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gender digital divide, education

The role of teachers and teacher educators in addressing the gender digital divide

Gender equality is essential to develop and sustain the capacity for sustainable development although, ironically, STEM subjects and professions see the greatest gender digital divide and especially in developing economies.
stem diversity gap

How can education help to bridge the STEM diversity gap?

Victoria Knight, Strategic Campaigns Director at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, explores the importance of education in overcoming the STEM diversity gap.
girls in education, sub-saharan africa

Language can be a barrier for girls in education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Girls in education are at a higher chance of success at school in Sub-Saharan Africa if they can already speak ­­English – as taught language can affect academic accomplishment.
Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy, wellbeing

Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy reduces suicidal ideation

People who undergo Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy have high grades of satisfaction with the physical and psychological effects – and have fewer suicidal thoughts.
women in leadership, sarah jones

What is the future of women in leadership?

Women in leadership are the future and they should push for career progress, according to seasoned Leadership Coach Sarah Jones.
sexual harassment in the workplace

Gender segregation contributes to sexual harassment in the workplace

Individuals who form the gender minority at work are more likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace and leave the job.
gender equality in education, female incarceration rate

Female incarceration rates decrease with gender equality in education

Research finds that with greater gender equality in education there is a lower prison admission rate for females – but not males.
women in literature, non-binary

AI finds men represented four times more than women in literature

Machine learning algorithms have found that men are represented four times more than women in literature, with transgender and non-binary people largely missing.
first child, women's earnings

Women begin to earn less after having their first child

Women’s earnings have been found to decrease following the birth of their first child – but the drop in salary is not applicable to fathers.
women with promotions, workplace

Women with promotions feel more overwhelmed and stressed at work

Women with promotions are more frustrated at work – as promotions are at a greater emotional benefit for men than women.
sex-specific research, cardiovascular disease

Health information lacks sex-specific research about women

Current health guidelines are based on studies in men - lacking sex-specific research for issues like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes in women.
women in economics,

Only 25% of global senior-level positions held by women in economics

Women are noticeably underrepresented in many academic professions, with a distinct lack of women in economics – particularly in universities.
unregistered children, education

There will be 100 million unregistered children worldwide, by 2030

Obstacles to registering births across Africa has led to millions of unregistered children – potentially preventing people from attaining essential human rights later in life.
minority groups, diversity in medicine

Diversity in medicine sees more women, but lacks minority groups in U.S

Diversity in medicine across the U.S is not equal with population changes – while women see gains in representation, minority groups continue to go underrepresented.
supply chain workforce, digital transformation

Where are women in today’s supply chain workforce? 

Seagull Scientific explores women in the supply chain workforce and how diverse leadership can enhance the efficiency of these systems.
gun ownership, homicide by gun violence

Females at increased risk of at-home homicide by gun violence

Rates of homicide by gun violence, for adults who live with handgun owners, were twice as high compared to adults who did not – the victims being primarily women.
female alcohol dependence, mental health struggles

Female alcohol dependence: Mental health struggles in women

Participants in women-only meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous experience a strong feeling of loneliness and rejection, due to the social stigma tied to female alcohol dependence.
innovation cohesion

Achieving innovation cohesion in Europe

Open Access Government delves into the innovation cohesion priorities of Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, for 2022 and beyond.
women in politics, democracy

The great democratic deficit of women in politics

Gender parity in the public sector remains an essential endeavour: with diversity and inclusion at the forefront of modern politics, we still beg the question, where are all the women?
Social media use effects, life satisfaction

Boys and girls feel negative effects of social media, at different ages

Girls experience social media use effects often at 11-13, whereas boys experience this later at 14-15 – adolescents who use social media more have a lower life satisfaction.

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