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Uk healthcare transgender

Is UK healthcare still creating barriers for transgender people?

Despite societal progression and increased LGBTQ+ acceptance, the transgender population still have to jump through hoops to receive healthcare in the UK.
rural-urban cleavages, coevolving informatics

Afghan refugees and rural-urban cleavages: Coevolving-informatics

Chris Girard, Associate Professor, Florida International University, explains how rural-urban cleavages in Afghanistan are revealed by coevolving informatics.
social inequalities, labour market careers

Policy agenda around social inequalities across the life-course

Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Assistant professor, Scientific programme co-ordinator at the University of Turku, discusses the development of social inequalities across labour market careers.

Women’s Equality Day: Breaking the gender bias in male-dominated industries

In recognition of Women’s Equality Day 2021, a range of female industry experts draw on personal experience and offer advice to other women on gender bias in male-dominated industries.
inclusion and equality

A commitment to inclusion & equality

Open Access Government's Jonathan Miles, charts the European Commission’s commitment to inclusion and equality, examining some recent policy initiatives.
workplace gender equality, women workplace

Study says men have “major influence” on workplace gender equality

The study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, finds that men can have major influence on workplace gender equality - if they appear to support women, they can change dynamics of hostility and isolation.
women food insecurity, india lockdown

Scientists say women faced food insecurity during India’s lockdown

The study, published in Economia Politica, finds that the Indian COVID lockdown led to women facing greater food insecurity - due to fluctuations in food prices and pre-existing social issues.
boys better at sports, US parents

One third of US parents still believe boys are better at sports

Even at the Olympics in 2021, women and girls are oversexualised when competing and face significant obstacles - now, researchers say that even one third of parents believe that boys are better at sports.
sexual assault ptsd, post-traumatic

Study says 75% of sexual assault survivors have PTSD, one month later

The University of Washington team explain that while most sexual assault survivors have PTSD one month after the attack - it is common to feel better within three months.
stop and search powers, section 60 stop and search

UK Government expands stop and search powers for police

According to the new crime strategy, police will have increased stop and search powers - while general offenders will be made to clean public streets so "justice is seen to be done".
HIV prevention methods, oral PrEP

Study finds 97% of women in Africa will work with HIV prevention methods

The REACH study found that 97% of women and girls in Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe are happy to work with HIV prevention methods - globally, half of all people living with HIV are women.
stress hormone women, tend-and-befriend

Stress hormone decreases when women speak to female friends

Scientists found that the stress hormone in women decreases when they speak to their female friends - supporting the 'tend-and-befriend' hypothesis.
inclusivity in science

Science should be for everyone

Open Access Government take a look at the British Science Association’s work to foster inclusivity in science, creating community cohesion and engagement.
female health

Female health & wellness should be a priority as the NHS rebuilds following COVID-19

FemTechLab brings together experts to discusses why female health and wellness should be a top priority as the National Health Service (NHS) rebuilds following COVID-19.
coevolving informatics, gender inequality

Women as warriors: The impact of coevolving informatics

Chris Girard, Associate Professor at Florida International University illustrates how the pre-existing cultural signals shaping gendered barriers are being transformed by coevolving informatics and women in the digital-era military.

REACT study: Women in UK have higher chance of long COVID

New data from the ongoing REACT study found that over two million people in the UK are known to have experienced long COVID.
gender and healthcare

How AI is levelling the playing field when it comes to gender and healthcare

Charles Taylor, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at HeartFlow, explores how artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to fix the gender disparities in healthcare.
Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering Day: How has the pandemic impacted gender diversity?

To mark International Women in Engineering Day 2021, several senior tech execs discuss how the pandemic has impacted gender diversity in the industry.
female entrepreneurship

Gen Z female entrepreneurship is vital to UK economy

Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, discusses how unleashing the untapped potential of female entrepreneurship in Generation Z is vital to the UK’s economic recovery.
mental health of teenage girls, mental

Scientists say COVID has worst impact on mental health of teenage girls

Scientists analysed 59,000 Icelandic adolescents to understand the psychological impact of COVID-19 - now, they say the pandemic has significantly harmed the mental health of teenage girls.

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