops

How to get sustainable ICT equipment on a budget

The need for up to date, fit for purpose ICT equipment to aid learning never ceases. But how can you achieve this with a limited budget?
Teacher reading book to class of preschoolers

Children’s vocabulary affects how they perform at school

Children's vocabulary, attention skills and inhibitory control impact how they perform at school and influence future chances of success.
Fjords in Norway

Research, knowledge & education in Norway

Research, knowledge & education in Norway are placed into the spotlight by Open Access Government, areas that are led politically by Ola Borten Moe, Minister of Research and Higher Education.

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